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February 1st, 2008, 8:17 PM

Takara walked along the narrow pathway, her pokemon Eevee walking next to her. The gravel crunched beneath their feet as the two walked along. Then at the end of this dark, gloomy forest a light could be seen like when finding the exit to a pitch black cave. Eevee was first to notice because the young energetic pokemon began to dash around Takara's legs as she walked.

Takara smiled and nodded at the young pokemon. The two dashed out into the open land and loved the view. Acre after acre, it was an everlasting prarie. Takara sighed at the beautiful sight and Eevee just stared with a shine in her eyes. Both turned there heads to the other and nodded. Grabbing five pokeballs from her bag Takara threw them into the open air.

One by one pokemon began appearing. Pidgeot, Venasaur, Buterfree, Lapras, and Raichu. Eevee walked over to her 'brothers' and 'sister'. Takara stared at the six pokemon. Her team was a winner. They were all strong and she had trained hard along with them. Takara wore light denim jeans, a black tank-top, a tan jacket was usually over the tank-top but not today. Today it was in her backpack. Takara also wore a tan mini skirt over the jeans. Her hair was light dirty blonde and reached her shoulder, though today it was in a ponytail.

The six pokemon stared at her, each having something unique about them. Eevee wore a black cloth around its neck as did all the others. They all had the black ribbon to notify they were hers. She wasnt sure why but she liked the black cloth aroung their necks. The pokemon stared at their 12 year old owner. "Come on everyone! Lets continue our journey!" Takara said in a cheerful voice.

Continuing their journey to Viridian City from Celadon they just had to go the extra distance and stop in Pallet Town. The team walked and the pokemon kept shouting unknown words, but they seemed to be having a conversation. This made Takara grin. Her pokemon were having their own little conversation as they walked to Viridian City and to home.

February 2nd, 2008, 9:52 AM
~Chapter 1~

The team of seven walked from route to routs, stopping twice to take a rest. After a five minute rest they were up and walking again. Well besides for buterfree and Pidgeot who were flying at a slow pace. The team continued walking until hey got to Mt. Moon. "There's two choices" Takara said, pausing. "We can go above Mt. Moon but venasaur and Lapras you to would have to go back in your pokeballs. Or we can go through it, which will take longer and lapras youd still have to return to your pokeball. So you choose lapras which one?" Takara finished. Lapras gave off a cry and nodded his head upwards. "So we're going above" Takara said grabbing out two pokeballs. "Return" she said and Vensaur and Lapras returned to their pokeballs.

Hopping onto Pidgeots back Eevee jumped onto Buterfree's back and Raichu came up with Takara. The two flying pokemon started to flap their wings lifting the now team of five off the ground and into the cloudless, cerulean sky. The wind flowing through Takara's hair as she looked around at rock pokemon a few trainers on the ground. She wondered if any were going they were heading to Viridian City just like her. She couldnt be sure.

Flying through the open space for what seemed like forever the team of five landed safely on the ground of Route 1, just outside Pallet Town. This wasnt where she planned on heading but this would work. She couldnt register till tommorow morning at 9:30 so she had time. Walking down the gravel paths of the town Takara went over to the pond that glimmered in the cloudless day. "Come back out now both of you!" she yelled. The two pokemon reappeared their black ribbons natural beauty and all.

Takara continued walking home by the pond so lapras could stay with her. She was thinking of a way to suprise her mother and if her father was home. She had an idea that would probably work. Buterfree and Eevee went over to the door as Takara, Venasaur, Pidgeot, Raichu his in the bushes and Lapras hid in the water. Knocking on the door Takara watched as the door slowly opened and was astonished to see her cousin Raidon answer. 'What is he doing here?' she asked herself. Raidon had short dark chocolate brown hair that looked incredibly dark compared to Takara's light dirty blonde.

Raidon just stared at Takara's pokemon and called everyone from inside the house to come see the two pokemon. Her hole entire family was there. Her grandparents on her moms side, her grandparents on her dads side, her mom, dad, cousin Raidon, cousin Yuri, aunts and uncles. Everyone was there. "Whats going on?" Takara muttered but nobody heard. The group of people just stared in awe at the two adorable pokemon. Takara motioned her head for Raichu to get the groups attention to over here. Raichu walked out and did a quick charge. Everyone stared at the orange pokemon and Eevee and Buterfree went over to the pokenmons side.

