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A/n- My first Pokemon fic (not the first one I wrote…put the first I ever put up) I always had an interest in morphs, and I finally wrote a fic on it! Please support me by sending reviews! You know an author’s fuel are reviews, right?


+"Throughout my life, I was able to see through the eyes of Pokemon. When I felt like racing through the field, I took the form of a Ninetales; and when I want the cool clear water against my skin, I became a Milotic; and when I heard the wind call, I morphed into a Swello and pulsed my wings to meet the sky."

For as long as I could recall, I have the ability to Morph into any Pokemon I choose. Life in the forest had been great until one day I found my new home inside a Pokeball. This is a story about my journey as a Ninetales with my new "master" who never blinked twice at my humanoid behaiviors. Then again, Seith was never wary of his surroundings...

Chapter 1

Gently, I slipped down the oak tree I used as my temporary home for the night. The smell of morning dew mixed with the scent of a waking forest filled my lung. Faraway, I could hear the last hoot of a Noctowl before he slumbers.

I ran a hand through my strawberry-blond hair, hoping to look formidably groomed. A simple white dress hung loosely on my body, serving no other purpose than to cover some private parts. I felt the moss releasing its moisture as I stepped on the forest ground with my bare feet.

I started to walk with my two legs. I despise human legs; they were considerably slower than some of the Pokemon. I felt the urge to Morph, but I knew if I Morph on an empty stomach, I would surely find myself waking up to a setting sun wondering where had the day gone.

I joined the breakfast table with some Zigzagoons. They were happily chomping on some Pecha berries and paid no mind of me when I stole some. I popped them in my mouth one by one as I ask a feeding Aipom to knock some Rawst berries of the tree for me. The Aipom looked at me mischievously, and I knew I asked the wrong Pokemon.

I spent the next 15 minutes dodging flying fruits that I asked to “get down” for me.

After some distance and my white dress dyed in a nice shade of purple. I tempted a Morph despite my protesting stomach. A second later, a sixteen-year-old girl was replaced with a Swellow and a fallen dress.

I rolled my shoulder and stretched my wings, letting the wind blow through the feathers. A growl from my stomach cut my enjoyment short. Food first, before I plummet down from the sky and potentially be someone’s free lunch.

I grabbed my dress with my talons and pushed hard upward with my wings. Before I knew it, I was circling the sky with the forest beneath me. I allowed my keen sense of hearing take over.

The language of Pokemon flowed into my ear. I had no trouble interpreting the language of Pokemon when I became one of them. Right beneath me, I could hear bickering in a nest of Swablu over how one them took most of the room in the nest again. Behind me, a group of Bidoof mourned over the lost of their newly completed dam. To the north, a Gyarados roared with frustration as his prey escaped from his gasping mouth.

I could definitely sympathize with the Gyarados. I was flying in a wave-like manner and starting to see sandwiches lying out on the forest floor. I shook my head, and refocused; strangely, the sandwiches are still there.

I almost wept tears of joy; I haven’t had real food for almost a week. And honestly, I was getting mighty sick living off berries.

I swooped down and landed on the nearest tree, dropping my dress beside me before I morphed again. This time, I chose the pre-evolution of the Pokemon I was. A Tallow is smaller, and more agile; perfect for a quick dive for the food and get away before I had the potential of getting caught.

I assessed my situation. The sandwiches were left on a stump with a bag beside it; a sleeping Umbreon was the only one guarding them.

I prepared for my Swoop of Lightning; a voice made me stiffen and almost caused me fall from my perch. I looked at the interloper ungratefully.

“Arios! Get up! You’re supposed to be GUARDING the food!” A male voice came just behind the rows of bushes that were out of my sight. The Umbreon stretched lazily and grumbled something along the lines of ‘I got it under control’. The Umbreon walked toward who I suppose is his master and greeted him with affection. I was finally able to get a glimpse of his profiles.

He looked around the same age as me, dark-haired, dark eyed with a slim build. He was bending down so I could not get a good look at his height, but I would guess he was pretty tall.

“If someone swipe those sandwiches, we’re all taking your share of food.” The trainer teased his Umbreon good-naturedly.

I found how he voiced my intentions ironic, but I couldn’t laugh because he was reaching toward MY breakfast!

On an impulse, I lashed down from where I perched and dove straight for the one he was about to pick up. I took him by surprise and he retracted his hand in shock. Perfect, I had a clear view to snatch them all.

Feeling quite greedy and perhaps too egotistical, I swooped again to pick up one of the sandwiches I missed with my beak. After the succession of that one, I tried to fly away with two sandwiches in my talon and one in my beak. Unfortunately, I overestimated the carrying capacity of a small Tallow with an empty stomach.

A yelp of an Umbreon right beneath me pushed me to fly higher, it took all my strength just to reach an altitude where a leaping Umbreon cannot reach. The Umbreon beneath me leaped and leaped again, each time snapping his jaw at my talons. After awhile, the Umbreon stopped and settled to watch me struggling to fly in place.

