View Full Version : Trading Shiny palkia.

February 9th, 2008, 6:27 AM
I have a shiny palkia, its level 100, i got it from a friend. o.o

It has a Jolly nature.

its iv's are;

HP: 318
Attk: 275
Def: 225
Sp. attk: 306
Sp. def: 273
Speed: 271

It knows these moves;

Spacial Rend [Dragon]
Aura Sphere [Fight]
Draco Meteor [Dragon]
Thunderbolt [Electric]

It also has pokerus.

It's also holding the Lustrous orb you find at the Spear pillar.

Offer a good/some good pokemon for it, i'd prefer shinys. >.>

Bump. o.o

Trying to get offers.v.v