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INDEX------------------------------------------------------------------------ What Characters are in What Chapters.
(N/R= Not Released)
~ VOLUME 1: The Beggining~
Chapter 1-Meet Lukas!; The Attack of Tailow!. [Willer Saller, Lukas York]
Chapter 2-Vs Elekid . [Willer Saller, Lukas York]
Chapter 3-Near's Story! Vs. Machop, Climb Higher and Higher! [Near]
Chapter 4-A new...Hero!? Vs Koffing! Protect Jordan! [Willer Saller, Jordan Day]
Chapter 5-Oh Princess, Where Art Thou?; Vs Mr. Mime. [Ryan Bondage]
Chapter 6-Poisonous Flatulence! Vs Mr Mime (Part II) [Ryan Bondage]
Chapter 7-The Two Faced Ghost. [Jordan Day, Sincro Orcin]
Chapter 8-Lukas Returns Vs. Corphish. One Hell of a Shock! [Lukas York]
Chapter 9-The Hyper Cutter Vs. Poocheyena! [Lukas York]
Chapter 10- Love is a Lie! [Near]

~Volume 2:Road to the Cup~
Chapter 11- Gotcha [Near]
Chapter 12- So Guillible! Vs. Hitmonlee! [Near]
Chapter 13- The Safari Zone! [Willer Saller]
Chapter 14- The Heavens Await! Vs. Geodude. [Lukas York]
Chapter 15- Night Assult.Vs. Murkrow. [Lukas York]
Chapter 16- The Abyss. Vs. Nuzleaf. [Willer Saller]
Chapter 17- Tauros and Milktank Ranch Perrils! Vs. Mankey [Willer Saller, Jordan Day]

~Volume 3: Christmas Cup~
Chapter 18- Into the Arena Vs. Combee![Willer Saller,Near,Elias,Sincro Orcin]
Chapter 19- Nolan the Air Master & The Monk! Vs. Natu and Vs. Kadabra![Near and Sincro Orcin]
Chapter 20- Semi Finals! VS. Spiritomb and Sealeo [Willer Saller and Sincro Orcin]
Chapter 21-Panic at the Colosseum [Jordan Day]
Chapter 22:And the Winner is... Vs. Charmeleon!? [Sincro Orcin, Willer Saller]

This, my friends, Is my first Fan Fic. Please point out flaws and PLEASE comments. Im trying to keep chapters short so they're not a snore-fest. Anyways on to the Fan Fic.

First of all i'd like to point out that it's a fan fic about my RP site, so there will be ALOT of main characters and even more so when more people join and start their journeys, everyone is guaranteed a spot in the fan fic. Now keep in mind I made my site at least 2 months before news of Pokemon Ranger 2 came out so know this; I DID NOT copy the name "Aruma" from Ranger, in fact , if anything, they copied me and simply added an I making it Arumia >_>

This Fic is rated PG-13


Chapter 1: Meet Lukas! The Attack of Tailow!

The winter winds sliced through the sand.The air cold, the sky cloudy, it wasn't really the best day to be in Cascade Beach. It was wintertime so only trainers would be in the beach in this day. However a certain trainer was there for the feel of the beach, the sound of the ocean; Lukas York.

He was a young trainer who took apprentice under a low ranking professor who worked in Cascade Beach. Evidently this boy was the first young hero of our tale. Well him and another boy that just set foot in the Cascade Port and the land of Aruma for the first time ever. Oh well you'll hear more about him later.

Lukas was a young boy, 14. Been living here for about 3 months. 1 year ago the land of Aruma was discovered by explorers. It was in a dangerous sea that had an awkward magnetic frequency, which probably explains why it took so long to discover. Truths was the weird frequencies made airplanes useless in that strange ocean which we now call the Aruma Ocean. Aruma was the perfect land for trainers. All climates, all terrains, and a land where all pokemon could exist! The Pokemon League Association sent a group of powerful trainers into the dangerous land to clean it up a bit and set up towns. A few months later and the land of Aruma was opened to not only trainers but anyone who was interested in going there. But make no mistake, it was a Trainer Haven.

Lukas had brown hair that spiked to the right. His eyes had a piercing feel to them with a small hint of amber to them. He donned white skin and moderately tall for his age. He wore a navy blue short-sleeved shirt with a small eagle on the right sleeve. He had a black belt holding his brown khaki pants, on that belt there was a single (opened) pokeball. He was sitting on the sandy beach, slightly irritated by the blowing winds flinging sand at his face. However he was smiling, despite the cold and the wind. His elekid was next to him smiling to, a pretty low level one at that. The little thing probably didn't even know any electric attacks! Lukas stood up and stretched.

"Cold day huh Elekid?" He smiled as he heard a small crack.

"Kid" replied Elekid scratching his horn...plug...head.
You know that other 'hero' I was talking about? Well it's his part to come in.

At that same time in Cascade Port....

"Wait up, idiot!" yelled the boy, same age as Lukas, as he chased a Tailow that was flying towards the beach. They had just arrived at the port and he released Tailow for one second, let the recently recieved bird get a little air...NOW look what happened!
Tailow noticed a trainer from afar. It grinned, or attempted to with it's beak. It increased it's speed, it sliced through the air, it aimed at the innocent trainer and rammed into it with a spiraling headbutt.

Back in the beach...

Lukas fell to the ground having just been tackled by a Tailow. Elekid jumped infront of his injured Trainer and glared at the opposing Tailow who still had the grin on it's face.
They just met for the first time but they were about to rip each other apart when the Tailow's trainer stepped in.
"Tailow what are you- OH MY GOD YOU KILLED THAT KID!" Yelled the trainer as he bent down and inspected Lukas. He put his hand over his chest to check if his heart was beating. Can't blame him, this trainer was no doctor.

"I'm ok..." said Lukas getting up. There was a slight glare...but it might have been the Trainer's imagination. His amber eyes shone brightly as he clutched his sides. Tailow must have hit HARD. He smiled a bit and took a breath. That was unexpected.

"Heh heh...Sorry. Tailow gets a bit agitated when he wants to fight." said the Trainer scratching his black, wild hair. He wore goggles over his eyes, large shorts and a T-Shirt with a bull insignia on the back. There was a large coat hanging off his back like a cape, but he didn't put it on despite the cold. He wore sandals too. What was he, anti-cold?
The Trainer then grinned a frightening grin.

"You a trainer?" he asked reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pokedex; a tool given to all trainers who visited Aruma.

"Only the best in Cascade Beach!" lied Lukas as he pointed at himself and Elekid tensed up and began rotating it's arms...as if it could perform an electric attack. It was making small sparks, trying to scare Tailow, without a doubt. It had little to no effect. Tailow laughed a bit. Pretty cocky ain't it?

"I do believe those are fightin' words, no?" asked Lukas. "At least let me know your name."

The trainer grinned. His coat flailing in the air like a cape.

"Willer Saller" said the Trainer, who we now know is named Willer.
The name Saller was a name that has rung up in the Aruma Underground, and most veteran trainers. But not this Saller, another man named Saller who had caused an outrage in Aruma shortly before...

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And heres Chapter 2. Next chapter introduces a new main character.

Cascade Beach-

As the wind blew through the sand and flung them at the two boys they tensed up for a battle. It was mutual. If a trainer sees another trainer, he has the right to challenge the other. A true trainer shouldn't mind and should take this as a chance to better him or herself.
Lukas pulled out his pokedex and investigated the opponent's pokemon, which Willer used as an opportunity for the first-strike; Speed was a big part of the battle and that first hit can change anything.

"Jet! Tackle him!" called Willer from the sidelines using Tailow's nickname. Jet flew towards the opponent as low as it could, leaving a stream of sand behind. It tensed up when it was around 2 yards away from the target, the black stripped Elekid.

"Elekid, get im' " yelled Lukas hurriedly.
Elekid launched it's fist forward to deliver a punch, a move any pokemon with an arm should be able to perform. Tailow saw the attack coming and at the last second tilted to the left dodging it by 2 centimeters. However this also made it miss the tackle. Tailow turned around, and faced the Elekid, Elekid did the same. The rivals awaited a command.

"Jet, Attack!" said Willer cooly. He was having no trouble with the blowing sands because of his goggles, unlike his adversary who was quite irritated. Willer took note of his.

"Grab it's wing!" called out Lukas as he grinned at the foe. No need for electric attacks when you have an Elekid who's very agile and good reflexes.
Elekid reached for a wing when Tailow dived even lower, centimeters off the ground and headbutted Elekid's stomach, right on the black lightning mark.

"KID" it managed to cough out. It fell on it's bottom and glared at the opponent, trying to think of a comeback, but Tailow was two steps ahead and launched a barrage of 'Peck' on the open foe. It hit multiple parts of it's torso which sent it rolling towards it's trainer. Lukas bent down and patted it.

"Can you still fight?" he asked sympathetically. Elekid nodded and hopped back up,it's body was beginning to create small,hot, wire-like sparks.
Tailow, however, was not in such a good shape. Despite the face that he was yet to be hit he seemed troubled. He was on the floor, head hid inbetween his wings, body shaking slightly.

"Jet...what happened!" yelled Willer worriedly.
Jet looked up and smiled. It was fighting it. Fighting the fact that it was now paralyzed!
Elekid's body emits a powerful static which can cause a light paralysis on contact. And that's exactly what happened to Jet the Tailow. Nevertheless it smiled as if reassuring Willer that everything was ok. For now.

"Elekid, Quick Attack!" yelled Lukas. Elekid dashed at Tailow at amazing speeds and hit it with a strong punch, sending Tailow flying to the right. Tailow stopped itself in mid-air, slowly beating it's wings. It's eyes were burning with rage. It's body was surrounded with a powerful aura. Its ability was now activated; Guts!

"Fight it jut a little bit longer!" chanted Willer.

"Gust!" he yelled and in unison Tailow beat it's wings rapidly creating a strong wind aimed at the sand. Both Elekid and Lukas were clueless of what Tailow and Willer had in mind but they soon realized as they glanced at the mini sand-storm that the gust created. Elekid and Lukas shielded their eyes as many sand grains blew towards them.

"Where...where the heck is he!?" grunted Lukas trying to see through the sand. He could see Elekid looking around curelessly and a small shadow coming from behind him through a sand cloud. Suddenly a black object came spiraling out of the sand cloud and slammed Elekid on the back. Elekid was not expecting that he glanced back and saw Tailow bashing his skull on it's striped back!

"How do you like our Flying Arrow!" taunted Willer. The sand eventually cleared revealing Tailow perched on top of the unconcious Elekid.

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Finished Chapter 3. Some critism would be nice...=D

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For those who are wondering what the map of Aruma is like, this is a vague demonstration.


Chapter 3:
Near's Story! Vs. Machop, Climb Higher and Higher!

----------------------Heaven Peak's Mountain--------------------

"Who ever thought of putting a dang mountain all the way up there!?!" complained Near as he squinted up towards the top of the mountain called Heaven's Peak. Heaven Peak was a town that rested on top of a large mountain, a city mostly for trainers that want to better themselves. This included the rookie trainer, Near.

Near was young and pretty smart, albeit he could be annoying as hell. He already had two Pokemon in his arsenal and was aiming for more. He had pitch black hair and spiked to the right side, had green eyes and white skin, even whiter in the freezing wintertime breeze. He wore a red velvet scarf around his neck, a white T-shirt with some sort of black half-jacket that was like a basic jacket but it barely covered his rib cage. Some sort of fashion thing, who knows. He had a spankin' nice,shiny belt and black jeans.

Today he was going to climb Heaven's Peak. It's not all that big, if you follow the road it should get you there in a few days, maybe 2-3 at the most. Unfortunately for him there was a rather large Onix blocking the way so he was going to climb around it and take the road. He looked at a large cliff sticking out of the mountain, the shape of a rectangular prism . He noticed something up there. A Machop was taking a rest on that ledge.

"Ah...a Machop! That could be useful!" he laughed. This woke the alert Machop up. It stood up and glared down the ledge to see the trainer looking back, a Pokeball
in his hands. Machop knew where this was going.

Near threw the ball towards the machop it spiraled towards the pokemon. Trying to catch it at full stamina from the front? Maybe Near isn't too smart after all!
Machop ducked , the ball flew a good 7 inches above him and slammed into the mountain wall. Machop was just about to gloat about his great dodge when he saw a big flash behind him. Machop turned around to see the ball opening and a Pokemon flying out of it, it's fist coming towards Machop's chest.

Machop was struck on the chest and soared away from the ledge towards the ground. He hit it with a loud thud. '
Not so stupid now, am I?' thought Near.

Machop quickly bounced back up and quickly glanced behind at the Trainer who was just standing there, scarf dancing in the wind. Machop then turned his head around and squinted upwards, through the wind and the snow he could see an absent-minded Croagunk staring off into nothing.

Machop got in a crouched stance, like a Cross-Country runner right before hes about to run.And then zoom! It blazed towards the ledge at an amazing speed. With no effort he ran up the steep, steep slope, his arms quickly anchoring himself up. Such an expert climbing technique could only be...

"Woah, it knows Rock Climb too!? I MUST HAVE IT!" laughed Near looking at his Croagunk and nodding. Croagunk merely stared into space, as if he couldn't hear the Machop quickly approaching the top of the snow covered cliff.

In a less than a second Machop was almost to the top of the ledge, it drew it's fist back and reared a punch. He let it loose right on the edge of the cliff, cracking a large chunk and sending a mass of rock and snow up into the air, it's fist still soaring towards Croagunk's chin. There was no way to dodge now!

But Croagunk did anyways. Right as the fist was about to arrive him he swayed back a mere centimeter making Machop miss the punch and soar into the air. It landed on the cliff with a left handed punch aimed downwards, which Croagunk also dodged by jumping behind, the same absent-minded look on his face.

"Croagunk's ability, Anticipation allows it to anticipate upcoming moves.It's hard to hit something when they know what your going to use" smirked Near.

"Now, Croagunk, Attack!" yelled Near.

Croagunk hopped back just a bit, huffed and puffed his chest, and fired a strong blast of mud from it's mouth towards the opponent; Mud Slap! It hit Machop's chest
sending him off the edge of the cliff once more,this time he didn't hit the floor, however. A pokeball hit it's back and locked the Super Power pokemon in it's spherical prison.

"Gotcha'" joked Near walking to the ball and picking it up.

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Chapter 4- A new...Hero!? Vs Koffing! Protect Jordan!

After Willer and Lukas's first battle, they decided to travel together for a short while because there were no pokemon center in Cascade Beach. They would watch each other's back. Lukas wanted to use those months of training with the Professor of Cascade to good use...However we still have no idea what Willer wants in Aruma. At the end of Route 1, the two boys took separate routes, Willer headed into the Swamp via Route 2, Lukas decided to go to Aqua Laguna through route 21.

-------------Route 2; The Swamp--------------------

Willer was almost halfway through Route 2. He had caught 2 pokemon in the swamp so far! A docile Grimer who tried to ambush him for some food and a timid Cacnea who he found and fought earlier in the route. He decided to train both of them.

Willer's Current Team-
Tailow (Jet) Male Sassy
Cacnea (Pike) male Timid
Grimer (Pink) Female Kind

Willer wasn't wearing his tinted goggles today. You could see his unusual black colored eyes, like two round blackberries. They went well with his tanned skin.
After a bit of walking Willer heard some rustling behind a bush. He turned around, mud squishing inbetween his toes and stared at the bushes for a while. Must have been his imagination. He continued to walk through the muddy swamps, wild life all around him. He held a fishing rod he had purchased from a walking salesman along with some extra pokeballs.


Willer spun around.

"Who's there!?" he demanded. For the first time it felt as if he was in true peril since he got into the island. A few moments went by as he couldn't hear anything else. He bent down as if trying to see through the bushes. He slowly tucked his fishing rod into a special slot of his bag.
Willer got up and walked away once more, hands in his pockets. And there was a rustling once more.

"Now!" He yelled. A flash appeared from behind the bushes and a Grimer popped out and glompedsomething.

Now if we rewinded the scene to when Willer was crouched down you would see he had rolled Grimer's pokeball into the bushes secretly, if he heard the rustling he would give the signal and Grimer would attack. It was a success.

"Help!" called a muffled voice from under Grimer. Sounds like a boy.

Willer ran over to the scene and saw Grimer oozing on top of a teen, around Willer's age (13-15), He had a slight build and was wearing a battered suit. A suit in the swamp? What the hell?

He had silverish hair ,not too long, and white skin with brown eyes.

"Get off me!" he demanded, a tear rolling down his eye. Willer tossed Grimers ball at the Sludge-like pokemon and it locked it inside and flew right back to Willer's hands.

"What are you doing following me?" asked Willer.

"I got lost in this huge Swamp! I'm no good as a trainer" complained the teen as he stood up. He was a bit shaky.

"I thought you could lead me to the next town... please help me! I won't be a bother" said the teen. He had a pretty rough voice for such a momma's boy.

