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January 6th, 2008, 8:39 AM
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
Rescue Team Tournament!

Rated: PG


The world of Pokemon is a wondrous place. These amazing creatures each have their own unique characteristics and powers. Humans share a close bond with all of them. Some people, like Professor Oak, study Pokemon and try to learn as much as they can about them.

However, there is an alternate dimension where only Pokemon roam. They are highly developed and more adapted to their environment than the Pokemon in the realm we have come to know. The Pokemon have worked together and have built many civilizations. They have learned to handle each other’s differences through a civilized way.

The alternate realm Pokemon had become like humans!

But everything is not in perfect harmony. There have been many dangerous natural disasters occurring years after Rescue Team ‘Go-getters’ stopped the first wave of the occurrences. During a forest fire sparked by an enormous earthquake, many high class Rescue Teams, including the Go-getters, lost their lives to the insufferable heat. After the death of the elite rescue teams, it was very doubtful that the new-low powered teams would be able to fight the disasters.

Then one day, Alakazam, a former Rescue Team Leader who had lost his teammates and was seriously wounded in the fire, took it upon itself to form a new, powerful league of rescue teams to fight these catastrophes.

In order to find true team material, Pokemon from around the realm’s world will compete in a great tournament hosted by the Pokemon square and other areas. One Pokemon will join a team of two other Pokemon. Together they will form a rescue team in training. The volunteering instructors will help turn the team ‘wanna bes’ into tough rescuers.
Now the recruitment has begun.

In the realm we are in, its two days until summer vacation for students in the city of Rustboro. The city school is having a trip to the famous engineering lab, ‘Sonoco technologies’. Sonoco is hosting a special presentation on their latest invention; a large machine they believe that can generate a portal to an alternate dimension, the Pokemon realm.
You and your entire school body are among the huge crowd attending the presentation.
During the demonstration, you make your way to the front of the crowd to get a better look. That’s when everything goes completely wrong.
The machine begins to form a portal into the realm, but a malfunction causes the machine to produce sparks and shake violently. Before you have a chance to move away, a large flash of light surrounds you and everybody else in front.
Before the flash ends, you black out.

When you come to, you find yourself in a strange forest, what’s even stranger, you’ve transformed into a Pokemon! After roaming around the forest, you met Pokemon (RP members) who say that they’re human, just like you! That’s when a mother Kangaskan notices you and escorts you to a large structure. Inside you see Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. You wait in a room for a while until an Alakazam covered in bandages walks in. It explains that this strange realm is the Pokemon world. The planet is endangered because of the return of dangerous natural disasters occurring. It had gathered you and the Pokemon to ask if you want to help fight the natural disasters as rescue teams.

Naturally, you and the Pokemon you’re with are among the group who agree to the training.

Now you will participate in the challenge to improve your skills, and become a rescue team member.

The only question is, will YOU take part in this grand tournament?

It’s your choice.


(1) When you sign-up, only I get to decide what Pokemon you will be. So if you’re considering on joining, post your sign-up sheet before the spot you want is taken. (If you don’t like the Pokemon I set you up with, P.M. me and I might change it.)

(2) When you’re competing against a team with RP members, please try to make it reasonable (If you can’t do that, I decide the winner of the challenge and the team with the unreasonable one will get kicked out my RP).

(3) Absolutely no profanity! Save the foul mouth for PG-14 RPs (You get a star if you use it).

(4) You are allowed to have only one signed-up character. If I give you a hidden
Pokemon, that’ll be your second character. Your second character may be on a
Different team from your first character.

(5) You cannot ‘recruit’ Pokemon. You aren’t a full-fledged rescue team member in
this Story. As you progress in the RP, you’ll raise through the training statuses.

(6) Please try to post on this RP often. It’s very important that all members are present for their teams. (If a RP member is kicked off or ‘Booted out’, I may pause the RP until we can find a fill-in or replacement)

(7) Once I pair you up into teams, you must discuss with your teammates about what your team will be called. Tell PM me the name when you get one, and try to get a name quick. (If a teammate has sent me a name you all didn’t agree on, don’t be afraid to tell me!)

(8) If you don’t want this RP to be closed, have your posts be a minimum of nine sentences (9 sentences exclude quotes!!). If you refrain to do this, you get a star.

(9) Use correct punctuation in your posts. I will excuse misspelling. Bad punctuation gets you a star or your sign-up sheet rejected.

Notes: Using ‘Stars’ is my system of removal. Get four of them and you lose your spot(s) on the RP.

If you ask, I may reserve an unclaimed Pokemon spot for you for a limited amount of time. (The sign-up character must perfectly resemble the reserved Pokemon)

Do not ask me what the ‘hidden Pokemon’ identities are. I will only do such if the site officials require me to. (Tiny spoiler: some of them are rare Pokemon)

Sign-Up sheet

*: Area needed to be filled

Nickname: (Optional)
*Age: (12-16)
Hometown: (In case your character came from a place other than Rustboro City)
*Personality: (If you want a specific Pokemon, use key words)
*Biography: (At least 9 lines)
*Writing Example: (You may use a past writing for this example)

Sign Ups are now open

Pokemon spots:
(Note: I think this is the roster for the new Mystery Dungeon game)

1) Charmander:

2) Bulbasaur:

3) Squirtle:

4) Cyndaquil:

5) Chikorita:

6) Totodile: Quasar99

7) Torchic:

8) Treecko:

9) Chimchar:

10) Turtwig:

11) Pipulp: Star Poohyena


13) Skitty:

14) Meowth:

15) Cubone:

16) Eevee: Trainer Kat

17) Machop:

18) Mudkip: StarLatias

Hidden Pokemon: (You’ll see all the secret Pokemon {that is, if the RP runs smooth})

1)??? 2)??? 3)??? 4)???