It must be quite comical from an observer’s perspective. A pathetic Tallow trying to fly away with too big of a load, and an Umbreon taunting the small bird Pokemon hoping she will drop her goods.

“What’s wrong little birdie? Three sandwiches are too heavy for ya?” Arios the Umbreon smirked, I would give an equally degrading comeback, but my beak was currently occupied.

Knowing I must swallow my pride if I were to get any food at all, I unclenched the sandwiches and they landed squarely on the Umbreon’s head.

‘You wanted them? Now you have them!’ I mentally rebutted and pushed my wings to fly away with the last shred of my dignity and one measly sandwich.

I laid on a grassy plain in my human form digesting my barely filling meal. I flew back after I ate (this time as a bigger bird Pokemon) to retrieve my dress and to scout the area for other humans that might have food on them. The trainer and his conceit Umbreon were nowhere to be found.

I rubbed my slightly sprained ankle from a funny landing just a minute before. I was feeling quite lightheaded from hunger, and despite my better judgment, I decided to Morph again.

This time I took on my favorite form; a sleek, agile, and graceful Ninetales. This form makes me feel beautiful, fast, and powerful. Each one of my nine tails swished as I sped down the grassy plain; my bad mood behind me as I ran forward.

I couldn’t race along the edge of the forest like how I love to do everyday. My ankle throbbed, and I was again seeing sandwiches in the air along with the face of a certain Umbreon taunting me; but this time, when I cleared my head, the images disappeared.

Dropping my dress in front to me, I panted and shifted my weight so my ankle no longer throbbed. My bad mood caught up with me again, and I laid down on the undulating grassy plain to rest while I brooded over my lack of luck.

My head dropped onto my front paws, and I drifted partially into unconsciousness. I perked up my ears to listen to those telltale sounds of danger.

The soft sound of approaching paw-steps snapped me into attention. Behind some trees a couple of meters away from me, I could see an emerging black shape that looks strangely like the Umbreon from this morning.

I felt slightly ticked off; ‘oh by the fire of Ho-oh, snap out of it’ I told myself.

A new sound aroused my attention again. A set of human footsteps followed the paw-steps. When I raised my head again, the very same pair from this morning was only a few meters in front of me, looking very real and solid.

“Oh look Arios! It’s a Ninetales!” The trainer beamed and full of childlike enthusiasm. The Umbreon nodded toward me in acknowledgement, I felt obliged to greet him back despite our previous encounter that left bitter feelings in me. Of course, he had no way of knowing I was the very same Tallow that made a swoop for the breakfast.

“She’s a unique Ninetales too.” The boy piped with a curious tone as he stared into my right eye. I knew he was wondering about the golden coloration of it, I turned away so he could no longer see it.

All I need were three things for a Morph: a glimpse of the Pokemon, a touch of its fur, and sample of its cry. Once I had all three, I could take its form anytime I choose. My Morphs were all perfect, except the coloration of one of my eye. Either in my human form or Pokemon form, my right eye was always the color of butterscotch.

I tensed and rose up to my paws. I knew what was coming next. Arios the Umbreon tensed too as his trainer searched his bag for a certain item. I did not need to see what he pulled out, I was only aware of the fact that I need to win this fight.

Sneaking in an attack first, I lunged at the dark-type creature with a quick attack. The Umbreon yelped in surprise as I knocked him off balance. Wasting no time, I let out a powerful flamethrower.

Parts of the Umbreon’s fur were singed. But the Umbreon shook it off and snapped into attention now. He rebutted with a faint attack.

“Arios, double team!” The trainer commanded. His Pokemon surrounded me with numerous copies of himself to confuse me. I wasted no time to find the right one; I released a powerful fire spin to cover the area.

When the fire died out, a distinctive circle was formed where the grass was burnt away. The Umbreon stood on the edge of the perimeter, unharmed.

I huffed, I knew that move was idiotic and wasted much of my energy. Perhaps lack of food makes me impatient, but I knew at this rate I will be captured.

I used another quick attack to close our distance and deliver a clean blow. But I was slower than usual and Umbreon easily moved out of the way. Unable to stop myself, I plunged to the ground dealing a hefty amount of damage to myself.

I cursed myself for being so stupid. Given up, I waited for the final blow. But strangely, the trainer halted his Umbreon and knelt next to when I had lain.

I raised my proud head and growled; I made a quick snap at his outstretched hand. He retracted just in time to save his fingers.

“You better not try anything,” His Umbreon growled protectively, “Or I will personally rip out that shiny coat of yours.”

I glared at him. I heard his trainer chuckle as he sat moved a little farther away to give me space.

“It wasn’t a fair fight,” he explained in a matter-a-fact manner, “You are injured, and looks like you’re not in your best of health too.”

I gawked at him like he was a member of the rare species of shiny Pokemon.

“If you let me,” he went on, “I would like to try again, after you’re fixed up of course. Would you allow me to take care of you for a while?”