"Come on you two" Takara said motioning for venasaur and Pidgeot to follow. Her family could spend time with HER pokemon. She'd wait for them to come see her. She didnt mind waiting though. This would be a good time to ride on Lapras's back for fun. Venasaur returning to his pokeball the water pokemon appeared and Takara jumped onto its back. By now Raichu, Eevee, and Buterfree were looking aroung the bushes for the other pokemon and their trainer. "This is lame" Raidon said. "Go pokeball!" he said throwing one at Raichu. The red covered Raichu but then vanished. "So all of you are owned?" Raidon said in a childish mad way. The three pokemon nodded then Buterfree noticed Pidgeot and Venausaur on the beach. Flying over to the two the gruop followed. The pokemon had their own conversation which ended when Eevee hopped onto Pidgeots back.

Taking off the two pokemon went over the deep turqouise pond. Everyone just looked at the two then Takaras father, Takara's grandathers, Takara's uncles, Raidon, and Yuri all sent out flying pokemon. The group each got their on a pokemon, Takara's dad and mom on a dragonite, Raidon on his Swellow, Yuri on her Staraptor, Yuris parents on a salamance, Raidons Parents on a Charizard, Yuri and Takaras grandparents on a pidgeot and Raidon and Takaras grandparents on a dragonite. The group flew off into the deep blue sky.

Everyone caught up with the four owned pokemon and a trainer could be seen on a water pokemons back in the distance. Little did they know that it was Takara. Takara continued riding Lapras's back and was enjoying it. Feebas, Mantyke, Magikarp, and a ton more water pokemon could be seen below in the icie dephs. Takara looked back to see a swarm of people and pokemon cathcing up to her. Grinning Takara stood on Lapras's back, Lapras's pokeball out in one arm the other in the air waitning for Pidgeots grip. Pidgeot gripped her arm and Takara was lifted off the surface into the air. Pidgeot and Eevee were far from the other pokemon so the group didnt get a good glimpse of her.

Riding the pokemons back no one saw who it was but they knew it was the pokemons trainer.Looking at the Lapras everyone just hovered above it till a fed glow surrounded the pokemon. Disappearin everyone looke over in the direction the red glow came from and stared at a young girl. Everyone smiled as they saw Takara. Takara wanted to hug her family but she wasnt on land. The group flew off to the hime once again so they could have a conversation.

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February 2nd, 2008, 10:04 AM
That's awesome, keep up the good work. I'd like to see more from this.


February 2nd, 2008, 12:06 PM
~Chapter 2~

Landing in the soft sand, everyone called back there pokemon, except for Takara who left Buterfree, Raichu, and Eevee out of their pokeballs. The group began returning to the small, cozy home. Takara's dad opened the door and everyone swarmed in, all returning to what they were doing before the two pokemon came to the doorsteps. Raidon and Takaras dad went back to watch TV as did her uncles and grandfathers. Her mother, aunts, and grandmothers went into the kitchen to fix a delightful scrumptious dinner for everyone. Now Yuri and Takara just stood in the entry way. Yuri had golden hair, that was darker than Takara's. Yuri wore a purple skirt that reached her knees. She had on a deep turqouise tanktop with a puplre jacket over it. The purple had a single stripe of turqouise blue going around it. "You always match dont you?" Takara asked her 'twin' cousin. Yuri was exactly one day younger than Takara, and Raidon was one week younger than Takara.

"Yes" Yuri replied to Takara's question with a smile on her face. Takara smiled at the childish smile her cousin had given her and the two walked up the stairs to Takara's room. Takara's room had two ice blue walls and two spring green walls. There was giant pictures on the wall of a variety of flowers. One wall had tropical flowers on it, another had cherry blossoms, one had cosmos, and the last one had lilies. The room made you feel like you were in an extravagant far away land. "I still love your room" Yuri said, staring in awe. "So do I." Takara responded. Eevee, Buterfree and Raicu mustve loved it to because they were staring at it with a shine in their eyes. The three pokemon made their way over to Takara's bed that had a lime green and ice blue striped quilt. They jumped onto the bed and soon all three were dozing off into a peaceful sleep. "Hold on. Im going to change outfits" Takara said to her beloved cousin. Yuri nodded and went to sit in Takara's lime green bean-bag chair. Takara grabbed soe clothes from her dresser and went over into her bathroom. Less then a minute later Takara was out with a totally new outfit on. Throwing her other outfit in her hamper Takara went to sit on her other bean-bag that was ice blue. Takara was now wearing a navy tank-top with some khaki pants that head a few pockets on the side. She wore a coal street coat that had white outlines.

