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July 2nd, 2004, 5:24 AM
I haven't understand a thing.
If I use Vitamins, like Carbos and Co., is the SAME thing if I kill some pokemon to take the effor points? (scuse me i'm not english, i hope you can understand)

For Example, if i give a Calcium to my pokemon I take + 10 Effort Points in Sp. attack, like if I kill 10 Abras?

Yes frost, scuse me.
If you want you can close this topic.

EDIT: I answered it via PM already when you asked, and please don't double post next time? You can use the edit button next time ^^

2nd EDIT: Don't need to double post to tell me to close something... a PM would suffice ^_^; And plus I don't close a question thread just because the answer is given anyway