I stared at him in disbelief. Seeing that I wasn’t relenting, he spoke again.

“I promise I won’t try anything funny.” He pledged. His Umbreon murmured about how his owner is always keeps his promise.

I still had my doubts. And he used his last resort.

“We’re having stew tonight, if you’re interested.”

I was instantly won over. I limped obediently behind him as I imagine the sweet taste of meat in my mouth.

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January 15th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Overall, this is very interesting. I personally don't like morphs. I always hated them. But you make this seem very interesting.

"I spent the next fifteen minutes dodging flying fruits that I asked to “get down” for me. " - Spell your numbers out.

"After some distance and my white dress dyed in a nice shade of purple." - Incomplete sentence.

"I laid on a grassy plain in my human form digesting my barely filling meal. I flew back after I ate (this time as a bigger bird Pokemon) to retrieve my dress and to scout the area for other humans that might have food on them. The trainer and his conceit Umbreon were nowhere to be found." - It'd been nice to know which form, lol.

"This time I took on my favorite form; a sleek, agile, and graceful Ninetales. This form makes me feel beautiful, fast, and powerful. Each one of my nine tails swished as I sped down the grassy plain; my bad mood behind me as I ran forward." - You kept changing the tense from past to present.

"All I need were three things for a morph: a glimpse of the Pokemon, a touch of its fur, and sample of its cry. Once I had all three, I could take its form anytime I choose. My Morphs were all perfect, except the coloration of one of my eye. Either in my human form or Pokemon form, my right eye was always the color of butterscotch." - Very creative that the haracter needs to see a Pokemon, a piece of fur, and their cry in order to morph. That must be hard!

“You better not try anything,” His Umbreon growled protectively, “Or I will personally rip out that shiny coat of yours.” - Sense some Umbreon x Ninetales Shipping or Trainer x Ninetales shipping

Just keep improving :).

January 15th, 2008, 8:27 PM
That was absolutely....

EXCELLENT! I read through the whole thing and didn't get bored. You are a excellent writer. I hope you make more of these.

January 20th, 2008, 3:31 PM
OMG... I usually don't like Pokemorph stories but, WOW!

This is GOOD! you simply MUST write more!

February 19th, 2008, 10:53 AM
I didn't have much time to edit, but here's the next chapter! Sorry for the delay! Give me some feedback before I go back to edit please!

Chapter 2

I cleaned my bowl under thirty seconds and looked up to beg for more.

The trainer refilled my bowl with a surprised expression on his face. After he set the bowl in front of me again I ate slowly; this time, I actually did some tasting and chewing.

While I had my head practically buried in my bowl of soup; the sound of dried items pouring out of a box reached my ears. I perked up hoping there was more food, but I was met with a bowl of unidentifiable brown clumps.

I scrunched my nose at the repulsive smell and reverted my attention back to my stew.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression, “It’s Pokemon food.”

So this was what captured Pokemon live on? I gave one a doubtful lick, and then I guzzled down couple mouthful of stew to wash away the awful aftertaste.

He sighed and held it up for other takers; the trainer’s Flygon happily gulped it down along with his own share of UFO (Unidentifiable food-like objects).

After dinner I laid comfortably on a patch of grass near the campfire. I was happily dreaming about barbecued meat when a voice busted my dream bubble.

“Well hello there! Aren’t you one foxy babe!”

I looked around to find the source of the obnoxious voice and equally humorless pun. Strangely, no one was near me.

“Yo! Down here baby!” I finally spotted the source of the comments: a little Riolu that looked no older than a month. “Congratulations! You just won a date with Mr. Hottie here.”

‘Someone is a little narcissistic,’ I rolled my eyes. Then I decided to deflate his disproportionally large head.

“Sorry kid, I don’t date anyone who doesn’t reach my eye level.” I replied while getting onto my feet to loom over his little figure.

The Riolu was undeterred, “Sexy AND spunky. I like! You make me feel like I’m on fire! Rawr!”

‘I’ll be glad to do the honor!’ I glowered as I harnessed the fire in my jaw for a fire blast. It was quite satisfying to see the Riolu’s eyes double in size. He took a couple of steps backwards and held up his hands as a sign of peace.

“You’re really pretty!”

A new voice caused the fire in my jaw to die out; I coughed up some smoke and whipped my head around to identify the newcomer.

A wide-eyed Espeon was examining my tails; she pawed one of them and giggled in delight as it swished around. “Your tails are so beautiful Miss Ninetales!”

Ha! Someone with manners! How refreshing! I turned back to the womanizer, but he had enough sense to run away.

“My name is Fal! Welcome to our group!” The Espeon piped with a little too much vivacity.

“The name is Zeal, and don’t you forget it!” The Riolu somehow popped up again. After carefully examining my expressions, he decided it’s safer to nonchalantly move away for now.

“Your bandage is really pretty too.” Fal the Espeon chirped as she examined my leg that their master had bandaged. “OOOH! Here’s a prettily shaped rock!”