"And you say Im obsessed with matching?" Yuri said. "Well rooms dont count. I was talking about your outfit. And mine just looks good together they dont nececarily match." Takara responded. "Sure" Yuri said sarcastically. "Contests or Gyms?" Yuri said out of the blue. "Gyms?" Takara said a little confused. "You know a pokemon gym. Duh!" her cousin responded to her dumb answer. "I know, I know. I wasnt sure what you were asking. My answer remains the same. Gyms." Takara said. "Oh. So thats why your pokemon look so strong" Yuri said. "Yeah" Takara said. "Sweet. I do constests." Yuri said smiling. "Awesome! I prefer gyms. Theyre a little more challenging." Takara said. The two kept talking about topic after topic. They went from gyms and contests to favorite pokemon to fashion. Was their insanely ong conversation ever going to end. Luckily it did when they were interpted to come downstairs to eat. Popcorn shrimp, rice, rice balls, fruits, vegetables, and so much more lay out on the table. Everyone was drooling over the food and immediatly began chowing don, after saying grace of course.

(I know it wasnt that long, dont nag me. i was busy and had to finish a few things so this is all i got.)

February 2nd, 2008, 7:06 PM
(I'll try to make this one longer. if its not that long dont nag me. god. my friends nag me for no reason all the time. They nag me because of what another friend said. how stupid.)

~Chapter 3~

The family sat chowing down on the delicacies. Well to Takara they were. She hadnt had this good of food in a long time. She usually just got some food when she was in a town then she would eat it in the wild. She never really stayed in the city. She usually went out into nature and camped out. There were many reasons one being her pokemon could sleep out with her. Two she could star gaze. Three, hotel rooms were small and cramped so she couldnt let all her pokemon out. There was three good reasons she stayed outside. By the time they were done wih dinner it was seven and everybody yet again returned to what they were doing. Yuri was talking to her mother, so Takara went outside to relax.

Takara layed out in her backyard under the stary sky. She wasnt sure if she was going to stay in her room for the night or if she'd stay out here. Deep in thought she hadnt realized that Yuri had come outside. The young girl lay down next to Takara and just stared at the sky along with Takara. "I dont get it." Yuri said that startled Takara, because she knew she wasnt there. "What is there not to get? You just stare at the stars. Its a good time to think about things" Takara said. Yuri looked at her cousin with a puzzled look. "Your so weird." she said.

"Are not" Takara spat back. She had enjoyed the thinking time she had when her spoiled cousin hadnt been there. But now she was here and Takara wasnt going to be rude to her cousin. After the 'Are not.' neither of them talked for a long time. They lay there for two hole hours in complete silence. The silence was interupted when their grandmopther yelled "Come on in you two. Time for bed!" Yuri stood up but Takara just remained there. "You go ahead. Me and my pokemon will sleep out here. We like it outside more anyways." Takara said to her cousin. "Suit yourself" Yuri said shrugging her shoulders, eyes shut.

Yuri left Takara outside by herself. Eevee, Buterfree, and Raichu rushed out to Takaras side and Takara threw three pokeballs into the air. "Come on out you three. Time for bed." Takara said as Pidgeot, Lapras, and Venasaur appeared. Luckily they had a pool so Lapras found a spot to sleep in there. As for her other pokemon they all slept next to her. The team slept into the dephs of the night. Under the moonlight, under the stars they loved it. It was quiet and peacful. Everyone inside was all inside their cozy beds warm, but Takara enjoyed it out in the backyard no matter how cold. As long as her pokemon were by her side she felt fine and could ignore everything else.

Takara awoke to a ray of sunlight shining in her eyes. It was only about seven in the morning. "Two and a half more hours to waist." Takara said standing up and stretching. She let her pokemon continue to sleep as she walked inside. No one was up, and she could tell. The house was dead silent. Walking into the kitchen Takara grabbed some bread and water for her., She then quietly tip-toed up the stairs to her room. No one slept in it and she was thankful. Grabbing some new clothes from her dresser Takara slid into her bathroom and changed. Today she was wearing khaki capris and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. Takara grabbed some pokemon food from her back-pack and went back down the stairs. Swiftly and quietly she slid out the back door back into the backyard. She poured some pokemon food into four bowls, one bowl for Venasaur, one for lapras, one for Buterfree and Pidgeot, and one for Eevee and Raichu. Placing the bowls by her pokeon she watched as they all slowly awoke to eat their breakfast. Takara also ate her bread and drank her water. Everyone had started in a happy mood and that wasnt going to change.

February 2nd, 2008, 8:24 PM
It's pretty good, but the storyline is not exactly original.

February 3rd, 2008, 6:04 AM
I don't understand why this character just has a bunch of strong pokemon.