"Well what's your name?" asked Willer as he turned around and marched on.

"Jordan Day" replied the teen as he followed.

They walked for a while, talking a bit, sharing little stories (Willer mainly bragged about his first battle, against Lukas)

"Willer,wait!" yelled Jordan . "Look!"

Willer looked to the right and saw two Koffing making their ways past some trees.

"Ko" gasped the larger one as he eyed at the two future victims.

The other Koffing grinned evilly. A lunch maybe? They could find some valuables off these kids too.
"Stay back, Jordan!" called out Willer as he pulled out a single pokeball. Through thetransparentt red you could see a small bird sitting there, just waiting to come out.

"Jet, Focus Energy then Peck!" commanded Willer.

Jet flew out of a Pokeball with a pre-charged Focus Energy. He focused on the foe and pecked thesmallerd Koffin right on the poison mark. Critical hit!
The otherKoffingn turned around and rammed into it sending Tailow towards the ground. Tailow spread his wings and glided above the mud to stop itself from slamming into the ground.Koffingin let out an array of poisonous gasses in all directions. The gasses inched their ways towards the two teens.

"Danggit...Jet use gust!" Tailow sped up and u-turned when it reached his master, he was going to dive straight into the poison cloud. It began spinning rapidly with it's wings spread apart making a small flying Cyclone. Tailow cut through the smoke , the gusts blowing the smoke towards other directions and hit Koffing with a drilling peck , piercing koffing slightly and leaving a bleeding wound. Koffing plummeted to the ground.

"And that's how it's done!" bragged Willer as he started to walk off.

Jordan stood there dumbfounded. When Willer turned around and began to walk away he smiled a dangerous smile.
Jordan pocketed the pokeball he would have used to attack Willer from behind and followed him deeper into the swamp.

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Some comments would be nice... =D

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The Story So Far-

Willer Saller:
Willer heads to Aruma for dark and mysterious reasons. The day he finally arrives via boat his Tailow, Jet flies towards the beach and attacks a nearby trainer, Lukas. Willer took this as an opportunity to fight and battled Lukas's Elekid earning Willer's first win. Willer crossed route 1 with the help of Lukas and then they took their separate routes. Willer headed into the swamp where he met Jordan, who was around his age but was lost in the deep dark swamps. Willer decided to help him reach the next town. They were ambushed by two Koffing which Willer easily dispatched...To be continued.

Lukas York: After his battle with Willer, Lukas decided to head north towards Aqua Laguna...Who knows how he's doing...

Near: Near was first introduced when he reached Heaven's Peak mountain. Before he started the climb he used his Croagunk to capture a Rock Climbing Machop.

Jordan Day: A shady character who seemed to be a helpless boy in the swamp but was secretly planning to attack Willer when he was busy taking care of the Koffing... However, he decided not to for reasons that we have yet to learned...
And now it's time for another Hero to step up, by far the worst of the bunch as of now.

~Chapter 5- Oh Princess, Where Art Thou? Vs Mr. Mime.~

Ryan Bondage (Yes, That was his name) would long to be ANYWHERE else at this moment. Then again most people would. He was running through a sewer tunnel in the sewer systems of Marshland Village. You might be wondering why he was down here? He was wondering the same thing, but he knew why he was here. Someone stole his precious Princess. If only he hadn't been such an ass earlier...

-------------------------------Five Minutes Earlier, Marshland Village-------------------
"Haha, Poor people are SOOOOO cute!" laughed Ryan sarcastically at the group of beggars. They wore green cloaks and looked very gaunt and pale. They held out small mugs asking for money.

"Please, Sir, We haven't had food in days." pleaded the beggar, shaking his mug slightly.
"Please get out of my way~," sang Ryan as he began to move along. He had brown curly hair and brown eyes.Slightly tanned skin with a lime green shirt with a white crown on the back and brown pants. Didn't look to rich too me. He was about 16 years old.

If you could pick one pokemon trainer architype for Ryan it would definatly be "Selfish Trainer Who Treats One Pokemon Like Royalty" (Long name.)
Ryan was the kind of trainer that adored one Pokemon and only had others as reserve. In this case it would be his little Skuky, 'Princess'. At the moment Princess was on the floor, snickering at the beggars.

The beggars looked at each other and nodded.There was 3 of them, one larger than the other. He quickly grabbed Princess off the ground. Before you could say 'Bob Sagat' they were running off.

"Hey wait! I'll buy you lunch!" yelled Ryan chasing after them.

"They run fast for starving people!" he commented rudely.

-------------------------------------Present Time-----------------------------------

And to think. Everything would have been ok had he only helped the poor beggars. Well too late for that. He had to save his precious princess. He reached a fork in the road but caught glimpse of something on the left side so he headed that way.
"Princess..." he called out quietly. He hoped she would give him some sort of signal.

He looked to his left, then right. And then in 9 other directions. No sign of her. The sewer was suprisingly well lit. There were holes on the surface letting light in and there were also lights installed into the cealing.

He kept on walking, trying not to bug any of the savage pokemon that lay within the sewege.
Ryan eventually walked past a circular room. Inside he could see his poor princess floating in mid air and the beggar grinning back at him.
"PRINCESS~~~!" Ryan called out as he ran towards the room only to run into something that was blocking the entrance of the room.
"What the-" he said as he looked up to see that nothing was blocking his path. He stood up and placed his hand upon the entrance to the circular room. There was

something solid, but he couldn't see it.

"Well... I guess this is why I keep extra Pokemon!" He said as he pulled out a pokeball.

"Croagunk, attack!" he called out releasing his Croagunk. They seemed to be pretty popular. Croagunk landed on the sewege water. Ryan was fine on the side walk type thing you'd see in sewers. Even though this was pretty clean for a sewer he still had no intention of stepping into the water.
Croagunk reared his fist and punched towards the entrance. He hit something and cracks could be heard. The barrier that blocked the entrance shattered into a thousand pieces and Ryan quickly entered the circular room.

"Quite persistent!" called out the hooded beggar. The other 2 beggars seemed to have disappeared. Behind the beggar was a Mr. Mime who obviously set up the barrier to block Ryan from entering and also was the one who trapped Princess in a sphere shaped barrier. Princess cried for help.

"But people like you don't deserve the luxuries of life!" complained the beggar.

"Give me back my princess!" cried Ryan.

"Or else I'll kick your ass!" he finished with a hint of uncertanty in his voice.

"Oh? REALLY?" laughed the Beggar.

"Your nothing but a spoiled brat! Mr. Mime,Confusion!"

Mr. Mime's body was quickly surrounded by a psychic aura. He put his hands parallel to each other and a small transparent orb began forming inbetween them.The orb grew bigger and bigger until Mime Pokemon launched the orb towards Croagunk. Croagunk crossed his arms into an X shape to try to block out as much damage as possible but the orb entered his body and did not only some good physical damage, but some pretty painful mental damage. Croagunk fell to the floor, clutching his head.

"Darn it,Croagunk! Astonish,Quick!" Croagunk withstood the pain and quickly darted towards the foe and reeled his fist back. He quickly swung forwards towards Mr. Mime's stomach only to come in contact with another barrier, this one a lot stronger than the one that blocked the entrance. The barrier absorbed the damage. Mr. Mime stood behind his barrier laughing.

"Quickly, finish it!" called out the beggar.

Mr. Mime canceled his barrier and fired off a powerful round of Magic Leaf which surrounded Croagunk and sliced him from all sides.
Croagunk fell onto the water and raised his head to glance up at the trapped Stunky. He ran out of strength and his head dropped onto the ground.

"Now..Yourr money please" demanded the beggar walking towards Ryan.

Ryan smiled.

"Oh~?" he laughed as he pointed behind the beggar.

"This fight isn't over." he giggled.

The beggar turned around slowly and saw Croagunk panting slowly. Besides him was the freed Stunky

January 29th, 2008, 6:31 PM
Chapter 6- Poisonous Flatulence! Vs Mr Mime (Part II)

"How...!?" gasped the hooded beggar looking back at the previously defeated Croagunk and the freed Stunky. Just moments ago the Beggar's Mr. Mime had single handedly trapped the Stunky and defeated the Croagunk, but alas, both stood before it.

"Croagunk has 2 abilities. Anticipation," explained Ryan.

"...And Dry Skin!" he finished. The beggar narrowed his eyes. He then knew what had happened.
Croagunk was defeated by Mr. Mime alright, but it still had some fight left in it. Using the Dry Skin ability it restored some strength from the nutrients in the sewer water.

This small quantity of energy regained was enough to give Croagunk the power to break through the barrier that held Stunky prisoner. However Croagunk was in no position to fight, even with the small burst of energy.

"Return, Croagunk."called out Ryan as he held Croagunk's ball in mid air. A white ray shot out and brought Croagunk back to it's portable home. The ball closed and he quickly pocketed. It was no princess, but his Croagunk was quite something.

"How annoying!" yelled the beggar as he held his head. He was getting sick of this kid and his luck.

"Mr. Mime, get rid of him!" he growled, anger and frustration in his eyes.
Mr. Mime slapped his hands together and a dozen energized leaves formed behind him. Magic Leaf, an attack that chases down the target till it hits something. It's target was Ryan!

As the beautiful leaves flew towards Ryan, they would most definitely slice him up, he could only stand there in fear. He fell to the ground, his bottom touching the sewer water, which wasn't that dirty,but to him it didn't matter. He could lose his Princess forever if he was knocked out now. He closed his eyes and awaited the pain...But it never came. He slowly opened his eyes to see Princess standing infront of him. It took the Magic Leaf. It was still standing but the hit was quite something.

Psychologists would describe the following scene as very...Unnatural.

"YOU HURT MY PRINCESS~~!?" yelled Ryan, his eyes blazing with anger.

"Then I will show you no mercy!!" He yelled as he jumped and pointed at their foes.

"ATTACK!" he commanded. Stunky got up and turned around, his rear facing the opponents. Mr. Mime and the Beggar raised an eyebrow simultaneously.
Stunky released a highly poisonous gas from his...Rear end; a poison gas attack! It spread it's way through the circular room poisoning the beggar and his Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime was oblivious to the fact that Stunky was rushing straight at it and before he knew it he was knocked out by a powerful scratch attack to the chest. It left a small cut.

Ryan quickly returned his Princess and made a dash for it. A few minutes later he was back above ground heading for a pokemon center to take a long shower. After all, going into the sewers to find your kidnapped Stunky was in no way fun.

January 29th, 2008, 6:49 PM
It would help not to release so many chapters at once, because your fic is not well known yet. It's best if you give your readers a chance to stop and read one chapter, rather than say 4, 5 , or 6. Don't worry, I had the SAME problem when I started and that was not too long ago (September 2007).

I'll get to reviewing your fic and edit this post, 'kay?

Just read the first chapter.

Ehh...I can clearly see that this is your first fic. You made plently of grammatical and common sense errors.

He wore a navy blue short-sleeved shirt with a small eagle on the right sleeve.

There are no eagles in the Pokemon world.

His elekid was next to him smiling to, a pretty low level one at that.

Captilize Elekid. It's a proper noun.

He wore goggles over his eyes, large shorts and a T-Shirt with a bull insignia on the back.

There are no bulls in the Pokemon world. Just Tauros (and Miltank I guess).

Overall, I'm not going to lie to you, the first chapter was pretty much dry and generic. Be more descriptive and add many more side stuff, y'know? Being your first chapter, you want it to be eye catching, breath taking, etc.

Instead of having these: "-------------Cascade Beach's Beach---------------", you could easily just say something about the setting changing.

A good thing I liked was the minor cliffhanger at the end about the other Saller.

Keep practicing. English class is your BEST FRIEND in fan fic writing, trust me!

"ATTACK!" he commanded. Stunky got up and turned around, his rear facing the opponents. Mr. Mime and the Beggar raised an eyebrow simultaneously.
Stunky released a highly poisonous gas from his...Rear end; a poison gas attack!

From my fic...
The newly evolved Skuntank nodded her head before turning to face Diamond, her buttocks in the direction of Mark, Marcia, and their Pokemon.

Mismagius looked confused as it stared at Rose's butt, seemingly attracted to it, "Mage...magius?"

Marcia waved her arms and shook her head rapidly, trying to protect the Ghost Pokemon, "No! No! No get near! No! No get near!"

Diamond chuckled as Mismagius floated in his direction, nearing Rose's buttocks as it let off a rather soothing, and pleasant smell for once, indicating her happiness.

Finally, Diamond could not wait any further, "EXPLOSION!"

He returned Dex as he ran to take cover behind a large tombstone. He tightly closed his eyes and placed his right index finger in his right ear and left index finger in his left ear.

Rose closed her eyes tightly as well before squeezing an enormous load of flatulence out of her behind. The flatulence almost looked similar to a flaming, Hyper Beam attack, however, it came out of her buttocks, strangely enough.

Coincedence, I dunno. But, you gotta admit, the farting skunk thing is pretty sweet. XD

January 30th, 2008, 5:48 PM
Thanks, and yes the first chapter was too dry for my taste. The captilizing mistakes were because I didn't really pay attention. And yeah I never noticed the whole bull/eagle thing. I like your descriptions, I'll work on that. And yeah it's my first fan-fic. Problem is it takes a bit for the thick of the plot to come but it will come so hang in there.

And yes, a farting Skunk is amazing. You did Explosion just as I imagined.

February 1st, 2008, 4:14 PM
Chapter 7- The Two Faced Ghost
Jordan: Jordan was the teen age boy Willer met in the swamp, he's about 15. He seemed like a weak boy and Willer decided to help him advance to the next town. Little did Willer know that he had intentions of betraying him.

===================Marshland Village======================
By coincidence this part takes place where Ryan's first adventure took place, Marshland Village.
Jordan was walking through a forest path. He had ditched Willer at the first moment he could, Willer wasn't really bothered, after all, his promise was to take Jordan to the next town, which he accomplished easily. He was hiding in the woods until he felt it was safe to go back in.
Jordan took out his Tuxedo Top to feel some air hit his chest. Under his tux he wore a trademark white shirt that you'd wear under a tux. He walked into town, holding his tuxedo top inbetween his hands and sat on a bench made out of Graveler stone. He took a deep breath and unbuttoned one of his buttons and loosened his collar to let more of that cool air flow through his body.

He set his arm on the bench so his arm would hang from the back and just stared off into nothingness. He yawned lazily as he removed some of his flailing silver hair to the side.

Jordan heard something off into the swamp. The sound of trees falling. Maybe a powerful Pokemon that Jordan could add to his team. Jordan got up, flung his coat over his shoulder and walked towards the noise.

=========================Marshland Village Outskirts================

"Release him," yelled the angry Pokemon Breeder. "Release that Tyrogue, he doesn't disserve the rough treatment you give him!"

"Shut up! He's my Pokemon I treat him how I want!" yelled the teen as he dodged a falling tree. His name was Sincro Orcin. With hazel eyes and brown hair that went down to the bottom of his neck and covered his ears, it stopped just above his eyes. Sincro was a very strange man. You'll see that soon.
The 16 year-old had his Tyrogue out, they were fighting an enraged Gardevoir.It danced gracefully while flinging trees by using Psychic attack.

Sincro had head pains ever since he was small. Often he would feel weak, and he would take a special made pill that would completly relieve the pain for a while. But the pill had a side effect. For a few hours after he took the pill his personality would go through a dark change and he would act rash and would get the urge to destroy things. No one knew where this weird sickness came from but Sincro did know it was quite random and knew that when he entered that state, only bad things would follow.

This got him into trouble. It was evening time now, only a few minutes later he had challanged the breeder. Seeing how rash he was towards Tyrogue made the breeder furious and the breeder just had to save that Tyrogue from the pain it must have gone through.
Despite how unnatural Sincro was, Tyrogue never lost faith in him. He was a good Trainer and Tyrogue only wanted to become strong. It was it's ambition.

"Tyrogue, Fake out!" called out Sincro as he dodged a flying tree which Gardevoir flung at him using Psychic. Tyrogue jumped over a tree and then ducked under another as it jumped up and aimed a kick at Gardevoir.
Gardevoir ducked the kick but it was a fake! Tyrogue kicked over her head and flung his right fist right at her face! Gardevoir was startled and flinched. But Tyrogue couldn't take fighting much longer. This was Jordan's chance.

"Well then I might have to kill your little Gardevoir!" laughed Sincro.
Jordan smirked from behind a tree. Maybe he should help this boy out. He pulled out a Pokeball from his pant pocket and threw it into midair, a Shuppet came out.

"You know what to do," Jordan instructed as he turned towards Sincro.
Shuppet's eyes glowed an ominous color as the vincinity was shrouded in a black cloud. A night shade attack. Jordan sprung from his location and grabbed Sincro, Jordan had a pretty good built. He ran into the woods once more and when the Night Shade disappeared Sincro was gone and so was his Tyrogue. Jordan had escorted them away.

