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January 10th, 2008, 3:40 PM
The Digital Invasion

The pride and greed of human's have caused no end of trouble for Pokemon. There countless attempts to gain power over one another, usually by trying to catch one of the legendary pokemon, have finally worn out some of the legendary pokemon.
Gathered at the Tree of Beginnings the legendaries argued over the how best to continue doing there jobs and protect those resting. After a few days they finally all agreed on what to do and then returned to there area's.
They closely watched the human's to make sure none of they're sleeping brethren where disturbed, but although they closely watched there world they weren't looking in the right place. Unknown to them a small portal opened in Viridian forest not far from the city.

Although the pokemon didn't know about the portal a group of humans did. Luckily for the pokemon these humans called the digital world home. Known as tamers these humans work with Digimon to keep peace in the digital world. At first the tamers thought the barrier between the human and digital world had weaken somehow and that the digimon where going there, but they soon realized that the portal lead to a new world.
After sending a few probes to make sure it would be safe, three tamers and there partners where sent over to send back the digimon that have crossed over.

Follow the form rules
No Legendaries
No godmoding
Don't sign up if you're not going to be active

Sign-Up Sheets

Name- Your name
Age- 15+
Home- (Region/City)(if you a tamer put Digital world/City)
Appearance- what color is you skin, is you hair long or short and what color is it, what do you cloths look like? (I like pics, but if it's a trainer sprite please edit it a bit. Or I could make you one if you want.)
Personality- Are you shy or do you have to let every one know you just entered the room?
Bio- A little about you self

(Trainer's can START with 1-3 pokemon, they can have ONE 2nd stage Pokemon, but no fully evolved ones. Tamers will get pokemon as the story go's. Also you can have up to 8 pokemon but no more then 3 with you. And no more then 2 of the same pokemon in the Rp please.)

1- Species/Name

(Trainers won't start with a digimon, they will befriend one of the digimon that crosses over as the story go's. Tamer's start off being able to digivolve to Champion. Only one of each digimon (if some one already picked Agumon regardless of what line or color they're doing pick some thing else) and no more then 2 of each type (if there is a Renamon and a Patamon then you can't have a holy type). Also please post pics of your ALL your digimon, and I'll have to ok made up/edited digimon before I'll allow them.)

Digimon (what form is it normally in, Rookie unless you get my ok)
Digivolution Line In-Training>>Rookie>>Champion>>Ultimate>>Mega>>Fusion

(Fusion is when a Digimon and Pokemon evolve together. Only a digimon and pokemon that have a close bond can do this. This new forms extremely powerful, but is also very unstable. There's no way to know how long they'll be able to stay together and once they devolve they're exhausted. Pick ONE of your Pokemon for this.)

Rp sample-

My Sign-Up

Name- Leia Black
Age- 21
Home- Digital world/City
Appearance- http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Trainers/Rin2.png
Personality- Leia has always been a bit reckless, and hot headed, but even so every one tells her she's a natural leader.
Bio- Leia was born in the human world, but her parents where tamers so she grew up in the digital world. At 12 she became a Dark tamer (there is a team for each Digimon type) and by 15 was one of the top Dark type tamers in City. She was chosen to lead the tamers sent to find and return the digimon in the new world.

1- Houndour (reserved)
2- Pigdeotto (reserved)
3- Absol (reserved)

Digimon (Black Gatomon)
Personality- She's quick and efficient at every thing she does. Leia is her best friend and she doesn't hesitate to let Leia know what she thinks.
Digivolution Line- In-Training-Nyaromon>>Rookie- Dark Salamon>>Champion- Black Gatomon>>Ultimate- LadyDevimon>>Mega- Lillithmon>>Fusion (I'll do later)

Nyaromon http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Digimon/Sprites/Nyaromon.png
Dark Salamon http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Digimon/Sprites/DarkSalamon.png
Black Gatomon http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Digimon/Sprites/TailmonBlack.png
LadyDevimon http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Digimon/Sprites/LadyDevimon.png
Lillithmon http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Digimon/Sprites/Lillithmon.png

Rp sample- It's my RP so I don't need to :)

Places Open
1- Tamer-ShadowCat13133 (Leia, Black Gatomon)
2- Tamer
3- Tamer
4- Trainer
5- Trainer
6- Trainer
7- Trainer
8- Trainer
9- Trainer
10- Trainer

July 17th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Name- denslatxAge- 14-15
Home- (UK/manchester)(if you a tamer put Digital world/City)
Appearance-young 14 black hair goes everywhere Personality- kind with a large temper

1- pikachu/pikacha

lol nice too meet ya
lol if you know of gaia add me at denslatx
by the way if YOu could be any pokemon or digimon what would u be ive already took the test im a pikachu or a chimchar

August 23rd, 2008, 4:24 PM
Name- Akira
Age- 17
Home- Digital world/City
Appearance- brown hair, blue eyes. Blue jeans and shirt.

Personality- Courageous, and can sometimes run into a battle without checking for danger
Bio- Born in the human world. Became a tamer when he was 10 years old. His parents are aware of the Digital World. He is one of the tamers searching for the Digimon.

1- Treeko
Personality-Quiet, stubborn
2- Charmander
Personality Friendly, cheerful
3- Swablu
Personality- shy

Digimon: Coronamon
Personality- Can be a bit of a joker. He can sometimes be annoying, but it is usually his way of overcoming nerves in a tough battle.
Digivolution Line- In-Training-Sunmon>>Rookie- Coronamon>>Champion-Firamon>>Ultimate- Flaremon>>Mega- Apollomon>>Fusion Coronamon+Charmander

(Will add pic soon.)

(Will add pic soon.)

(Will add pic soon.)

(Will add pic soon.)

(Will add pic soon.)