5)??? 6)??? 7)??? 8)???

9)??? 10)??? 11)??? 12)???

13)??? 14)???

January 9th, 2008, 3:20 PM
Name: Tom
Nickname: Tommy
Age: 13
Hometown: Jhoto, Goldenrod City.
Personality: He's very sensetive at things and he gets angry very easily.
Biography: He always some day want to be a master and beat the Elite Four.
Writing Example:

So what do you think?

January 9th, 2008, 5:11 PM
Name: W.
Nickname: W.
Age: 18
Hometown:Sinnoh, Snowpoint City
Personality: Shy, reckless and wise
Biography: He wants to become a champion and a pokemon scientist.
Writing example:(Sorry it's a long one...)

"Hey! Thanks!" cried the exasperated Johannes.

"Nah, don't mention it" replied W.

"You have defeated my pets but, not all of them! Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Go! Rhyperior! Tyranitar! Aggron!" shouted the bouncer.

All at once, three highly armored Pokemon came out of their pokeballs growling with rage.

"Now my pets how 'bout we give a Hyperbeam all at once!" cried the bouncer.

The Rebels gasped. They know 3 hyperbeams is enough to blast them to kingdom come.

"What the? All of you! Get out of here!" Celia cried out.

"Out! Dusky! Use Safeguard quickly! You too, Kate!" Both pokemons began emanating a green glow before the deadly beams hit their mark. Triumphant, the bouncer bounced for joy but as he saw the Rebels still safe, unscathed, he screamed with rage.

"Now it's my turn. Go! Gale! Eric!" W. called on. A Glaceon and a Lucario came out of the pokeballs, prepared for a fight.

"Hey you lot! Get going!" shouted W. to the Rebels as they ascended up to the staircases. "I'll handle this fool". As they went out, Johannes called out "Thanks!"

"Who are you calling a fool?! Now get ready to be crushed! Rhyperior! Rock Wrecker!" Rhyperior began shooting huge rocks at them, but Eric and Gale's speed enabled them to dodge easily. "Tyranitar! Hyperbeam!" Tyranitar began charging it's power. "Let's finish this! Once and for all! Gale! Blizzard!" W. cried. The room began turning into a torrent of ice and snow, freezing the 3 pokemon with Tyranitar still charging it's Hyperbeam along with the bouncer. "Eric! Aura Sphere on each of them!" One by one, three illuminating balls of energy hit their targets fainting the monster pokemons.

"Piece of cake! Well done all of you! Now take a rest." W. aimed the pokeballs at their owners returning them. "And as for you my friend" talking to the frozen bouncer. "You will remain like that until a said so" Then quickly he left the room, catching up with the others.

Is this enough?

January 9th, 2008, 8:07 PM
[[ OOC: I haven't joined an RP for a long time on PC, so this'll be my first RP in a while. (I'm not inexperienced though, I've joined other RPs on other forums) ]]

Question~ Will evolution be possible?

Shirene (She-reen)
Azalea Town
Shirene is usually a quiet person, but once given the chance, she is noisy and nothing generally makes her be silent again. When meeting new people, she is quiet and keeps things to herself, but once she bonds more of a friendship with people, she has a habit of "having a laugh too much" and complains too much, especially when she's hungry. Shirene is prone to getting herself lost sometimes, losing her way in the easiest of paths. Frequently, she needs guidance or she’ll never get out of someplace alive.
Shii was born in Azalea Town, located in the Johto region. Azalea is a small, quiet and tranquil village, so therefore, never made many friends with the children around the area. Her lack of friends in Azalea made her turn to befriending Pokemon, also resulting in her general quiet nature, but a noisy and hope for friendship inside. Shii would usually go to old Kurt's house, the Pokeball maker and help him take care of the Slowpoke at the well. Due to her love for Pokemon, she befriended many of the Slowpoke and learnt a lot about water Pokemon.
Shirene and her family then moved to Petalburg City in Hoenn for a change of scenery for their family. While her big brother went on a Pokemon journey around Hoenn, Shii was told to start going to the Pokemon School located in Rustboro City. Shirene was proud and happy to be able to go to school at her early age and enjoyed her time there, simply to learn about Pokemon.
Before Shirene studied in the Pokemon School at Rustboro, she had an oath to her big brother that when she grew up, she would become the world's strongest Pokemon trainer and beat her brother in battle. Shii studies at Pokemon School to become the world's best Pokemon trainer.
[[ Sorry about it not really being nine lines, it was starting to sound a little corny ]]
Writing Sample:
Sarah was beginning to get tired of running away and begun huffing and wheezing as Team Aqua drew closer, yelling to her, “Stop running! We’ll catch you!” The proffessor’s Pokemon, Chiro, a Chimchar, aimed a Flamethrower at the fast approaching Team Aqua and suddenly changed direction and started running towards a dead end. It made a hand gesture to Sarah to follow it and made a harsh, broken cry, “Chi..m..c..him, char!!”
In the sudden blur of the moment, she turned into the dead end, but before she could tell Chiro off, it opened a small grate and crawled through. “Chiro, char!” She sighed heavily and crawled through and then closed the grate up again, muttering, “No wonder mum hates Pokemon. You guys are just so cunningly annoying!” Chiro made an angry face but kept on moving further into the air-duct.
After going a fair way, Sarah could distinctly hear the voices of Team Aqua, dully asking questions to their fellow team-mates about where they disappeared to. Sarah giggled at their stupid ideas such as them turning invisible.
Sarah suddenly stumbled against a burning hot area in the duct and cried out loudly, “Ouch!” Sarah then heard the in the area below her suddenly whispering to the other voices there, “Someone has come to save us!” Chiro appeared to recognize the young man’s voice and cried out, “Chiro, char char!”
The young voice responded immediately to the cry and replied, “Oh, Chiro, it’s good to hear your voice my old friend.”