Jordan and Sincro were running away from the crazy breeder and his Gardevoir.

"Who are you," asked Sincro inbetween breaths. Jordan glared back at him, he was ahead by at least 3 yards.

"Ungrateful little punk are ya?" said Jordan sarcasitically.

They stopped after a while when they reached the Village.

"By the way I'm Jordan. Your intresting...want to join me?" proposed Jordan.

"I'm not always this badass," said Sincro."But even the calm me is a little...crazy" said Sincro, followed by a hyena-like cackle.

"Ever heard of the Two Faced Ghost?" asked Jordan as he took a seat and took a breather.

" That kid that assulted a Mart and stole some stuff? Sounds like a huge wanna-be. And I guess he's you. I'm teamed up with the corniest person in Aruma."
Jordan glared at Sincro.

"Shut your mouth. Soon enough I'll be well known.Riches will be mine, after years of living in the streets my day WILL come" assured Jordan.

"Well we should register each other's Pokedex to keep in contact. I have to leave soon. I have stuff to do. Besides you don't look all that intresting..." said Sincro.

"Once you here of the Two Faced Ghost's wrath then you'll see. Give me a call then" said Jordan as he threw a note towards Sincro. It fluttered through the air and landed on the ground. Sincro bent down to pick it up and when he stood back up Jordan was nowhere to be seen.

February 1st, 2008, 4:31 PM
ok I've just read the first chapter and i wasn't overley impressed, you have to sell me your story within the first chapter people won't usually read on if they don't see anything to read on for if it's needed write a Prologue to spice it up a bit. Another irritating fact is discription, i see hints of it but it seems to fade away, Lets take the beach for example.

It was a very cold, windy day in the beaches of Cascade Beach. It was wintertime so only trainers would be in the beach in this day. However a certain trainer was there for the feel of the beach, the sound of the ocean; Lukas York.

Now spice it up a bit i mean it doesn't exactly start all exciting now does it 'It was a very cold, windy day in the beaches of Cascade Beach', could be changed too ' The icy wind cut through the air as the grains of sands danced through the bitter icy air of Cascade Beach.' Something like that brings more life to it and adds more feel and tesnion.

Second sentance isn't much better, I'm not sure 'this day' really fits are you trying to say in the day? Is there something special about the day? Expand if necessary.

Again with the third sentance we seem to get so little, 'for the feel of the beach' that's a nice point to be expanded on, add more depth, does he like the sand in between his toes? Or is it the footprints, or even perhaps the sunlight shimmering off of the sea or the wingull who steal his chips?

Another thing i don't understand is how you section the fan fiction off, it makes it look a lot less attractive, why not simply say 'Later than day at ...' or 'By now the moon had risen and Lukas had finally make it to Aruma port', just spice it up to bring the story to life.

Overall it's not bad, but it needs more depth more emotion, once you find a way to put peices of yourself into the writting to get people to feel what you feel and to see what you see then this will turn into an excelent fan fiction, best of luck.

February 1st, 2008, 7:45 PM
Hmm maybe I should redo the first chapter eh? And 2 people is enough for me to realize that the seperating doesn't work.

February 1st, 2008, 10:02 PM
Good news. Because Aruma Adventures has a wide cast of characters I made an Index with all chapters made, Released or not. It tells you the Chapter Name, Main Characters, If it's released or not. If you just want to follow your favorite character use the index! Wanna look forward to future chapters? Use the index! Just who fought in that one chapter...? Use the Index!

February 1st, 2008, 10:44 PM
Hey! Saving this space for a review! I'll get on it tomorrow morning, too tired right now :).

February 1st, 2008, 10:51 PM
Thanks in advance Turtleking!

February 6th, 2008, 3:07 PM
~Chapter 8- Lukas Returns! Vs. Corphish. One Hell of a Shock!~

Lukas walked down the water filled route called Route 21. This route had many, many ponds and streams and small lakes, a haven for water Pokemon. At the moment he walked down a damp road, it must have rained recently since the ponds were very large and the ground very moist. He threw a piercing glare around looking for a Pokemon to catch.

He was about halfway to through the route and reaching Sapphire Cove, the city suspended ontop of a lake. From traveling island Aqua Laguna where the eastern arena was and hone his battling skills. Lukas was a silent type most of the type and earned to be stronger. He was different around cute girls, then he was somesort of super magnet which the girls couldn't resist.

He fiddled with his Pokeball, Elekid wasn't too happy about this and began feeling queasy. It was Lukas's only Pokemon so far. They had a strong bond. It was given to him by Professor Hurdson of Cascade beach, the professor Lukas took apprentice under for a few months.

Lukas looked down at the pond for a while. He saw something swimming underwater. It was hard to tell just what it was, but it seemed to be a water pokemon. And since he recently taught Elekid Thundershock this might be the best chance to test it out.

Lukas slowly brought his arm behind him and threw the Elekid's Pokeball towards the water. Or at least he tried. Halfway through the throw a Corphish flew out of the lake and aimed a claw smash at Lukas's head. Instead of releasing his Pokemon Lukas rolled out of the way and Corphish slammed the ground, it glared at the lucky trainer through the dirt that flew into the air. The claw left a small crack on the ground.

The area around the pond was much more damp and wet than the areas farther from it.Lukas quickly took note of that, if it had any effect at all. He pressed the button on the Pokeball and it opened making a small flash as Elekid jumped out. It smirked at the foe and spun his arms slowly.
Hot electricity surrounded the air as Elekid crouched down, one hand on the ground, the other suspended in air. It was some sort of battle stance. Corphish looked at the opponent. Who did he think he was? This Corphish was a well known one among the area, he had faced many other Pokemon, and they all lost to her powerful claws and knowledge of the area.

"Well looks like I get a new addition" said Lukas as he jumped on top of a boulder by the pond side. Other Pokemon submerged from their nooks and crannies to watch the fight that was about to begin.

Corphish took the first move. Moving her small crustacean legs forwards she jumped towards Elekid. Elekid moved out of the way at an amazing speed that left a small after image. He darted back in from Corphish's left and delivered a hit with it's forearms. Corphish was lifted off her feet(?) but by only an inch. It quickly reached the ground and crouched for better footing. She brought he claws up to face height and glared at the foe.

Elekid just stood there looking down at it's fist. It was in pain. Corphish's Battle Armor ability surrounded it with a touch exterior leaving no weak spots for critical hits. It was a powerful armor that made attacking physically a bit harder, but it could still be broken. But..How?

"You ok Elekid?" asked Lukas as he looked at Corphish. There was a good 5 meter distance between the two. Elekid nodded without taking his eyes off the Corphish.
Corphish smirked as he opened his claws and many small bubbles flew out into the air. They inched their ways towards Elekid and surrounded him in bubbles.

"Elekid! Don't touch the-" Lukas was interrupted by a small popping explosion. It knocked Lukas off the boulder and he fell to the ground. "...The bubbles...!" he finished as he looked up from behind the boulder to see Elekid struggling to get up from the floor. Once you touch a bubble attack it will pop into a small explosion, man bubbles can cause a chain explosion. As it did now.

Elekid opened his eyes. He was in a small crater that the explosion created. He lookded up at the gloomy skies, as if biding for some time to regain energy.Suddenly something blocked the view of the gray sky. Corphish came crashing down with a powerful claw to Elekid's gut,it made a large crack across the crater, the force of the attack was tremendous. Elekid flinched at the pain and sat up from the sudden impact. He sat back down almost unconcious, breathing heavily. He rolled over as Corphish crawled out of the crater, not giving Elekid a second thought.

"KID" yelled Elekid. He slowly rolled over and stood up, it's small legs shaking. Corphish stopped and slowly looked back, suprise in it's eyes. The small shrimp like Pokemon should have clobbered that small electric Pokemon by now. The Corphish opened a claw and shuffed towards Elekid.

"Go, now!" called out Lukas.
Elekid suddenly disappeared from it's location by using the speed of Quick Attack. Corphish quickly spun around and jumped back while firing bubbles at where he presumed Elekid would attack from; Corphish's back. The violet bubbles caused a large chain explosion, Lukas hid behind the boulder to escape the impact of the attack.

"That must have taken a lot of energy," laughed Lukas. For a bubble to create such a massive explosion would drain all the energy out of most Pokemon.

"It's a pity..." continued Lukas as he rose from behind the shoulder pointing up.

"That it missed it's target."
Corphish looked up and wished she didn't. Elekid wasn't attacking her from behind. It was attacking from above! Elekid rotated it's arms and released a powerful coiling ray of light blue lightning from the plug-like horns on it's head. The lightning struck down on Corphish with great force. Corphish had no chance of dodging. Elekid had been charging this attack ever since it was in mid air and it released it the second Corphish realized it's plan. The lightning cleared up revealing a smoked Corphish. It had small sparks running up and down the little crustatian's body. It began to fall forwards when it was hit by a Pokeball. Corphish was locked with in. Not even a single shake. Corphish had no fight left in him.

Elekid fell on the ground. It lay there breathing heavily, eyes closed. It opened one when it felt Lukas in the vicinity. Lukas was stading right besides the little electric Pokemon smiling down at him. Elekid smiled too. Lukas was a fun trainer, though a bit reckless at times. At times Elekid would feel like it was just a tool and that Lukas didn't care about it's health. But this was all just paranoia. Lukas cared for his Elekid and trained it to become as strong as possible.

"Elekid." he said as he looked up, away from Elekid.

"I thank you for hanging in there even when you know you can't fight much longer. Your a great Pokemon." said Lukas as he smiled and picked up Corphish's pokeball.

"Oh, Elekid?" called out Lukas as he began walking away.

"Kid?" asked Elekid looking up at his Trainer.

"That was...one hell of a shock" finished Lukas. He began walking away.
Elekid smiled and jumped up into LUkas's back back.

They left the place where Lukas caught his first Pokemon. If he was ever to return he would easily recognize it. From the large crater to the destroyed earth due to the powerful Thundershock, he would always remember the spot. Where he won his first battle.

February 9th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Chapter 9- The Hyper Cutter. Vs. Poocheyena!

Lukas passed by a car parked by the Pokemon Center. It was the first heavily populated town he had visited so far; Sapphire Cove, the City in the Waters.
Lukas quickly rushed to the center after getting lost at least twice and almost getting run over by two cars. Of course it wasn't a huge city, pretty large but not like oh
lets say Aqua Laguna or Heaven's Peak and Skyscraper City. (So it's not like New York, a lot more peaceful)

It was a city with lush nature all around it and it was surrounded by the enormous lake, an island. It was a beauty, no doubt about it.
Lukas walked out of the Pokemon Center after taking a shower and healing his Pokemon. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a red and black jacket over it. The jacket had several pockets and was opened, despite the cold. Lukas stretched a bit and checked the map installed into his Pokedex. Aqua Laguna was right after the next route. Maybe he would become famous there. He laughed at the thought. And then laughed some more remembering his encounter with Willer.

"I'm only the best trainer in Cascade Beach!" said Lukas as a bluff. Oh what a lie. However he promised himself someday he'd be greater than anyone in not only Cascade Beach but the whole land of Aruma! Some day...

Suddenly something snatched the Pokedex right out of Lukas's hands. Lukas looked forwards to face the theif but he wasn't there. In a split second Lukas realized that maybe it wasn't a human so he quickly looked down and saw a small Poocheyena running off and taking a turn in an ally way.

"What the heck!?" yelled Lukas as he looked at the Poocheyena escape with his piercing eyes. He tried to follow but he tripped only to catch his balance again and begin the chase. 'Great. That was at least a second wasted' thought Lukas, furious with himself.
Lukas turned into the alley way between the center and some office building. Poocheyena was there glaring at Lukas. But it wasn't alone. It was with a whole pack of Poocheyena. Before Lukas could think they sprung forwards and all in unison went in fro the kill.

Lukas's eyes widened as he quickly spun around and began sprinting the other way, the Poocheyena close behind. He crossed the street seeing as no cars were coming and hopped a fence leading to a nice little park. He caught his breath and turned around only too see the Poocheyena TACKLE the 5 foot fence down with no trouble. Part of the fence ripped off and fell onto the ground. The Poocheyna snarled at the trainer.
Lukas's eyes popped out of their sockets at the sight.

"Shi-" Before he could finish he was swarmed by Poocheyna. Probably taking their anger out of noisy human on the poor kid. Lukas reached for his pockets as an instinct and pulled out a Pokeball.

"Thunder..." he called out as he leaned back and dodged a bite to the face by inches.


Elekid popped out of his Pokeball and rotated his arms at amazing speeds. The Poocheyena looked back only to be shocked by a high voltage blast; luckily the Pokedex survived. There had to be at least 15 Poocheyena, most were knocked out by the lightning blast, most used their last breaths to take down Elekid. Only one was left, clearly higher leveled. The one with the Pokedex in it's mouth. It set it in the ground and glared at Elekid. It growled.

"Elekid, Quick Attack!" commanded Lukas. This shouldn't be too hard.
Elekid slowly nodded and sped towards Poocheyena to deliver a light blow. It was really weak. Poocheyna cackled at the weak attack and finished Elekid with a full body blow; A tackle atttack. It rolled over it's defeated opponent and grinned at Lukas. It had it's paw over Elekid's arms like a wrestler who completly oblitirated an opponent.

Lukas was amazed.

"H-how....!?" he asked. He soon realized. Intimidate, Poocheyena's ability makes it seem scarier to foes, lowering their confidence and power. Which was perfect.

"Tsk. Good blow," said Lukas as he held up a pokeball. It opened as Elekid was surrounded by light tendrils that sealed him in the ball. The ball closed tight.

"But I'd really like my Pokedex back, if you wouldn't mind" he finished as he pulled out a second ball.
Poocheyena smirked. It was a thief. It had thrills when it stole things from humans. It loved to see them frustraded, it was such a good laugh.
Lukas threw a Pokeball into the air as Corphish came out and landed on the ground, claws crossed. She glanced past the claws at the opponent.
Poocheyena isntantly began growling, his upper lip quivering with ferocity; Intimidate!
Corphish stood there looking at the foe without moving. It simply stared.

Poocheyena was slightly annoyed. It then began howling into the air.Howl, a special attack that will istantly raise a confident Pokemon's attack. And this Poocheyena was definatly confident. It went in for a tackle. There was a 12.3 meter distance which it covered at a very quick speed and it went in to attack to frightened Corphish. Or at least it thought it was frightened.

"Vice...GRIP!" yelled Lukas as he swung his arm. Corphish wasn't too used to Lukas but he definitely liked how he could make Corphish stronger, and a bond was already forming. By the time he finished the syllable in grip Corphish had already clutched Poocheyena with it's strong claws. Poocheyena winced at the pain as it yelled into the air.

Corphish simply stood there holding Poocheyena into the air, a strong hold on him. Poocheyena glared down...How? It shouldn't hurt this much...It should be intimidated!!!

" 'Hyper Cutter' " recited Lukas with a smirk. " 'A certain Pokemon ability that makes the pokemon immune to attack reduction'," finished Lukas, a line straight from the Pokedex.

"FINISH HIM" said Lukas in a mortal combat-like voice.
With it's free claw, the left one, Corphish fired a single large bubble and shielded it's eyes. The bubble popped in contact sending a pressurized water explosion at Poocheyna who lay there unconscious.
Lukas rolled the ball onto Poocheyena and it locked it in the ball. Poocheyena Caught.
Lukas pocketed Corphish and smirked. Willer would have nothing on him now.

February 11th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Chapter 9- The Hyper Cutter. Vs. Poocheyena!

Lukas passed by a car parked by the Pokemon Center. It was the first heavily populated town he had visited so far; Sapphire Cove, the City in the Waters.

Lukas quickly rushed to the center after getting lost at least twice and almost getting run over by two cars. Of course it wasn't a huge city, pretty large but not like oh lets say Aqua Laguna or Heaven's Peak and Skyscraper City. (So it's not like New York, a lot more peaceful)

It was a city with lush nature all around it and it was surrounded by the enormous lake, an island. It was a beauty, no doubt about it.

Lukas walked out of the Pokemon Center after taking a shower and healing his Pokemon. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a red and black jacket over it. The jacket had several pockets and was opened, despite the cold. Lukas stretched a bit and checked the map installed into his Pokedex. Aqua Laguna was right after the next route. Maybe he would become famous there. He laughed at the thought. And then laughed some more remembering his encounter with Willer.

"I'm only the best trainer in Cascade Beach!" said Lukas as a bluff. Oh what a lie. However he promised himself someday he'd be greater than anyone in not only Cascade Beach but the whole land of Aruma! Some day...

Suddenly something snatched the Pokedex right out of Lukas's hands. Lukas looked forwards to face the theif but he wasn't there. In a split second Lukas realized that maybe it wasn't a human so he quickly looked down and saw a small Poocheyena running off and taking a turn in an ally way.