I watched in bewilderment as the Espeon kicked her rock around, she was soon joined by Zeal, the egotistical Riolu.

Another one of them approached me; it was the Umbreon that I was first acquainted with.

“Ignore those two, and your sanity will be just fine.” The Umbreon nodded toward the pair who were happily playing ‘pass the rock’, “I believe Zeal was dropped when he was an egg, and Fal just didn’t have enough nutrients for a healthy mental development when she was a kit.”

I gawked at him, deeming whether his words are credible or not.

“We haven’t been properly introduced yet.” The Umbreon nodded politely at me, “I am Arios, I’m the most—”

“—cynical one.” I finished for him with a roll of my eyes.

“—REALISTIC one.” He forcibly concluded, showing no signs of whether or not he heard me.

I muttered a ‘whatever’ along with a proper ‘nice to meet you’.

“Do you have a name?” Arios inquired.

“I got none.” I replied, though in the back of my mind, a name I no longer use resurfaced.

“That’s fine, Seith will give you one after you are officially part of the team.” The black eon said confidently.

I assumed Seith is the one currently reading a book by the campfire. He laid on his side and used an arm to prop his head up. His expression showed weariness as he aimlessly leafed through his book.

“No guarantee that I’m going to join.” I rebutted, “In fact, joining your little group will be most inconvenient for me. I’m only here with one goal in mind; and that is to fill my stomach.”

“Well then let our actions settle this in a couple of days,” the Umbreon smirked, “when I crush you like a Wurmple.”

I snorted, “You better start learning the move dig. This way, you can dig a hole to hide your shame when I pulverize you.”

We both smiled. I felt this was the start of an odd friendship.

A brown trail stretched across a field of green.

On that path walked a trainer about seventeen-years-old, and right behind him, followed me in the form of a Ninetales. Another figure approached, I looked at the newcomer with curiosity. He looked like another Pokemon trainer, a little bit younger, perhaps fifteen.

“Hey there!” The other trainer called out when he was close enough, “If you’re not in any hurry, let us have a quick battle!”

Seith stopped and smiled good-naturedly. He responded to the other trainer’s challenge by taking out his Pokeballs.

The younger boy smiled when he saw this, he too fetched his Pokemon.

“Three-on-three, no substitution. How does that sound?” The challenger asked with overflowing confidence in his voice.

Seith merely nodded, and the other trainer released his first Pokemon.

“Go Machamp!”

A humanoid Pokemon emerged in a beam of light. He pounded his chest with his many arms with a look of eagerness for some action.

Seith assessed the Pokemon for a brief moment; then he reached for Fal’s Pokeball.

Fal happily chirped as she pranced to her place in the battlefield. She looked up at the Machamp with her large lavender eyes and whistled.

The other trainer smiled smugly with a look of ‘I got this battle in the bag’. “Machamp, cross chop!”

The large figure charged with two hands reached out for action. His gigantic figure loomed over the purple feline Pokemon.

“Fal! Agility!” Seith commanded when his opponent was only a step away from his Pokemon. Fal instantly disappeared, and reappeared behind her target.

The Machamp was taken aback when his fists met with thin air. The giant momentarily lost his footing, but that was all the time Seith needed.

“Fal! Quick attack!”

The Espeon shot out like a bullet, slamming her own weight on the back of the already unsteady Machamp. The fighting Pokemon stumbled and fell squarely on his face.

“Psychic attack!” Seith called out. The ruby jewel on the psychic Pokemon’s forehead glistened as Fal sent out a special attack volley.

The giant fell. And when he didn’t get up I knew the round was Seith’s.

For the first time, I realized just how good Seith is as a trainer. The younger trainer was blinded by Fal’s small stature and overconfidence of his own skill; he charged forward with his best attack hoping to end it quickly. Seith knew Fal does not have enough power to knock the Machamp down, so he used the Machamp’s own weight against him. This made the Machamp vulnerable to a good clean attack that he was weak at.

I also noted the complete trust between him and his Pokemon. In order to surprise the Machamp, Fal needs to pull out at the last possible moment. And if Fal moved early, the whole strategy would’ve been worthless. Fal trusted her trainer completely to tell her when to make a move, even if a miscalculation would result in serious damage.

My mind wondered back onto the battlefield after my reverie. Fal was taking on a formidable Gengar. Her foe released a dark ball of energy, the Espeon moved away in the nick of time.

“Woah! That was close!” Fal chirped after agilely dodging a chain of shadow balls.

One after another, the Gengar continues to send out volleys of shadow balls. Fal had her paws busy dodging, and there was no chance to counterattack.

The little Espeon was near the end of her endurance, but the Gangar looked like he was just warming up. I glanced at Seith, he looked a bit perplexed, but I could still spot confidence in his expressions.

“Yow!” Fal yelped, a shadow ball landed a bit too close to comfort. She then made another leap with great effort, another shadow ball whizzed by beneath her.