Super Smash Kid
January 9th, 2008, 8:31 PM
Name: Tony
Age: 13
Hometown: Twinleaf town
Personality: Tough like the lucario in the movie
Biography: Tough kid with lots of strong pokemon.
Writing Example:

January 9th, 2008, 8:59 PM
@ SSK, Quasar & NH
I don't think you guys read the form properly..

Nickname: (Optional)
*Age: (12-16)
Hometown: (In case your character came from a place other than Rustboro City)
*Personality: (If you want a specific Pokemon, use key words)
*Biography: (At least 9 lines)
*Writing Example: (You may use a past writing for this example)

You're meant to write at least 9 lines for the biography, and a writing example. D:

Trainer Kat
January 10th, 2008, 9:32 AM
Name: Katerina Elizabeth Lee

Nickname: Kat

Age: 15

Hometown: Hoenn, Lilycove City.

Appearance: I know it wasn't asked, but I thought I'd include a picture of Kat.

Personality: Kat can be an impish individual. She plays tricks on the residents of Lilycove, much like a small boy would. Once she gets to know someone, and finds she likes them, the tricks stop and she ends up becoming very protective of them. She's also very hardy, and can take a lot. Kat may be cute, but she's a tough girl.

Biography: Kat's family moved around a lot. Originally from Celadon City, the Lees took up residence in many other towns and cities, including Pallet Town and Goldenrod City before finally settling down in Lilycove. Initially, Kat was hurt. Her way of coping was to terrorize the neighbors, because she didn't want to get close enough to anyone else to miss them. She was never lonely, though, as people always wanted to befriend her--she had her pick of companions, no matter how temporary they may be. Eventually, she developed her hardy nature, and she became tough. After the residents of Lilycove got sick of her antics, her parents sent her to school in Rustboro. It was a bit of a relief for her, having something to do for once, though she kept up the trickery in Rustboro. Whenever she got bored, she wandered down to the forest and played tricks on unsuspecting passerby. One day, she came across an unsettling sight--a Pikachu fighting an all but helpless Weedle. Kat took a Thundershock for the Weedle, and has been friends with it since. She comes to the forest more often now to visit Weedle, sometimes skipping out on her schoolwork.

Writing Example: The blonde swept her cornflower-and-magenta hair into a low ponytail. Her deep blue eyes fixated on the sign before her. At 5'3", she was exactly eye-level with the letters carved deep into the wood. Though the sign was clearly weather-beaten, and had seen better days, there was no mistaking those five letters scrawled across the chipped surface: KANTO. An arrow below pointed the way to a place called Viridian City.

This... she thought. This is the place where I'm to get my first Pokemon. The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, the sun dancing on her vanilla flavored lip gloss. She could feel the heat on her back, pressing on her shoulder blades like a good massage. Her lips parted as a sigh escaped her. If she was going to be in weather like this throughout her journey, it would be well worth the turmoil.

Deciding she had lingered long enough, she continued along the path. It wasn't far now. Based on the map, she determined it was maybe a fifteen minute walk, at the most. Putting one foot in front of the other, she walked briskly towards her destination. Pidgey flew overhead, soaring through the ocean blue skies. A group of Caterpie poked around in the tall grass, hiding from any predators while foraging for food.

What do Caterpie eat? the blonde asked herself. Maybe I do have a little more to learn about Pokemon. Another wooden sign could be seen ahead, loosely nailed onto a sad post. 'Watch out for wild Beedril' the sign commanded. Someone had lightly crossed off 'Beedril' and scribbled 'Brad the Great' in boyish, blocky letters under the name of the Bug Pokemon. A shudder ran down her spine. She wrinkled her nose. She'd always thought that bees, along with insects of any kind, were absolutely disgusting.

A little further, and she could see the outlines of buildings among the trees, their shadowy silhouettes making the structures appear to be playing a game of hide and seek, and she was the seeker. When she neared the city, her smile faded.

"How...quaint." She was obviously expecting something a bit more..elegant. Glancing around, she noticed quite a few people around. "Guess they're into that...unrefined sort of life." She giggled to herself. "Well, my photographer did say 'Natural is the new black!' He's been here, I'll bet."

Unable to locate the lab, she flagged down a boy around her age, perhaps a year or two older. His jet black hair fell over his face, and he carried a look of defiance. "Excuse me...commoner...could you direct me to Professor Willow's lab?" She pulled her white sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, the plastic frame resting neatly on the perky tip of her button nose.

He shot her a look, but once her eyes met his, he melted into the pools of deep blue. "Y-yeah..." he stammered. "That way..." The boy pointed to his left.

The blonde smiled. "Thanks, you're a doll." Though she was sure the boy expected a kiss as payment, she turned her back before he could further defile her with his presence. As if I'd even look at a commoner, she thought to herself. Upon reaching the lab, she banged on the door, as if her intent was to break it down, not to gain entrance.

"Ugh. She should be waiting for me. I shouldn't be the one looking for her." She opened the door and let herself in, crossing the threshold into a dark lab. "Great...just like out of those creepy zombie movies..." she muttered under her breath.

"It's me!" She yelled. "Kat!" No answer. A sigh of annoyance escaped her parted lips. Giving up, she went searching for the woman who was supposed to be standing at the door with a selection of perfect Pokemon.

January 11th, 2008, 7:07 AM

Will we return to being humans at the end of the RP?
What are the natures for the 4th gen starters?

