View Full Version : If Your Looking For Work Look Here

January 29th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Hey, I have noticed that a lot of the staff recruitments here have been for projects which just are basically a name. I have a two year old community project that is about to release a demo withing the next month.

I am preparing a lot of the work, ready to show everyone. I can show now if you like via PM. Anyways I was wondering if, anyone wants to work on a project that is actually going somewhere then please PM me.

PM me, or reply and I will PM you.

I will show you work to prove that we are developed! :)

I don't want to show anything publicy, as I am preparing a juicy showcase thread which will have lots of materials in.

If you can do absoultly anything, and want to contribute. PM me, or reply. I consider anyone for any position.