“Stop Fal,” Seith commanded simply. The Espeon stopped in her track obediently; I watched in horror as a great ball of glowing energy made contact with the purple feline Pokemon.

A great cloud of dust flew up and encompassed the battlefield.

“Wahoo! I did it!” The other trainer leaped up with joy; his Gangar's perpetual smile seemed to grow wider too.

“Fal, psychic.”

All I caught was a purple blur shooting out of the cloud of dust. Fal's familiar cry resonated from a glowing creature; the Gangar was surrounded by a similar glow that caused him to cry in pain.

Fal landed on all four paw with adroitness. She bowed and glanced around as if expecting applause for her spectacular performance.

What she received was a thump from her opponent collapsing to the ground. Fal grinned, satisfyied with that feedback too.

I allowed my mind to wonder during the last battle. I underestimated Seith's abilities, and my glorious victory over Arios did not look as promising as I envisioned it. I appraised Seith's tactics, and reflected on my own. Is there a weakness in his strategy? And how can I exploit it?

My mind barely registered the current battle, it seemed that Fal repealed a bubblebeam with a swift attack.

I analyzed his tactic; it seems too perfect. Seith knew exactly how to repeal each and every attack. His defense strategy is perfect, and his comebacks are awe-striking.

Fal delivered the final blow to her opponent, knocking him out.

And that's when I discovered his weakness.

“Today is the day,” I announced to no one in particular. I stretched my limbs and went for a test run, my ankle felt better than new.

I bit off the bandage and carried it over to the waking trainer. He glimpsed at the bandage and immediately understood.

“Right after breakfast,” he simply said.

Arios caught my eyes; he nodded briefly, signaling to me that he was ready at anytime.

I nodded back at him; if this goes as I planned, this would be my last time seeing him.

We were back to the place of our initial battle. The large circle burnt away from my firespin two days ago was starting to sprout again. I took my place on one side of the circle, Arios took the other side.

I opened the battle with a quick attack, and then closely following it with a flamethrower.

Arios nimbly dodged it; he rebuked with faint attack. Then, multiple images of the Umbreon surrounded me; I let out a firespin without missing a beat.

“Remember this?” I shouted so my voice could rise above the dust and wind I stirred up.

“Oh yes,” Arios replied, “if I recall correctly, you're going to land on your face next!”

“As if!” I laughed.

I tensed my muscle for a quick attack; Arios was prepared for the attack, he expertly dodged it.

I quickly twisted my body and sprang back toward the black feline, this time I caught him by surprise. When I was at a close enough proximity; I delivered a powerful fire blast.

Arios was badly hurt by my close-range special attack; patches of his fur were burnt away to nothing.

“Arios!” Seith exclaimed in surprise. But as I suspected, Arios was too tough to go down in one blast.

“Nice job,” Arios puffed. He shifted his weight; I could tell he shifted into attack mode.

Perfect. This was what I was waiting for.

Seith's tactics consist of mainly defensive and counter attacks; he rarely makes the first move. I drove Arios into attack mode; now I can use their own tactics against them.

Seith had Arios start with a shadow ball; I met his attack with a fireblast. The two attack exploded in the middle. I utilized this time of confusion to sneak close behind the unsuspecting Pokemon and tackled him.

Umbreon yelped in surprise; Seith had a look of bewilderment.

To prevent Arios shifting back to defense, I released several balls of Will-o-wisp. These annoying little balls of fire kept the Umbreon on his toes.

We exchanged several attacks in this manner; all of the Umbreon's backfired.

“Arios, bite attack!” Seith commanded with a strange composure in his voice. Ha! was he sending his Pokemon to defeat?

I didn't think twice; it was quite nice for Seith to play right into my strategy. I jumped away, and quickly sprang back toward Arios hoping to deliver a counterattack while he was recovering.

Seith voice came from my right, “Shadow ball.”

Arios met my head-on attack with a glowing ball of energy produced from thin air.

I felt my body sail through the sky and landed on to the grass with a loud thump with the air knocked out of me. Taking advantage of my disabling moment, Arios sent out another shadow ball.

I laid on the grass, unable to move and laying in defeat. How did he produce a shadow ball so quickly? I chuckled, I should had known. Arios had that shadow ball ready before his trainer ever called out the command.

In the end, I fell victim to the flaws all the other Seith's opponent had: overconfidence of one's own skill, and underestimating the strength of Seith and his Pokemon as a team.

I felt a light tap of an object against my body and then a red light surrounding me. I didn't even try to struggle.


I was back onto the field of green, Seith and Arios smiled at me.

“Welcome to the team!” Seith grinned; he gave me a quick pat on the head, “Now that you are officially part of the team, you'll need a name!”

The young Pokemon trainer pondered for a while; then a smile broke out on his face.

“How about Ardelle? It means flame.”

Ardelle... It was a beautiful name. I murmured in approval.

“Great. Welcome to the team, Ardelle!”

