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October 14th, 2003, 8:38 AM

A Fan Fic by Vex

Please type user name and password.

The grey box flashed up on the screen.

User name: Kyle103. Password: ultraball

The computer whirred, and processed the answer. A couple of seconds later, another message appeared.

Accepted. Welcome to Pika World Chat.

Excellent! He was online.

Kyle always looked forward to visiting Pika World Chat. It was his favourite website. There were always Pokemon fans waiting to chat about their favourite topic. If you were very lucky, a real Trainer would come online and you could quiz them about what it was like.

Kyle dreamt about being a Pokemon Trainer someday. He wanted to travel the world with his favourite Pokemon, Tyranitar, and beat all the other trainers. Who knows? Maybe one day he could.

Now, who's online today? he thought, scrolling down the "Members Online" list.

He spotted a few names he recognised on the list. ??FoReVeRchu?? was on. ??FoReVeRchu?? was a known weirdo. Most people on Pika World avoided him - he usually talked more about sheep than Pokemon.

Near the bottom of the list was WizDratini. Kyle was glad to see her online - she was very friendly and knew a lot about Pokemon.

Bzzzt. New message.

The computer alerted him to the fact that somebody was trying to contact him. He smiled. It was WizDratini.

Opening up the window, he watched green letters spread across the screen. WizDratini always wrote in green. It was her favourite colour, or so she said. In every Pokemon competition the Webmaster held on the site, WizDratini always used a green Dratini. She always won, as well. It was about time for a rematch.

WizDratini: Hey Kyle103, what's up? I just beat Pokemon Gold again.

Kyle103: You beat it AGAIN? Man, I think you spend too much time on your game boy.

WizDratini: Nah, I just know what I'm doing. I can't wait until this new game they're making comes out. It's supposed to be the most realistic yet!

Kyle103: What, more than Ruby and Sapphire?

WizDratini: From what I've heard, way more. Sounds cool, right?

Kyle103: Yeah. Anyway, fancy a battle? I want revenge from that last time.

WizDratini: Sure, I'll get my brother to ref. He's from the Orange Islands, and he's online. Wait a sec.

Whoa! In two years WizDratini had never mentioned a brother. Kyle supposed they just hadn't got round to the topic. And from the Orange Islands? That was cool. Kyle had never been to the Orange Islands. When he became a Trainer he'd make sure he'd go there.

pikool2K has joined the conversation.

pikool2K must be WizDratini's brother. Kyle was anxious to meet him.

pikool2K: Hey, Kyle. Wiz says you want a ref for a battle. No problems, m8. I'll do the job.

Kyle hadn't seen pikool2K before, but he already liked him. He seemed the friendly, laid-back kind of guy. Kyle was like that sometimes.

Kyle103: Yeah, thanks. It won't be long, then we can all have a chat.

pikool2K: I'm lookin' forward to it, m8. OK, 3 Pokemon versus 3. No time limit.

WizDratini: You challenged, so I choose first. I choose Dratini!

Kyle103: *sarcastic* Whoa! What a surprise! You've never used that before!

pikool2K: From what I hear, you've never beaten it before.

Kyle103: Moving on...I choose Electrode!

WizDratini: Ha ha, I'll crush that. Dratini uses Thunder Wave!

pikool2K: Electrode is paralyzed, at 100% health.

Kyle103: Fine. Electrode uses Thunder Wave too!

pikool2K: Dratini is paralyzed, at 100% health. This could take a while now.

WizDratini: Dratini uses Ice Beam!

pikool2K: Electrode is paralyzed, at 72% health.

Kyle103: I can't let that happen again. Electrode uses Double team!

As soon as he pressed 'Enter', the screen started to flash violently. He briefly caught a glimpse of a new window saying "Project Double Team" at the top before his computer shut itself down.

A wire at the back of the computer crackled, and Kyle realised that it had stopped working when he'd typed "double team".

He knew how to fix the wire, but didn't understand one thing:

What was Project Double team, and why did it shut down his computer?

- - - -


Kyle103: I can't let that happen again. Electrode uses Double team!

Pah. Feeble attempts to get away. She'd beat him, like she always did.

Kyle103 may not reply. He/she is offline.

What?? What had happened? Why had Kyle suddenly gone offline? Dozens of questions surged in Leah's head.