"What the heck!?" yelled Lukas as he looked at the Poocheyena escape with his piercing eyes. He tried to follow but he tripped only to catch his balance again and begin the chase. 'Great. That was at least a second wasted' thought Lukas, furious with himself.

Lukas turned into the alley way between the center and some office building. Poocheyena was there glaring at Lukas. But it wasn't alone. It was with a whole pack of Poocheyena. Before Lukas could think they sprung forwards and all in unison went in fro the kill.

Lukas's eyes widened as he quickly spun around and began sprinting the other way, the Poocheyena close behind. He crossed the street seeing as no cars were coming and hopped a fence leading to a nice little park. He caught his breath and turned around only too see the Poocheyena TACKLE the 5 foot fence down with no trouble. Part of the fence ripped off and fell onto the ground. The Poocheyna snarled at the trainer.

Lukas's eyes popped out of their sockets at the sight.

"Shi-" Before he could finish he was swarmed by Poocheyna. Probably taking their anger out of noisy human on the poor kid. Lukas reached for his pockets as an instinct and pulled out a Pokeball.

"Thunder..." he called out as he leaned back and dodged a bite to the face by inches.


Elekid popped out of his Pokeball and rotated his arms at amazing speeds. The Poocheyena looked back only to be shocked by a high voltage blast; luckily the Pokedex survived. There had to be at least 15 Poocheyena, most were knocked out by the lightning blast, most used their last breaths to take down Elekid. Only one was left, clearly higher leveled. The one with the Pokedex in it's mouth. It set it in the ground and glared at Elekid. It growled.

"Elekid, Quick Attack!" commanded Lukas. This shouldn't be too hard.
Elekid slowly nodded and sped towards Poocheyena to deliver a light blow. It was really weak. Poocheyna cackled at the weak attack and finished Elekid with a full body blow; A tackle atttack. It rolled over it's defeated opponent and grinned at Lukas. It had it's paw over Elekid's arms like a wrestler who completly oblitirated an opponent.

Lukas was amazed.

"H-how....!?" he asked. He quickly realized. Intimidate, Poocheyena's ability makes it seem scarier to foes, lowering their confidence and power. Which was perfect.

"Tsk. Good blow," said Lukas as he held up a pokeball. It opened as Elekid was surrounded by light tendrils that sealed him in the ball. The ball closed tight.

"But I'd really like my Pokedex back, if you wouldn't mind" he finished as he pulled out a second ball.
Poocheyena smirked. It was a thief. It had thrills when it stole things from humans. It loved to see them frustraded, it was such a good laugh.

Lukas threw a Pokeball into the air as Corphish came out and landed on the ground, claws crossed. She glanced past the claws at the opponent.

Poocheyena isntantly began growling, his upper lip quivering with ferocity; Intimidate!
Corphish stood there looking at the foe without moving. It simply stared.

Poocheyena was slightly annoyed. It then began howling into the air.Howl, a special attack that will istantly raise a confident Pokemon's attack. And this Poocheyena was definatly confident. It went in for a tackle. There was a 12.3 meter distance which it covered at a very quick speed and it went in to attack the frightened Corphish. Or at least it thought it was frightened.

"Vice...GRIP!" yelled Lukas as he swung his arm. Corphish wasn't too used to Lukas but he definitely liked how he could make Corphish stronger, and a bond was already forming. By the time he finished the syllable in grip Corphish had already clutched Poocheyena with it's strong claws. Poocheyena winced at the pain as it yelled into the air.

Corphish simply stood there holding Poocheyena into the air, a strong hold on him. Poocheyena glared down...How? It shouldn't hurt this much...It should be intimidated!!!

" 'Hyper Cutter' " recited Lukas with a smirk. " 'A certain Pokemon ability that makes the pokemon immune to attack reduction'," finished Lukas, a line straight from the Pokedex.

"FINISH HIM" said Lukas in a mortal combat-like voice.

With it's free claw, the left one, Corphish fired a single large bubble and shielded it's eyes. The bubble popped in contact sending a pressurized water explosion at Poocheyna who lay there unconscious.
Lukas rolled the ball onto Poocheyena and it locked it in the ball. Poocheyena Caught.
Lukas pocketed Corphish and smirked. Willer would have nothing on him now.

February 11th, 2008, 7:56 PM
I updated the Index. I would like to ask someone for help. I need someone to proofread my chapters before they are released and point out ways I can fix any grammar mistakes or rephrase a sentance.

February 16th, 2008, 10:22 AM
Well I'm going to post 2 chapters fairly back to back due to them being uneventful and only building up to the climax of this part of the story.

Where are they at this moment...
Willer Saller-Marshland Village.
Lukas York- Crossing Sapphire Cove.
Sincro Orcin- Marshland Village, just met Jordan.
Jordan Day- Marshland Village, Just met Sincro.
Ryan Bondage- After finding Princess he's now traveling towards Taruma Swamp.

Chapter 10- Love is a Lie. Vs. Abra
A boy trudged through the road that lead to the peak of Heaven Peak Mountain and led into Heaven Peak City. He was almost there, he just had to fight back the freezing air, the heavy snow, and the fact that he carried and unconscious boy. He breathed heavily moving slowly until he finally caught a glimpse of the city. Heaven Peak City, a Trainer City where trainers fight to the extreme.

Near opened his eyes and stared at the white ceiling above him. He stared for a while till he remembered he was in the mountain path just a while ago. He quickly sat but had a stinging pain in his head, like a small shock bouncing across his skull. He laid back down. He stayed there for a while, he couldn't remember what happened earlier. It was mid-afternoon when a nurse walked in with a plate of food.

"Oh your awake," he said setting the plate to the side.

"Nurse what am I doing here?" asked Near as he looked up at the nurse.

"Well... Someone brought you in, you were unconscious! Something must have hit your head in your climb up here..." said the nurse as she frowned. "At least you're alive . I suggest resting for a while," she recommended.

"Then you can set out again." she turned around and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

Near lay down once more and waited. He thought of battle strategies for the future from lack of things to do. He assumed he got hit by a rock while using Machop's Rock Climb, but that was just a theory. Well he was alive, and it truly was what mattered.

After an hour or so Near got dressed, got his Pokeballs from the counter, and snuck out from the window in his room. He didn't feel all that injured. He landed on his two legs and looked up at the town. Buildings, plants, offices, a beautiful city, mainly for trainer of course.

Near walked down a nice little road on the sidewalk. To his left was a small garden of plants and trees. Leaning on a tree was a man wearing dark sunglasses and looking at a large building in the front. Near stared at him. The man looked up and stared back. Near looked away but the man raised his hand.

"Hey kid, wait up" said he man as he walked towards Near.

'Rape!' thought Near as he stepped back a little. The man laughed and shook his head.

"I'm not going to hurt you." laughed the man. He sounded fairly young, with wild brown hair. He smiled friendly.

"What do you want?" asked Near defensively.

"I wan't your help kid." said the man as he walked closer. For each step he took towards Near, Near took a step back.

"Go on..." muttered Near.

"You see....I have to deliver a letter to that building. Nevertheless I can't go in, I'm banned from it," said the shaded man. He pointed at the large building he was staring at earlier while he rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a white envelope with a red pokeball sticker in the center.

"Deliver it to who? Why are you banned?" asked Near as he bent over a bit and inspected the man and investigated the front of the letter, wondering what lay inside.

"Look...Have you been in love?" asked the man as he clutched his chest.

"What the heck does that have to do with anything!?" asked Near a bit creeped out.

"I need you to deliver the letter to the receptionist. I love her! I'm too embarrassed to speak to her. I can't go in without a Pokemon, it's a Pokemon club of sorts. That, and I kinda got in a little fight with the owner...I'm not a bad man,really!" explained the man as he looked at the building and sighed.

"I promise you a plentiful reward," he continued as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of paper Pokedollars. Near's eyes nearly popped out of his head. That was a lot of money. This dude must be really shy. Near was drooling a bit as his arms seemed to stretch towards the money, his eyes like the Pokedollar sign ( A P with a D on the bottom). The shaded man snatched it away from his grasp.

"Deliver the letter and THEN you get the money." he said dryly.
Near thought it through for a while till he eventually nodded.

"Kay, I'll help you!" he said, he couldn't resist all that money. At least 10,000. That's very useful for any trainer.

The Shaded man smiled as he watched the boy walk towards the building.

'How can anyone be such an idiot' he thought.

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I'd be happy to do it for ya!

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A Map of where everything went down in Volume One

February 19th, 2008, 4:27 PM
Chapter 11- Gotcha.
Near released a Pokemon from it's Pokeball. A black pokemon with sharp claws and mean looking eyes. A Sneasel, this particular Sneasel was calm and agile. However it had a tendency of sneezing.

The duo walked into the Building quickly being greeted by the receptionist, a blue-eyed blond that looked to be about 20.

"No Pokemon allowed in the museum." She said angrily. She pressed a red button on her desk.

"I thought this was a Poke-" Near was interrupted by two Bodyguards who were blocking the way to a door.

"Don't cause any trouble now..." said a large guard with a shaved dome. He towered Nearby easily 3 feet. Near wouldn't argue to this mountain-like man.

Meanwhile in the Basement...

A guard lay on the floor, his eyes as white as paper. Over him loomed a Haunter who was staring at a man who sat infront of some computers . He was squeezing a squishy ball, legs crossed, waiting for the signal.

"Now." said a Voice. The man grinned and pressed a button.

Back to the entrance....
At that moment the museum turned pitch black, you couldn't see your hand infront of your face. Chaos followed. Screaming, the sound of things breaking,Sneasel sneezing. When the lights came back on around 20 seconds later a man stood infront of the entrance with a stone in his hand.

It was he.

The man who asked Near to come into the building in the first place.

"Hey, you lied! This is no Pokemon Fanclub!" cried Near as he pointed at the man.

"Oh your so gullible!" laughed the man. "Thanks."
And then the shaded man was gone, disappeared. The guards checked where he stood. No trap or anything. How'd he do it.

Near opened the letter.

"Gotcha. -Sincerely, 'Shade' "

Near understood. He used him. And he fell for it. If this was a museum and he escaped with a rock it was no doubt a fossil. The guards confirmed it, a fossil was missing from the room they were guarding. It all made sense now. If Near walked in with a POkemon then he could distract the guards, but it had to be strategically planned out. When that happened the man would shut the lights and steal the fossil. Near spun around and ran out of the museum. He looked around for that shaded man.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out it was hopeless. 30 minutes and he was nowhere in the vicinity. How dare he use him like that! Near didn't get into trouble, but the man did steal a fossil of sorts. That's wrong after all. Near scratched his head. Should he get in a mess with that man. Maybe he could get a reward if he returned the fossil! Yes, he would definitely get a reward. Maybe money or a Pokemon!

Near walked around. He passed the street and looked at some buildings till he came across a small crying boy. No doubt he would be classified as a Youngster Trainer, blue cap, short shorts, strands of his brown hair popped out from under the cap. He was short, and looked to be about 9. Usually a trainer this young and full of energy would have a happy smile on his face. That wasn't the case.

The boy was crying.


Tears flowed down his face like a waterfall.

"Hey what's wrong?" asked Near as he crouched down to get eye level with the boy. Near was a bit selfish but he helped people when he felt like it.

"P-P-PONYTA!" cried the boy as he rubbed his eyes.

"They stole my Ponyta," cried the boy, "A man wearing sun glasses! Please help me Mr."
Now a lot of people where Sunglasses, but this was just as good a lead as any.

"Do you know where he went?" asked Near hurriedly as he checked the boy to see if he was injured.
The little boy shook his head. Near sighed and put his hands on his hips.

"Well at least tell me your name," muttered Near.

"J-Jacob..." said Jacob quietly. He rubbed his eyes once more and looked up with a hopeless look.

"I'm never gonna see my Ponyta again right!?" he sobbed.

"Naw, we'll find him!" promised Near, "Mark my words."

This was a lie.

The duo walked around, Near asking Jacob questions about the thief. The definition fit that thief fellow pretty well. Near sighed. Looks like he'd get involved anyway. But it was for a good cause; the reward...And helping the kid too. Yes.

After getting nowhere they sat down at a small park. The cool breeze made Near's scarf flail and dance in the air. Near rubbed his head. This was getting frustrating. The kid was starting to cry again and the sound of littler kids playing in the park perturbed Near's thoughts even more.

"Hey can I help you?" asked a 20 years old-looking man with brown curly hair. A laptop in his hands, a white T-shirt and sweat pants, and glasses that seemed to have a spiral on the lens. The man seemed worried. What was the strangest thing was that he was asking these kids for help.

"Yeah!" said Jacob and Near simultaneously. Their eyes gleamed with hope. Maybe this man could help!

"There's this man who stole my Ponyta!" said Jacob tears flowing down his eyes.

"He wore sunglasses, a black coat and had brown hair about this long," said Near as he placed his hands about where the thief's hair would be.

"Well I was gonna ask for some small job for a little money but I guess I could help you," said the man.

The man nodded and looked at his opened his laptop. After what seemed like hours of typing he looked up at the two boys.

"Hacked into the traffic cameras, I found this," he showed them the screen. There was a video clip of a man who closely resembled the shaded thief walking into an abandoned birdhouse. After further inspection and zooming you could see a Pokeball in his hands and that stone he stole from the museum.

"That's out man!" said Near as stood up, picked up his small bag and looked at the man.

"You lead the way." gestured Near.

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yes I made Near on aruma.

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This chapter marks the start of the plot build.

Chapter 12- Gullible! Vs. Hitmonlee!

The trio stood infront of the abandoned bird house. The sun was setting, giving the building an eerie feel. You could hear a faint screech in the background. Near and Jacob trembled in fear. The man stood there looking at the door.

"I'd love to help but I'm Pokemon-less," said the man as he scratched his head and tilted his glasses with the hand he was using to hold the laptop. His curly hair bounced as he scratched it,

"You'll have to go alone."

"R-Right! I'll go in and bring him to justice,get back your Ponyta, and get well known early on in my trainer career." He said as he bent down and smiled at Jacob. Even though he tried to put on a tough face he could not hide the worry in his eyes.

They opened the creaky door slowly and stepped inside... The curly haired man couldn't help but to giggle as the door locked shut behind the boys.

There were many birds in cages, all were acting manic, screeching at the human, flapping their wings. There were holes in the cages and a few broke through to attack Near! A Chatot and a Spearow! They attacked furiously, pecking and scratching with there large talons. Life trapped in this bird house must have been hell. Near couldn't help wondering what was the story behind the bird house. No time to worry about that. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pokeball; Sneasel! He let loose the Pokeball and released the pitch black,sharp clawed Pokemon. It swung it's arm and released an Icy Wind.
It slowed the foes down considerably.

"Go, finish it!" yelled Near as he leaned back, protecting Jacob from the furious birds.

Sneasel quickly obtained a burst of speed and dashed at the foes to deal a combo of fast slashes, too fast for the naked eye. The birds fell to the ground unconscious.

"Not bad," laughed a voice. Near glanced around as he lifted one of the pokeballs. He glanced left, then right and finally caught glimpse of the man wearing sunglasses;
'Shades'. He sat in a blue arm chair inside a large cage. The bird all flying away from him, trying to escape.

"Do come in." he insisted. He had head resting on his hand as if he had been waiting for them for a long time.

"Now,now, it's kinda rude making me wait. I thought my associate would get you hear faster," said the man as he stood up,

"But you got here anyway." He grinned, his eyes invisible behind the tinted glasses.

"Associate?" asked Near. He knew what he meant but he dreamt it was not so... But it was.

"Yes, the man who bought you here. You fell for my tricks, twice actually!" he cackled, the laugh roared and echoed across the room. The outraged birds fell silent.

"No way..." said Near in disbelief.

"Why are you screwing with me!?" asked Near as he subconsciously opened the door to the cave and stepped inside, his hand curled into a fist. Jacob inched his way inside too, Near's Sneasel close behind. Sneasel jumped forwards and dashed in for a quick attack.
The shaded man disappeared, just like before!

Near quickly looked behind them and saw that Shade was outside the cage with an Abra by his side. Abra teleported him out. It was so obvious, thats what must have happened in the building when Shade simply disappeared. He cackled as he shut the cage. Near spun around, and began banging on the cage.

"What are you doing? Give him back his Ponyta and let me out!" yelled Near. Sneasel had his mind on something else.

"Sorry. I had to use you to get the fossil, I don't think you should remember what happened. Maybe I'll have them beat it out of you," he said pointing past Near, "Cause they sure look like they want to beat you up."

Near spun around as he looked at Jacob who was on the floor looking up at something. His eyes shifted to where Jacob as looking at.

"CRAP!" yelled Near. At that moment all the birds that were locked in his larger cage cell flew around and began attacking them. The first-strike was a peck to Near's shoulder. Blood gushed out. He clutched his shoulder and looked at his Sneasel who was already ready.

