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January 10th, 2008, 3:44 PM
The Digital Invasion

The pride and greed of human's have caused no end of trouble for Pokemon. There countless attempts to gain power over one another, usually by trying to catch one of the legendary pokemon, have finally worn out some of the legendary pokemon.
Gathered at the Tree of Beginnings the legendaries argued over the how best to continue doing there jobs and protect those resting. After a few days they finally all agreed on what to do and then returned to there area's.
They closely watched the human's to make sure none of they're sleeping brethren where disturbed, but although they closely watched there world they weren't looking in the right place. Unknown to them a small portal opened in Viridian forest not far from the city.

Although the pokemon didn't know about the portal a group of humans did. Luckily for the pokemon these humans called the digital world home. Known as tamers these humans work with Digimon to keep peace in the digital world. At first the tamers thought the barrier between the human and digital world had weaken somehow and that the digimon where going there, but they soon realized that the portal lead to a new world.
After sending a few probes to make sure it would be safe, three tamers and there partners where sent over to send back the digimon that have crossed over.

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