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Note: I read the rules, and I see why you closed this. But... guess what? I STILL need to finish it if I intend on posting the sequel on here in the future, which I do. Whenever I decide to write it. I STILL don't see the point in re-writing, sorry. I'm not taking f-ing 7+ days JUST to make sure a chapter is "perfect" that's not my style. Just... let me finish it, okay? Please? PLEASE? Once again I'll say this with impact: THIS WAS MY VERY FIRST FANFICTION THAT I EVER WROTE. IT SUCKS, OKAY?!?!?! PLEASE JUST DEAL WITH IT. I plan on UNBELIEVABLY cleaning it up when I write the sequel. Oh... and BTW... I'm NOT starting over at the beginning. I'm starting it from the next chapter after the other thread was closed.

Note 2: Please ignore all OTHER notes and P.S.'s AFTER this point. I wrote this a LONG time ago, so, yeah........

Note: Another unexpectedly easy battle. Well... okay, it's not easy, but it's not hard. So it's a medium in difficulty battle, here. Meh, on to the chapter...

Chapter 28: Versus Jenovafied Magus Sisters!


The group landed the Celsius outside the Zanarkand Temple. They went into the second room, with the elevator. Tidsna tried to go down, but it wouldn't. "Guess that means we fight here..." said Tidsna "Seems like it..." said Tidus. Tidsna backflipped and landed back with the group. Mindy came out of nowhere and slammed down hard where Tidsna stood. The group got ready.

(go to vgmusic, PS1, FF7, and to the MIDI with "metallica" in the last part of the url.)

Three Magus Sisters, Seven group members. Yudus and Vidina took Sandy, Tidus and Paine took Cindy, and Tidsna, Yuna, and Rikku took Mindy. Sandy tried to do ninja punch and kick combos, like Shiva did, Cindy tried projectile stinging them multiple times, and Mindy tried body slam crushing them. Luckily, Yuna was able to stop Mindy by shooting her multiple times. So slashing, shooting and stabbing combos started on her. Vidina stopped Sandy by throwing his ball, then volleying it for multiple hits, he also added random black magic to it as well, since the Magus Sisters were also non-elemental. So, the whacking and hitting combos started on her. Tidus and Paine just zigzag dodged, while going towards Cindy, to dodge her stingers. The slashing combos started on her. Obviously, since the group had to split into groups to take on the Magus Sisters, it would be harder to keep the combos going, and, it did.

Mindy sent Tidsna and Rikku flying a couple of feet with a whirlwind punch, while Sandy sent Yudus away with a whirlwind kick. Cindy was the "little kid" Magus Sister, so she couldn't fight back, so Cindy was done for. Both Tidus and Paine sliced Cindy in half diagonally, left to right and right to left, which sliced Cindy into four pieces. Pyreflies fled, one down and two to go. Tidus went to help take out Mindy, while Paine went to help take out Sandy.

Both Tidus and Paine surprised Mindy and Sandy, so surprised, that the combos started up again. Mindy tried body slamming the group again, but Tidus, Tidsna, Yuna, and Rikku just ran around in random patterns to dodge. Sandy tried to whirlwind kick, but Yudus and Paine jumped back, then Sandy flew around the area trying to whirlwind kick them, but Yudus, Vidina, and Paine just ran from Sandy to dodge. Vidina then surprised Sandy and stopped, turned around, and threw his ball at Sandy slam dunk-like. It hit and exploded in an orangish, mushroom-shaped cloud, this time. This time, it was Flare Throw Explosion! Sandy was obliterated, and the pyreflies fled. Everyone now was fighting the last Magus sister left, Mindy.

Since the Magus Sisters were only hard because they fought them in small groups, it wouldn't take long to destroy Mindy. All they did was slash, whack, shoot, and hit combo Mindy multiple times, pretty badly. Mindy stopped, was wide-eyed, and seemed like she couldn't move. Mindy was only able to take the combos for three minutes, before she exploded, and the pyreflies fled.

(End Music)

The group ran as fast as they could back to the Celsius, and there was only on place left to go, or so the group thought, which was none other than Mi'ihen Highroad!

PS: Cliffhanger, I guess... Well, next battle is one of the hardest battles in the entire fic. No, really, I'm serious, it is. So... make sure you come back for the next chapter.

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January 21st, 2008, 1:36 PM
Outside Note: What? This fanfiction hasn't been closed yet again? How... interesting......

Note: Here's the hard battle. I hope I did this one well, I tried my best.

Chapter 29: Versus Jenovafied Anima!


The group arrived at Mi'ihen Highroad, but it was already too late. Shinra and Jenova 2 were gone. The Al Bhed shop went up in a huge explosion. Everyone in the group was shocked and wide-eyed. There was green-glowing Anima, who did it so they would have a bigger battlefield. Everyone got pissed real quickly, and they got out their weapons.