Name: Eugene

Nickname: (Optional)

Age: 12

Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto

Personality: Eugene is the kind of kid who can be easily amused and also easily bored. He may be a human being, but he doesn't like interacting with humans. Mainly because nobody likes to listen to him. Lack of exposure made him a very suspicious individual. His trust was hard to get, on the other hand, he found the trust of others was even harder to get. However, if he managed to befriend someone, Eugene is a loyal friend for life. He prefers to be at the back stage, helping secretly and quietly without taking credit, for he had no need to compete for proper attention when he knows no one wants to give him that anyway, plus nobody would really ask for his help, due to distrust. He doesn't like being helped when he can handle the problem single-handedly, again, to distrust. Eugene's observant nature, childlike curiousity, fantastic memory and powerful thinking abilities enable fast and yet efficient learing.

Biography: Eugene loves books and, of course, reading. It doesn't matter what the subject is about, as long as it can pull his attention, he'll read it. Exposed to knowledge at a young age, he focuses on facts and questions rather than opinions, which made a challenge for everyone to even try to listen to his boring talks. Slowly, everyone started ignoring him. The meaner people started calling him a learning machine. Eugene quickly realised his differences plunge him into a lonely world. He was almost friendless. Eugene learned many things over the cruel years. He can make a face expressing the opposite of what he's feeling, like pulling a straight face while telling a lie, smiling like the sun when he felt like having rain on his face and so on. He learned that "God helps those who helped themselves", and doesn't rely on others to stand up for him whenever possible. He learned to remain confident and persistent when everyone is going against him. Eugene also learned to deal with people the same way they would to him. Ignore. Tell lies even when the truth is obvious. Break promises. Insult.

His parents decided to move one day to give him another chance to rebuild his life again. They thought he can be motivated to make friends and mix with others if nobody knew him. Not only did it not work, it made things worse. Eugene lost his few friends, and to earn new ones again is just too hard for him.(At least 9 lines)

Writing Example: Aerodactyl chased the Pidgeot instinctively. His trainer clung on tightly to the long neck for dear life. She had to remind herself that this Aerodactyl here was once the co leader of his flock. He was probably more used to order than to obey, so no amount of yelling will help. Taming a Pokémon so wild won't be easy, but if she can manage to do so, his massive power will be a great help to her team.

The Pidgeot flew as fast as it could to escape the ferocious beast. The girl felt her Aerodactyl accelerate with incomparable speed which had been perfected by countless generations since prehistoric times. She called upon her Ariados to use Constrict on Aerodactyl. The arachnid quickly covered Aerodactyl's body with spider silk in an attempt to stop it or at least slow it down. However, the strong wings broke open the silk on them easily, and powered the monster faster. Although now covered in wrappings of spider thread on the neck and body, Aerodactyl retained his speed.

"Okay, now spin as much thread as you can from here to any tree."

Ariados shot spider thread from the rear at a tree repeatedly. It seemed to work. Aerodactyl was slowing down. The girl sighed with relief. But just as she thought Aerodactyl couldn't have gone any faster, SNAP! He did, wasting Ariados's efforts by destroying the threads. The Pidgeot was getting more and more tired and flew slower. There's no time to get another Pokémon out for help. She looked at Ariados. The arachnid had something between the mandibles. It's a snack made specially for Pokémon which she had given to Ariados as a reward, but the spider had not ate it yet. The girl hurriedly grabbed it and shoved the snack into Aerodactyl's mouth.

Aerodactyl paused in surprise, distracted by his first wonderful taste of man made food his "trainer" just gave him a try of. The girl climbed to his back and started stroking the smooth and hard skin that gave Aerodactyl a more aerodynamic body. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all. Maybe he would listen.

January 11th, 2008, 8:34 AM
People, I need to see a writing Ex! :(
It's not that hard...

For the people who did do it...

Trainer Kat: Eevee

Star Poohyena: Piplup

January 11th, 2008, 1:09 PM
Name: Kuzoin


Personality: Shy, semi-lonely and adventure-loving

Bio: wants to become the ultimate freind to all pokemon

Writing Example: Cubone sat there in the corner, waiting for bulbasaur to come. suddenly the door burst open and there, standing in the doorway, was absol! "Everyone out! Mewtwo has returned!"

January 13th, 2008, 5:26 PM
name: chris
nickname: dude
town rustborro
personality:calm like squirtle
bio: always wanted to adventure, never been out of town till now
writing sample: squirtle got up and picked up the iron thorn, he then lobbed it at rayquaza. then he used attract to try to infatuate rayqauaza, it failed.

P.S. sorry for short bio

January 14th, 2008, 8:44 AM
StarLatias: Mudkip

Quasar99: Totodile

People please!
If you want to join, make the WP!!!

January 14th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Name: Balanki
Town: Sinnoh, Hearthhome City
Personality: Shy. Will be a great friend if knows the person really well.
Bio: Blanki is a very good friend. He will do anything to try to keep them happy. He will get frustrated if he doesn't get his own way.
Age: 12
Writing Ex.: Balanki walked down the dark tunnel struggling to see in the dim light. He stumbled over his own feet. He then bumped into a wall. "Hmmm.... I wonder what's behind this wall...?" he wondered to himself.

January 18th, 2008, 3:44 AM
Name: Thomas Murphy
Nickname: Tom
*Age: 14
Hometown: Petalburg City, Hoenn.
*Personality: Hardy. Tries hard to remain a friend to all he has met because of this trait.

