View Full Version : Art Help!!!

July 11th, 2004, 6:12 PM
How do you get those Pokemon sprites? I've been wondering that for so long!

July 11th, 2004, 6:28 PM
You can prolly google Pokemon Sprites, and it'll find them for you. Just make sure you don't steal them or anything. Also, you can ask some people in the Home of the Sprites thread, and I'm sure they'll be happy to assist you.

July 11th, 2004, 7:59 PM
I'm talking about the ones from Ruby and Saphirre. What's the code to them?

July 11th, 2004, 8:41 PM
Im just goin to move this to Home of the Sprites thread ppl there should be able to help ya there :)

July 11th, 2004, 8:50 PM
Go to pokemon palace they have the download there.