(go to vgmusic, PS1, FF7, and to the MIDI with "metallica" at the end of the url.)

Everyone knew Anima's capabilities, so Yudus would act as the "healer" for this battle, so she wouldn't be attacking. Yuna and Vidina went far from Anima, as well. Yuna shot Anima multiple times, while Vidina threw his ball, then volleyed it, for multiple hits. Since Anima was known as the "Dark Aeon" Vidina added Holy magic to his ball! It seemed to be doing extra damage, which would DEFINITELY work to their advantage. The rest of the group attacked, the slashing, stabbing, shooting, and hitting combos started. But... it seemed to not be affecting Anima at all. Even though it seemed to not be affecting Anima, it was still doing damage though, so it didn't matter. The group would have problems with Anima's attacks, which wouldn't be good.

Anima started swinging his arms around, which surprised the group, so Tidus, Tidsna, Rikku, and Paine were blown back farther then Yuna, Yudus, and Vidina were. But, they quickly recovered, jumped up, and ran back at Anima and continued the combos. Anima just stood there, staring at the people doing combos on him. Then, Anima tried swinging his arms around, horizontally, again, but, they expected it. Rikku jumped Anima's arms, while everyone else blocked it. True, they were still pushed back a couple of feet, but they didn't take any damage. Vidina got tired of this, so he through his ball slam dunk-like at Anima. It exploded into a huge white mushroom-shaped cloud. Holy Throw Explosion! It REALLY damaged Anima badly. Then the combos began again. Vidina quickly healed his MP with a Mega Ether and continued combos, as well. But now... it would just get worse.

Anima started swinging his arms horizontally again, which caused jumping and blocking again. But... he also started to blink! He was using Pain! Not... good... Yudus quickly Full-Lived the people who went down. It was a good thing Yudus was the healer, or they'd be done for. Vidina stopped his combos, and started to use random black magic! He also healed with Mega-Ether's when he needed to, as well. Anima was really getting it now. Combos and black magic. Then, of course, Anima tried retaliating with Pain, but Yudus just Full-Lived everyone who went down. Anima looked angrily at Yudus, Yudus just started back at him, then smirked. Anima tried swinging his arms horizontally faster, but Rikku just jumped, then ran behind him to stab him multiple times, while everyone else just blocked it once, then just stopped, and waited for Anima to stop. He did, but he followed up with more Pain's, which was followed with Full-Lives by Yudus. Unexpectedly, Anima Pained Yudus, but that didn't matter, because luckily, Yuna remembered white magic, so she Full-Lived everyone. This suit would continue for at least half an hour, before Yudus finally had enough.

Yudus quickly jumped into the air, and gathered Holy into the top of her Nirvana. She pointed it towards Anima, horizontally by her right side, and shot it at him like a cannon. It was some type of cannon shot explosion. A Holy Cannon! It didn't matter what it was, because it hit, and exploded like one of Vidina's Throw Explosions. It obliterated Anima, the pyreflies fled. They actually beat Anima!

(End Music)

Yudus seemed unconscious after the attacks, but she wasn't it just consumed all of the MP, and exhausted her. Yuna quickly healed her, Yudus jumped up and seemed fine. A guado ran up to them. "You must hurry!" he started "Shinra and Jenova 2 are going to the Farplane from Guadosalam!" "You must be the spy Jyskmel said he would send to get secret information from Shinra..." said Yuna "Yes, I am, but, that doesn't matter now! Hurry to Guadosalam! Please! "Right!" said everyone simultaneously. They sprinted to the Celsius and set it on a course to Guadosalam, where they would have a confrontation with Shinra and Jenova 2!

PS: This fic is winding down to the final chapters soon... but it just keeps getting better! Or, at least, I think so. Next chapter is the first non-battle in a long time, nothing but confrontation/talk in the next chapter. I hope you liked this battle! See ya next week!

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January 22nd, 2008, 1:29 PM
Note: This is the first "blah" chapter since before the battles, but oh well. No battles in this chapter, nothing except discussion.

Chapter 30: Shinra's going crazy!


The group arrived at Guadosalam. Guado's were all over the ground, not dead, just knocked unconscious. The group was appalled and shocked at this. They could only hope Jyskmel was okay. They started sprinting towards the entrance to the Farplane, but, when they got near the Guado leader mansion...

Jyskmel busted out of the mansion, luckily, without a single scratch on him. The group was a little happier now.

"Jyskmel! Your unharmed!" yelled Yuna, she then ran up to him and hugged him for about ten seconds, then let go. Jyskmel smiled, then said "Uh-huh, I won't die easily..." "That's good to hear" said Paine "So... what happened here!" Tidsna asked. Jyskmel sighed a heavy sigh, then said "Well... it's like this..."

Fifteen minutes earlier...