"Icy Wind!" he called out. Sneasel began to gasp lightly and sneezed. This was no ordinary sneeze. This sneeze was a extra powered Icy Wind! The cold wind rushed out from his nostrils and hit the furious birds head on. 3 of them went in for a strike but Sneasel was too fast. He bounced off the cage bars and delivered a spinning slash to the birds. The four of them fell simultaneously, the three birds did not get back up. The following events were a series of flips and Icy Winds attacks with a few slashes now and there. Sneasel tried to keep the birds away to protect his master. It released another powerful sneeze which was another Icy Wind, it knocked down at least 5.

Near looked back at the shaded man. He was walking towards the door.
"I'm not dead yet!" he called out, though he knew Shades probably didn't hear him through the chaos that was taking place just a few feet behind him. Near grabbed two balls from his pockets and threw them through the cage bars. They rolled across the floor toward shade and hit the wall before he could reach it to open the door. They slowly opened revealing Croagunk and Machop! They both went in for a powerful chop to the chest which knocked shade to the ground. He coughed a little blood from the impact.
"Damn..." he said as he pulled out a Pokeball. Through the transparent red on the ball you could see a miniaturized pokemon just waiting to come out.

"Kill them," he said hoarsely, "Hitmonlee!"

Hitmonlee lunged out of his Pokeball and prepared to attack. It's spring like legs stretched out to twice their size as he tried to sweep kick the opposing pokemon. The fighting frog and the super power pokemon ducked and jumped over the leg to go in for a strike.
Machop struck Hitmonlee's chest with a powerful punch.

Croagunk fired a Poison Sting right at it's leg, the needle sunk in deep.

"Revenge." whispered Shades as he slowly got up while balancing his sun glasses back onto his face.

A dark energy surrounded hitmonlee's body, it's power multiplied from taking a late hit. It retracted his spring like legs and placed them inches from Croagunk's chest. Croagunk started to lean back to dodge any upcoming attack but the leg suddenly sprung forwards delivering a mighty blow right to the chest. The blow send Croagunk flying through the bars on the large cage in which Near was trapped in and smashed right into his trainer.
Sneasel had just finished the last few of the birds. He collapsed due to his energy running out. He fell unconcious feeling bad that he couldn't protect his trainer just a bit more.
Near was leaning on the bars watching the fight and commanding Sneasel. He sprung from his place.

"Sneasel are you-" he was cut off as something hit his back with amazing power and sent him flying towards the cell wall. He would later find out that it was Croagunk that had crashed into him
Machop glanced back and saw his trainer and his battle companion taken out in one hit. Hitmonlee stood there, one leg slightly raised ready to strike. A completely offensive battle stance. Machop glared at him. He shifted his weight forwards and went in for a Karate Chop. It hit Hitmonlee's knee...Or at least it looked like it did. It was hard to tell due to the weird structure of it's legs. Hitmonlee jumped in mid air right after the impact and went in

for a close-quarters jump kick; Not the best idea.
It swung it's leg downwards. Machop quickly rolled to the side as Hitmonlee's leg crashed into the concrete floor, it winced in pain. This was Machops chance to finish him!

Hitmonlee had no time to retaliate, especially from his close up. Machop quickly jumped with the force to climb mountains; Mountain Climb. He was directly below Hitmonlee so he slammed into him with amazing force and precision. Hitmonlee fell on one knee. He winced at the pain.
Machop couldn't believe it.

Hitmonlee was still up! He broke out of his shocked state and went it for a Karate Chop. This was the end. Hitmonlee took the blow to the face, it still stood up. His leg glowed a brown color and it swung it and struck Machop in the gut with an incredible force. It was immediately after he was struck by the chop. It was a counter attack. Machop was knockedunconsciouss the moment the Counter connected.

It was better this way.

It would have been much worse if he was awake when he crashed through 4 feet of solid concrete wall.

February 26th, 2008, 8:27 PM
Chapter 13- The Safari Zone!

Willer Saller: Cascade Beach -> Swamps in Route 2-> Marshland Village

"15 Balls for 500 Pokedollars,Limited Time." said the Receptionist as she looked at Willer, a broad smile across her face.

"500? Eh...that's quite a bit," said Willer unsure. He leaned on the counter and and thought about it forawhile, looking at the receptionist all the while.
It was obviously a good deal.
15 Pokeballs in a large climate changing, terrain swamping, wild pokemon infested paradise.

Willer quickly rummaged through his large pockets and pulled out 500 Pokedollars, which in seriousness was not too much.

"We will keep hold of all your Pokemon while you adventure in the Zone, please be careful. When your time is up a Charizard will come and bring you back to the entrance. She proceeded to give Willer 15 Safari Balls.

"Please enjoy your stay," she said with a broad, heart warming smile.
Willer turned around and faced the large steel double doors that lead to the large piece of land containing all sorts of rare and exotic Pokemon.
Willer a strong push the boy opened the doors with a large creak.
He set foot in a grassy area.

The view.

It was aweenspiring.

Beautiful hills,gleaming ponds, emerald jungles, each area just seemed to be bursting with life forms.

Willer quickly pulled out a Pokeball, reading himself for anything to come, and pulled out his Pokedex so he could record information on any foe that may appear before him.
He felt a bit defenseless without his trusty Pokemon, but Willer was strong as it was. Strapped to his back was the Good Rod he purchased from the merchant back in the swamp. If the situation occured, he could use it as a staff-like weapon.

On top of a nearby tree was a small ape-like Pokemon, his tail seemed to be the shape of a large hand, proportionally larger than anyother of it's body parts. The small Aipom looked down at Willer curiously.

Plan this carefully thought Willer.

He slowly approached the Aipom while pulling out a small sandwhich from his back pack.

"Here little Aipom," whispered Willer while sticking his arm up towards the tree.
Aipom's tail reached up and grabbed a berry. With a strong swing he used Fling to throw the berry with extrodanary force. It struck Willer in the chest which proppeled him into the ground. Willer rolled as soon as he hit the ground to stop the impact. His shirt was stained with purple berry juice.

He glanced up just in time to see the Aipom fleeing.

"Jerk," he said in frustration.
He pulled out his fishing rod and ran towards a nice pond that was a bit further down the slope he was on.

He had been practicing his casting ever since he found out about the Safari Zone in Marshland Village.

He found a good spot and sat down on a boulder that was sticking out from the pond bed. He didn't know much about fishing but hey, how hard could it be. But the thing is you rarely know whats gonna come out.

He cast the hook far into the pond and awaited.

1...2...3 minutes...plop!

Something was pulling down on the line.
With his upper body strength the teen aged boy pulled something out of the water. A Poliwag soared overwater and landed on a small stone. It looked up at the trainer with
anger in it's eyes.

Most trainers would simply disregard the little Pokemon.

Willer wasn't most trainers.

No Pokemon is Useless.

He was taught this at a young age, and to this day it was his ultimate motto. The silver lining, the golden truth.

"Poliwag, huh?" he said looking at his Pokedex.

"I challange you," he said picking up a small rock.
Poliwag smiled as it jumped into the air and shot bubbles at Willer. They inched their ways towards the defenseless trainer.

Willer swung his arms, releasing a rock at just the right time.
It pierced the bubbles and grazed Poliwag leaving a small mark. It fell on the small rock only to be met by another rock. Right to the face.

This may not seem like much, but to Willer's incredibly terrible aim this was quite the accomplishment. It was different when throwing a Pokeball.

Willer enlarged one of the Safari Balls behind his back with his right arm and threw it at the foe. Once it got close enough it opened up and released a white ray which trapped the Pokemon inside the sphere.

It wiggled. And then a click was heard.

Catch successful!

Willer carefully made his way to the rock the rock was laying on careful not to fall into the pond.

He picked up the ball and smiled.

The ball turned white and disappeared right from his grasp.

"What the!?" he exclaimed as he looked around. It just disappeared. It must have been the Safari Zone staff, or maybe some sort of code built into Safari Balls which makes them teleport to the front desk.

Willer was walking up a rockier slope looking at the various Pokemon. A herd of Rhydon could be seen in the distance.

Willer came to a stop. There was a large cave opening on the small mountain side. Adventure, thought Willer as he stepped in.
He was flooded with a gang of Zubat who flew past him, the creatures of the night leaving the cave for some odd reason. It was only eavening. Willer stopped to think about it for a while till he saw a small flare in the end of the pitch black cave.

It was a very small orange glow in the sea of darkness. Unusual as they come, but Willer couldn't resist but to explore. He approached steadily using his Pokedex flashlight function to aid his vision in the cave. His eyes took a few seconds to adapt to the lighting in the cave. He saw a small flame under a stone of some sort. He searched around with his substitute flashlight and saw a small lizard trapped by a large rock.

"Char..." it weezed quietly, only the tip of it's tail sticking out. It looked at Willer hopelessly.

The flame on a Charmandar's tail signifies it's strength, it's vitality. If that's true than this Charmandar must be on it's last breath.

Willer looked down at the Pokemon and the large rock. He set his Pokedex down so he didn't have to hold it, but in an angle in which it could illuminate the cave a little.
Willer untied his cape-like coat from his neck and set it down. He looked at the stone, his dark black eyes searching of the best way to do this.

Brute force.

With a mighty charge he slammed into the rock which was easily as big as he was and moved it from the top of the poor Charmandar's tail.It rolled over and fell with a great thump.

Willer held his shoulder not saying one word, simply wincing at the pain of ramming into a rock.

He quietly picked up his Pokedex and his coat and through the pain grinned at the Charmandar.

"Let's go," he replied as he began walking towards the cave entrance. Charmandar looked up at it's savior through the darkness and nodded.

The two walked out of the cave togheter. Willer sat down to take a breather, one of the Safari Balls rolled out of his pocket.

"Woah," he said as he reached for it before it rolled too far away.
Suddenly Charmandar picked it up and pressed the button. He was engulfed in a white light and was caught by the strange machine. Not even a single sign of struggle.

Willer stared at the ball.

"Hey..." he said picking up the ball and holding it up to his face.

"Who said you could come with me!" he said sticking out a toungue out.
Charmandar's heart was broken. He wanted to train with this kind trainer.
It began to cry inside the ball.

Willer saw it through the transperant red top of the pokeball and began laughing.

"Just kidding. I'd be glad if you came," he said happily. Just then the ball disappeared from his grasp.

Teleported to the front desk.

Willer put his hands on his hips and looked up at the sky with grin on the face.
Now where the heck is that Safari Charizard, He wondered.

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Updated Index for the future chapters!

5 Chapters ahead.

February 29th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Chapter 14-The Heavens Await! Vs. Geodude.

Route 19, the way to Heaven's Peak.

"Ember!" called out the Trainer on top of a boulder as he pointed at the foe.
The small Frosted Tree Pokemon, Snover, braced itself for Magby's ember. Magby released multiple fire balls that ripped through the hair leaving a small heat trail behind their path. The fire balls hit Snover right in the chest and exploded into small fire sparks, knocking it 3 feet away into the cold snow.

"Pokeball!" called out the Trainer as he threw the sphere across the air. It hit the knocked out Pokemon and opened revealing a white flash which sucked Snover into its chambers. It locked tightly and fell onto a small puddle of water, probably melted snow from the ember attacks earlier.

The Trainer bent down and rubbed his small pokemon on the head. Mabgy let out a small stream of fire in appreciation.

Lukas bent down to pick up his newly obtained Snover. He shrunk the ball and pocketed it and held out another Pokeball as a white flash returned Magby.

Lukas was wearing his blue button-up shirt with a scarf and cargo pants. The cold was getting to him. But his team was coming up great. Lukas has really been getting into the idea of raising Pokemon AND training with them. Ever since he came to this trainer paradise he searched for a calling, and the idea of raising a Pokemon in a special way to maximize it's attributes interested him. Of course his team was coming along nicely.

Elekid (Male)

Magby (Male)

Corphish (Female)

Poocheyena (Male)

Snover (Female)

Magby was caught earlier that day when he just crossed the Split Lake using a rented Gyrados. His goal was to explore Heaven Peak. He was close to the mountain and was ready to scale it.


Some minutes later,

Lukas was walking through the road that spiraled it's way to the peak of Heaven Peak.
There was much wild life off in the distance. He could see a couple Rhydon’s playing hide-and-go-horn drill. He saw an Onix resting lazily along the mountain base. He had his eyes up at the sky looking for a bird Pokemon. He was already pretty high up his hike so there should be some sort of high flyer around here somewhere.

No such luck. In fact he tripped on a small rock lying across the path.

"Ow!" he yelped as he fell to the ground and rubbed his foot. He got up and kicked the rock, it began rolling down the steep path.

"Stupid rock!" he grunted under his breath.

The rock suddenly lifted from the ground. At a closer look it had arms...And a face! It turned around and pointed it's muscular arms at the foe. Lukas.

"A Geodude...!?" said Lukas in shock as he began running the other direction.

"GOH!" it roared as it punched into the ground and pulled out a rock. It threw it at amazing speeds, it flew towards the enemy. Lukas closed his eyes and shielded his chest with his arms, waiting for the inevitable.

Suddenly a flash appeared from Lukas's Belt. A Pokeball opened and a small red crustatian like Pokemon flew out just in time and grabbed the rock in its claws. It shattered the rock into pieces with a quick snap.

Corphish stood there facing it's foe.

Geodude was already one step ahead. It began spinning rapidly and it rammed itself into the mountain wall, sparks flew in every direction. It stopped and looked you square in the eye. It was shining now, glistening. Rock Polish, a move that would sharply raise the speed.

It blazed across the sky and aimed a punch to Corphish's chest.

"GEO!" it roared as it landed a strong punch right to the chest. Barely a scratch. Not what Geodude intended.

"Nice Corphish! That was his Battle Armor, it protects her weak spots leaving no spots for critical and life risking hits," said Lukas with a smirk, "A great defense and offense!
Bubble Attack!" he yelled.

Corphish opened his claws and let out a stream of powerful bubbles that slammed into Geodude and pushed him back, down the road. They suddenly popped making a small explosion sending water in all directions.

Geodude lay on the snow unconscious.

"Pokeball!" cried Lukas as he threw a Pokeball at Geodude. It hit his head, bounced off, opened, and sent out a flashing light that trapped the rock Pokemon in its grasps.
Goedude was caught, another great addition to his team. He gazed at the amount he still had to move and without another word trudged on through the snow.

March 1st, 2008, 12:09 PM
Chapter 15: Night Assault. Vs. Murkrow.

On the Hike to Heaven Peak...

The sun had set sometime ago and the night winds made the climb much more harsh. Lukas trudged his way up, rubbing his arms for heat. He was reaching higher attitudes, soon the change in altitude and air pressure would make it harder to breathe. Many trainers trained in the hard conditions to heighten their stamina and their Pokemon's stamina.

He walked, close to the mountain wall through the spiraling path that ended at the summit of the mountain. He reached a part of the mountain where a small ledge stuck out from a bit higher in the mountain wall, shielding that small spot from snow. He sat down in that spot to take a breather. That wouldn't stop the cold but it was better than sitting in the snow to rest.

After a good 10 minutes Lukas got up, brushed some dirt from his pants and continued up the pathway.

After a small bit of walking he saw something high above. There were birds flying in a circle in the night sky. It would be hard to notice them usually but tonight the moonlight lit their bodies in the night sky. There was at least 10 of those dark feathered birds and one in the middle of the circle. Suddenly the middle one swooped down and one by one, so did the other birds. They flew straight towards Lukas.

Lukas processed his thoughts quickly and jumped back just in time as the leading bird slammed into the spot he was just standing and soon the other birds followed, snow blew everywhere.

Lukas reached into his back pocket and pulled out a red machine the size of a small notebook. He clicked a button and it opened.

"It is believed that seeing this pokemon late at night brings ominous occurrences," recited the Poked.

Just then Lukas heard a sound. He looked up to see a snow slide falling down towards him,it would most likely crush him and injure him greatly. However a trainer is only a truly great trainer can fight in the battlefield with his Pokemon, side-by-side.

He opened a ball and Magby came out releasing a pre-charged fire ball, Ember, which ripped through the snow.


One of the Murkrow who had rammed into the snow quickly got up and went in for a powerful tackle! Magby was sent into the air and the rest of the murder of Murkrow circled it and all went in for one powerful strike. Lukas held up his Pokeball and it opened with a flash returning Magby just in time for it to dodge the attacks. The Murkrow looked down at Lukas with ferocity in their eyes. He must be in their territory.

"Alright then," he said as he selected his Pokeballs carefully.

"Go Snover, Elekid!" he called out as he released both Pokemon with a flash.
They landed in battle position and looked at the 11 Murkrow that stood infront of them.

"Snow Powder and Icy Wind at the same time!" called out Lukas as he hopped back a few feet and so did Elekid.

