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January 10th, 2008, 6:11 PM
A peaceful cruise. A few kids jump into the pool, laughing with their peers. There is a pair off to the side, battling against each other. The waves splash gently against the boat, highlighting the serenity of the night. Splashes glitter in the full moonlight, occasionally hitting a child as they laugh. The teachers are reclined on deck chairs, a slightly stout man reading a magazine. A few of the school’s Pokémon scamper about, relishing the freedom and pure, if slightly salty, air. While this is not the biggest cruise ship in the world, it is said to be the most luxurious. No one cries out because of a splinter in their toes, for the deck is too polished for any sharp slivers to poke up.


This cruise is for the good children of Canalave Middle School, the ones that had not received a detention all year. The teachers generally took them to Jubilife City to explore and to play, but this year the principal came into a whole heap of money (Though he refuses to explain how), and after spending it on him and the school, he was left with enough to treat the students he hadn’t had to deal with. Thirty kids, thirty days. It was perfect.

But the principal overlooked the “Titanic” type turn of events.


There is a splash to the left of the boat. The shimmering water flies up into the air and cascades upon a girl and a Blaziken who is battling for her. Children flock to the side of the boat to see what appears to be an island drifting along side them. “It’s a Wailord!” somebody cries. As if in reply the majestic whale’s tail rises into the air. The children gasp in awe. It’s the biggest Pokémon they’ve ever seen!

A child screams as the group flee to the other side of the boat. The Wailord’s tail comes crashing down, clipping the side of the boat. The formerly polished wood explodes into millions of splinters that litter the deck in front of the frightened children and surprised adults. The boat tips alarmingly to the left as water gushes in the gaping hole. The air is filled with screams, people tumbling down into the now broiling sea, others hanging onto the railings for dear life.

A deep cry echoes around the remaining children who are hanging onto the rails. Only a few had the strength to hang on, the rest being tumbled around in a never-ending dance with the ocean. The cry sounds again. A younger child bursts into tears. The Wailord rises head-first out of the water and opens its mouth. Another volley of screams is fired. The light of the full moon turns to darkness as the Wailord closes its mouth around them.


Who are they? Why are they here? What is their purpose?

A few humans native to the Topicu region edge closer. These young humans seem similar to them, only with a few differences: Their skin is darker than the Topicu humans, who display an unburnable snowy white as their epidermis. Some have darker hair, too- the Topicu humans only have light shades of blond, red and the occasional light brown. The biggest difference is they don’t seem to be hosts for Pariflytes, evident by the fact that their backs lack wings.

A Topicu boy braves the different human’s wrath by walking closer. They are unconscious, but alive, resting in the pearly sand. One, presumably a girl, stirs. She coughs and splutters, and looks up. The Topicu boy smiles at her. Her bleary eyes focus on the child’s wings. “I never thought I’d make it to heaven,” she giggles, before passing out again.


You’re one of the few children who were swallowed by the Wailord before passing out. You awake in a new place that seems entirely new to you. The humans over the age of thirteen have wings! They also appear as if they hail from snowy lands, even though this region is pleasantly warm. You may want to explore this region and its new Pokémon, or you may want to sit down and cry. This is an island filed with opportunities- Take one!

Alternatively, you could be a Topicun child who wishes to learn about these strange new humans. They speak the same, they know the same, yet they aren’t the same. And you seem to have this nagging feeling at the back on your head to do something you don’t want… (I’ll PM all Topicuns what this is, as long as they don’t tell the Sinnoh kids)


This is a fairly small region, small to the point it has only five gyms to complete before entering the league. There are a few new Pokémon, but not many, and most are given out as starters. There is a special Pokémon called a Pariflyte which is born in a Topicun child’s body as the child themselves are born. It is quite xenophobic, and the people who live there don’t know what to make of the Sinnoh kids. It is a very peaceful place, and keeps itself hidden from the other regions.

~Towns, Cities, and Villages~

Plantive City: The city where children obtain their starter, it is actually not home to a professor. Instead, the children obtain Pokémon from the Mayor if they show proficiency in a small battle. It is an old city, so there are not many skyscrapers and is littered with sandstone buildings. It is quite popular as a tourist attraction to those who like to see the Topicun history.