Cue Shinra and Jenova 2 busting into Guadosalam, destroying some of the entrance opening to Guadosalam. Shinra was glowing green... but not as much as the Aeons did. Jenova quickly took out a lot of Guado's who were in their way on the way to the Farplane. When they reached the entrance to the Farplane, the guado guardian of the Farplane yelled a question at them "What do you want here!" Shinra smiled his evil smile, then said "Nothing much... just to go into the Farplane, spread Jenova 2's cells, and take over Spira by taking control of the pyreflies." Jenova 2 quickly knocked out the guardian and continued into the Farplane with Shinra.

Back with the group...

"How did you witness this!" asked Tidus "Easy, through the window in my bedroom" said Jyskmel. "Oh... of course..." said Tidus, now feeling stupid. "So your okay?" asked Rikku "Yes, I'm fine, don't worry about me. Now go confront Shinra and Jenova 2!" said Jyskmel "Right!" said everyone simultaneously. The group sprinted into the Farplane, and when they actually entered the Farplane, they were teleported to an area that looked exactly like the area Vegnagun was at 20 years ago, and huge metal platform with multiple floating circle platforms, and multiple platforms for battling. There, they saw Shinra.

"Well well well... if it isn't my good friends Tidus, Yuna, Tidsna, Yudus, Vidina, Rikku and Paine... what brings you here?" asked Shinra. Everyone looked at him angrily, Yuna answered him. "You know why we're here, to destroy Jenova 2! So get out of the way!" "I... don't think so" said Shinra "What?!" said Tidus. They noticed he was somewhat glowing green. They now knew why. "Shinra fight it!" Yuna started "Jenova 2's manipulating you!" "Are you kidding!" started Shinra "After she put some of her cells in me... I feel great!" After Shinra said that, they already knew it was to late. He then fully glowed green and so did his Mako Gun, which, somehow, was transformed into a Mako Cannon! (It looks like Barret's Missing Score from FF7, except it's a gun now) Shinra was now completely under Jenova 2's control. Jenova 2 then said "Kill them" "Yes, Jenova 2" said Shinra, he then pointed his cannon at the group. The group had no choice, they drew their weapons and had to fight, possibly even kill, Shinra.

PS: Did you like the flashback? I did. I thought it was a nice change up. Anyway, the next three chapters are battles. Will they have to kill Shinra? Well... you'll find out, next Tuesday or Wednesday =/.

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Note: This battle's not that hard. But don't worry, the next one will DEFINITELY be hard.

Chapter 31: Good bye Shinra!


(go to vgmusic, PS1, FF7, and to the MIDI with "metallica" at the end of the url.)

The group quickly scattered and easily dodged the first shot from Shinra's Mako Cannon. Which was definitely a good thing, because as soon as it hit the ground the group was standing on, it exploded like a bomb. The group then knew the shot couldn’t hit them, because then whoever got hit, would be instantly slain.

The group started doing the same thing they did when they fought Shinra before when he only had that Mako gun. They started running around in different kinds of zigzag patterns and different kinds of random patterns, where they just ran around in different directions in different ways. The group was just running around, but it was worth it, because Shinra shooting at them wildly. But, the group was dodging them, so everyone was okay, for now anyway. Everyone knew that Jenova 2's control over Shinra was probably more then her control over the Aeons, and the group had no idea how to save someone taken over by Jenova, besides killing them, they were in trouble...

Tidus started to think to himself and tried to figure out what to do. "This is not good... I have no idea, and I'm pretty sure no one else knows, how to get someone out of Jenova's control. We killed the Aeons, again, and they were better, but is that the only way? To kill Shinra? Technically, it's Shinra's fault for trusting Jenova 2 and letting her put her cells in his body. I don't think we have a choice..." Tidus then told everyone else this. "Everyone! I'm afraid we don't have a choice, we have to kill Shinra to save him!" "But Tidus!" Yuna started, but Tidus interrupted her "I know Yuna! But think about it..." Then, Tidsna interrupted Tidus "Dad's right mom! There's absolutely no way to save Shinra without hurting or killing him! We don't have a choice!" Jenova 2 then quickly added her comment "Your right! My cells take over the body and the mind! The only way to save him, is to kill your friend Shinra! Hahahahahahahahahaha!" Yuna knew that Tidus, Tidsna, and even Jenova 2, were right. They had no choice, they had to kill Shinra. Yuna nodded, and everyone else nodded. "Make it quick and painless, okay!" asked Yuna, Tidsna nodded. Tidsna gained Tidus's speed, Tidus was still fast, but not as fast as he used to be, so Tidsna had to be the one to kill Shinra.