Snover focused its energy into both arms and swung them, with her left arm he performed an icy cold wind rush and with the right she performed Powder Snow, an attack that flung snow at the opponent.

The Murkrow huddled close together, not a smart idea considering most groups would split to try to avoid the attacks, especially when that attack combination is super effective on you.

The two attacks hit the murder head on, some tried to resist it, and many were blown back. However one Murkrow seemed to be without a scratch. It smirked at Lukas then it started to beat it's wings and slowly ascend into the sky. This was the leader, thought

"Icy Wi-," He was cutoff by Murkrow who darted in at a fast speed and hit Snover's belly. Snover fell to it's knee, to stunned to act so Murkrow lifted it's beak and went in for a barrage. It struck with a powerful peck which sent Snover rolling down the path.

"Incredible...! Snover return," he said pointing the ball towards Snover. After a short start up it flashed and brought Snover back home.

"Damn, Elekid get im'!" called out Lukas hurriedly. Murkrow was in the same spot and Elekid was only a few feet away so with one good leap it swung it's arm to try to strike down Murkrow. The hit landed right on the side of Murkrow's head and it sent it flying towards the ground.

It caught its balance in mid air and flapped its wings to begin flight. It gained some height then glared down at the foe.

"You wanna see a mean look? Show him your leer!" called out Lukas.
Elekid gave one of the scariest looks it could to not only distract Murkrow but to lower it's defense!

Elekid jumped through the air using quick attack speed and landed a punch to the opponent's face sending it spiraling towards the wall. Murkrow slammed it's back on the mountain wall and glared up at Elekid who was handling the battle coolly.

Murkrow could tell the effects of Leer had taken toll.

Pokemon attack like Growl and Leer seem to have some sort of magical effect on others.
Murkrow felt frail, like it could easily be destroyed, crumbled, shattered.

Though it had a way of countering it.

It opened its mouth and exhaled an ominous cloud of gas into the air. It had a magical effect on Pokemon just like Growl and Leer.

Lukas couldn't see through the cloud. It was a Haze, a move that negates all status change, negative or positive.

Elekid glanced left and right looking for the Murkrow. It was hard to see in this darkness. Suddenly something hit it from behind. Murkrow's astonish. It caught Elekid by surprise and it could no longer move.

Lukas could now see and he began running to aid his Elekid but Murkrow didn't seem to be moving. Wasn't Elekid supposed to be stunned? He saw a small spark run through Murkrow's body like a small coiling snake.

"Paralyzed!" said Lukas astonished.

"Elekid's static! Alright finish this punk off! Thunder Shock!" he called out.
Elekid snapped out of his state of shock and began rotating it's arms at fast speeds. It smirked at the delinquent Murkrow one last time before releasing a light blue shock from it's plug.

The lightning curved its way towards the defenseless Murkrow, it looked like a small harpoon as it pierced the bird Pokemon electrocuting it to the ground.
Lukas took advantage of this opportunity and launched a Pokeball at the Murkrow. It opened and sucked the Pokemon inside.




Lukas grinned.

"Capture success!"

Lukas continued his climb up the mountain. He was tired but had to get as much coverage as he could.

He was tired. He couldn't move for much longer, he'd have to take a break soon. He deiced to stop in about 3 minutes. Just 3 more minutes and he'd rest his body, after all he had been hiking all day long.

He took another step and suddenly the ground felt shaky, as if it was loose. He was walking close to the edge and a small piece broke off. He fell through the air until he hit a lower part of the road around 12 feet below, he fell on his side.
He winced at the pain, His leg hurt. He was close to the peak but he couldn't move with his leg injured like this, infact he began to lose focus.
He opened a Pokeball.

"Murkrow...Find help..." he said with his remaining ounce of strength.

March 19th, 2008, 11:18 AM
Chapter 16- Welcome to the Jungle, We Go Fun and Gyms! Vs. Nuzleaf.

Taruma Swamp...

"Poison Sting!" Willer commanded.

His Cacnea obeyed the order; he trained his mallet-like arms onto his foe and fired four stingers at the Glaceon which successfully hit.
"Darn it Glacion! Use Water Pulse!" the opposing trainer called out.

Glaceon focused his mind and bent the water into a sphere in front of his face. He then head butted the sphere into the swampy water which sent out a pulse of water barreling straight towards Cacnea.

"Pike, use Growth!" called out Willer, to his Cacnea.

Pike charged his energy and expanded to more than three times his original size and became a mega Cacnea. Pike took the Water Pulse with his chest puffed out in a macho sort of way. When the attack was finished Pike trained his mallet-like arms onto his foe.

Glaceon winced for it knew what was to follow.

"ABSORB!" yelled Willer. Pike began extracting high amounts of energy from his foe. It drained it dry in no time and Glaceon fell to the ground unconscious.

"And that's game," said Willer picking up his Cacnea. He walked over to the opposing trainer and shook hands with him.

That was the last battle Willer and Pike would fight before challenging the Taruma Gym Leader.

Taruma Swamp Village was a large, large village in the Taruma Swamps. A tribe of fierce trainers lived in these swamps and trained in the unprotected areas against dangerous Pokemon.

It was said the leader of this tribe was the mighty Taruma himself; a warrior that struck from the Abyss and destroyed his foes.

"Sounds fun," said Willer with a hardy laugh. After healing his Pokemon he set out towards the gym.

It was a large hut-like gym made out of logs, but it was still large. It was surrounded by dense, thick woods so you couldn't see what was behind it.

The entrance it self seemed menacing. Large lime green double doors, torches lit the outside. It made trainers feel as if the gym was more like a domain where a monstrous beast lay dormant.

Willer pushed open the large doors and saw a long tunnel with a white light at the end. Was he dead?

This was another trick to scare foes. The darkness in the tunnell, and the light in the end symbolizing that you were already dead before the match even began.

He stepped through the end of the tunnel and saw a large swamp with two large circular platforms on top of the mud.

On the other side was a man sitting in a large throne.

With a muscular but chunky body, black spiky hair that made him look like a true night mare with a black spiky beard to match, no shirt, a large speak attached to his back and dark pants the man looked like a monster. He wore what looked like a large pearl necklace across his torso.

However instead of pearls, each little sphere was a small Pokeball.

"Welcome, trainer. I Am Taruma, the head leader of the Shuruma Tribe, and the Gym Leader of Taruma Swamp Village."

"Hello Taruma, I am Willer, I would like to challenge you," said Willer with a bow, "State your rules."

"So straight to the point," laughed Taruma as he played with his spear, twirling it around his hand. "2 on 2 elimination match," said the man in a booming voice which seemed to shake the earth itself. "Kids these days will rush head first into battles," he said as he gripped the spear, "But they don't know what they're up against when they face me." he said he he launched the spear towards Willer.

It plunged into the ground about a foot away from Willer; probably missed intentionally.

Regardless, it startled Willer.

"Murkrow come on out," A Murkrow came out of one of the small Pokeballs and glared at Willer. It landed in the middle of the platform.

Willer was intrigued by the weird Pokeball bandolier.

"What is that?" he asked pointing at it.

"A Pokeball Modification. Good trainers will edit Pokeballs to suit they're skills," explained Taruma, amazed how this kid had the guts to challenge him with no knowledge.

"Alright then..." said Willer as he pulled out his fishing rod and tied a Pokeball to it.

"Ta-da!" he said holding up HIS Pokeball modification.

"The Fish Mace!" announced Willer as he began swinging the pole around, the line swinging like a mace. He slammed the Pokeball into the ground and a Tailow flew out.

Taruma was not impressed. He sat in his throne with his elbow on the arm rest and his head resting on his hands.

"Do something good," he taunted.

Willer ignored the remark.

"Alright, Jet, use Quick Attack!" Jet zipped through the air and went in for a speedy tackle.

It missed. It simply missed.

It looked like he would hit Murkrow but something happened. Willer couldn’t explain it. It seemed as though Jet missed intentionally.

Willer fumbled his Pokedex out of his pockets and turned it on. He pointed it in the direction of Murkrow.

"Super Luck..!" he read. Murkrow has amazing luck due to this ability, inhuman luck.

Jet was thrown off guard by the fact that he had just missed. The Murkrow exploited this advantage by striking with a head butt from behind

Jet spiraled down towards the mud but pulled up just in the knick of time. He was now flying parallel to the ground.

"Luck won't keep Murkrow going forever," said Taruma, "Attack!"

Murkrow darted over with an Astonish attack, which nailed Jet and sent him flying towards the wall.

"You want luck, I'll show you luck!" said Willer agitated.

"Focus Arrow!" called out Willer, the code name to a combo attack consisting Focus Energy and a Peck.

Jet focused his energy and flew higher into the air, until he was almost to the gym ceiling.

The barely spread his wings so he could dive bomb the foe with maximum speed.


Right on Murkrow's chest.

Murkrow plummeted to the ground, unconscious.

"Critical hit," laughed Willer.

"Not bad..." said Taruma. Murkrow was returned to his Pokeball.

"But it's not over. If you haven’t noticed I specialize in the darkness of the swamps," he said as one of his Pokeballs opened up and flashed a light. "No light escapes my grasps."

A Nuzlead popped out. Willer rubbed his eyes.

"It's weak to flying," he started but then stopped. He's a Gym Leader, he MUST have his reasons.

"Tsk, Peck im'!" commanded Willer. Jet blazed through the air at full speed and went in for a peck.

"Now," said Taruma, snapping his fingers.

Nuzleaf grew much bigger and sledge hammered Jet into the mud. Willer was familiar with the technique. It was Growth, which Pike used to defeat Glaceon back in the swamp.
However Willer knew the weakness to the technique.

Jet tried to get out of the mud but he was too weak.

"That's good enough, Jet." said Willer as he held out Jet's pokeball and pressed the button. It opened and a white flash enveloped Jet and returned it into the Pokeball.

"If you'll risk a weaker Pokemon in this match then so will I!" roared Willer as he clipped a Pokeball to the fishing rod and began swinging it in the air.

"Go, Stream!" he called out smashing the ball into the platform.

"This is the end," said Willer as he pointed at the small Poliwag he caught in the Safari Zone.

Taruma's mouth dropped, "Suicide, simply suicide," he laughed.

The giant started walking through the large platform and hopped to the second platform where Poliwag stood.

It glanced down and smirked. This was no problem. Just step on the little critter. Nuzleaf raised his foot and slammed it down wards, it was about 6 feet tall and his special energy was flowing within it, not a good combination.

Poliwag dove to the right and dodged the stomp.

"Bubble, Stream!" called out Willer. Stream opened its small mouth and fired off an array of bubbles which floated up into the air and pushed back on Nuzleaf. One of the bubbles slid its way past the others and hit its nose causing a chain explosion of bubbles.

The impact sent Nuzleaf rolling across the platform. It stopped just a few feet from the edge. If it fell into the dark,slimey swamp it wouldn't be able to get out.

It glanced towards Poliwag only to see a spiraling swirl. It couldn't look away from the hypnotic spiral and eventually fell to the ground, asleep.

Poliwag stood a few inches from the sleeping Nuzleaf.

"What did you do!?" yelled Taruma with worry.

"Hypnosis," laughed Willer as he pointed at the Nuzleaf, "It's over! Double Slap!"

Poliwag swung its tail at the sleeping Nuzleaf and hit it from the left, then a final strike to the right which sent it flying into the swampy waters.

It slowly sunk into its depths.

"Well, well you weren't so mighty after all," taunted Willer as he pulled down an eyelid and stuck his tongue out.

Suddenly a spear pierced through the air and landed inches away from Willer, who jumped back from the weapon. He looked up and saw that Taruma was no longer there.

"He's attacking me!?" asked Willer aloud out of shock. Poliwag jumped and landed infront of Willer, glancing left and right to see where the spear came from.

"Wag?" asked the Poliwag who was a curious little rascal. He looked down at the spear head and saw something tied to it.

Willer bent down and saw a small trinket tied to a small rope.

A flat, small, medal-looking plate was tied to the rope; it took the shape of a black swirl.

"The Abyss Badge!" exclaimed Willer in amazement. He did it! Clipped onto the spear was a pair of Sunglasses and a TM Revenge, along with a bag full of coin Poke Dollars.
His adventres here were over for now but there was word of a tournment off in Leafstone Valley.

March 19th, 2008, 11:22 AM
Alright sorry for that I havent posted in a while (Not that many people comment anyways) It's cause Brawl came out and ya know been kinda busy. So Im posting another chapter for the heck of it. Thats 2 in one day!

Chapter 17- Tauros and Milktank Ranch Perrils! Vs. Mankey.
As you traveled out of Taruma Swamp, went north on Route 7 and crossed through route 8 you would notice two mountains sloping down along the way leading a lush green valley with a village in the very bottom;
Leafstone Valley.

Willer walked down towards the road checking the E-mail over and over again.

"Christmas Cup," read the E-Mail, " It is a great time of the year, winter time, and since Aruma has been opened months ago this will be out first official Tournament. It will be televised and everything! There are great prizes for winning including the great Christmas Trophy and a ultra rare Master Ball among others."

Master Ball.

Screw the trophy, nothing could beat a Master Ball.

The Tournament would start in 2 days so the town must have been loaded.
Willer picked up the pace and sprinted down the slope looking forwards to winning that Tournament.


"Nurse could you please heal my Pokemon?" asked Willer handing the universal Nurse Joy 5 Pokeballs; Tailow,Cacnea,Grimer,Charmandar,Poliwag, Willer's team, Willer's friends.

The nurse hooked up the Pokeballs to the machine as it restored their energies. Willer retrieved all his Pokeballs and checked the Map and further info on his Pokedex.

A certain tourist attraction in Leafstone Valley that intrested Willer was the one and only Tauros and Milktank Ranch.


Willer started hiking his way up to the large Ranch in the outskirts of the valley. It is said they raise all sort of livestock-type pokemon but Willer was really intrested in a Tauros.

This was because when he was young his nick name was "El Toro", "The Bull". Willer thought it'd be funny if he had a Pokemon that matched that Nick Name

The ranch was in sight, acres and acres of lush land perfect for grazing.
However it looked as if the gates leading into the ranch were destroyed, ripped apart by something.
When Willer looked through the gate he saw many Tauros and Milktank on the floor, defeated.

"What happened here...!?"
Willer hopped over the fence and brought out his fishing rod. He walked over the field of unconcious cattle Pokemon,stepping over a Milktank along the way till he saw a small shed backed up against a large house.

There was someone in there, though Willer could only see the man from behind, he wore a black tuxedo like suit and had silver hair. Looked kinda familiar. He was holding an egg in his hands.

Willer slowly made his way towards him the shed when suddenly the figure turned around.

"Oh it's you." said Jordan Day with a sinister smile.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Willer scratching his head.

"You don't remember me you oaf?" yelled Jordan, irritarted already.

"Oh right, Jordan! The kid I helped! You know what happened to all those Pokemon out there?"
said Willer as he turned around and pointed at the downed Pokemon.
He turned back to face Jordan but was suprised to see a Mankey jumping towards him. It reared it's fist and punched Willer in the gut.

"OOF!" coughed out Willer as he fell to the ground, dropping the rod.

"Jordan, what the heck?" grunted Willer.

"I'm not who you think I am, fool. I am the Two Faced Ghost," he said pulling out a completly white half mask and placing it on his face,

"..a Team Chaos Grunt." he finished as he grinned an evil smile.

"I could have killed you back in the swamp but I decided to keep you alive," said the side of Jordan Willer had never seen before.
This must be why hes a two faced ghost...

How foolish of Willer. He should always be prepared.

"Mankey, finish him!" cried Jordan.

Mankey went in for a chop when it was stopped by a pink substance, harder than stone.
Willer had Grimer's Pokeball in his hands.

"Harden," he said.
Grimer had quickly gotten in the way of the punch and hardenend into a fully solid form.

"Good job pink," said Willer getting up from his spot.
Willer noticed for the first time a small boy unconcious on the floor. Besides him lay what looked like some Pokemon food.

"What did you do to him, you idiot!" said Willer grabbing Jordan by the collar.
Jordan raised an eyebrow on the unmasked side of his face.

"He was about to alert the others that there was someone stealing a Pokemon egg. Maybe one of these is that egg the boss wants so badly, I mean I could just kill him right now," replied Jordan.
Willer gritted his teeth. What a monster!

"Boss... Team Chaos?" asked Willer but before he could ask he was headbutted in the stomach by a small ghost Pokemon, Shuppet.

"Shuppet, Night Shade!" commanded the Two Faced Ghost as the room was drained of all light. It was pitch black.

"Shuppet, MURDER HIM!" roared Jordan followed by a sinister laugh.

Shuppet flew through the darkness and began headbutting something in the darkness.
The lights returned to the room and revealed Shuppet was stuck to a pile of pink sludge, about 4 feet away from Jordan, Willer was smiling holding two Pokeballs in the entrance of the barn.

