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December 22nd, 2007, 8:56 AM
The fate of Konohagure was inimate. Twenty years had past since the climax of "Naruto" and Sasuke had never been recovered. People moved on, and forgot about the Uchiha clan. After Sasuke caught up with Itachi years ago, they battled, and Sasuke won, but it costed him his sanity, and his prized possesion, his Sharingan. Sasuke ran off, and no one heard from him again. It turns out Itachi hadn't just been goofing off during the time-skip. He had trained himself to master a new form of Sharingan. The "Akuma Sharingan". At any point the bearer could shred the opponent of their blood line trait, or Kekkei Genkai if you will. With Itachi's dying breath he activated the Akuma Sharingan, and stole Sasuke's Sharingan. Nauto, Sakura, Kakashi, Lee, and other leaf ninja arrived to the scene as Sasuke fled, leaving behind his katana. Naruto became Hokage some years afterwards, and peace returned to Konohagure with the Akatsuki gone, and yet the town didn't seem as lively. Naruto was never truly the same, knowing that this time, Sasuke was gone for good. Besides that everything was perfect. Naruto had completely mastered the Kyubi within him, and there were no wars. It was just quiet. Ninjas were barely needed anymore. What a mistake. One night, while the leaf village was slumbring, Sasuke appeared over the horizon. He stared out across the village, and Naruto instantly knew he was back. Unfortunatley not for the wished reason. Sasuke had obtained an army of ninja. Sasuke sprouted his demonic wings, and lifted his hand. Immediatley the village was attacked by an army of ninja who all appeared like demons with their curse seal at level 2. Konoha was no match. Naruto set out to the Great Hokage faces to confront Sasuke. As he appeared before his former rival, Sasuke striked. It was a huge fight, but alas Naruto was defeated, and not spared. Just like their fight as kids, Naruto striked with his full power Rasengan, and Sasuke with the Chidori. The Stone face blew. A boulder landed on Naruto, pinning him to the ground, leaving him to die. Sasuke came to Naruto, and with a final Chidori, finished him off. Konoha was completely destroyed. As Sasuke peered over the remains, Sasuke felt regret. He began feeling flash backs, of his child hood, Team 7, and then Itachi. Sasukelet out a loud bellow as he allowed himself to fall into the flames. Sasuke was ready to die. All he had ever wanted ha been fulfilled. He had become strongest, but as he looked back on it, he saw the ultimate truth. It was never truly worth it. As he finally closed his eyes to die, he saw the future. Konoha would be revived one day. He smiled as Satan grasped him, and gently tugged him into hell.
Where you come in:
I need at least five academy students, at least 3 genin teams for every country, 3 jounin for every country, 3 ANBU for every country, 3 Chunnin for every country, and 1 kage for every country.
Character Registration:
Name: Obvious
Age: Obvious
Gender: Obvious
Description: How you appear. I reccomend pictures, but it's not neccesary
Personality: How your person acts, and reacts.
History: Your persons background story.
Other: Obvious. Favorite foods, games, ect.
Rank: Acad Student, genin, jounin, kage, ANBU, Chunin
Currently known Jutsu: Genin or lower start with 3 D ranked jutsu, and on higher ranked one, but no to high. You can make your own if you wish, but it must be approved with me.
Weapons: Every starts with 20x Kunai, 20x Shurikens, 10x Flash Bombs, 10x Fire Bombs. Swords, and staffs are optional.
Clan: If you're going to have a clan, it has to have it's own Kekkei Genkai, which needs to be approved by me. It can't be one from Konoha, because everyone in Konoha was killed, which means no Sharingan, no Byakugan, no using dogs for combat, ect.
NO1: No plot, no RPG…follow the directions given above to give a decent plot and sign up sheet. If these demands are not met, then your RPG will be closed.

NO2: You should know by now that a members post is similar to a Fan fiction post, therefore it has to include good description of what your character is doing and such, one thing that is not aloud is Script posting, in which an example can be seen below:

Me: I know you!
You: Really!
Me *Nods* yeah!

….That’s not really RPing if you didn’t already know…that’s a script that you use for Drama ^_^; If you want to use such things, I suggest you join a Drama club at your local theatre.
Also, we will have no: ‘U’ and ‘2’ to substitute proper words. You will use proper language whilst RPGing, not substituting it to make it easier for yourself. Excuses like: ‘I type fast’ or the such are no plausible. It’s easy to slow down and: Not tipe lyke dis.


NO3: SPAM, like the rest of the forums, SPAM is not allowed, this also includes too many OOC (Out of character) posts, it’s considered SPAM if used to many times. I suppose you could really count 1 line posts in an RPG SPAM as well, as it doesn’t really have description or much action in it x_x so keep this at a minimum, thank you much.

NO4: Character control: Character control is…well I wouldn’t say it’s not allowed, but you cannot take complete control of another person’s character without permission. Different RP Master’s have different outlooks and opinions on Character control, which is also known as “Powerplaying”, and it varies from person to person. One person may allow minor powerplaying, another might ban it completely. But something such as this is not allowed at all: [Lara is another roleplayer’s character, Kiara is mine]

Lara skipped down the road merrily and took a look at the toy that was on show in the window. She glanced at me with aqua blue eyes and pointed at it, yelling “Please buy me it, Kiara!” She then dashed into the shop in her moment of excitement and picked up a box that contained the Toy horse.

Taking control of another members character just a little is acceptable, but taking complete control of another members character is not, please look out for what you do with other members characters.

NO5: 1 paragraph per post: Yes, this rule is somewhat strict, but it’s fair none the less. 1 sentence posts are not allowed any more, neither are 2 sentence posts, or 3 sentence posts. Why you ask? Well probably because you can’t tell much from a character from one sentence. So please, keep your posts at a 4 sentence minimum. Oh, and they can't be four short sentences either, they have to actually have substance.

Half paragraphs like
this, unfortunately,
do not count as a paragraph
so don't do it!

NO6: Stealing, this is top of the list on the naughty list unless you have permission from the original creator. Stealing RPG is like stealing a Fanfic or Fanart, it’s bad, when the RPG has been made by a member it is rightfully theirs and therefore you cannot steal it and use it without permission. So please if you like an RPG and want to start it at another forum or at the same forum and revive it, please PM the original game master.

NO7: Waiting for an RPG to start: Please, I’m begging you, don’t nag the game master on when the RPG will start, be patient as Game Masters may not be online or may no want to come on line at any particular moment, the RPG will start when it starts so please, do not nag with posts such as:

“Can we start now?!” or “When will this RPG start?!”

Because it’s….well, rude. XP

NO8: All RP’s must have a rating. You can find the ratings and descriptions of their meanings at this thread: [Will edit]

NO9: Advertising: As the rest of the board, advertising forums is not aloud. So if you have an off forum RPG please, do not post it here as it will be deleted. All and any kind of advertising will result in an official warning.

Advertizing threads, such as roleplay's, clubs, or groups is also not allowed- so please do NOT do it. (However, you won't get an official warning at first. But continue to do it, even after being asked to stop...)

NO10: Please, no "Groups", "Clubs", or anything similar. These are systems that are similar to forums dedicated to Roleplaying, and, as you can see, this is not how Pokecommunity runs. Any threads like this will be closed.

NO11: Have fun! There really aren’t that many rules, just mostly common sense and following the Forum rules, everything that applies to the forum applies here so keep that in mind and just have fun ^_-