Tidsna started running towards Shinra, and still dodging the blasts. It was no use to try to shoot Tidsna, Tidsna was to fast, and the Mako Cannon had small pauses in the blasts. This would be the end for Shinra. Tidsna stabbed Shinra through his stomach and out his back, and kept it there. Shinra couldn't fire the cannon, because Tidsna was to close and the cannon was to big and couldn't be fired at close range like the Mako gun could. Tidsna then said to Shinra "True, I'm killing you, but it's your fault for making, and then trusting, Jenova 2. Goodbye Shinra!" Tidsna then took his Brother-bolg out and sliced Shinra in half horizontally. Shinra died instantly. Jenova 2 made some platforms for the group to jump onto, but the group stayed on the ground, for now, anyway. Everyone in the group then stared coldly at Jenova 2. They now were going to fight Jenova 2, and they planned to destroy her. For revenge for manipulating Shinra, for Shinra himself, for Spira, and even for Jenova 1. Time to end it, FOR GOOD!

PS: Next 2 chapters, are nothing but the Jenova 2 battle. Yup, that's right. It's a two-part battle. Or I guess you could say it takes 2 chapters for this battle to be won. Kinda tells you it might be good, huh?

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Note: Oh yeah... this should be interesting...

Chapter 32: Versus Jenova 2! (Part 1)


"We will destroy you, Jenova 2" said Yuna, pissed off like.

(go to PS1, FF7, to the MIDI with "jenovaabsolute" at the end of the url.)

Everyone in the group, Tidsna, Yudus, Vidina, Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, ran straight towards Jenova 2. Everyone was pissed off, and everyone was ready for his or her assault against Jenova 2, to destroy her sorry ass.

Tidsna and Paine stayed on the ground, so they could take on the bottom of Jenova 2, or her base. Yudus and Vidina took Jenova 2's left arm, while Yuna and Rikku took Jenova 2's right arm. Tidus may have been the only person taking on Jenova 2's torso, or chest, he could handle himself, so it didn't matter. The combos began quite easily, but only because Jenova 2 enlarged herself with pyreflies to, at least, the size of what Vegnagun was 20 years ago. But... it seemed like the combo's were only stinging Jenova 2. Not... good...

Jenova 2 grunted a couple times, then said to the entire group "Not bad, but I'm afraid those petty combos are only stinging me" "DAMMIT!" yelled Tidus. "Well... to bad" said Jenova 2. "Okay, how about this!" said Vidina. Vidina seemed to come out of thin air to Jenova 2. He threw his ball slam-dunk like at Jenova 2, it hit easily, and exploded the familiar green cloud-shaped mushroom cloud. It was Ultima Throw Explosion! Jenova 2 screamed. "Yes!" said Vidina. "Ow! You bastard!" said Jenova 2. Jenova 2 then finally started her assault against the group when Vidina returned to her left arm.

Jenova tried to punch combo Yudus and Vidina on her left, and Yuna and Rikku on her right. But, they were smart enough to remember that Jenova 2's arms had the "Bad Breath" status effect on them if they hit, so Yudus blocked, while Yuna, Rikku, and Vidina dodged. She hit Tidsna and Paine with some type of gas. They dealt, and continued combos, but were still being hurt. Tidus noticed this, stopped and yelled to Yudus "Their poisoned!" Yudus responded with "I'm on it!" Yudus used Esuna on them. Jenova 2 tried to take advantage and hit Yudus, but Vidina threw and volleyed his ball to stop her left arm. Vidina gave thumbs up to Yudus, and Yudus nodded. Jenova 2 spit out some acid at Tidus, but he easily dodged. She spat out multiple acids at Tidus, he dodged every single one of them. Jenova 2 was a fool to think she could hit Tidus. She was only hitting Tidsna because the attack was a gas, and really couldn't be dodged. So she tried a Poison Breath. It did hit, but Yudus just used Esuna on Tidus. This would continue for quite some time. Slashing, stabbing, whacking, throwing, and shooting combos. Along with the punching, acid, and gas combos by Jenova 2. She was able to poison Tidus, Tidsna, and Paine at once, but Yudus just used Esuna-All for everyone, that way she wouldn't have to use three individual Esunas. Once again, Jenova 2 tried to take advantage of the distraction to Yudus and tried to combo her, and once again, Vidina interrupted with multiple hits with his ball. Then, the group tried something.

Vidina threw another Ultima Throw Explosion at Jenova 2, it hit, and Vidina went back to Jenova 2's left arm. Vidina then quickly used a Mega Ether on himself. Tidus went in straight for where the ball hit and tried to cross-slash her in two, but Jenova 2 notice this, and was actually able to hit Tidus with an acid, but only because she caught him by surprise. He landed on the platform nearest to Jenova 2's chest, and Yudus quickly used Esuna on him. "That was close. Another second an I would have been..." thought Jenova 2. She then forced the whole group back five feet away from her with a Poison Gas Blast. It poisoned everyone, too, but Yudus just quickly used Esuna on everyone. Everyone then realized that Jenova 2 did that because Tidus made her scared. The group then instantly knew how to destroy Jenova 2, but could they even do it? Well, let's hope so.

To Be Continued.

PS: Whoa... awesome. Well... it is in my opinion. Next chapter, obviously, ends the battle. Hopefully it'll be a little better then this chapter. Meh.

