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February 15th, 2008, 4:21 PM

1. Strictly no Character Control, unless you have that RP`S permission, otherwise, none at all.

2. You must not give yourself, huge dramatic storylines, win every battle, catch Pokemon whenever you feel like. Keep to the plot.

3. Please post atleast three lines per post. Thank you.

PLOT: It was so strange, so unexpected, one minute everything was fine...next minute...Chaos!

It was a beautiful day in the region of Pela, the sky was a crystal blue, and the grass a lush shade of green. Everyone was out of their homes and bathing in the rare heat and then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, bang, Mount Fala, a dormant volcano that resides in the sea, exploaded.

Debris and Lava was sent flying high into the sky and out of sight, then dust from the mountain quickly enveloped the island, people screamed and ran picking up their Pokemon and heading for their homes, but before anyone could get away, the debris and lava began to fall from the sky like asteroids. Nearly killing every human, and every Pokemon, who lived in Pela.

But how could a dormant volcano erupt? What made Fala suddenly become active and expload? What mysteries lie on mountain?, It took a day for the dust which was covering the region like a thick cloak to blow away, and only then where the surrivers truly aware of the damage. The floor was covered with the corpses of deceased Pokemon and humans and the once lush grass was now dark and dirty, and all the buildings and vehicle where now just piles of rubble, how will the surrivers live and react to the destroyed region, that is up to you.

You are one of the surrivers who live in the region of Pela, together with freinds, you will encounter various pokemon, you may cross paths with me, you may explore the region, your primary objective is to find the cause of the explosion, but throughout the story, your choices may change everything.

Sign-Up Sheet

Name: (Full Name)
Nicknames: (Optional)
RP Sample:
Pokemon: (CHOOSE ONE)

Here is my Sign-Up.

Name: Michael Smith
Nicknames: Mickey
Age: 15
Description: Michael is around 4`8, he has grass green eyes and very white teeth, he wears a white hoody and blue jeans, he has tanned skin and is mixed race.
History: Michael was born in Johto, he only moved to Pela two weeks ago, he was not planning on staying in Pela, he went visit his freind who unforunately is now deceased.
Other: His birthday is the 7th of December.
Pokemon: Pikachu.


Guns n' Roses
February 24th, 2008, 1:25 PM
NAME:Jonathan garcia
discription:jonathan is 5,4,he has shiny brown eyes,he wears black jeans,black shirt,black convers,
history:and he was born in the sinnho he moved to pela 1day ago he missis his friends
other:born 11-26-93

February 24th, 2008, 11:21 PM
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