Arios came up and greeted me too; he looked at me with a new light of respect.

I smiled; perhaps being captured won't be so awful. Arios caught me grinning, and decided to burst my bubble.

“Since you're new, you get extra night watch shifts.”

I stuck out my tongue at him in a childish manner. No one, not even a cynical Umbreon, could spoil my good mood.

April 14th, 2008, 7:55 PM
What? No love for the story? I know I'm bad about updating, but please please give me feed back! Constructive feedback please~

Ch. 3

A couple of days had passed since the day I joined this rambunctious team. We were currently sitting beside a flowing stream eating lunch.

I was enjoying a rare moment of silence; all of the other Pokemon had their faces crammed in the Pokemon food, stuffing UFOs down their throats.

I felt a light tap on the shoulder. I turned to see a green and brown dragon Pokemon behind me. The Flygon eyed my bowl of UFO with great fervor; then he looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Go ahead,” I replied, pushing the bowl toward him. He chirped once with gratitude, and began to work on consuming my share of the food.

I was notorious for giving my Pokemon Food away. The Flygon, whose name I learned was Scarl, learned this rather quickly, and he took advantage of this every mealtime.

“You and your strange quirks,” said Arios the Umbreon in between gulps, “I have yet met a Pokemon beside you who's not taken in by Pokemon food.”

I ignored him and went to gather my lunch in a nearby bluk berry bush. Over the pass few days, my new team mates quickly learned much about me (too much in my opinion).

Seith's Pokemon were not the only ones studying; I also absorbed much informations on my new master. I learned his favorite color was Blastoise blue, his favorite number was forty-two (Arios tried to explain it to me, he said it was the answer to the Ultimate Question or something like that. I didn't quite understand), and he never go anywhere without two things: his Pokemon, and a jar of pecha berry jelly.

According to Arios, pecha berry jelly sandwich was Seith's staple food. In fact, he must have at least two of these sandwiches per day to be fully functional. The Umbreon told me when Seith was young, his sister hid all of the pecha berry jelly in the house once. And when she and her parents came home at the end of the day, they discovered Seith laying face down on the sofa, only half conscious. His sister returned his jelly at once, fearing further seperation from the jelly could lead to permanent damage.

In fact, Seith was plugging away on a sandwich right at this moment. In one of his hand, he held a paperback. The only thing he had more than jars of jelly was books, he could somehow always produce a new one every time I saw him read.

Seith popped the last of his sandwich in his mouth and marked his place in his novel with a Rayquaza-shaped bookmark. His team members presented him with cleaned food bowls which he carefully placed away. The Flygon washed my food bowl along with his; our deal was he could have my food if he do my dishes.

“Come on guys!” Seith beckoned, “If we hurry, we can make it to Purenal City by nightfall!”

A series of groans came from his team; each of his Pokemon claimed a section of grass and stretched across it, bathing in the sunshine and readied to take a nap. Seith tried several motivational words, but he was very much ignored.

Seith ran a hand through his hair, lost at what to do. But soon, his face brightened.

“Guess we won't be able to eat dinner there. Purenal City is famous for its seafood, you know.”

His Pokemon perked up right away and bounced on the road in the proper direction. Scarl was so excited he tried to carry Seith and fly him over.

I heard the only way to get a man is through his stomach; I guess the same logic works for Pokemon too.


Before I could even catch a sight of Purenal City, a cadence of many aromas interweaved together reached my nose. Many of my other team mates followed my suit and sniffed the air in pleasure.

“This must be the smell of heaven.” Zeal sighed while wiping the drool threatening to fall from the corner of his mouth.

“Purenal City is not only famous for its seafood, but all other kinds of foods too. It is why it's called 'City of Nectar and Ambrosia'. Its foods are fit to serve Gods.” Seith filled in his Pokemon with facts about the city while gazing at the city gate.

“I don't wanna hear how good the food is; I want to taste it myself!” Zeal led the team toward the city gate, looking like the general of a raiding party ready to raid the city of all its food.

“Oh no you guys are not.” Seith said firmly with a tinge of a smile at the corner of his mouth, “You are all going back to your respective Pokeballs; the last thing I need it a bill for the destruction of a multi-million Pokedollar city.”

“Aw com'on. You can earn that in a couple of years!” Zeal complained before he was zapped into a red-and-white sphere. The rest of the team followed the suit.

I felt the familiar tickle of the red light before being catapulted into my capsule.


A strange but refreshing light filled my Pokeball; all signs of wariness faded from my body. No matter how many times I went through it, I could never get used to the healing machine in Pokemon Centers.


I joined my teammates in a brightly lit white building. I recognized the room as the lobby of a Pokemon Center.

“Okay guys. We're feasting today!” Seith's brightly lit face matched every member of the team showing he was no less excited about the food as his Pokemon.

“OH! Can we hit the desert table first? Maybe the meat! I don't mind the seafood table either!” Fal leaped around her trainer, babbling away and completely forgot the fact Seith could not understand her. But one look at his face, I could tell he got the general gist of it.