Silica City: Silica City is not really a city, but is more like Las Vegas in which it is a collection of casinos. This is the biggest city in all of Topicu, where adults leave and come in force. It is easy to get lost here. There is a small residential area to the north-east, complete with gym and Pokémon Centre. The gym here consists of Ground Types, due to the fact this place is in the middle of a desert. The leader is named Ken and he gives out the Wilder Badge.

Ecosy Town: A quaint little town, it is cut off by the surrounding rainforest. Its name is a shortening of ecosystem, due to the fact many varieties of Pokémon live here. Ecosy is small and quiet, and perfect for trainers to train their Pokémon. There is a gym here, led by Chiyo, who trains Grass Pokémon. She proudly gives a Foliage badge in defeat.

Slotel Town: Set on a gentle slope, the inhabitants can see the ocean even though it is kilometres away. It is picturesque, and is often the picture of postcards. This is a fairly large town inhabited by gentle people. The Pokémon that live here are often Flying or Normal type. It is more the product of a dream of peace than a training hotspot. Nonetheless, there is a gym here led by young Shouta who trains Flying types. He’ll give you the Bluster Badge if you win.

Cliffhanger Village: Named from the fact it is perched precariously on the side of a cliff and the fact a writer lives there who is famous for her cliffhangers. It is not the most beautiful place in the world and is slightly falling apart, only the bravest can tough the trip up Aria Mountain. It sometimes snows here. Here lives Ice Pokémon and the occasional Flying. Isamu is the gym leader here, training his Ice Pokémon in the biting cold. He’ll grudgingly give you a Solid badge if beaten.

Sevave Port: A rough, crude port it is sometimes plagued by pirates. It is not a pleasant place, and if you lose anything you will never see it again unless it’s on the black market that occasionally circles about. It is quite a dirty place despite being so close to the water. The gym leader here is the opposite of the port: Beautiful, honest, and intelligent. This is Manami, a Water-Type trainer, and will give any victorious children a Foam badge.

Raifer Village: Named by a drunken man, this little village is home to the Pokémon League. After obtaining all five badges, trainers flock here to prove they’re the best in all of Topicu. It is small and quiet, and doesn’t show itself off. There is a large stadium in the middle, with seatings for thousands. Generally, the people who live here are the staff, who organise the league, etc.


There are only a few new Pokémon, and I shall explain only one of them. I am open to contributions.

Pariflyte: An organism infused with the body of a Topicun child, no-one has ever seen their true form. They happily provide benefits for their hosts if they are fed well. As the child turns thirteen, the Pariflyte releases a chemical that creates spontaneous wing growth. The wings can be of any colour at all, and are even different in identical twins.


~Obey all forum rules
~Do not godmod. No, not even you Toricuns.
~Do not control another’s character unless necessary, i.e, “Johnny! Come here!” Johnny followed my request. That is virtually all you can do.
~I have the right to refuse anyone
~I will be strict
~Keep everything PG13-PG15
~I choose what starter you get based on your SU. You won’t know what I’m looking for.

~!~!~Signup Sheet~!~!~

Name: Make it Japanese
Age: 12-14, please for Sinnoh kids and 10-14 for Topicun kids.
Gender: Anything. Yes, anything. But don’t do a hermaphrodite if you don’t know squat about them.

Appearance: Make it DETAILED, people. No, “lulz bub huz brun hare bloo is und wares a shart”. Remember about the Topicun wings.

Personality: Don’t make any contradictions, please.

History: This can be short, but no clichés, please.

Other: Whatever doesn’t fit anywhere else.

RP sample: Provide one or I’ll eat you.

I shall post my own later.

Accepted (Sinnoh):
Taichi Makamoto (Degenerate)
Nanami Katsumoto (Trainer Kat)
Kaoru Mizuhara (Phanima)

Pending (Sinnoh):
Akiko Shirotaki (Falling Star) (My computer has gone asplode... I'll be pending for some time yet)

Denied (Sinnoh):

Accepted (Topicu):
Chishio Boumie (Thalen)
Pending (Topicu):

Denied (Topicu):

I shall not accept more than seven people (excluding me) in total. If you have any questions, PM me. Post away ^.~

January 11th, 2008, 4:06 AM
Taichi Makamoto




Taichi stands at the average height for a boy of his age group, bearing a relatively slim stature that appears less powerful than it actually is. His jet-black hair is slicked backwards, the sharp tips pointing behind and below him. Two stray bangs he could never get to cooperate hover over his brow. He possesses a pair of deep brown eyes, often lost in thought if not surveying a new environment. His facial features have been described as handsome and beautiful, although dully noted by Taichi himself.

