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January 3rd, 2008, 3:18 PM
Spatial Siege
written by MatterX

Inspirations: I got my ideas and my inspiration from reading other people's fanfics and by watching the anime I got the idea to write this story.


Chapter 01 - Meteor Storm

A young trainer had just returned from a market in Oreburgh City. He could only hear the beating of iron and coal trucks moving along the rocky road. His name is Makku, a teenager about the age of fourteen had won the Sinnoh League not too long ago. With his trained Pokemon he was able to defeat Cynthia with a victory.

Makku decided that he would go to other regions and compete in their leagues so he could be the greatest trainer in the world.


Makku tripped over a rock and dropped his groceries. He stood up picking each of them off and then walking off again. He was stopped by a small girl about 2'06.

"Makku, mom's waiting for you come on." she said running off toward her home.

Makku went with his sister to his home. As the girl opened the door Makku dropped the groceries onto the floor near the front door. It was quite warm inside, warmer than it usually was. Makku then noticed that all of the lights we're turned off as well. He reached over and turned on the light revealing many people wearing party hats.

"Suprise!!" the people yelled.

"W-what is this?" Makku questioned with a puzzled look rubbing his blonde hair. Makku's little sister walked up to him again.

"Don't you get it? We're throwing a suprise party for you!" she replied smiling.

Makku decided to go with his and saw his friend, Jack leaning against a wall.

"Hey Jack, you in this too?"

"Yeah, I might as well celebrate your victory you would've probably done the same thing for me... if I had won." Jack said frowning.

"Hey don't worry, I bet you'll win next time." ; Makku placed his hand on Jack's shoulder. "Come on, tonight's going to be the best night ever.."

At that moment the house shook and lights were turned off. People began asking: "What's going on?" "What's the deal?!!" "Who turned off the lights?!"

Then the house shook again but this time the glass broke and a huge meteor broke through the house. One meteor became two then three as more and more meteors raided Oreburgh City. Many things broke such as glass, tables and chairs. The walls were torn apart. Makku looked around and saw his mother on the living room floor with a meteorite laying atop of her.

"Mom! No!!" Makku yelled running towards her.

Makku tried to push the meteor but it was too hot to touch. He looked around the home but he found nothing. Makku looked at his Pokeballs and took one out and threw it into the air.

"Machoke, use Rock Smash!"

A red beam shot from the Pokeball taking the form of Machoke. Machoke ran towards the meteorite and thrusted it's fist towards the large structure. It broke in an instant as Machoke pulled his fist back. Makku ran towards his mother and shook her.


He took her hand and felt her pulse, she was dead.

"M-mom?......" ; Tears began to fall from his eyes. Jack was about six feet away from Makku saw a meteorite descending towards Makku. Jack leaped forward trying to push Makku out of the way but Machoke had destroyed the meteorite before it hit them.

"Makku, we need to go!" Jack yelled looking out at the sky.

"No... I'm staying here with mom *sobs*...."

Jack grabbed Makku by the shirt collar. "I'm sorry Makku but she is dead, we have to go!"

Makku still feeling depressed nodded his head and grabbed his sister's hand, who was standing beside him crying as well. The trio ran out of the home and looked up at the sky to see something amazing.