“You can eat whatever you want Fal. Just as long as you don't stuff yourself sick...again.”

The rest of the team chuckled at a shared memory.

“Last time Fal was allowed to hit a buffet,” Arios explained, filling me in, “She ate so much she had stomach pains for days. She moaned in her sleep which drove us all nuts at night.”

I smiled at the mental picture, feeling as if I were there too.

We all simultaneously took a step into the banquet room of the Pokemon Center. Each table glistened with piles of food. Even I thought we had died and gone to heaven.

“Well, let's go!” Seith gave the command to start, and his Pokemon shot out like the were participating in some life-or-death race.

The team split into three fractions. There were Fal and Zeal, who tackled the desert table; Arios led Scarl to the table with roasted meats; and there were Seith and I, who were the only sensible ones and started with a light salad.

We looked at each other for a brief second. I tossed my head toward the table, the epitome of healthy eating, and eyed him a question of why was he over here.

He seemed to comprehend, “Ma had trained me well. She always served dinner in a certain order and salad just happen to be the first on the list. I missed her cooking, good thing we're heading home.”

His speech had a hint of an country accent that was only present when he talked about home. I knew we were heading toward his hometown right now. But I did not know exactly where.

“Hey man! Never thought I would bump into you here!”

We turned. Behind us stood a boy around fifteen with a Gangar swallowing rare meat whole by his side; he waved hello to Seith.

“Hey!” Seith greeted, “We battled on the road a couple of days ago right? Sorry, I never got your name.”

“It's cool, I never got yours either! I'm Jayden. Join me for dinner?”

“I'm Seith, and sure.”


After Arios' third slab of meat and Fal's fifth slice of cake, Jayden suddenly jumped up and shouted out, “YOU'RE SEITH ASPEN!”

Seith shushed him right away, looking around if he had attracted attention.

“Aw man. I'm dinning with three time Battle Tower top trainer, two time Battle Frontier winner, and the champion of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh!”

I chocked on a piece fish bone. What was that list that trainer spurted out?

“You became champion of Kanto when you were only thirteen; and the champion of Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh when you were only sixteen! Man! I admire you so much!”

“Thanks,” Seith looked a little embarrassed. So what Jayden spurted out was the truth? I was honestly surprised. I knew Seith was good, only now I knew exactly how good he was.

“What are you doing here in Anjou? There are no gyms here. And I heard you gave up your position as champions of all four region! When are you planning to reclaim them?”

“Woah,” Seith held up his hand to stop the bombardment of questions, “One at a time. I'm currently heading home.”

“Oh yea,” the other trainer pipped, “You're from Canaltown. You're the son of the world famous Professor Aspen.”

I was still digesting that last comment about Seith being this all powerful trainer; now the other trainer tossed me another unexpected fact. He's related to Professor ASPEN?

“But why did you give up all of your titles?” Jayden voiced a questions that I was wondering too.

Seith thought for a while. Jayden recognized the signs that he might had offended the older trainer, so he retracted his question.

“If you don't wanna answer, that's okay. I'm shouldn't pry.”

Seith smiled at him, “It's fine. I just...lost my inspiration. I guess.”

Jayden nodded, asking no more. But I was too curious to let it go at there.


“We don't know either,” Arios spoke for the group, “We know as much as you do.”

Jayden and Seith parted after dinner; Jayden left hapily with Seith's PDA number and an autograph for his sister who he claim 'wants to bear your babies'. We were now sleeping in the Pokemon Center with Seith already asleep in his bed.

“You should know when he 'lost his inspiration' right?” I questioned, figuring that a 'lost of inspiration' was just an excuse.

“We don't know,” Fal pipped, “Almost all of us joined Seith not too long ago. Arios should know something, he is Seith's starter Pokemon.”

Arios sighed, looking remorseful, “I don't know what happened. I was napping on the couch. Seith...came home with his sister Maiya. She was badly hurt, neither of them would saying anything about what happened.”

“Maybe Maiya said something to Fal?” Scarl asked hopefully, the big guy hardly speak up, speaking up this moment meant he must be worried about Seith too.

“Though I'm Maiya's Pokemon, she didn't mention anything!” Fal looked visibly upset.

“Wait, you are Seith's sister's Pokemon?” I asked, surprised again. Too much information was thrown at me, and I was having a lot of trouble sorting them out.

“Maiya left me with Seith to train,” Fal answered, “I love Seith, but...”

Fal had the look of longing of a child without a mother.

Our little discussion group soon broke up after that.


We left the city via the southern gate. A lush forest surrounded us, and I couldn't tell which direction we were headed. Seith told us we were going to visit an old friend of his.

“I wonder what kind of person is he.” I wondered aloud, “Must be an strange guy living in a maze like this.”

“His friend is very...interesting...” Arios answered my thought, I could tell he doesn't like this friend very much.

“Ariados! Spider web!”

