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January 7th, 2008, 7:56 AM
This is just something Syn had to write.

Syn's Golden Retriever, Tessa (Lady Tessabelle, if you want her full name), is being put to sleep this morning. Syn's had her since she was in first grade. . . . The first time she saw Tessa, the puppy came running up to her and put both her paws on Syn's shoulders in a sort of hug. That was eight years ago.

Tessa has been Syn's gaurdian for the longest time. . . During hurricane Ivan, she even kept all the family in the same room, and when anyone left the room, she would herd them back in like a mother dog would. She's even tried to scare away someone who was 'stalking' Syn's mother.

Heh, she's great. She wasn't a dog, oh no. She was a human. Or so she thought. It was funny, seeing the somewhat-dignified look of exasperation on her face when ever one of the other three scotties annoyed her. And she would always beg for food, but in such a manner that she seemed to be saying, "I'm goregeous, I'm beautiful, and I love you. Do I get food? Me, me, me? Look! I'm right here! Pretty Goldie waiting for food! You know you love me! Feeeeeeeed meeeeee!"

And then this morning. . . Syn's mum came in and woke her up, and told her Tessa was going to. . . to be put down. So Syn got dressed and went downstairs.

Tessa. . . She could hardly keep her head up she was so weak. It was a sight that broke Syn's heart. . . Syn stayed with her all morning, until she had to be taken to the vet. She even took pictures of Tessie-Tooties. Toodles we called her. Or just Tooties. Sometimes Fat-Ass, or Tessa Mess-ah, or Miss Tess, or. . . Syn doesn't even know. . . She misses Tess.

Her mum just walked into the room and told her that she's gone.

. . . Rest in peace, Lady Tessabelle. Syn will always love you.


January 7th, 2008, 1:10 PM
aww dats so sweet.. and a cute dog...

i know how it would feel to lose someone thats been close to you for many many years...
just tell her that these things happen, and we have to get up again.
when we find another friend, we will cherish them more, because with all our losses, they seem more precious to us <3

RIP Tess =)

January 7th, 2008, 2:00 PM
Indeed, very well said, Gorkhaboii. . . Syn appreciates your sympathy, and she's sure Tessa would be tickled that you think she's cute too. *smiles softly*

And she certainly will cherish her other friends.

January 7th, 2008, 2:23 PM
That is a very sweet looking dog, and i'm sure it will be missed by all.

Sorry Lady Tessabelle =[

January 7th, 2008, 3:37 PM
She will be, and she was a sweety. *smiles* Thank you, AnimeDDR.