View Full Version : Cyclone SIDR

December 30th, 2007, 5:10 PM
Thousands laying dead just like that
They panic and scream with not one bit of hope intact
Running as if the plagues come back
We watch it on the 6 o’clock news on most evenings
See the baby crying and the mother grieving
Waiting and wishing that more of their grief will be leaving
They just want to take a rest and catch up with their breathing
They don’t want to keep running in circles and screaming
I look at the images of the country I left when I was 2
Wondering to myself if there’s anything I could do
For the kids like me trying to make straight through
This new challenge that they weren’t prepared for
Showing their younger siblings their not scared or
Haven’t lost their hope and will find a way to cope
But we got to give them strength got to let them know
That they weren’t just left in that mighty breezes flow

I notice how we worry about things that really don’t matter
If we got the nicest shoes and get pissed if they start to tatter
Yet all these people have seen their entire lives splatter
In an all directions its just like the destruction of matter
They thought it couldn’t happen to them no of course not
But it did and they know peace isn’t always part of life’s plot
Now I don’t really know what exactly their going though
My life is intact and sometimes I got a chilling breeze flowing too
But nothing compared to what those little kids went through
Fighting through a life they think is just so cruel
I have no idea what I would do if I were in there place
Seeing my home ripped away would be more then just a slap in the face
No clothes no food and the people around me gone
I’m praying that these kids will somehow be able to move on
But we got to give them strength got to let them know
That they weren’t just left in that mighty breezes flow

We have to speak for the children get them the attention they need
Patch up the wounds don’t let them continue to bleed
I keep seeing those images of them as they continue to plead
Look I just don’t want this to be like another New Orleans
A tragedy for a little while and then a few forgotten screams
That we seem to only remember in the depths of our dreams
We just have to give them strength and have got to let them know
That they were just left in the that mighty breezes flow