His wardrobe consists of mainly casual outfits, things he’d wear on any other day, as he values comfort more than he does looking good. On the day of the shipwreck, he wore long black shorts that flowed passed his knees, hosting pockets just about everywhere one could think of on a pair of shorts. His white t-shirt was plain and clear of any fancy designs. No matter the journey, he always keeps his pokémon handy on him, usually with his variation of a pokébelt, which he strapped diagonally across his shirt. He wore blue fingerless gloves and a pair of black and white runners. Also, dark navy sunglasses sat atop his forehead. Taichi has an avid devotion to the accessory even though he rarely ever puts them on.


When it comes to new discoveries, Taichi can be incredibly curious. His sense of adventure often leads him into uncharted territories and dangerous situations, and although he has the pokémon to back him up, he always tries to settle conflicts without relying on violence at first. Many of his peers would accuse him of being “too soft” to be considered a real trainer, the one thing that always had a good chance of infuriating him. If Taichi had any obvious weaknesses, it would be that he too often took people’s words to heart. Interestingly enough, that only applied to negative comments, any compliments he received bounced off him, either out of indifference or because he didn’t believe that he deserved them. The idea of looking for reassurance or purpose in other people did not settle well with him, and in that regard, he was independent, although other people would use words like uncaring or anti-social to describe his behaviour.


Taichi grew interested in pokémon at a very young age. It was no surprise to his family, as his three older sisters all attained the same admiration when they were more or less around his age at the time. They loved to pamper their pokémon and had aspirations of becoming renowned pokémon breeders. Taichi decided he wanted this for himself too. One day at school, he would tell his best friend about his dreams, whom unexpectedly told the whole grade. Being in primary school, most of the kids were nine or ten year olds who had preconceived attitudes towards pokémon breeders, believing the profession was an unworthy for guys. As a result, Taichi became the target of several rumours and jokes about his masculinity, the worse being that he cross-dressed in his spare time in attempt to be just like his sisters.

He grew aggravated at all their insults and decided he would prove them wrong by showing them that he could be a ‘real man’. And thus, through the years Taichi became more and more accustomed to the idea of being a pokémon trainer, always ready for a challenge when need be.

Other: Taichi can knit.

RP sample: *gets eaten*

Just kidding.

Here it is:

In a large control room, several floors above all the needless commotion, a group of men clad in uniform sat at their stations, watching the battles ensuing on monitors streaming footage from hidden security cameras placed throughout the building. One man, tall, draped in a long flowing cape, with a thick broadsword strapped onto his back, circled the room casually, looking over the workers’ shoulders at what their monitors were showing. His presence was overwhelming, jittering the nerves of employees as he walked passed them. They prayed silently that the recent break-in had not outraged him; he was not beyond throwing anything at walls when he was fired up, even men.

For the moment, everything seemed fine, despite the thousands of dollars worth of damage being done to the building, Bryan Vega appeared to be calm, unbothered by any of it. He walked towards one of the monitors, watching closely with arms crossed above his chest. “Fools,” he smirked at the screen, as if believing the troublemakers could hear him. “You have no idea what you’re doing, do you?” He watched as the intruders defeated the pokémon and stationed guards on the first floor, making quick work of the gyarados, albeit some of the company’s weakest pokémon, it would still take some effort to crush them in battle like they had; whoever these menaces were, he had to admit they weren’t amateurs. However, they were still far away from being worth his time.

“You must be members of the Rebel’s Finest,” he continued to speak to the screen. “Who else would barge in on little to no evidence to what’s really going on? I know your type. You act on emotion and your false ideals of righteousness, paying the facts no attention. There’s no way you’re getting your hands on the Heartbeat.” The world may not trust Pristine Eclipse’s intentions with the powerful ornament, but would a group of impulsive vigilantes really be any better? Vega doubted it. He ground his teeth as he watched one of the company’s Nidoking get cut down. He had good mind to go down there and exterminate the whole lot of them right there and then. His hand gripped one the pokéballs strapped to his belt, his fingers stroking the metal smoothly while his mind contemplated the decision.

