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January 30th, 2008, 11:46 AM
The Legend of Zelda, Link's Final Adventure

This game is a zelda game which won't have a zelda style battle system instead it has a final fantasy battle system

The story begins like this:

Many people know the legends about the triforce and the many heros who have gathered the triforce shards and saved Zelda Princess of hyrule from ganondorfs grasp.
Now he has returned from the dark soul graveyard and has sworn revenge on the old hero's great great great grandson and kill him and cature zelda to get him.
But is this the hero's final adventure?
only time will tell.

Thats how the story goes

You will start in a town called Merulad and that is where you meet a fortune teller how tells you the legend.

then Your adventure begin.


Link (or what ever): The old heros great great great grandson and ganondorfs archenemy.

Zelda: princess of hyrule who is kidnapped by ganondorf and owns the triforce of wisdom

Ganondorf: dark lord who has kidnapped zelda and i owner of the triforce of power
(not playable)

Merlo: Strange sage who wants to help link save zelda

Garlondawn: a strange character who seems to want to attack someone

Orcen: Orcas long lost Twin who got separated at birth
(not playable.)

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If you have any ideas for it post them here and if you guys have a zelda abs for rm2k3 pm me

Live in Color
January 30th, 2008, 12:04 PM
I personally think that this is very vague. There isn't much of a storyline going on.

Also, a Final Fantasy battle system for Zelda I think would be horrible. I already don't like the battle system anyways, but why wreck it even more by putting it into a great game such as Zelda. I also think it would be horrible if this was his "Final Adventure". There's no way it can end just like that...

January 30th, 2008, 1:00 PM
just because the title says final adventure does that mean link's life ends or does it mean ganondorks life ends for ever?
maybe you are right about the battle systems but i cant seem to find a zelda battle system.