Out of the top of a tree came a glisten, then a streak of silver came toward us speedily.

“Adelle, flamethrower!”

I automatically opened my mouth and let out a string of fire. The spider web disintegrated into harmless ash. I was honestly shocked that I obeyed him without a second thought, his charisma and confidence extended its influence onto me.

“As quick as always!” A giggle came from the top of the tree, and a moment later, a girl and an Ariados landed gracefully in front of us. Her brown hair tied up in a ponytail and she was attired in camouflage-patterned shorts and jacket. Two dirt streaks across her cheek so evenly placed it looked intentional. Everything about the girl reflected nature.

“Do you always attack your visitors?” Seith asked, seemingly annoyed but with humor too.

“Nah, just recently picked up the habit. I honestly thought you were them again.” The girl winked and giggled again, then she moved within two inch of Seith. “Haven't seen you in a while. What do you need from me this time?”

“I can't visit just because I want to see a friend?” Seith asked, seemingly undisturbed by her close proximity.

“Nope. I know you too well Seith.” The brunette breathed those words into Seith's ears with a velvety voice. She then grabbed one of Seith's arm,“Come, let's talk inside.”

Seith complied, still very indifferent.

“Eww...She's hanging on to Seith like a...a...Heracross on a honey-covered tree!” Fal stuck out her tongue, evidently disgusted.

“Avert your eyes Fal, it's not letting up anytime soon.” Arios suggested.

I feel sort of bad for the girl. No matter how hard she flirts, Seith never even batted an eye.


“New Pokemon eh?” The brunette girl said while setting a cup of tea in front of Seith. The log cabin was quite cozy and homely, but it was evident only one person lived there. “Allow me to introduce myself to them.” The girl turned her attention to us, “I'm Nina, I'm a PokeRanger.”

“Nice to meet you! Even if you are a witch that is probably thinking of a way to cast a spell on Seith and make him stay forever! Well you know what? Evil never win!”

Fal chirped her long greeting with a smile, taking advantage of the fact the human girl could not understand her. But the girl did look a bit confused by the length of Fal's greeting. We all cracked up laughing, leaving the girl even more confused.

“Strange group you have here,” Nina the PokeRanger said with a wrinkle of brow.

“Nina, you said you mistaken me for someone. Mind telling me who?” Seith stated, setting down his teacup with a look of complete seriously.

“Always straight to the point eh?” Nina smiled, “that's what I like about you.”

“And you almost never answer my question right away.” Seith said simply, completely oblivious to her almost confession.

“Have you seen the news lately? About the activity of a new criminal group?” Nina settled down on her chair, her expression turned serious too.

“No I have not.”

“Then you've been in a box for the past two month. A group that's active recently in Anjou specifically, they've been causing quite a ruckus. Taking Pokemon, stealing top-secret technology, the police even labeled them as the criminals of several kidnappings! I had also been attacked, just last week, you know how there are rare Pokemon in this part.” Nina sighed; when it came to Pokemon, I could see she was thoroughly dedicated.

Seith's eyes widened, “Our own tiny region has its own criminal group now? Great...it was Team Rocket of Kanto and Johto, Team Magma and Aqua of Hoenn, Team Galaxy of Shinnou, what this one called?”

“It's called Sigma.”

My blood ran cold; I could feel my heart speeding up. A part of me wanted to jump up and tore up the word she just said, and another part me willed me to run; run far far away like a frightened kit running away from a thunderstorm.

“Can you tell me more about it Nina?” Seith's expression was dark, his expecting eyes were on the brunette.

“Sure,” Nina nodded exuberantly, “The group is not exactly new, it has been around for twenty years of so. It just that they don't do anything really until recently. I heard they do a lot of...engineering with Pokemons.”

“What do you mean?”

“They've been recorded with experimenting with Pokemon DNA and gene splicing and recombining. I heard their goal...is to create something powerful. They really are the mad scientists; all the other criminal teams are way out of their league.”

Yes, every word Nina said was true. But she was off about one thing. Sigma was very much active, they were just very good at not attracting public eyes. Sigma's sudden burst in activity and their decision to throw away all their secrecy didn't sound at all positive. I felt cold all over, and I must had been inadvertently shivering because Seith walked toward me and dropped his jacket on me.

“Thanks Nina, we'll be leaving now.”

“What? That's it? You came here just for that? But we haven't even talked!” Nina stamped her feet and sulked like a little kid; I could hear Fal giggling behind me.

“What do you mean? We've been doing that for the past half an hour.”

“No! Like REAL talking! All we've have been talking about is what's going on around the world!”

“And that's not 'real talking'?” Seith questioned, looking really confused. I decided it was good he was so dense.

Nina was furious. She slammed the door on our face and tell Seith to find her when he had 'reflected on his fault'. Seith was looking very befuddled, and turned his gaze from Nina's closed door to us.

“Did I do something wrong?”

All of us Pokemon bursted out laughing. I found myself quite warm under Seith's jacket.

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