Leah was WizDratini's real name. She had long, flowing black hair and sparkling blue eyes, and knew too much about Pokemon and computers.

pikool2K: What do you think happened there?

WizDratini: I have no idea. He could have gone for a meal or something, but we always says when he's going to do something else.

pikool2K: I bet his computer just crashed or something. It's nothing to worry about, I'm sure.

Leah wasn't too convinced. But it would have to do until Kyle came back and told them what had happened.

* * *

Please type user name and password.

So far so good. Kyle typed in his answer.

User name: Kyle103. Password: ultraball

The computer whirred like it always did, and Kyle knew it would be OK. He could tell WizDratini and her brother about what had happened.

Error. Invalid user name/password.

What? That was his right user name and password. Why wouldn't it accept him?

He tried again, but received the same response.

Error. Invalid user name/password.

He typed in a random search engine address in the web browser. The screen turned black, with red letters across the screen.


He tried another website, and another. The same message appeared over and over again, no matter what he tried.

It appeared the computer wasn't completely fixed after all.

* * *

Half an hour later, Kyle was still at his computer. He had nothing better to do, so he kept trying to get Pika World Chat to accept his user name and password.

Just for fun, he started typing in stupid user names, but always kept the same password, ultraball. Of course, he got "Error. Invalid user name/password." when he typed in FROGbanD03 and 77^turtle.

He typed the first things that came into his head each time. It was quite fun making up names, actually.

Then, for the **** of it, he typed in:

User name: pikool2K. Password: ultraball

The computer whirred once again, and Kyle waited for the same response.

Welcome, agent.

- - - - -


Two shadows stood very still in the pitch black. One appeared to be sitting down. The other was standing over the chair.

A light was switched on. Sudden brightness filled the room, half-blinding the men who the shadows belonged to. The man who was standing reached out and turned a dial. Instantly, the light dimmed to an acceptable level.

The man in the chair was sitting at a computer. The other was watching the screen intently. Neither said a word.

A door in the back of the room opened and the two men looked round.

"News?" asked the newcomer.

The reply: "It's happened again."

- - - -


What on Earth was this? He'd actually logged on as WizDratini's brother, and the computer was calling him...Agent? This couldn't be happening.

Kyle pinched himself sharply. It hurt, but he now knew this was not some stupid dream. It was real. And it was confusing.

The screen was the same as normal. The "Members Online" list was there, and the list of chat rooms was there. Just instead of the box at the top where it said "Welcome, (user name)", there was a black box. Written it red letters was the message "Welcome, Agent".

Bzzzt. New message.

Oh no. He couldn't talk to somebody while he was on somebody else's account. But the name of the messenger attracted his attention.

It was WizDratini.

He had to tell her what was happening. She had to understand...

WizDratini: Hey, big bro, what's up? Shouldn't you be asleep down there?

pikool2K: WizDratini, you've got to help me.

WizDratini: Sure, big bro. Anything. What is it.

pikool2K: Stop calling me big bro. Because I'm not your brother.

WizDratini: Huh?

pikool2K: You're talking to Kyle.

WizDratini: No, seriously, what is it?

pikool2K: Dammit, Wiz, it's me! I need help! You HAVE to believe me!

WizDratini: Yeah, right. Come back when you're sane.

WizDratini has left the conversation.

No! Dammit! She had to listen! Now what was he going to do? Who could he talk to? Not his parents, they'd kill him for breaking the computer and logging on as someone else.

Now Kyle had a serious problem. He couldn't talk to anyone about this, and he didn't even know what it was anyway.

He sat in his chair, and wondered what to do.

It was only a few seconds later when he noticed something else on his screen.

It was a new message.

Excellent! WizDratini must have come to her senses and wanted to find out what the problem was.

He hurriedly opened the message, not bothering to look at the sender's name. He cast his eyes over the message and was stupefied.

??FoReVeRchu??: I believe you.

- - - -

Those were the first four instalments of my Fan Fic, Download. We're up to Chapter 9 on PE2K, and I'll post some more later. Stay tuned, and don't log off. ;)

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June 26th, 2004, 6:27 AM
Continue on vex I'm waiting

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that was asome..........................

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post more!!! thats awesome!

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YA! go on posting and make it long!

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We want more, we want more, we want more come on the story is so cool

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I read the entire page and I thought that your story was SO AWESOME! It's a great story! Keep on writing more! :)

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are you going to continue this story Vex??? (it's awesome)