As satisfying as beating them down to the ground sounded, he knew it would be foolish to change the course of the plan now, besides, the infiltrators were still at least fifty floors beneath them. By the time they reached this floor, he and the rest of the employees would be out of there. He took his hand away from the pokéball and ran it through his blond hair.

“Becker!” He shouted to one of the men, whom responded by spilling his cup of coffee before letting out the words “yes sir” in a stuttering voice. “How much farther are we? I’m getting tired of this place. And these mediocre Pokémon Battles are hardly entertaining.”

Becker looked at his screen, filled with several numbers racing about, complex diagrams and what appeared to be a download bar. He assimilated all the information quickly, and then turned back to the intimidating figure. “Twenty minutes, sir! Give or take…”

Vega nodded, confidently. No problem. He knew that the pokémon and guards would become stronger and stronger as the group moved up floors, there was no way they could reach them in time, and even if by some miracle they did, they’d be worn out and still have him and thirty more employees with their own pokémon to deal with.

“Well, might as well enjoy the show while we’re here,” he said, throwing himself into a chair and looking back at the monitors. “Oh and Becker, clean up that mess you made…”

“Y-y-yes, sir!”


I think I overlooked something. When I was writing the sign up, I wasn't aware of whether our characters could've already been pokémon trainers or not before being swallowed by the Wailord. My character sort of was. But I could change it if you'd like.

Trainer Kat
January 11th, 2008, 6:33 AM
Name: Nanami Katsumoto

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Nanami is short, clocking in at around 5'2"-5'3". Her eyes are a deep blue, peeking out from mascara-caked lashes. Her skin is naturally a lighter hue [though not nearly as light as the Topicans, mind you], but appears darker as a result of being outdoors. Her hair is usually down, resting just shy of her shoulders. It's jet black, a stunning contrast with the ends of her hair, which she has dyed a hot pink.

Nanami wears a tight-fitting tee-shirt, blue and white stripes stretching horizontally across her abdomen. Short jean shorts adorn her legs, beginning just below her hips and ending as soon as they could. The bottoms are frayed, making the pants appear shorter than they are. Her shoe of choice is a black hiking boot, hugging her leg all the way up to mid calf. A red bandanna looped around her neck. Though it usually stays there, she'll occasionally put it on her head, pirate-style. Just one look at her would tell you that not only is she small vertically, but her frame is small in general. Her small ribcage led into an even tinier waist. She could fit her hands around her thighs, and have room to spare. Nanami is pretty, though by the way she loads up on makeup, it's hard to tell if she really is, or if it's just the makeup talking.

Personality: Whoever came up with the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" must have had Nanami in mind. The girl is quite abrasive, even insulting at times. She is whiny and spoiled, and surely convinced that she is better than the average Joe. She hates to do anything herself, and usually orders others to do a task for her. If refused, she will get angry. However, Nanami is quite resourceful, and can often complete the request with ease. Her creativity shines when it appears that no one is going to help her.

Despite all this, she is quite the people person, and can't stand to be alone [possibly because she never wants to do anything herself]. She gets lonely quite easily, and though she acts brave, she will get scared if left alone in an unfamiliar place. Surprisingly, she is a sentimental fool, and often carries around seemingly useless junk in her backpack, simply because it once meant something to her, or reminds her of something. She also refuses to evolve her Meowth for the very same reason. Underneath her hard exterior, she has a heart of gold, which can be shown through her treatment of her Meowth.

History: A native of Canalave City, Nanami has always been fascinated with boats. Her father was a sailor, and would often take her out on his ship. Because of his job transporting passengers, they made fairly good money. He spoiled her rotten, and is probably partly to blame for Nanami's high and mighty attitude. She grew up around the water and water Pokemon, so she is comfortable on the sea. Her clothes are most certainly a result of her hometown and family profession. When she was 8, she grew close to her father's Poliwhirl, sparking her interest in one day owning Pokemon of her own. Two years later, she recieved her first Pokemon--a Meowth. She attended Canalave Middle School when she was old enough, a devout homeschooler before that. Interestingly enough, her first name means 'seven seas'.

