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February 18th, 2008, 4:36 AM
Hello I’d first like to say that I have much done as far as concept goes thus far in but
no developmentof the game itself as of now.

the nickel region

The nickel region is a region north west of kanto still on the same land but just over the
mountains Mt.Moon being the border area. The nickel region's geography is
mainly rocky terrain and vast forest.
Metal & rock play a big part in this region a lot of the non Pokemon industry is mining.
This region consists of 12 cities & towns, 3 mountains, two lakes, two islands, vast forest.

Mt.cadmium-is a rich metal mountain this is where the
underground train to jhoto and kanto is located.

mt.gallium- is connected to mt.cadmium on the outside
only lots of Pokemon live in here.

Palladium tunnel-located between cobalt and
rebmium it has lots of Pokemon and is a quick route to different cities.

tungsten tunnel- a quick route between goldstay
and silver & nickel city. Pokemon are found here.

mt.thallium- the only way by land into port vanadian
and a quick route to lake niobum.

Lake niobum a lake where lots of fishers
hangout surrounded by beautiful park and beach.
You can play the fishing contest here.

Lake-chromium- a mysterious lake outside cobalt strange and maybe rare
Pokemon can be found here as well as Pokemon researchers and adventurers.

Elite 4 league- located just north of coppercliff and Niobum
Lake it is where the league is held can you make it to the top?

towns & city’s

smithstown- smiths town is the starting point for the main character.
It is a small rural town with a low population.
Your character grew up in this area playing in the forests.
Smithstown is also home to a dark type Pokemon gym,
the badge maker’s home, the pokeball maker’s home.
There is also a farm along the wooded border of the town and
the forest which is owned by gypsies.
Smith’s town also has a small beach front port for travel to Iridium Island via ferry.
The professor lives here.

smiths forest-a vast forest surrounding smithstown
where many Pokemon can be caught.
Deep within the forest is the camp ground used by
various people in the summer season.
West of the camp ground is a watch tower frequented by Pokemon poachers.

bismuth town-a small mountainesque town that is inhabited by hikers and mountaineers
this town has all you need to venture into the mountains.
This town is also home to the rock type gym
and a rock and fossil museum show casing fossils found
in the near by mountains gallium and cadmium.

leadtown- a small stop and go town where metal is a bit of a town obsession.
many people here carry metal type Pokemon only.
This town's inhabitants are mostly country folk.
This town has the one and only metal lovers club and a special mineral shop.

rebmium city- a large rock & metal focused town where a lot of
miners live because it is so close to mt.cadmium.
The towns people are hard workers and very honest and noble. The city is host to the miners’ guild
a cave supplies & guides shop and a bike shop. The metal gym is also located here.

radio tower-the radio tower is the tower that plays almost all music in the nickel region
the tower is very tall so signals can reach the outlying areas. The radio stations are
called q92, z103, g32.3 and pkmnz radio's signal is transmitted here.

power plant- the main source of power for the entire region has awesome
generating powers. A lot of the employee's live in rebmium city.

silver city-is the twin city to nickel city and is where sign ups for the Pokemon league are held.
This town is full of coordinators and as such has gained the nickel name the coordinator capital.
The silver contest is held here and also has a large pokeblock and contest store.
As well as a Pokemon hair cutter & stylist shop.

nickel city- twin city to silver city and is the biggest city in the region.
The city is full of the high class society and the business type.
Because of the vast urban environment the city grew tree's
everywhere and put up parks everywhere
to give it a nicer look and feel. it has a gardening shop,
the largest store also called the nickel mall.
a people hair stylist a clothing shop a 5 star restaurant and the nickel contest.
This city is also home to the grass type gym.

coppercliff-known as the fire city where many things are heat oriented.
The city is full of performers such as jugglers and fire breathers,
as well as a high youth population.
the fire type gym is located here. The number 1 on the charts band hotheat
also has their band studio here as well as owning the
concert hall next to it where they often perform.
there is a hot food store as well as the copper bar.
The copper contest also takes place here.
the circus also comes to town sometimes scouting for talent.

cobalt-cobalt is the city which is home to electric trainers and business peoples
not as bright and cheery as other towns most people here over work.
The electric type gym is located here. The city also has an electric Pokemon store,
an underground tunnel area known as the battle underground
where people go to relax and battle.
The city also has an over zealous council who are against people training
Pokemon called PNUP (people for the non-use of Pokemon)

platnium isle- is a small island near iradium island where rare and
legendary Pokemon are said to live.
On the island there is a shrine to the legendary Pokemon and a tunnel to Iradium Island.
The statue is some what odd though........

zirconia city- is a small run down crime ridden city where
gangs Rome the streets and bikers are known to reside.
Trainers gather here because of its lack of authority.
Street Pokemon battles are frequent.
One of the places a lot of the battles take place is called
battle ally a long narrow back street
where on lookers use fire escapes as seats for viewing battles.
There is a house run for trainers
to check into it’s like a Pokemon center but also has battlers.
There is a small hair and care place
there as well and a club called fab Pokemon where Pokemon
enthusiast hang out and trade fashion tips.

goldstay- goldstay is a small farming community where
trainers go to relax and live up the country life.
The city bus also stops here to make quick travel to the city possible.
There is also a Pokemon ranch school
where people can learn the Pokemon ranching techniques.
There is also a quaint little country market
and a cafe known as the Kathy’s country cafe. Also the breeder center is here.

iradium island- is an island just off the mainland which is many
native Americans which have a strong connection to the Pokemon
xatu having a place of worship called the house of xatu.
This town is where the psychic gym is located and a cave
that connects to platinum isle. The psychic store is here as well.
There is also a temple where psychics come to train there
skills with there Pokemon.

port vanadian-is the main bay & port
of the nickel region where ships from
everywhere come to dock. It has a large light house and is
home to the vanadian Pokemon contest.
This port has a large beach area where trainers from all
over come to soak up the sun and have fun.
The beach has a cabana set up where you can buy food drinks and surf boards.
The fishing master also has a hut here. The docks of the port
are full of sailors itching to battle.
The docks connect to the boardwalk which is known as the
battle boardwalk it’s full of sailors and surfers.
This port is also home to the water type

main characters

The two main characters in this are

Ursula Mayfair-Ursula is a star dancer of a band of
traveling gypsies she also dances
with her friend and star vulpix she is a Pokemon trainer &
coordinator in the entertainment
industry hoping to one day become a master of fire type Pokemon.
She is a very serious but fun loving person.

Joza Van Lilith- Joza is a Pokemon trainer from smithstown who is best friends
with her childhood friend Ursula. She has a hoothoot named switch.
Joza wants to be the world’s greatest master of Pokemon.
Although she can be ditsy at times Joza
is very levelheaded and in the zone when it comes to battles.


Your rival is the lead singer of the famous band
hotheat Spike Eirf who you bump
into through out your travels. He has a bit of a
mean streak and is always looking to battle.
Spike is a nice guy none the less but he takes things too far.


The professor in this game is professor pine a 30 some Pokemon professor
who seems serious but then in a serious moment he is not.
He is friends with everyone in smithstown.
The professor also travels so expect to see him on your journey.

Team rocket

The team in this region is team rocket watch
out for there two mischievous members Butch and Cassidy.

this is what i have if i missed anything important please let me know.
p.s. elite four has not be made yet