*Biography: Tom has lived in New Bark town since age 10, moving from Petalburg City when a place opened up for his father to be an aide to Prof. Elm while his mother was at the local TV station in Cherrygrove City where she did various discussions about Pokemon, the last programme being about bug-type pokemon which was co-hosted by Professor Oak. Tom's younger brother went to school in the same city for as long as they were living in Cherrygrove, who often read about water and grass-type pokemon which had interested Nick the most. I'll add more in later once I think of anything extra to write.

*Writing Example:
Space swept past the shuttlepod, and before them the curve of the planet began to take form. Sharla bought the small ship into a precise entry angle, and guided the ship smoothly through the layers of gas and energy that made up the various levels of atmosphere of the planet.
"Commence scanning for the viral contaminant, Doctor." Gillian said. Turning to regard the rest of the Landing Party she grabbed the helmet of her environment suit. "Everyone, double check your seals and make sure the suits are functioning properly before we land."

"Yes Captain." as Sam swivelled his chair around to face the small console to his right, where he started to scan for the contaminant. "Got it. It seemed to have originated from a impact crater a little more than 500 metres east from here probably from a weapon or something, also it spread the contaminant into the atmosphere." Standing up from his chair, Sam proceeded to put on his environment suit followed by the helmet double checking the seals and the suit was functioning. He then returned to his chair preparing for landing.

January 19th, 2008, 4:03 PM
I am 85% certain on what to put in so...here goes!

Name: Chris

Nickname: Marksman

Age: 14

Hometown (Currently): Olivine City, Johto Region (It's a B-E-A-utiful view! I won't say it again!)

Personality: Docile. Very harmless most times and can enjoy a good laugh with friends (No matter how tough they are to make). Can be Serious in dire times of need.

Biography: Chris has been a young Master-wanna be since the age of 5. At 7, she moved from Cinnabar Island (Kanto Region) to Goldenrod City (Johto Region). Upon living 4 more Years, she then moved to Olivine City. She encountered tough water resistance when moving to Olivine City via Ship. The Waves were harsh but they arrived without Casualties. Chris's first Pokémon encounter was with a Chikorita at the age of 9. The Chikorita took a shine to her and they befriended one another back in Goldenrod City. When Chris moved to Olivine City, the Chikorita bade her farewell. Since then, Chris has wanted her own Chikorita. Chris has a Totodile to protect her but still yearns for the Chikorita she met 5 Years ago in Goldenrod City. She even sleeps dreaming about the Chikorita. And when she's active, she sometimes searches the wild, looking for any trace of Evidence that Chikorita may have followed him.

Writing Example:
He was still attempting to get a latch upon the wing of the Plane. His Grapple wasn't working well for him. He remembered his Drill Sergeant's Talk about the Grapple.

"You only have One Chance to Nail your Target before he disappears!" His Drill Sergeant had said to him.
"You need to take Careful aim with this thing as it can mean the difference between A Win and a Loss against your opponent!"
Chris took another shot at the Plane Wing but it was too far above.
The Plane was almost at the End of the Runway.
He fired the Grapple again but it was too far to the right. He was getting annoyed.
The Plane was gaining air.
Chris had one last shot. He took careful aim, and gently Squeezed the Trigger. The Grapple Hook launched itself yet again. Yes! It latched onto the Wing top. Immidiately, he started getting dragged along with the Plane. He did a little skip and went into Orbit. He dragged himself onto the Wing and started to climb it. The Plane did a little jerk, and he slipped off. 1 Hand hanging on. The Plane was heading upwards. Chris knew it would be fatal to fall off from this height. He swung all his weight...and got the Second Hand back on the Wing. He managed to clamber on the Wing and then onto the Main Body.
'Maybe I should lie low for a while' he thought to himself, lying in a Prone Position on the Plane.

Super Smash Kid
January 19th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Nickname: Tony
Age: 13
Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Personality: Aragont person. Exactly like Paul and Gary, but better.

Biography: Tony is a tough trainer that has beaten anyone that comes in his way. Tony has all badges from each region, beat all of the elite4 and has beaten the Frontier Brains. Tony has never lost a battle and doesn't plan on it. Tony was a former Team Snagem member untill what he saw what they were doing to pokemon so Tony had to go and stop them. Tony was a former pokemon ranger stoping every evil. That means Team Rocket, Go Rock Squad, Team Snagem, Ciphers(Bad guys in Colloseum), Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galatic. Tony's first pokemon was a Riolu that he found at night behind his house. Tony is a current member of the Frontier Brains. Also Tony was a gym leader.

Writing Example: Don't have one

Star Girl
January 19th, 2008, 5:57 PM
Name: Amy Wolfe


Age: 15

Hometown: Mossdeep City

Personality: A calm girl that easily makes friends. Likes to be very logical, usually thinking all of her actions through. This sometimes drives her friends nuts. Her logical side does come in handy keeping herself out of sticky situations and rescuing her friends from some too.

Biography: Up until the age of five she growing up under the guidance of controling overprotective parents which tended to drive away some of her friends. Her mother, not realizing that she was part of the problem, was worried about her daughter's lack of friends. At the age of five point her Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ryan, who lived in Rustboro, came for a visit. Sensing her sister's distress over her niece's lack of friends her Aunt proposed that she come live with them for a while. Away from her parents she was finally able to easily make friends without her parents judgemental decisions. Seeing how well she was doing in Rustboro City her parents agreed to allow her to continue to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

When she was 10 her Aunt and Uncle gave her a Bulbasaur, Herbie, for her birthday that she easily befriended and has been raising every since despite her parent's disapproval at first saying that it was too dangerous. This caused her to take on the belief that her parents would dissaprove of her dream which was to become a Pokemon Trainer and then after retiring becoming a Breeder. Due to the need of parental permission to get a license if one is under the age of 18 she hasn't not been able to pursue her dream yet believing that there was no way they would every give her permission.