Other: Usually Meowth is kept outside his Pokeball, though the day of the cruise he got seasick and stayed in, avoiding his death. Nanami, surprisingly, can sing, though she only does it when her Pokemon have nightmares. Despite being from Sinnoh, Nanami tends to prefer Kanto Pokemon, her favorites being Weedle, Pikachu, Meowth, Gastly, and Geodude. In battles she tends to go easier on these Pokemon.

RP sample: The blonde swept her cornflower-and-magenta hair into a low ponytail. Her deep blue eyes fixated on the sign before her. At 5'3", she was exactly eye-level with the letters carved deep into the wood. Though the sign was clearly weather-beaten, and had seen better days, there was no mistaking those five letters scrawled across the chipped surface: KANTO. An arrow below pointed the way to a place called Viridian City.

This... she thought. This is the place where I'm to get my first Pokemon. The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, the sun dancing on her vanilla flavored lip gloss. She could feel the heat on her back, pressing on her shoulder blades like a good massage. Her lips parted as a sigh escaped her. If she was going to be in weather like this throughout her journey, it would be well worth the turmoil.

Deciding she had lingered long enough, she continued along the path. It wasn't far now. Based on the map, she determined it was maybe a fifteen minute walk, at the most. Putting one foot in front of the other, she walked briskly towards her destination. Pidgey flew overhead, soaring through the ocean blue skies. A group of Caterpie poked around in the tall grass, hiding from any predators while foraging for food.

What do Caterpie eat? the blonde asked herself. Maybe I do have a little more to learn about Pokemon. Another wooden sign could be seen ahead, loosely nailed onto a sad post. 'Watch out for wild Beedril' the sign commanded. Someone had lightly crossed off 'Beedril' and scribbled 'Brad the Great' in boyish, blocky letters under the name of the Bug Pokemon. A shudder ran down her spine. She wrinkled her nose. She'd always thought that bees, along with insects of any kind, were absolutely disgusting.

A little further, and she could see the outlines of buildings among the trees, their shadowy silhouettes making the structures appear to be playing a game of hide and seek, and she was the seeker. When she neared the city, her smile faded.

"How...quaint." She was obviously expecting something a bit more..elegant. Glancing around, she noticed quite a few people around. "Guess they're into that...unrefined sort of life." She giggled to herself. "Well, my photographer did say 'Natural is the new black!' He's been here, I'll bet."

Unable to locate the lab, she flagged down a boy around her age, perhaps a year or two older. His jet black hair fell over his face, and he carried a look of defiance. "Excuse me...commoner...could you direct me to Professor Willow's lab?" She pulled her white sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, the plastic frame resting neatly on the perky tip of her button nose.

He shot her a look, but once her eyes met his, he melted into the pools of deep blue. "Y-yeah..." he stammered. "That way..." The boy pointed to his left.

The blonde smiled. "Thanks, you're a doll." Though she was sure the boy expected a kiss as payment, she turned her back before he could further defile her with his presence. As if I'd even look at a commoner, she thought to herself. Upon reaching the lab, she banged on the door, as if her intent was to break it down, not to gain entrance.

"Ugh. She should be waiting for me. I shouldn't be the one looking for her." She opened the door and let herself in, crossing the threshold into a dark lab. "Great...just like out of those creepy zombie movies..." she muttered under her breath.

"It's me!" She yelled. "Kat!" No answer. A sigh of annoyance escaped her parted lips. Giving up, she went searching for the woman who was supposed to be standing at the door with a selection of perfect Pokemon.

New Age Retro Hippie
January 11th, 2008, 4:21 PM
Hey, thanks for replying. Generally the kids at Canalave Middle School are looking for a career that doesn't really involve Pokemon that much, heck, my character is aiming to be Mayor of Canalave when she grows up. Yet a companion Pokemon is fine, a little easier than using the school's stock of fifteen or so Pokemon to train. But if your kid was nervous and cramming in study time, that's fine.

Degenerate: A nice, well balanced character with, whewt, slicked back hair rather than the customary spiky. A nice softie character to throw in the mix. And he can knit! :D I say accepted.

Trainer Kat: Hm... a slightly brash character. Hair slightly dyed at the tips- I've done that with one of my characters, too. Not a "ZOMG, Pokemon! Are you hurt?" sort of character to others, and I like that. Accepted~!

