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October 13th, 2003, 11:55 AM
This chain story happens as Ash, May, Masato, and Brock are headed for Dewford, the reason: This was going to be a regular fan-fic but I only psoted chapter 1 on a forum and my hard drvie crashed so I lost all other chapters so I decided to bring it back as a chain story!

Narrator:"Ash and company are heading for their next gym battle in the Hoenn leaque."
May:"I am tired. Can't we take a break?"
Masato:"We couldn't make it to town anyay so I don't see any harm."
Ash:"Sure. Go Taillow, and Treecko!"
May:"Torchic, Wurmple I choose you!"
Brock:"Come on out Forretress, Lotad, and Mudkip!"
A trainer appears.
Trainer:"Are you Ash?"
Trainer:"I am a member of Team Rocket sent here to spy on Team Aqua and Team Magma. My name is Fred. My leader told me to defeat you right now."
Ash:"Then lets see if you can defeat me."
Fred:"Go Vileplume!"
Ash:"Taillow go!"
Vileplume uses Razor Leaf but Taillow dodges it with Quick Attack then uses Aerial Ace and defeats Vileplume.
Fred:"Grrr. Go Xatu!"
Ash:"Treecko handle this one!"
Xatu uses Shadow Ball and Treecko tries to dodge, but he gets hit by one. Treecko uses Absorb and heals it self then whacks Xatu with its tail KO'ing Xatu."
Fred:"Thats it!"
Fred throws all of his Pokeballs reveiling a Wailmer, Raichu, Seviper, and a Camerupt. Pikachu jumps towards them and uses Thunderbolt. The explosion sends Fred blasting off with all of his Pokemon.
Ash:"Great job Pikachu!"
The camera goes to the bushes where Shadow is.
Shadow:"Can he get any more powerful?"
A cell phone rings.
Shadow:"Hello........Boss what a surprise. No we havent set up a base yet but we found a great spot near Dewford. Everything is going fine. Our spies throughout Team Aqua and Magma have found out some of their plans and hidouts. More inmportantly we know what Pokemon they use."
Giovanni(on phone):"Good but do not fail me once in Hoeen. We don't our reputation over there to be ruined before we set up an operational base."
Shadow:"Yes sir!"
Shadow hangs up the phone.
Shadow:"Grrrr. I can not beleive I am still listening to him. I am more powerful and I should be the leader."
Fred approaches Shadow.
Fred:"That Pikachu is too powerful."
Shadow:"And the base?
Fred:"Almost ready. Team Aqua and Magma never go to Dewford."

October 13th, 2003, 12:10 PM
~~Viridian City~~
Erika: "Susan, have a good time in the Johto league."
Susan: "Thanks mom."
Erika: "And say hello to Prof. Elm for me."
Susan: "Sure."
Erika hands Susan a plane ticket to New Bark Town. Susan walks away and puts on her backpack on the way to the airport.
Erika: "Bye!"
Susan: "Bye!"

~~Dewford, after Ash has defeaten Brawly~~
Brock: "That was a tough gym battle, and I bet the others are bound to be even harder. Why don't you go train Ash?"
Ash: "Good idea."
Brock: "There is supposedly a cave near town which is home to various Pokemon..."
Ash: "Let's go!"
Ash and friends walk off towards Granite Cave. Jessie, James and Meowth watch from in a trash can.

Jessie: "I bet that cave has all sorts of rare Pokemon we could give the boss!"
Meowth: "Just think about it. The boss wakes up to a Zubat alarm clock. Then later he gets a Geodude and Sandshrew message. After the message he walks out back and goes for a swim in his pool dug by Digletts and filled by some Woopers. And then he'll say: 'I couldn't have all these luxaries if it wasn't for the great and wonderful Meowth...' and he may say something about you too but that's unlikely."
James: "Let's go take those Pokemon and Pikachu!"
Jessie: "And I... what's that noise?"
A dump truck grabs the trash can Team Rocket is in and dumps them in its back.
Jessie: "This is disgusting."
Meowth: "Yuck!"
Wobbufett: "Wobbufett!"

~~Granite Cave~~
Shadow is watching Ash and friends on a large monitor.
Shadow: "They don't know this cave is now property of Team Rocket do they? Doesn't matter. This base does need a back-up power supply...."
The screen zooms in on Pikachu.