For the last year or so her parents have been trying to get her to move back with Mossdeep City saying that is time that she returned home. After so much experience with freedom along with being afraid she would have to leave Herbie behind she is reluctant to return to parents that try to control every aspect of her life even when she is living Rustboro. She also knows that means she would have to leave everything she had grown accustomed to behind and basically start from scratch. The fact being that she hadn't really communicated with her former friends in Mossdeep City since she had left ten years prior to live with her Aunt and Uncle. A fear that was rooted deeper was that if she ever returned to live with them they wouldn't allow her to leave to pursue her life-long ambission.

Writing Example:
(Note: Takes place about a year before)
Amy sighed as she flipped her phone close and turned her attention back to her friends. School had just let out for the day and they were enjoying the food at a local fast food joint.

"Mom and Dad again," her friend Jasmine asked who sat straight across from her.

Amy nodded her head as her other friend Rachel who was sitting next to her said, "They still won't listen to you?"

"No. Every time I explain why I should just stay here they interrupt me, laugh, and say that I can get the same things there and I should just come back. Thankfully they haven't actually forced me to come back yet. I don't know how much longer I have until they try that though. For all I know they might try it as soon as school gets out," Amy said.

"Have your Aunt and Uncle tried to talk them out of it yet," Jasmine asked.

Amy nodded before saying, "Yes, several times actually. To tell you the truth I don't know why they are suddenly doing this. They've come here to visit the three of us several times and they know how happy I am here so its a complete mystery as to why they suddenly want me to move back."

"Braniac actually doesn't know something. Ooh scary," Rachel teased causing her and the others to laugh before Jasmine said, "But seriously you don't know why they are requesting you to move back?"

"Well my Mom keeps saying she thinks its time I returned home but I haven't actually lived in Mossdeep City in 10 years. Visit, yes, live, no. I lost contact with the couple of friends my parents let me have there years ago." Amy said before glancing at the clock at the wall and saying, "Look I better get going. Aunt Lucy is probably starting to wonder where I am now. I'll catch you later."

The other three also realized the time and decided it was time to leave. So the four paid their bill and then bid farewell heading their seperate ways for the day.

((OOC: I thought this was a good stopping point. But if you want me to extendv the writing example it just let me know.))

January 20th, 2008, 12:07 PM

Name: Ayla Rubison

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Jhoto

Personality: Ayla seems somewhat cold and reserved to most people. She often doesn't talk to anyone, and prefers to simply stand in lonely darkness, contemplating and thinking of trivial things. Many people would think of her as "weird" or "shy" or even "emo". But in reality, she is just not the type of person that likes to make much conversation. Her own mind is more of a free haven to her than the rest of the world, so why should she push it away?

Beneath her shrouded exterior, Ayla is a very imaginative person, with a true spirit and plenty of intelligence. Though, no one really has ever understood that much. All they see is an outer mask of mystery. And Ayla is perfectly content with that.

Biography: Ayla never knew her parents. She doesn't know why, and never cared to. All she knows is that ever since she was an infant, she had been living with her grandmother, and that was that. Despite how interesting the mystery of her mother and father was, Ayla simply could never make anything of it and never get any answers, so she soon gave up and managed to do without the knowledge.

For most of her fourteen-year-life, Ayla was under the "care" of her grandmother. Of course, calling it that would be somewhat of a mistake. Her grandmother was in her eighties, and she was also anything but the annoying old woman who pinches your cheek all the time before you get that impression. Instead, she was annoying in a different way: she never did anything herself. Especially when Ayla came to live with her. She did not take this child as a new and grand thing to love. She took it as someone to do all her work for her. It wasn't a wonder the old lady lives in such a run-down part of town.

Therefor, ever since she was old enough to go out by herself on the city streets of Goldenrod and begin physical labor (five, according to her grandmother), Ayla was doing everything; buying food, cleaning the house, paying bills (with check and retirement money; her grandmother obviously didn't work), et cetera. No school. Only everyday work that was meant for adults. And she never complained. Never saw anything wrong with it, as she'd never known any other life to compare it to.

One day, probably when Ayla was about ten, she came home to find her grandmother laying motionless in her favorite chair. And as she soon figured out, she had died. Old age was the only possible cause, as far as Ayla was concerned. But she had asked before what would happen if her "caretaker" ever died. And the old woman had replied that she would be sent to some kind of foster home, or an orphanage. The idea didn't sound too inviting.

But thanks to five years of doing things herself, Ayla knew she could take care of herself. It wouldn't be that hard.

Thus, since then, Ayla lived a life of solitude and theivery. Well, she didn't go and rob stores or anything; she just found small bits of money and collected them; a penny on the street, a bill in someone's pocket... This was enough for food. Where did she live? No where. Ayla is sort of like a lost soul, wandering through the streets by night and gathering the necessities to live by day. No street or house address was her home. All of Goldenrod was, particularly the eastern side of it where she had grown up.

And so went her life, until she went visiting an outdoor scientific presentation. Some new invention had come along. Not interesting. A new invention that could allow someone to travel to another dimension. Very interesting. And her curiosity could not resist this starnge new temptaion...

Writing Example: This is a post from my old RPG "The End-It the Parasite". If you need any more, you can click the link to my fic in my signature.

Phoebe wasn't sure if she was standing or floating. A curious weightlessness had come to her feet, making her feel as if she were just levitating perfectly in place, standing on nothing. The gray world surrounded and cloaked all still, and if Cebirayth's presense had not been with hers she would have suddenly felt frightened and filled with worry. Yet, the Giratina was there, right beside her, and their minds were still connected strong. How exactly had the teleportation occured? She would never know.