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January 25th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Note: Well... it's been fun... but the final boss fight is coming up. You won't be able to believe who the opponent is. Anyway, basically what I'm trying to say, is that the fic is coming to an end :-(.

Chapter 33: Versus Jenova 2! (Part 2)


(go to vgmusic, PS1, FF7, and to the MIDI with "jenova absolute" at the end of the url.)

Everyone in the group nodded to one another. It told everyone that they knew the plan, and when they were give a chance, they'd go for it.

The group started running back to where the metal platforms were. Jenova 2 started to shoot multiple acids at the group, but the group just easily zigzag dodged them. This happened for about three minutes, and they were below the platforms. Tidsna and Paine took the base of Jenova 2 again, Yudus and Vidina took the left arm again, Yuna and Rikku took the right arm again, and Tidus took the torso again. Jenova 2 quickly used the Poison Gas attack on Tidsna and Paine, which poisoned them. Yudus quickly used Esuna on them, and Jenova 2's left arm tried to hit Yudus, but Vidina countered and threw his ball at Jenova 2's left arm, then volleyed it for multiple hits. Vidina also added Ultima to it for extra damage. Then, of course, the slashing, stabbing, shooting, whacking, and throwing combos started. Along with Jenova 2's punching, acid, and poison gas combos. Yuna, Rikku, and Vidina dodged, while Yudus parried the blows by blocking with her Nirvana staff. Tidus dodged the acids, and Tidsna and Paine got gassed, they dealt, and got healed. Which cause more volleying combos by Vidina to Jenova 2's left arm. They then tried the plan.

Vidina quickly threw his ball, slam-dunk like, at Jenova 2's chest, creating Ultima Throw Explosion. Tidus quickly went after where the ball hit, but Jenova 2 knew what they were doing, so she threw an acid at Tidus, and it hit. She quickly gassed Tidsna and Paine, but that was a waste of time, Yudus healed them, and Vidina prevented Yudus from being hit with more volleying combos. The group knew that just trying the plan wouldn't work, they would have to surprise her. They would try that.

The combos of the group and Jenova 2 continued for a long half-hour. Eventually, the group got tired of this, they would end it.

Everyone in the group all started attacking at once. They were doing their best for it to be hard combos. It was working! They could tell, because Jenova 2 started grunting louder. The combos were getting better, because everyone was more serious. "What's going on! Why do these combos actually hurt! I don't get it!" thought Jenova 2. Vidina seemed to come out of nowhere to Jenova 2. He threw his ball, slam-dunk like, at Jenova 2 again, and it hit her throat! Ouch. It started to choke Jenova 2. The group knew this was their chance, and they took it.

Tidus went after Jenova 2's throat. Jenova 2 looked up and saw Tidus, but it was to late. Tidus cross-slashed Jenova 2's throat, slicing Jenova 2's head off. Then Vidina used all the black magic he had left and used another Ultima Throw Explosion, obliterating the rest of Jenova 2's body. Then, somehow, they were teleported out of the Farplane with a strange symbol that looked similar to Bahamut's summon signia. They were at... the Calm Lands? Well, they would worry about it later. They went to the Al Bhed shop, and took a well-deserved rest. Because Tidus, Yuna, Tidsna, Yudus, Vidina, Rikku, and Paine just killed, and destroyed, Jenova 2!

PS: Short, but it should have been, because since the group knew what to do, it wouldn’t of taken to long for them to destroy Jenova 2, so it works. Next chapter, introduction and description of the final boss, a cameo character, and the final boss shows himself to the group!

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January 27th, 2008, 1:35 PM
Note: Crazy chapter, this week. A cameo character, the introduction of the final boss, and the final boss shows himself to the group!

Chapter 34: The REAL Enemy


The group took a long, well-deserved, one-hour rest. After the rest, obviously, everyone in the group was fully healed. The group was at, basically, a hundred and ten percent, in case of a surprise boss fight. Little did the group know, that they would get a surprise boss fight, and it would be the hardest fight they have ever fought.

The group quickly gathered together for a group conversation or meeting. Tidus would be the first to speak, as he said "Okay... let's get down to business." Everyone else nodded "yes" and Tidus continued "So... anyone know why we're suddenly at the Calm Lands?" "Nope, not a clue" said Tidsna. Everyone then went deep into thought for about ten minutes, then, Yuna spoke, as she said "Well, maybe it was some kind of last ditch effort by Jenova 2 to prevent us from getting home or something?" "Makes sense to me" said Rikku "That would explain that weird symbol under us, that probably teleported us here" said Yudus "I guess it kinda worked..." started Tidus "Because it'll take us awhile to get back to the Celsius, which is in Guadosalam" "True..." started Vidina "We have to get through here, Macalania, and the Thunder Plains again, which sucks." "Oh well, we have no choice, so let's go in fifteen minutes!" said Tidus. Everyone in the group nodded. But... they wouldn't leave the Calm Lands in fifteen minutes, they would leave in the next three hours.


