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February 12th, 2008, 8:06 AM
Pokemon - The Journey of a Legend
Old ends, new Beginings.

Part 1

"Woohoo" came the voice of a enthusiastic boy, "time to play" he shouted. He grabbed his clothes, put them on and went to the toilet to get ready. 10 Minutes later the boy had his clothes on, his hair spiked and his trainers on.
He went down the set of oak stairs and grabbed the door handle but as he did that, someone called his name.
"Sam where do you think you're going ?" asked his mum
"Out to play" he replied
"Have you had your breakfast yet?" She implied?
"Fine" said Sam, he knew he was caught so best not to argue.
In the Kitchen Sam grabbed his Cereal, Milk and bowl and began to eat. Sam devoured the food and within 5 minutes, his bowl was empty. Now he set off to go out but again his mum called him into the living room.
"Sam" she said worryingly
"Yeah" he answered politely
"I've decided, you can go on your Journey" she said in an even more worrying tone
"Yes" Sam replied
"Are you serious" he said
"Yeah" his mother replied
"But your voice sounds worried" said Sam Confused.
"Don't worry about that, just pack, your journey will begin tomorrow" She answered him
"Cool mum" Sam replied.
Sam went upstairs and started packing, he had been waiting for this for ages. He packed a Blanket and Pillow, a Pack of Matches, Loads of Food and Spare Clothes.
It was 3:00 pm Sam had been walking for ages, his mum sent him to Professor James' lab but he couldn't find it. He saw a field to the right of him and he walked through it hoping it would be a shortcut, when suddenly a wild Gabite attacked him. He ran but the Gabite was faster, it lunged with the blades on his arm when another Pokemon hit it with full force. Someone picked him up from the floor and asked him if he was alright, it was Professor James.
Sam was so grateful but Professor James was angry
"You could have got killed" he shouted
"Sorry" Sam replied
"Its okay the Professor said.
Soon they were at his lab. It was amazing, it was big shiny and very clean. The Professor showed him to a Table.
"Choose your Pokemon" he shouted
"Piplup, Chimchar or Turtwig" he asked him
"I choose Chimchar" Sam replied
"Okay, here are your Pokedex and Pokeballs" Professor James said and he gave him the items.
"Here is your badge holder" he said.
With that Sam released Chimchar out of the Pokeball, their eyes met and Sam said
"We are going to make the world's best team"
And as if Chimchar understood him, the Pokemon nodded.