I'll post a (not very good) Topicu map when I have over 15 posts.

January 11th, 2008, 10:00 PM
Name: Mizuhara Kaoru

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaoru has the appearance of a simplistic urban girl, who dresses overtly street-wise, while also promoting an exuberant moe-ish fashion. Her main attire begins with a simple canary-yellow tank-top, patterned with thick horizontal white stripes. Its straps hang loosely from her shoulders and reach just above her abdomen, slightly exposing her stomach. Three-quarter, navy blue, denim jeans secure her waist and cover her upper thighs, strapped across with a black, silver studded belt. Finishing off her carry-on wardrobe, she adorns a short pair of black, shin-high socks as well as a pair of red high-top sneakers, deccorated with a checkered, white and red, diamond pattern.

In terms of additional accessories, Kaoru maintains a varying amount of add-ons that give her attire a somewhat healthy looking bulkiness. Two silver key-chains are tied to a single belt holster on her jeans and are hung from her left front to her left back pocket, where each ending link is clipped to the pocket's hemline. Her other main accessories include a pair of red, fingerless, black-rimmed gloves and a pair of cheap silver rings. Each ring is worn on each pinky finger and are seldom taken off.

With her physical appearance, Kaoru takes care to make herself look as innocent as possible, despite her rather noticable-for-the-wrong-reasons get-up. Her image is simplified to having short, messy, chestnut-brown hair that splits into a sharp fringe covering her forehead and reaching only around her head, to the base of her neck; typically, shoulder-length hair. Bright canary-yellow eyes match her loose top and give her a somewhat hollow gaze, reflecting her rather oblivious personality. Finishing off her appearance is the lightly tanned complexion of her skin that dominates her bare arms, face, neck and shins.

Personality: Kaoru is a girl who enjoys having fun with her friends and tends to get along well with other people fairly easily. She has a happy-go-lucky outlook for the most part and rarely gets angry or puts down others. Having said this however, he major character flaw is her attitude, one that isn't so much desired for a kid her age. For the most part, Kaoru is quite energetic and lively, and can often be counted on for bringing up irregular topics for conversations and disrupting the peace of others, but her natural talent resides in her sheer lack of will; in other words, being lazy.

Despite her almost limitless energy for matters unnecessary for a twelve-year-old student, Kaoru has an unfounded knack for enjoying the labours of doing nothing and having fun doing so. She can cook reasonably well and is somewhat good at sports, but more often than not, she refuses to participate in such activities. Her major flaw is such a trait that she perceives as being conservative, and follows this belief with a strong yet misguided heart.

History: Kaoru, like most of her classmates, derived from Canalave City, and had come to be on such a cruise when her school's principal treated her and a number of other classes to a sea trip. How he was able to afford such a trip was a mystery, but she didn't ask questions and accepted the invitation without a second thought.

Her parents had initially been against the idea, as they were quite certain they wouldn't be able to afford such an excursion. However, after learning the trip was being paid for by the school, they reluctantly changed their answer and allowed Kaoru to go, much to her previous contesting of their decision.

Such behaviour was expected, since her parents weren't exactly rolling in the money, so she learnt to make do with what she was handed, but if ever an opportunity as big as this arrose, she would undoubtedly be all for it, regardless of their current circumstances. Luxuries were rare commodities in her family, despite only being the three of them and with both her parents working, so whenever one presented itself, it was best to take full advantage of it; at least that's what she was taught and raised to believe.

But in spite of her not so glamourous upbringing, Kaoru has so far lived a bright, eventful and fun existence up to her middle school years, and she intends of continuing such a life into the near future.


RP Sample: (taken from CARD GAMES by ACC-M, post by Phanima): It had been quite some time since he had travelled aboard an aircraft but the moment he slid into his seat, the familiarity of flying rushed back to him. It was a somewhat...joyous feeling, despite how brief it lasted. He of course, had no intention of slacking off, especially with his boss surveying his every action. This was business and just as quickly as it had come, the nostalgic feeling fled.

"Is there anything I can get you before takeoff, sir?" spoke one of the stewards catering to the first class cabin, as he approached the bleached haired passenger.

"Ah no, I'm fine, thank you," he replied shortly, but with a sincere smile.

