View Full Version : Pokemon to Jokemon!

Terry M
December 16th, 2007, 9:50 AM
Edit:This game is not about making fun of pokemon, its just for fun.

Ok the first thing your going to ask is ''Whats a Jokemon?'', well a Jokemon is basically a pokemon that has a changed name(e.g. Bubasaur: Pewkasaur).

Here's an example how to play:

1st person:Ninetales
2nd person:Cocktales
Type:<insert one or two random types>
Species:<insert random species>
Colour:<insert random colour>
Pokedex entry:<write about the pokemon here>
Description:<insert random description here>

Then the 2nd person has to say a Pokemons name so the 3rd person can turn it into a Jokemon.

So I'll start, Squirtle.