Cloud quickly ran up to someone with his Buster Sword drawn and out in front of him. "There you are" started Cloud "Now, let's finish this!" "Ah, ah, ah... not so fast..." started this "someone". The "someone" had long silvery hair, with green emerald eyes. He had pale skin, with a ripped body. He had a black trenchcoat on, that was open, with no shirt underneath it. On his chest and abdomen, was the top that's usually on overalls. It was black in the shape of an "X" with a metal buckle in the middle of the "X". He had black tight pants on, with black boots on his feet. He continued "I've figured out a way to kill you without fighting you." "How!" asked Cloud "These fools actually built a time machine, what a mistake, for you that is. I'm going to use this time machine to go back a million years ago, to kill your great times twenty grandfather, who's the weakest of your ancestors. It's set for me to only be there for only three hours, but I only need fifteen minutes to kill him. So, after I'm done, might as well create some chaos. Bye-bye Cloud!" "No!" yelled Cloud as he tried to slash "him" vertically, but he disappeared into the time machine. "No..." said Cloud.

Back with the group...

The group was about to leave, until they saw another teleporting signia. Out "he" came. "He" quickly used his dark powers to create invisible barriers all around, preventing escape. Tidus noticed this, and asked "him" "Who are you and what do you want!" "He" smirked and said "My name is Sephiroth, and I've come to kill him" he pointed to... Tidsna! Tidsna went wide-eyed. Everyone quickly ran to the biggest wide-open area in the Calm Lands, the middle. Sephiroth followed. Everyone in the group quickly drew their weapon. Everyone the watched, in horror, as Sephiroth drew an 18 foot sword. Sephiroth used his powers again, and it hit the sky. Nothing happened, but trumpets and violin's started playing. "Setting the mood" said Sephiroth, evilly. Everyone got serious, and ready for the hardest fight ever, in their entire lives, against, Sephiroth!


PS: ...


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January 28th, 2008, 1:46 PM
Note: All this hype... and it's probably not that good. This part's really only suppose to show that Sephiroth has mad skillz (skillz... lol...), so meh. Part 2 should be MUCH better, so just deal.

Chapter 35: SEPHIROTH!


insert "One Winged Angel" from FF7 (If you want it, try eyesonff)

The group just stood there seven feet away from Sephiroth. They had no idea what to do, or what to use, against him. The group, basically, had absolutely no strategy against him. That... wouldn't be good...

Sephiroth showed something else that would shock the group. All of a sudden, a huge black angel-like wing came out of his trenchcoat on the left side of his body. Well... that just makes things worse.

The group just didn't know what to do, so everyone just started running in different directions. No one ran towards Sephiroth, though, but that would end up being a good thing. No one was no where even close to Sephiroth to start a group combo, so Yuna started shooting at him, while Vidina tried hitting him with his ball while adding random black magic to his ball. But, it wasn't going to be that easy. Sephiroth started running around in different directions as well, easily dodging the shots and the ball. The group really had to keep an eye on him now, because they had to make sure they weren't running in the opposite direction of Sephiroth, or it would be catastrophic. Sephiroth just smirked.

Sephiroth teleported using his dark powers. The group had no idea where he went. He reappeared behind Vidina and did hard slashing combos on him, and started running again. Vidina yelled and fell to the ground.

"Vidina! You okay!" yelled Yudus "Yeah! I'm fine!" said Vidina. Vidina quickly then jumped back onto his feet.

But, after that, the group knew what to do. To watch each other's back and inform who Sephiroth was behind, and try to attack him. Sephiroth thought that since it worked once, it would work again. He teleported, and everyone stopped and looked around. Eventually... "Mom, behind you!" yelled Yudus. Yuna quickly turned around and shot Sephiroth, and it hit! Sephiroth was shocked. Yuna continued to shoot him. Everyone else ran up to Sephiroth and started attacking as well! The slashing, stabbing, shooting, throwing, and whacking combos started. Since so many people were attacking him, Sephiroth couldn't teleport away. He couldn't dodge, either. The combos continued for a good fifteen minutes, really damaging Sephiroth. Sephiroth eventually grew tired of it and used his dark powers to create a blast that sent the group back seven feet away from him. Sephiroth then chanted "Descend Heartless Angel!" A weird reddish-orange halo appeared above Yuna's head. A minute later, she was hit and had one HP left! Sephiroth quickly teleported to fast for the group and finished off Yuna. Yuna was knocked out! Yudus quickly ran as far away from Sephiroth and Full-Lived Yuna and used a Mega Ether on her.

"You okay mom?" asked Yudus "I am now, thanks Yudus" said Yuna "Your welcome" said Yudus. Sephiroth saw the heal and got madder. Yuna and Yudus started running around again. Everyone also saw the attack, so the group knew they had to watch out for it, and at the same time, somewhat protect Yudus, since Sephiroth now knew Yudus was their "healer". But... could the "Descend Heartless Angel" be stopped or dodged? It didn't seem like it. This battle would only get MUCH worse.