"That damn Grimer..."grunted Jordan as he looked at Willer and
The pile of sludge began seperating revealing a Charmandar inside. It leaped out and swung it's tail towards Jordan. Jordan jumped back quickly,dodging the tail but leaving himself open for the fireballs hurling towards him.
His eyes widened when suddenly his chest was hit by igniting fire balls.

"GRAHH!" he yelped trying to put the fire away by jumping into the ground and rolling, "Damn, I should have attacked you in the Swamp!" he roared as he pulled out four Pokeballs.
Jordan slowly stood up.

"ATTACK!" He grunted throwing the balls into the air revealing an Ekans,Totodile,Girafarig, and Sandshrew.
Willer's eyes widned as he took a step back. That was a barrell full of Pokemon.

"Well I would rather enjoy some of your money," he said stepping forwards.
Willer spun around and began running away from the small egg barn.

"You won't get away, Get him boys!" commanded Jordan, but all his Pokemon were looking behind him.
Jordan looked back to see a large flaming wheel speeding it's way towards him.

"Cra-" he couldn't finish as he was ignited by a Flame Wheel attack.
Jordan was blown out of the barn by the heat and fire and landed on the grass, his body smoking up, barely able to talk. His Pokemon were in the same state.

A boy about 17 years old stepped out from the barn with a Pokeball at hand, a Typhlosion by his side.

"What did you do to my little brother!?" he spat out at Jordan. Jordan slowly got up, his half mask half melted.

"Fate is so mean to me," laughed Jordan as Shuppet floated up weakly. All lights were drained under it's Night Shade giving Jordan a chance to escape.


The boy, wearing a green apron like thing over his green striped shirt and jeans returned his Typhlosion and looked over at Willer.

"Names Nick,I saw you fighting for my little bro..." said the man sticking his hand out. He was a bit angry from the whol Jordan fiasco.

"No problem. Sorry I broke into your farm. I just thought it was a little weird for the gate to be destroyed and the Pokemon to be knocked out," said Willer scratching his head.

"I have to repay you. Wanna stay over for the night?" asked Nick.

"No I have to get going," said Willer turning around."Nice to meet ya!"

"Wait, at least take this Egg!" said Nick as he ran into the Barn and ran out with a oval eg with round brown spots in it.

"Woah really thanks!" said Willer as he grabbed the small egg and parted ways with the Ranch worker, Nick.
As he walked away he thought back to the time he first met Jordan.
It was all a trap.

But If Jordan was planning to attack him back then in the swamps...

Why didn't he?

March 28th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Chapter 18- Into the Arena Vs. Combee!
Willer dashed into the Aruma South West Colosseum where the Christmas Cup Tournament would be held soon in the afternoon.

He looked at the massive 100+ feet tall, 1.5 thousand feet wide colosseum packet full with trainers and stores,dining rooms, and of course the large arena area where the big tournament would be held today.

The opening ceremony was today and Willer overslept, he stayed up all night making tactics for the upcoming matches. The double doors automatically opened allowing him through. It felt good to be inside and not outside in the freezing cold. It was snowing outside which made Willer wonder if this would give Ice Pokemon any edge.

He had signed up the previous day but if he was late for the opening ceremony, he would be disqualified.

Willer took a good look around and saw many trainers from all walks of life. Since when Aruma opened you were required to start off with a level 5 Pokemon most trainers were still in the rookie level, but level is only a slight factor in battle.

Willer showed the receptionist his ticket and walked through the dark corridor, lit by thin,green glowing stripes which traveled through the wall, probably some neon light-type thing.
He reached the end of the tunnel leading him to a large room with a steel floor and two large battle
fields made out of grass. There was around twenty trainers sitting on foldable chairs lined up in 2 rows of 15, chairs back to back in the middle of the room and there were stands surrounding the whole arena, the ceiling was closed off.

Willer took a seat in one of the chairs in the middle of the arena and looked at what he assumed to be his competition. The trainer that stood out the most was an enormous man with white hair and a white beard and some sort of white fur toga.

He was sitting directly behind Willer, Willer tried not to stare.

Willer wasn't the only familiar face up here.
Sincro Orcin, who we haven't seen since his escapades with Jordan was sitting at the far end.
Near, who we haven't seen till Shade beat him was sitting in the third seat from the left end in the row behind Willer. Near was wearing bandages around one of his arm, and one wrapped around his forehead.

In the stands there was a platform sticking out, a man was standing on it. The man was short and looked to be pretty old with a white beard covering most of his face and dark sun glasses. He wore a black suit and a small hat.

He had a micro phone in his hands.

"Dear trainers and fans," he commenced, the thousands of people in the stands cheered.

"Today we begin our first annual Christmas Cup, and to start off the tradition we wan't to start off big-" continued the man until he stopped, pulled out a handkerchief and coughed into it.

"Without further ado, if you please look at the big screen you will see the tournament schedule!"
There were 4 large,flat screens ,one on each side. They flashed on and showed the tournament brackets. Apperantly it would be a 3 round tournament, some people even got a bye some where in there.

"The rules are simple.Use any pokemon you desire, first person to lose a Pokemon in battle loses. In round 1 your limited to one Pokemon, in round 2 your limited to two Pokemon," he said then stopped to cough into his hankerchief.

"In round 3 you are limited to three Pokemon, and finally in the Final Round you can use your full 6 pokemon team!"

The participants cheered and clapped, except for Willer who didn't look to happy.

"And the first match; Willer vs Jennifer, trainer please prepare for battle," announced the man as he walked away from the suspended platform and opened a door leading into a room that looked like a press box.

Near got up and walked to the confession stands silent. He seemed alot less cheery than before.

"Hey remember me?" asked a trainer who doned a white headband, pitch plack spikey hair, blue eyes, baggy jeans and an opened black jacket with a white shirt under it.
Near moved his scarf to the side and looked into the other boy's blue eyes.

"Have we met?" asked Near quietly while scanning the man. Ever since the Shade's accident which he barely survived from he's been alot more careful and defensive. He never saw little Jacob since that day, and even though it was only a few days ago he couldn't forget the boy and blamed himself for his disapperance.

"Figures you wouldn't remember me, after all you were knocked out BOTH times I saved you," said the boy laughing.

"Both times...were you the one who brought me to the Pokemon Center after I was knocked out in the Mountains and the one who brought me to the center again after I was unconscious in the bird house?" asked Near suddenly not so gloomy.

"So you do remember. Names Elias, you really got to stop getting knocked out," he joked, "I won't always be there to help you."
Suddenly Near was serious again.

"Nice to meet you and thank you, but I really should go train myself," he said walking out after getting a chilli-dog.

The battle was about to begin, Willer walked towards the arena with his chosen Pokemon.
In the opposing corner was a pretty girl about Willer's age who wore a classic Pokemon hat with a Pokeball on it, pink skirt and shirt and had her brown hair straightnend out.

"Hi," she yelled across the field and waved her hand. Willer waved back and smiled. There was a judge in the middle of the Arena.

"Begin!" he yelled as he jumped back and out of the Arena. Only one Pokemon limit, so Willer chose the one Pokemon he felt would have no glaring weaknessess.

"GO!" they yelled simultaniously releasing their Pokemon.
A Grimer and a Combee flew out.
Willer pulled out the Pokedex as did the the girl, Jennifer.

"YES!" blurted Willer.

"NO!" shreiked Jennifer.

"Argh! Rose, use Sweet Scent, then Tackle!" cried the girl.
The small honey hive bee spread a sweet aroma from it's wings which held Grimer in place.

"Now, go!" yelled Jennifer. Combee buzzed it's wings and went in for a powerful tackle.

"Harden!" called out Willer. Grimer's sludgy body hardened into a rock-like form weakining the tackle and making Combee bounce off.

"Bee!" it cried as it hit the floor.

"Pink, use Poison Gas!" commanded Willer as he pointed at the downed Combee. Grimer's body puffed and it closed it's mouth. It then released a cloud of dangerous poison through it's mouth. The deathly purple poison surrounded the vincinity.

"Blow it away!" cried Jennifer quickly. Combee rose from the ground and began beating it's small insect wings and released a strong gust blowing away the purple cloud of toxins, it's poisons interrupted breathing but the small bee was quickly recovering.
Combee looked through the cloud drifting away for the Grimer but it wasn't there.

"Combee, above you!" cried Jennifer pointing up towards the sky.
Combee looked up only to see a large figure blocking the sun. Pink the Grimer was crashing down towards Combee!

Combee tried to escape but it was quickly engulfed under the sludge body of Grimer. It quickly tried to inch away from Grimer's bottom but Grimer's ability sticky hold made things stick to her body like some sort of super glue.

Combee eventually gave out under the pressure and fainted.

"Winner Willer!" called out the judge. Willer jumped into the air with a grin on his face while Jennifer fell to her knee and sank her face into he hands.

"Good job Pink!" called out Willer as he rushed in and hugged his Grimer.
Pink blushed trying to be modest, though it couldn't help feeling proud.

March 28th, 2008, 5:21 PM
Chapter 19- Nolan the Air Master & The Monk! Vs. Natu and Vs. Kadabra!

The next match of block A would soon begin. Near Vs. Noland.

Near was practicing some last minute techniques when his name was called in the intercom which could be heard from the outside of the large arena-like colloseum.

Near trudged to his corner, his eyes on the green grass field.

In the other corner stood a man around his mid 20's with black flowing hair, brown eyes, a blue jacket, khaki shorts and he was holding a bird cage. He looked to be around 6 feet tall and very strong; Nolan.

"Nice to meet you," he said to Near. Near kept his eyes on the floor, he was obviously mourning over his failure in the Mountains.

The man scratched his head, "I'm Noland, you must be Near?" he asked. No response.

Oh well, he tried to be nice.

"Begin!" yelled the judge as he jumped away from the field, the crowd went wild. The monitor screen flickered on showing a zoomed up view of the battle in different angles.

The announcer sitting on the Press Box turned on his mike.
"And so begins the second battle of block 2, let's watch this one carefully," said the announcer as he nodded.

"Machop!" called out Near as he clicked the button on his Pokeball and the top swung open releasing a bright flash. Machop flew out and fell inches away from the Pokeball painted on the grass indicating the halfway point of the field (Which was about 30 Yards wide, 40-50 long).

"Bad start on your part! Natu!" called out Nolan as he quickly withdrew a ball from his belt and opened it releasing a small green bird in the shape of a sphere witha small beak and talons and scar going vertically down his left eye, though the eye was still open and didn't seem to be damaged.

The moment Natu was released it dashed in for a peck attack. Machop quickly accessed the situation and so did Near.

"Attack already!?" he blurted out quickly thinking,"Moonkick, Machop!"

Machop quickly jumped up into the air and began rotating downward. It quickly stuck a leg out and slammed into the ground with it's heel, Natu rolled to the right of Machop, dodging by inches. Machop took the chance and with his heel still plunged into the ground and it let out a chop to the right and smacked Natu's fragile body sending it spiraling through the air. Since this was a 1 Pokemon match this could be it for Natu.

"That was a nice combo on Near's part, apperantly using Rock Climb's power to jump into the air and crash down with a Low Kick using the Heel!" said the announcer quickly into the microphone.

"Come on Natu hang in there! We've been through worse," shouted Noland. Natu spread it's small wings while spiraling through the air to catch it's balance, it then went into a steep U-turn and stopped to look down on Machop.

"Try to use Rock Climb's power to get up to Natu's height!" commanded Near. Of course this Machop knew Rock Climb so it should do it with no problem...as long as nothing gets in his way.

Machop began sprinting across the field and with a powerful jump it soared through the air, fist ready to punch.

Little did it know to expect that a mass of purple goo-like psychic energy quickly formed behind him, about 2 meters in diameter and it quickly blasted through the air and hit Machop from behind, the ball of energy burst into an array of glittle like sparkles, though the impact was great. Machop couldn't deliver the punch and crashed into the ground unable to move.

"Winner, Nolan!" called out the judge as he raised a red flag.

Nolan returned his Natu and smiled.
"Well done my friend," he said as he walked out of the battle field, fans cheering for him.

Near stood there dumbfounded.

"What was that!?" he asked himself.

The announcer started talking into the mike rather fast.

"It looks like we just experienced a Future Sight, an attack that takes a while to appear but it appears out of nowhere and catches the foe off guard! A nice move on Nolan's part, he must have had Natu set up that Future Sight in the start of the match!" commented the announcer.


Sincro walked through the hallway and into the large arena seeing all the cheering fans. He has the second battle of the B block.

He stepped onto the field and saw a monk-like man with tan skin, a toga, and red arrows painted across his skin levetating off the ground, legs crossed.

Sincro thought he was high or something.

"So your here," said the Judge as he nodded at the Press Box.

"Begin!" he said as he stepped out of the field.

"This is a match between Sincro Orcin and the mysterious man known as Nurance," said the announcer into the mic, "The trainers are now selecting their one Pokemon for the match."

The levitating man Nurance didn't even have to think about it. He reached into his robe and pulled out a small Pokeball, which he proceeded to enlargen and throw into the air. A Kadabra flew out and pointed it's spoon at the foe.

Suddenly Sincro's arms felt as if they were in flames, his head ached in pain. His trembleling hand reached into his Pocket to pull out a small vial with Medicine in it. He took a pill and then fell silent.

His reckless,rash,dangerous side was about to take over, the side effect of the mysterious pill.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. He looked up at Nurance with a psychotic grin like the world has never seen, the plasma screens zoomed in on his face, the entire crowd fell silent.

"GO!" He roared throwing Tyrogue's ball into the air, even the calm Nurance was startled.

"Is he for real? Tyrogue has the obvious disadvantage in this match!" yelled the announcer going through his notes.

As if Sincro cared. Under the influence of the medicine nothing was out of reach to him.

"Kill him!" he screeched, Tyrogue nodded and went in for a powerful mid air kick. Kadabra got in a defensive stance by crossing it's arms but the kick stopped 1 inch away from Kadabra's torso and Tyrogue quickly spun around and delivered a chop to it's side.

"Fake out!" cackled Sincro. As Kadabra fell helplessly to the ground.

So far we really haven't seen Sincro fight,and we don't know much about his Pokemon, but he's holding up amazingly!

Tyrogue looked back at his trainer with worry in it's eyes.

"What are you waiting for! Crush it!" commanded Sincro.

Tyrogue nodded hesitantly and then ran towards the flinched Kadabra as it began to stand up.

It delivered a kick to it's stomach then got on a hand stand and did a spinning kick only to go into a donkey kick which sent Kadabra flying towards the started Nurance and slamming into him.

"Incredible! He didn't even give Kadabra time to counter..." said the Announcer amazed at the display of skill.

"Winner Sincro!" called the Judge in amazement.

Sincro returned his Pokemon and laughed. Yes this was more like it. Fame and fortune were only a Tournament away.

April 10th, 2008, 2:26 PM
Chapter 20- Semi Finals! VS. Spiritomb and Sealeo.

The Tournament was nearing an end, all trainers battling fiercely until it went down to the final 4 trainers. Tonight would be the Semi Finals, the Finals would be the next day at noon. Just who's left in this Tournament?

Block A-
Willer Saller and Elias

Block B-
Sincro Orcin and "The Yeti"

"Participants for the Block A Battle please come to field two, I repeat Participants for the Block A match please come to field two," said the announcer's voice through the intercoms linked to every room.

Willer flopped out of bed , put on a blue shirt with the number's 26 on the back and his classic puffy pants, got his goggles and his Pokemon and head out from his room.


He stepped into the grassy field, his opponent was already there. Elias, the man who saved Near in the mountains. We don't know much about him but if he made it this far he must be good.

"Nice to meet you my name is Elias," said Elias holding his hand out.

Willer looked down at the hand and grabbed it, "Willer."

The Judge went over the rules with them and the two trainers nodded before going to their seperate corners.

"Begin!" said the judge.

"And so we kick start the Semi-Finals...who will go on to the Finals!?" said the announcer with an enthusiastic voice.

Willer reached into his pocket and pullet out a Pokemon, Elias followed, his blue eyes focused on Willer's movement's.

"Go!" they yelled simultaniously throwing their Pokeballs into the air.

A small elephant-like Pokemon flew out of Willer ball, and it fell into the floor happily, one of Willer's new additions to the team Rolly the Phanpy.

Out of the other ball a small animal with a large, steel plated skull and plated body flew out.

"Meet Aron, my starter Pokemon!" introduced Elias.

"Aron huh?" asked Willer looking into his Pokedex. It says Aron can ear minerals and ores easily! That's pretty neat.

"Aron Harden then go in for a tackle!" commanded Elias. Aron nodded and dashed at the foe while hardening it's body even further.

Aron bashed it's head into the ground when it got near Phanpy but it missed. Phanpy was nowhere to be seen!

"Oh no you don't!" said Willer returning Phanpy and pulling another Pokeball, He threw it into the air and with a flash Charmandar flew out through the air.