The vested servant gave a slight bow before moving off to greet the final entourage of passengers accommodating first class. The bleached haired teenager realigned his thoughts and returned his full attention to his immediate task.


Business class was something else. The seats in economy provided nothing close to the sleep-ability the business seats boasted and he was incredibly grateful for the upgrade. Of course, he also had a task to carry out, but unbeknownst to his superior, his previous night's preparation didn't exactly go as planned. Instead, his preparation involved hitting the clubs hard as well as a few too many drink, so getting up early to catch a ride to Domino City wasn't exactly something he was looking forward to.

However, where there was a will, there was always a way. His trademark sunset tinged sunglasses provided the perfect cover, plus it made him that more easy on the eyes. So, as long as he remained indifferent to his boss' existence and followed his orders, he wouldn't have to worry about sneaking in a few Z's here and there throughout the trip.

Despite such a flawless plan, having his superior keeping such a close eye over him was always unnerving, especially since his boss, despite how indirect or unresponsive he may act, would always have his mind set and focused on what he had to do. But he supposed that was what made him such a good boss.

Tipping his shaded glasses a fraction of an inch, the second business classed teen, cast a swift look to his side, where a teenager with dark hair entered the cabin. Readjusting his glasses and diverting his gaze, the teen returned his attention to his pounding headache and thoughts of a numb sleep.


For the most part, the ride had been as eventful as a game of solitary Duel Monsters, which admittedly, was something he had often found himself doing in his rare moments of free time. Of course, the lack of conversation wasn't something he had exactly planned for, due to some unwanted guests, but his team's acceptance would be enough for now.

Before long, he had arrived at their destination and with the four other duellists making up Team Seven, two of which he had become acquainted to during the ride, made their way into the terminal, where a rather odd development unfolded, and it wasn't the abnormally large crowds of people either.

Following the troupe to a rather vacant arrangement of seats, they were greeted by two girls, who apparently worshipped the cold ground Edgeworth walked on. Far be it for her to actually have fans, but these two were something else. The way they spoke and bickered over such a person was cringing, plus the amount of moe-ism the two exuberated would cause even the most obsessed otaku to keel over.

Interjecting was something he was profoundly well adapted to and just as he was about to put his masterful skills to good use, the mood of the conversation suddenly nosedived. He watched the two fans immediately withdraw as their subject for fandom questioned the discussion of a person known as Katsuro. It was soon apparent that this leader of Edgeworth's fan club had gotten into a situation similar to that of Daniels and Ritham's case during the first round, and that wasn't good.

To the plea of the two girls, Edgeworth conceded to visiting her fallen supporter, showing a rare moment of selflessness, and despite his hope of keeping an eye over his rival, her reply seemed genuine and he had no intention of prying into unnecessary matters.

Of course, that didn't mean Smith would agree to such a decision, since leaving her to face such a situation might not be the best of ideas, especially with the recent threat of two-bit hackers known as Shadow Duellists surfacing throughout the tournament. But whatever the red haired tourist decided was up to him, his current objective was passing the second round and nothing else.

"Fine," he said, waving the heiress off as he again took the lead in exiting the terminal. "Just make sure you don't end up like your friends, Edgeworth, I have no intentions of picking up after you...and Smith," he continued, his attention now on the red haired duellist and the two newcomers collectively, "do what you like, I'll gather these maps myself."

Trainer Kat
January 12th, 2008, 1:18 PM
Oh, whoops! I didn't know that they didn't aim to be Pokemon trainers. If you'd rather, I can change it so Nanami's goal is to be a sailor like her father--hey, it fits her name. x3

January 12th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Name: Chishio Boumie
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Appearance: Like most Topican's at his age, Chishio, (often called ChiChi by some more rude of his friends) his skin is a gently pale white, like crisp frosting on a cake. His wings are a stark deep purple, which he normally wears wrapped around him, like a cape almost. his hair, like most, is aburn red, which he wears short and cropped, aside from one small bang that barley makes it to the tip of his eyebrow.

Normally, he wears jeans that are black, and are tucked into his sandals made out of reed and wood. If he wears a shirt, (he prefers not too, since his wings act as a barrier for the elements.) Its generally a simple white, maybe with the occasional logo on it.