*to be continued*

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Note: Don't worry, this part's MUCH better.

Chapter 36: SEPHIROTH!!


"One Winged Angel" continues to be heard

The group continued to, once again, run in different directions and keep an eye on Sephiroth. Sephiroth teleported, again, and the group stopped and looked around.

"Yudus!" yelled Tidus. Yudus quickly put her weapon behind her, basically attacking backwards. It worked as she hit Sephiroth, quickly turned around, and started a whacking combo. Everyone else quickly ran towards Yudus, and soon enough, the slashing, stabbing, shooting, throwing, and whacking group combos began again. Once again, Sephiroth couldn't dodge the combos nor teleport away, because to many people were attacking him at once. Again, the combos continued for fifteen long minutes until Sephiroth used the dark energy blast to send the group away from him. Everyone started running around in every which way again. Sephiroth chanted up another Descend Heartless Angel, nothing could be done, so the group waited to see who would be hit. The familiar halo appeared above... Tidus! Tidus was hit, and of course, quickly finished off by Sephiroth. Everyone started to distract Sephiroth while Yudus Full-Lived Tidus. Then Yuna started shooting at him, while Vidina tried hitting Sephiroth with his ball, and adding random black magic to it. Everyone also continued running around as well. No one knew what to expect next.

Sephiroth tried teleporting one more time, and again, the group stopped. "Tidus!" yelled Yudus. Tidus quickly turned around and started slashing the crap our of Sephiroth. Everyone else quickly ran up to Tidus and everyone started the group combos yet again, for fifteen more longer minutes. Then Sephiroth sent them away again with another dark energy blast. Sephiroth chanted another Descend Heartless Angel and it hit Tidsna who was quickly finished off. Everyone then, once again, pre-occupied Sephiroth so Yudus could Full-Life Tidsna. Then... the battle turned even worse...

Sephiroth then somehow turned the whole area dark! The group had no idea what to do. Sephiroth started slashing random people and teleporting to slash other people and slashing REALLY fast. The group was hit, and hit hard. They, recovered, though, and started running around again. Sephiroth chanted another Descend Heartless Angel, and it hit Vidina. Yudus Full-Lived him and barely dodged a combo by Sephiroth. Sephiroth tried the crazy, dark-area slashing. But... the group started running away from Sephiroth and was able to dodge it! Sephiroth couldn't believe it.

Sephiroth tried teleporting one last time, everyone in the group stopped and looked around. "Paine!" yelled Rikku, Paine quickly attacked backwards as well, turned around, and started slashing the crap out of Sephiroth. Everyone quickly ran up to Paine and started another fifteen minute long group combo. Sephiroth sent them back again with another dark energy blast, then said "It's all over for you fools. I actually didn't think it would take this long, nor did I think I would have to use this attack. It's all over." The group said nothing, but they knew that this battle would just get even harder.

*to be continued*

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Note: Here you go fans! The conclusion of the battle!

Chapter 37: SEPHIROTH!!!


"One Winged Angel" continues to be heard

The group started running away from Sephiroth immediately, because Sephiroth started his crazy slashing combo. The group noticed that when Sephiroth was done, he was tired for a couple of seconds. So Tidus started slashing him, everyone else quickly ran to Tidus to help, and the group began their combos. The usual slashing, stabbing, shooting, throwing, and whacking combos. Which, like always, lasted for fifteen long minutes, because Sephiroth couldn't teleport away or dodge. Eventually, Sephiroth sent the group away with the usual dark energy blast. Sephiroth, again, chanted up another Descend Heartless Angel, and it hit Yuna.

The group then started running around trying to distract Sephiroth while Yudus used Full-Life on Yuna and used a Mega Ether on her. It worked and Yudus and Yuna started running in different directions just in time, as Sephiroth showed up and tried to slash them both, but missed. Then, Sephiroth used his most powerful attack. That's right it isn't Descend Heartless Angel.

"I shall take you to the Promised Land, you fools" said Sephiroth. The group stopped and looked around. The area darkened and five huge meteors of rock showed up three feet away from Sephiroth. The meteors started moving around clockwise, but somewhat slowly. The group was safe from the meteors because they were seven feet away from Sephiroth, but the group was confused. Plus, the meteors somewhat glowed red, but it was on the inside of the meteors. All of a sudden, all of the meteors suddenly exploded! It surprised the group, so the explosions hit them and it hit hard. Sephiroth continued the assault with the crazy fast slash combo. The group had no recuperation time, so they were hit hard again! The group was critical now. Yudus jumped up and tried to heal, only to get hit with a Descend Heartless Angel before she could heal, and quickly finished off. Unknown to Sephiroth, Tidsna was on his feet. Sephiroth quickly finished off the rest of the group with another Meteor attack. Tidsna got lucky and got far away enough to dodge the explosion. Tidsna was about to use a Mega Phoenix, but was hit with another Descend Heartless Angel. Tidsna went down to one knee, and looked up to see, none other than, Sephiroth.