Since it was a 3 Pokemon match the trainer could switch Pokemon at will.

"Sizzler, do it now!" yelled Willer. Charmandar swung it's tail while in mid-air lobbing a small fireball towards Aron. It hit it's forehead with intense force.

Aron fell down but quickly struggled to get up.

"Fire against Steel? Not to stupid are ya!" said Elias as he pulled out a ball and pressed a button. The top part of the ball swung open and sent out a small white flash which enveloped Aron then reeled it back into the ball and snapped close. Aron could be seen through the transperant red part of the Pokeball, it was breathing heavily trying to recover from the attack.

Willer and Charmandar waited impatiently for the next move.

"Hmm ok I think you should go!" said Elias throwing a Pokeball into the air. With a flash a ray came out in the shape of a weird stone.

Willer and Charmandar looked at the rock, Charmandar inched his way towards the stone. Suddenly a oddly colored spirit popped out,surrounded by Dark energy and rammed into Charmandar, Charmandar rolled across the ground, it's tail charred some of the grass.

"Faint Attack!" laughed Elias. He liked praying pranks and jokes and it showed in some of his battle tactics, from messing with oponent's minds to tricking them, but one thing was for sure, this kid was smart, and Willer could tell.

Charmandar still had some stamina.

"Return!" called out Willer, for he knew this would be the final Pokemon he would use in this fight.

"Go Taillow!" called out Willer throwing his Pokeball. Taillow came out and unleashed a flurry of pecks.

The spirit was hit by the flying attacks but it's shadow stretched out behind Taillow and rose from the ground in a solified form, It rammed Taillow into the ground.

"Return!" called out Elias. He was a quick trainer too, good at thinking!

"Tropius! Growth then use Gust to create large cyclones!" A green,large,long necked Pokemon came out of the Pokeball, the arena was surrounded by a sweet smell. It was a Tropius, the Pokemon that's easily larger than most people now larger due to using Growth.

It's body expanded to almost twice it size increasing it's special attack!

It was almost as big as half of the field. It jumped into the air and flapped all 4 of the leaves on it's back creating a powerful earth ripping cyclone!

Taillow swirved out of the way but the Cyclone headed straight towards Willer.

Getting into the battle was not against the rules but it was dangerous, but standing there would also be dangerous so Willer dove out of the way and rolled into the field.

Taillow used it's quickness to orbit Tropius, making it gradually dizzy. In truth it was trying to keep it away from Willer.

Suddenly Tropius swung it's neck towards Taillow but it stopped mid attack.

"What the...!" yelped Elias in suprise.

There was a fishing line tied around Tropius's neck, stopping it's attack. Willer was pulling it back with all it's might using his fishing rod.

"Taillow... return!" Said Willer as he returned Taillow with one hand but suddenly the line snapped freeing Tropius. It glared down at Willer and released a flurry of Razor leaves at Willer. Willer quickly released Charmandar to inciderate the leaves with a quick barrage of embers while Willer began sprinting to the other side.

He would have to be quick.

He grabbed two balls in one hand, returned Charmandar with one and released Phanpy with the other.

"Growl,Defense Curl!" cried Willer.Phanpy growled cutely lowering Tropius's attack by a bit, then Phanpy curled up into a ball and surrounded it's body with energy to increase it's defense even further.

"Stomp it to the ground!" said Elias harshly from his trainer's corner, obviously not wanting to get in the field. He was a good kid who liked helping people but if annoyed of frustrated he could get cold blooded.

Tropius lifted a leg and stomped it into the ground, his leg was as thick as a tree trunk.

Phanpy was trapped beneath the enlarged foot, trying to endure the weight.

"Not down yet!? Crush it, Tropius," said Elias certaini his win was imminent.

"Flail, Rolly!" commanded Willer. Phanpy curled into a ball again and rolled out from under the foot and bounced from the ground. It was heavily injured but this was just the conditions it needed for Flail, a move which grew the more desperate the Pokemon was.

Rolly flailed it's trunk and hit Tropius's face with strong blows until it was finally down.

"Winner....Willer!" cried the judge.

"What an amazing display of Trainer/ Pokemon bond! Willer helped his Pokemon in mid battle, something most Trainers wouldn't dare to do!"

Willer smiled and hugged his Phanpy, "I'm sorry Rolly..." he whispered.

"Phan!" cried Phanpy with a smile, still as energetic as when Willer caught him.


'God my arms are burning! I wish I could just bite them off...or something less creepy...'
thought Sincro as he popped a pill into his mouth. Seconds later his whole outlook changed.

To him the 7 foot monster-like man named Yeti standing before him was just another trainer, which in truth he was but a very menacing one. They had been battling for a while, Sincro was still on his Tyrogue and doing fine until Yeti switched into the geisha-like ice ghost, Frolass.

Yeti didn't talk much, he seemed to have a bond with Ice Pokemon, probably from the years living with them in the cold peaks of Sinnoh. He had white hair covering alot of his body and wore a white fur caveman-like outfit.

He roared into the air, his breath making small ice crystals in the air.

Frolass danced around Tyrogue elegantly, one arm held up high and the other on her hip.

"Don't fall for that stupid trick!" spat Sincro, "Quick, Fake-Out it!"

Tyrogue jumped into mid air to land a kick in the Floating ghost's face, the kick had a hint of dark energy in it making it super effective on this ghost.

Frolass raised an arm to block the kick, just as expected, but the kick stopped half way and Tyrogue fell to the ground only to quickly srping back up and deliver a kick with the opposite leg to it's face.

Frolass flinched from the sudden attack which was Sincro's chance to switch, a risky switch at that. Sincro had two more Pokemon, both of which were weak to Ice; Yeti's specialty.

"Sunkern come on out!" laughed Sincro, reckless as ever from the side effects of the pill.

"DOUBLE!" yelled Yeti beating his chest. Frolass nodded as she split into multiple illusions of herself using Double Team throwing Sunkern off.

Sunkern jumped back and glanced around the field, too many Frolass to count! It looked back worridly at his trainer.

"Sunkern just fire off a Leech Seed!" yelled Sincro without a second of hesistation.

Sunkern nodded, it knew better than to disobey Sincro, and it knew what he was planning. It focused a bit, being a battle fit natured Sunkern it would at least try to aim well.

"KERR!" it roared as it fired a small seed from the bud on his head. It landed on the ground and expanded, obviously it missed. But at that moment the real Frolass glided over it, doubles hiding her true location when the seed burst open and trapped it in thin, wire-like vines which began sapping the energy out of the ghost.

"Go, end it!" called out Sincro.

Yeti quickly returned his Frolass seconds away before it was done away with.

"Go!" he yelled releasing a seal like Pokemon, Sealeo.

It landed with a thump and stared at the foe. It opened it's mouth slightly as Ice Crystals began clustering around it's mouth, layering on each other creating a ball made out of pure ice. It growled loudly sending the ball flying towards Sunkern, who bounced away only to meet Sealeo's tail in mid air and getting slammed by it.

"Leech Seed!" yelled Sincro as Sunkern hit the floor and bounced back up. It flipped in mid air doing a 180 ,leaving it facing Sealeo in mid air. It shot out a seed from the bud on it's head which quickly sped through the air and hit Sealeo 4 meters away.

The seed burst revealing thin vines which surrounded Sealeo and quickly began draining energy. It fell to the ground, hopeless.

"Now, Mega Drain!" said Sincro turning around, "Check mate."

Sunkern's eyes glowed green as it drained energy straight out of Sealeo's body and into it's own dealing a great deal of damage.

"Winner...Sincro Orcin!" Called the judge raising a blue flag.

"Not bad for a little flower! I did good catching you in the woods!" laughed Sincro returning his Sunkern.


The battle ended roughly at the same time so neither Sincro nor Willer knew who they were up against in the finals.

But whoever won , it did not matter, For Team Chaos was prepearing to make their move.

April 10th, 2008, 2:35 PM
Chapter 21-Panic at the Colosseum.

A group of men being led by a woman stood outside the Colosseum. The woman had long purple hair and wore a black skintight jumpsuit. She had 3 Pokeballs in a belt that had a platnum C on the buckle.

"Alright, Steelix has already dug a hole through the ground and a Marshtomp checked the air waves and can tell theres no one in the inner areas of the basement tunnels," said the woman flicking her hair.

"But Commander Virulleta how can we be assured someone won't see us?" asked a man in the crowd.

"Simple. We split up into three groups. Two of the groups will watch out for intruders while the third goes through the main tunnel to the prize vault." she said drawing a diagram on the dirt.

The men nodded.

"Jordan and Ray, you'll have to go through the main tunell and eliminate any threats along the way and then bring back the object," said Virulleta turning to Jordan and a young man named Ray.

Ray was older than Jordan, around 16 but already had a criminal record and the alias of 'The Magician'. He get's along with Jordan rather well so this was the perfect set up.

Ray was rather tall and wore a hoodie, his spikey brown hair poked through the bottom. He wore spectacles and a green sweatshirt. Infact most of the men there weren't uniformed at all. This was a group of criminals too busy for rules; Team Chaos only cared about their goals. Though there was a uniform which was alot like a Team Rocket outfit, black shirt and pants but the main difference was the burning C on the front and instead of hats most wore bandanas. There were many variations of the uniform including one with shorts, one with a jacket, one with a black tank top and many other variations.

Jordan was wearing his usual suit. The one thing all members need to have are special communicators shaped like an oval, perfect for clipping it on to your belt. It was very advanced tech and had multiple anti hacking components so even if a member was caught the police would look at the communicator and simply think it's part of the belt. However,a simple voice command slides open a small screen on the back of the communicator allowing the user to perform his or her tasks. The high-tech communicator was created by Team Chaos's technilogical genious.

Team Chaos Squad C jumped into the hole dug up by steelix and marched through it, at the end was a hole leading into a series of tunnels in the basement of the Colosseum.

Pipes ran all along the tunells, every so often releasing small bursts of steam. The lights let out a feint lavander glow all throughout the tunells.

The groups split up accordingly to the plan, Jordan and Ray quickly took the middle path, a long tunnel leading into a large Vault.

But it wasn't going to be an easy trip. Jordan and Ray poked their heads from behind the bend and saw that there was a guard standing watch at the very end of the tunnel, and many cameras quietly scouting the area.

"Plan?" asked Ray silently.

"Yup. We're gonna run like heck down the hall, get rid of the guard, and bust into the vault," said Jordan as if it was simple, and in truth it should be simple. After a child hood in the streets Jordan had to stay fit if he wanted to pick-pocket people.

"Shuppet, turn off these lights!"

Commanded Jordan as he opened a Pokeball, a small cloth Pokemon floated out, it's eyes glowing. The lights grew dim across the hall, that way even if the cameras couldn't pick them up.

Jordan and Ray quickly began their sprint down the hall, they had a limited amount of time before the Shuppet's Night Shade wore off.

When the lights returned to the room, the two criminals were already standing infront of the Vault,face to face with the guard. The guard quickly reached into his pocket but Jordan was faster.

"Sandshrew, take him down!" whispered Jordan, releasing a small yellow armadillo-like Pokemon which rammed into the guard, knocking him out for at least a few minutes.

"My turn," said Ray checking for any cameras. Luckily none of the cameras were angled in their directions, a bad choice of planning on the building designers.

Then again, who could break into such a large vault? 3 Cuibic Meters of steel on all sides. If you did manage to break through the massive vault the alarms would go out, the only way to get in would be through teleportation!

"Teleport," said Ray as he released his Kadabra. They didn't call him Ray the Magician for nothing! Kadabra's body was quickly swallowed by a strange aura. Suddenly Kadabra disappeared, only to reappear moments later with a strange trophy at hand.

"Kadabra, break the trophy!" commanded Ray. Psychic energy flowed into the trophy as small cracks began inching they're ways across it's surface. In a matter of seconds the gold trophy shattered revealing a small red orb.

"Something not even the tournament hosts knew about, an orb secretly put into the trophy when it was built," explained Ray as he picked up the orb.

"Ah," said Jordan nodding his head as if he understood, "Shall we leave?"

"Ready when you are."

And at the signal Shuppet turned out all lights and the villainous duo escaped into the night.


Hours later the guard woke up and explained the situation to the authorities. It didn't seem as if the culprits took anything, it just seems like they broke the trophy, something that could be fixed overnight.

Little did they know.

April 10th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Chapter 22:And the Winner is... Vs. Charmeleon!?

"Alright I want a good clean fight...Ready...Set...GO!" Yelled the Ref, and they sure did.

Willer quickly withdrew a Pokeball, Sincro did the same, he seemed a lot calmer then usual. He still had an evil glint in his eye but he didn't seem as crazy as he did in the other matches. Maybe he didn't take his medicine.

The two adversaries threw their Pokeballs and two birds flew out from the spheres, a Taillow and another Pokemon Willer had yet to see.

"Pidgey's are usually docile creatures, but if approached they can furiously attack!" read the Pokedex. Willer saw one of these on a TV show but never actually fought one.

Sincro didn't need to check his Pokedex, he felt confident, ready, and focused.

"Quick Attack!" they commanded simultaneously.

The birds soared at each other at sonic speeds, tackling each other creating quite an impact. Tailow was lighter than the foe it was sent a further distance, but it was also nimbler and much quicker.

"Jet, peck!" commanded Willer. His Tailow flew a few feet higher and then dived at the foe, beak first. Pidgey quickly blew a strong gust, breaking Tailow's balance and making it ram into the ground.

"That's enough, return Jet! Go Sizzler!" called out Willer as he quickly held out a Pokeball and withdrew Tailow before it could get into a more serious beating.

"Sizzler,Ember!" called out Willer. Charmandar released a flurry of small fireballs towards the airborne foe.

"Quick attack out of the way!" Sincro yelled quickly.

Pidgey gained a burst of speed and dodged the fireballs and headed straight towards Charmandar. This was just as planned.
Charmandar leaped into the air and aimed a slash at the incoming foe, who swirved out of the way just in time.

"Ha, thought you had me, your too predictable!" laughed Sincro as he pointed at Charmandar.

"Nice mis-" he was cut short by the sight of Pidgey catching on fire.

"What was that, loser?" taunted Willer.

"Incredible! Charmandar lobbed an Ember attack from it's tail the moment Pidgey flew past it!" cried the announcer in glee.

"And theres more where that came from!" said Willer as he held up a Pokeball and a flash enveloped the lizard Pokemon and locked it inside.

"Poly, Water Gun!"
said Willer releasing his Poliwag. It's not easy to attack right after being switched in but in seconds Poly fired a pressurized stream of water from the spiral on it's belly towards the foe.

"No! Stupid Pidgey! Return! Go Sunkern!"

Sincro threw a Pokeball and when it hit the ground it burst open leaving a small Sunkern where it landed. The Pokeball bounced back to Sincro's hand.

"Dang...Type Advantage..."commented Willer.

"And it's a Type Advantage ladies and gentlemen! I think Willer's in quite a bundle!" cried the enthusiastic announcer.

Willer was catching on.

He knew he had a Tyrogue because he saw him walking around with one earlier in the halls. He seemed to be barking orders at it like a drill sergant. And now he has a Sunkern and a Pidgey.

Double weakness to Flying Attacks,Weakness to fire. Jet and Sizzler should take care of this...

But one KO could end the match. And after quickly checking the Pokedex for Sunkern's move he had a plan.

"Bring it, Poly has enough power to take on all your team!" taunted Willer.

"Oh yeah!? This will be quick! Absorb!" called out Sincro recklessly.

Sunkern quickly turned it's gaze to the small blue tadpole. It had to focus first before absorbing energy from the small Pokemon.

Poly the Poliwag began trying to jump away and dodge the absorb until it heard Willer's voice and understood at once.


Sunkern couldn't avert it's gaze from Poliwag's belly. It seemed as if it was spinning...and suddenly it fell asleep.

"Return! Sizzler! Finish him!" yelled Willer quickly as he could.

Sizzler came out, it looked a bit and shot a large cloud of smoke. Smoke Screen.

"No problem! Accuracy problems can be solved by a short time in the Pokeball!" explained Sincro as he quickly returned the sleeping Sunkern and released his main fighter Tyrogue.

It shielded it's nostrils as the cloud of smoke engulfed him.

Sincro Tyrogue's Pokeball, ready to switch it back out. But when the smoke cleared Tyrogue was downed on a patch of burnt grass. It had burns all over it's body.

And on the other side of the field Sincro saw what used to be Charmandar and was now a Charmeleon.

"Smokescreen was simply a cloak for the Embers. I thank you. This match was so good it evolved my Charmandar mid battle," said Willer as he returned his Pokemon and put his hands into his pockets.

"WINNER:WILLER!" shouted the referee.

Celebration followed, Willer won a Master Ball for his hard fighting,lots of money, and a seemingless unharmed trophy.

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Ok and that was the last chapter of the Volume, I updated the index too.

It was a short volume but now starts a more villanous one.

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