He's short, and smaller then most boys, one because he really hasn't hit any sort of puberty yet, and because of his genes, his family is one of the more of the shorter Topicans.

Personality: He prefers to be with his friends, even if he doesn't say much around them. His words are often soft and quiet, and with a great deal of thought behind them.
Generally it's when they group of friends needs ideas, or something to move them along.
He also enjoys looking out at the ocean, having never left the island. It gives him a sense of excitement, knowing there are other islands out there, with their own people there. Inside, he's a thinker. Often he looks at the world, and holds onto that image, thinking of it's significance. He has a very spiritual mind as well, to him, why? is not just explained with science, but rather, both science and a higher power.

History: This can be short, but no clichés, please.
Chishio, lives in Plantive, where his parents act as tour guides, and are decently paid allowing them to live middle class lives. He grow up with his sisters, both of which obtained black wings, but there is about a ten year difference between him and his middle sister, making it a bit of a generational gap. His older sister moved to Silica City, where he has long since lost contact with. Both of his sisters were rebels and rude at the best times, so his parents were marveled almost passive personality.

Just before he turned thirteen, he had been near the shore, when a small red device floated up. He picked it up, and his eyes widened, there was a cry of a pokemon, something fierce and powerful, and the image of a large massive purple scaled pokemon appeared on the screen, before it shorted itself out. (Nidoking btw >.>) Ever since there, he had secretly been desiring to see one of these things, in his bedroom underneath the mattress are writings and drawings of it. With the arrival of the other children, his interest has been perked, to look around at other cities, maybe, it exists on this island...

Other: Whatever doesn’t fit anywhere else.

RP sample:

Heat, is a weapon to some. To others a torture, but for Chishio, it was a guide. He was outside of the complex as well, trying to survey his target despite the wavering air in front of him. His projectile was a massive boulder, small for most Nidoking morphs, but for Chishio, it was a challenge.

The target flickered in and out in the sandy hell he was trapped in, and with his scales trapping the burning heat, it seemed to be impossible. Gripping the rock with his poisoned claws, he heaved it up, and screamed out a roar as he flung it. It spiraled through the air, and Chishio could see it was going to miss.

He reacted quickly pulling his arm back again, and tossing it out like he was throwing again. A needle launched out from his hand and smashed into the rock, giving it some more power, to topple the red target.

The response from the trainer was a swift kick to his spine, sending him down. But the next kick was stopped by the chilling sound of clapping.

“Excellent work Chishio…” It was an officer, wearing his usual black attrite, despite the heat and sunlight.

“B-But sir, he interfered with the-“ The trainer yelled flustered.

“No, he did exactly what I needed from him. It is why he has such a excellent record.” The officer whispered grinning.
“You’ve struck five targets, that threatened Shade, and you killed every one. That is worth acknowledgement Chishio…”

The Nidoking morph only kept his head bowed, refusing to look up to the man. “Is their anything you have to say?” The officer whispered, goading the boy. There was a soft growl, as white fangs exposed themselves, and a harsh wheeze came out. “L-Let me go…”

The only response was a laugh, and a wave of his hand. “You’re being transferred to another unit, there is a morph who could use motivation, and perhaps someone with such experience can help you.”

“Send him to Sub Section D.”
“Aye sir!”

Nidoking was led to the building, and he easily found the room where he was told to go to. These dorms were shared by the morphs, something which Chishio regretted, but he opened the door, entering. A couple of showers, no curtains of course, A screen for monitoring, and other basics. Turning he heard soft singing in his ear, and he blinked, a silver Espeon morph was lying there.

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January 13th, 2008, 6:09 PM
Phanima: An excellent character description, a tomboy, right? You've like, described my own personality ^.^; How can I not say accepted?

Thalen: Ah, a Topicun. I like you character, but I must ask you to eleborate a bit on ChiChi's *Giggles* personality a bit more. I also saw a few grammatical errors in your sample, like 25.41$, the $ should be at the front. For this, a pending,but don't be discouraged- you're on your way to an accepted.

January 14th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Ok, I added some more to personality, and picked a better post for my sample. =D

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January 23rd, 2008, 9:01 PM
Okay there, accepted. COME ON, PEOPLES! Join up... How can you not resist being xenophobic or in a xenophobic country? It'll be awesome!