"Are you ready to die?" asked Sephiroth. Tidsna said nothing. "Good" started Sephiroth "Because all of your friends are down and out, no one can save you now" Tidsna just got angrier and angrier, till he snapped. Faster then even Sephiroth could follow, Tidsna slashed Sephiroth horizontally, slicing his stomach but not enough to cut him in half. Sephiroth went wide-eyed. Tidsna quickly used a Mega Phoenix, which was followed by Yudus using Curaga-All to heal everyone to a hundred percent HP. Sephiroth got lucky, though, as the three hours ended and he was teleported back to his own time. Tidnsa explained what happened, and everyone was happy for him. The group headed off for Guadosalam to get the Celsius back.


Sephiroth came back to the time machine, and Cloud was still there. Cloud saw Sephiroth's wound and was shocked. Sephiroth quickly flew away with his right arm over the wound. Cloud just smirked and walked away.

End Music

*to be continued?*

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Note: Here it is, fans, the FINAL chapter of Final Fantasy: X to 7. Is it a bad/sad ending? Read and decide for yourself.

Chapter 38: Failure?!


The group had no reason to run and hurry to Guadosalam, at least not yet, so the group just walked to Guadosalam. It would be half an hour, going through Macalania, and the Thunder Plains, before arriving in Guadosalam. The group went straight for the entrance of Guadosalam, so they could get to the Moonflow, so they could get back to the Celsius. But Jyskmel who yelled so he could get the group’s attention stopped them.

"Hey!" yelled Jyskmel. The group turned around, and saw Jyskmel running towards them, so they stopped. Jyskmel got to them and bent over and breathed heavily, because he was tired. He quickly dealt with it, stood up, and said "I'm glad you guys showed up when you did" "What's wrong Jyskmel?" asked Yuna "Earlier, I received an emergency call from the spy I sent for you guys to spy on Shinra and his crew" said Jyskmel "And?" asked Paine "You won't believe this..." Jyskmel started "Apparently Shinra had followers who agreed with him, because they're putting all the information about Mako in a rocket, taking the followers who knew the most about Shinra's plan, and blasting off into space! Intending to go to another planet!" "Oh... you've got to be kidding me..." said Tidus "I wish I was Tidus, but I'm not" said Jyskmel. "Alright then, let's get to the Celsius fast and hurry to Mi'ihen Highroad!" said Yuna. Everyone nodded.

The group ran as fast as they could to the Moonflow. They boarded the Celsius from the Save Point in the Southern part of the Moonflow. They put the Celsius in full speed and had it head toward the Save Point where the Al Bhed shop was in the Mi'ihen Highroad. Which worked, because that's where they had to go. The group held on tight. They were there in a matter of seconds. They exited, and it seemed like they were in time, until...

The group showed up, and all of a sudden, the Al Bhed Shop exploded! Out came a huge rocket at least thirty feet long. Which could only be built in a secret underground basement, area, or hideout. The rocket was going to fast, the group knew they couldn't do anything. The group was depressed. Tidsna ran to the destroyed Al Bhed Shop, and fell down to both knees as he watched the rocket go into space. Tidsna then fell to his hands and knees and started crying, then hit the ground with his right fist multiple times.

The group got back on the Celsius and made their way back to Guadosalam to tell Jyskmel what happened. When they arrived, Tidsna was behind everyone else with his head down, still depressed. Jyskmel noticed this when he came out of his mansion when the group knocked on his mansion's door.

"What happened?" asked Jyskmel. The group then explained to Jyskmel everything that happened since they first were there. "I see..." Jyskmel said. Jyskmel paced around back and forth for ten minutes, until "I think I have a pretty good theory" said Jyskmel "Go ahead, Jyskmel" said Rikku. Jyskmel nodded and said "Maybe Sephiroth knew more about the past then he let on. Maybe he knew that if you got to the Al Bhed Shop in the Mi'ihen Highroad and destroyed the information about Mako, Sephiroth wouldn't even exist. Trying to kill Tidsna was just a bonus. So he tried to kill two birds with one stone. Of course, he only got one of them done." "That does make sense..." said Vidina. Tidsna looked up and said "But... we couldn't save another world from possible destruction..." Tidus comforted Tidsna and said "Don't worry, son. I'm pretty sure there will be another generation that will handle the Mako and the Sephiroth situation" Tidsna cheered up and said "Your right dad".

Everyone used the Celsius to return back home for good. Tidsna, Yudus, Vidina, Tidus, and Yuna were welcomed back to Besaid Island with another cheering crowd. The future ahead of them looked bright. Well... let's hope so... ^_^;;;

The End.

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