"It is here. We need only to move a slight ways... Are you prepared for the horror of Arceus in its current state?" asked Cebirayth. Phoebe merely nodded. And they walked forth slowly and carefully, somehow on the air, through cold and emptiness.

It appeared to them from seemingly nowhere. Phoebe wasn't sure how she came to see It, only that she did. At first, It was a shadow in the cloudcover. Then, It was a full form. A twisted and coiling tail of dark and black energy reached out from its body. A tail obviously not of Arceus itself, but a formation of the darkness that plagued it. The body itself was surrounded by a pair of rings. Phoebe had seen these rings as imagined in drawings. They were supposed to be golden and graceful, yet they were now tattered and breaking apart with the dark energy. What remained of the gold was floating uselessly around, covered in rustlike material. Golden hooves on the feet- or what should have been golden hooves- were mutated into claws and jagged formations of black. Scars and open wounds covered its body, but they were not like battle cuts. They looked like Arceus was bursting apart slowly, and dark specs and dust bled from their open surfaces. Its head had a twisted and mangled-looking crownlike part that flowed back uselessly in destroyed grace, and this section covered down over a pitch-black open mask of a face. From this mask gleamed a pair of eyes. One was deep red with a black slit pupil, and reflected ultimate hatred for all things. The other was dull grayish-green, and had no pupil, but it still showed a heartbroken and defeated sadness unlike anything Phoebe had ever seen. This was Arceus, the creator of everything. Or, what it had been reduced to.

January 20th, 2008, 3:08 PM
Name: Kuzoin


Biography: Kuzoin is not a trainer, not a cordinator, but a ranger. his only pokemon, Dragonite, is extremly powerful, and can complete almost any mission. Although Kuzoin is extremly powerful, he is not very proud of it. His true aim in life is to become friends with pokemon around the world.

personality: Shy, semi-lonely, friendly

Writing Example: Aerodactyl chased the Pidgeot instinctively. His trainer clung on tightly to the long neck for dear life. She had to remind herself that this Aerodactyl here was once the co leader of his flock. He was probably more used to order than to obey, so no amount of yelling will help. Taming a Pokémon so wild won't be easy, but if she can manage to do so, his massive power will be a great help to her team.

The Pidgeot flew as fast as it could to escape the ferocious beast. The girl felt her Aerodactyl accelerate with incomparable speed which had been perfected by countless generations since prehistoric times. She called upon her Ariados to use Constrict on Aerodactyl. The arachnid quickly covered Aerodactyl's body with spider silk in an attempt to stop it or at least slow it down. However, the strong wings broke open the silk on them easily, and powered the monster faster. Although now covered in wrappings of spider thread on the neck and body, Aerodactyl retained his speed.

"Okay, now spin as much thread as you can from here to any tree."

Ariados shot spider thread from the rear at a tree repeatedly. It seemed to work. Aerodactyl was slowing down. The girl sighed with relief. But just as she thought Aerodactyl couldn't have gone any faster, SNAP! He did, wasting Ariados's efforts by destroying the threads. The Pidgeot was getting more and more tired and flew slower. There's no time to get another Pokémon out for help. She looked at Ariados. The arachnid had something between the mandibles. It's a snack made specially for Pokémon which she had given to Ariados as a reward, but the spider had not ate it yet. The girl hurriedly grabbed it and shoved the snack into Aerodactyl's mouth.

Aerodactyl paused in surprise, distracted by his first wonderful taste of man made food his "trainer" just gave him a try of. The girl climbed to his back and started stroking the smooth and hard skin that gave Aerodactyl a more aerodynamic body. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all. Maybe he would listen

Charley Silent
January 23rd, 2008, 4:17 AM
*Name:Charley Silent
Nickname:Cool Boy
Hometown: Canlave City, Sinnoh
*Personality: Charley is mostly described as calm, collective and sensitive. At other times, arrogant, selfish, and uncaring.
*Biography: At the age of 7, Charley's parents had gotten a fatal desease and a year later died. Since then, Charley has been taken care of by everyone in his town. At age 10, Charley had beeen given his first Pokeball and told to find his first Pokemon and catch it by the end of the day. To have the best chance, Charley went into the caves in search of a Pokemon to call his own. On his search, he found a wounded Absol and took care of it. While Charley stayed with Absol, he started to take a liking to it and eventually caught it. (On my trainer card, it says my Absol is female. That was a acident. It's actually male.) Charley had come back to find that people would stay away from Charley and his Absol beacause it was a Disaster Pokemon. Eventually, all the people moved away. So, Charley had no choice but to move to another area. He knew some people that had visited from Rustboro City time-to-time, so he decided to go to Rustboro City in the Hoenn Region. On his way, he had caught a Skorupi, Eevee, Murkrow, Larvitar, and Houndour, which have all evolved since they were caught. He was at age 11 when he arrived at the Hoenn Region and had taken it upon himself to earn the badges of the region. At the age of 13, he had already gotten all the badges of the region and all his pokemon were fully evolved. Otday, he is reviewing the basics at a 1 year class and is going to see a new lab in Rustboro....
*Writing Example: (This takes place during Charley's Gym battles)
Charley was challenging the Gym Leader of Sootopolis Gym to a battle and Wallace was down to his last pokemon with Charley still having one Pokemon out now and one more Pokemon left."Now come out Milotic!" said Wallace as he sent out the beatiful Milotic, swishing its tail around. "It dosent matter what you do, I'll still win this match. Now, Honchkrow, use Night Slash!" -KROWWWWW- said Honchkrow as he flew in front of Milotic and slashe at her with Night Slash. -Miloo...- said Milotic as it was hurt by that attack. "Good shot, now it's my turn. Milotic, HYDRO PUMP!" exclaimed Wallace as Milotic shot out a blast of water. "Sucker Punch" "Whaa?" said Wallace as Honchkrow went right behind Milotic and used a Sucker Punch on it. -LOOOOOTIC!- sai Milotic as it fell to the water. "Milotic is unable to battle! Honchkrow wins! The victory goes to Charley of Canalave City!" -KROWWWWW- exclaimed Honchkrow in joy. "Take it easy, Honchkrow." siad Charley as he returned him to his Pokeball. "You deserve a good, long rest" said Charley as he put away the Pokeball. "Here you go lad. The Waterfall Badge. Now you have all the badges in the Hoenn league and can challenge the Elite 4. You know where they are, right?" said Wallace. "Of course, Evergrande City, past Victory Road." said Charley. "Anyway, I'm off." said Charley as he walked out the door, knowing he could beat the Elite 4....

Crimson Arcanine
January 23rd, 2008, 7:41 PM
Looks interesting.

Name: Simeon Marle

Nickname: He doesn't have one.

Age: 15 1/2

Hometown: Mauville City

Personality: Hes naturally quite curious and always analyzing things. Hes all for studying something and learning about not only the natural world and its workings but everything else too. Althought rather shy due to be picked on a lot, he isn't afraid to ask a question or two about things, even if it's inappotiate sometimes. Although his work ethic is not great, he isn't the lazy type and can sometimes be suprisingly energetic. He sometimes has problems wording things which can get him in trouble sometimes. Hes not fond of physical pursuits, althought hes a suprisingly fast runner for one of his type. He has decent insight and while not genius material is more intelligent then your average person.

Biography: Simeon in fact isn't a native of the Heonn region but actually was born in Safforn City in Kanto. At that time this father worked as a head sciencist for Sliph Co., working on the first Master Ball prototype. Around a few years ago, it was discovered that one of the sciencist he had in his group, a very good friend of his was actually a double agent for Team Rocket. He refused to fire his friend for certain reasons, so was superceded by someone higher and both him and the suspected Rocket spy were fired.

After finding out the truth about his friend Simeon's father and mother fled Kanto and travelled to Heonn with Simeon. His family had only settled down in Mauville City about 8 months ago after recieving a job from the gym leader Wattson, although he never disclosed any information on the project.

Because of all this, Simeon has not been able to make many friends. Combined with his rather slight frame and intelligence, hes often been the target of bullies of many sorts, so he has learnt to avoid many of them. Altohough at first he was homeschooled, eventually problems began to arise when Simeon wanted to join his father where he worked. After a short discussion with his parents and Wattson, an agreement was reached that Simeon would go to the school at Rustboro City, lodging in with a friend of Wattson's. He's a relative newcomer to the school, and although has had his own pokemon (A Magnemite and a Zigzagoon) his experience on handling them was minimal.

Writing Example: I will try and find a example later, since i will need to search my old computer for backups to RP's I've been in (Haven't RP'ed on forums for ages, but have backups to posts around just in case)

January 26th, 2008, 1:21 PM
I'm a bit confused, so are we humans or pokemon in this?

(I am interested in joining buuuut..)

January 27th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Name: Jake Webbe

Age: 13

Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto

Personality: Jake is a boy who can make friends quite easily. He has many friends but when he gets angry his temper gets the better of him and he starts to get nasty with them. He is very caring towards his Bonsly and his good friends. He is quite active and always wants to know what everyone else is doing, which can get annoying. Since he moved he has became arrorgant and very nasty.

Jake was born in Goldenrod City but he and his parents moved to Floaroma town when he was 2 years old so they could have a more peaceful and quiet life. When Jake was 5 years old he went over to the Valley Windworks where his Dad worked, and he saw Drifloon. Since then he has been fascinated by pokemon. A few more children lived in Floaroma town who Jake was friends with. They were named David and Nancy and he would always go and look for pokemon with them. When Jake turned 7 he was given a pokemon which was abandoned. It was a Bonsly, and since then Bonsly has been Jake's best friend.

Jake moved to Saffron a year ago and has reacted badly to it which dramatically changed his personality.

Writing Example:

The small encampment stood in the clearing, where there was a small hamlet, demolished and conquered by the small war party. As the Wartortle grunts partied away, the commanding Wailmer was aware of another entity. Turning the fat head, it rolled over to the snowy mound, after beckoning a few of the slightly unsober grunts to come with it.

The drunkards never got a chance to hiccup as a massive wave of psychic energy burst through the snow, revealing Sykes, razor sharp icicles floating around him, forming a physically-impenetrable shield. Not that the others were bothered as half of the wartortle ducked their heads and charged, their Skull Bashes primed to smack the intruder. They never got a chance as the icicles shot like bullets, railing their heads and opening their skulls, giving them brainfreeze they would never recover from.

At that time, the Bubblebeams fired by the others finally reached Sykes, who merely shook his arm, causing his vibrating elbow blade to burst the torrent, while focusing his strength in his other arm, extending the green blade and making it glow. The stream of bubbles was consistent, and Sykes realised quickly that they were trying a flanking manuever. Without much effort, he leapt backwards, grunting as the few bubbles lauched struck him, and aiming for the Ball Whale, swung the arm, delivering a powerful slice with his Leaf Blade.

The Wailmer had enough time to open the mouth stupidly before being cleaved cleanly in two, and the grunts beside him to have their throats slit by the other arm. As the bodies fell, the other Wartortle began to panic, and fled into the night, as the final one realised it had just been skewered through the shell and spontaneously died. Surveying the scene of blood and body parts, Sykes frowned, and wiped his bloodied arms on the nearest patch of snow, before continuing into the night, the prelude to vengeance beginning.