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February 20th, 2008, 10:37 PM
This is the successful return of a previous fic, revised to make slightly more sense. I no longer support this story, and will likely drop it as I develop my overhaul fic, but this is to display improvement from the previous version (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=19261).

All that being said, enjoy the grittier side of Pokémon.

ages 13 and up

Nightmares haunted him constantly. A quest of innocent curiosity quickly made a downward spiral into unthinkably obscene and terribly morbid, and the experience traumatized him. Though he tried and tried to forget, the memories flooded back to him at the time where he was most vulnerable--

--when he slept.

The only thing that interrupted this inevitable fate tonight was embodied in the quivering, high pitched voice of the cell phone ripping through the late night air, awakening Leon from a sweet dream.

He sat up, groaning and blinking his eyes, freeing them of any sleep. What the hell? Who in the right mind would call me this late at night? Leon thought to himself, furiously picking up his silver cell phone flipping it open and pressing talk before raising it to his ear--all in one swift motion.

"Hello?" Leon's tone was not in the slightest bit pleasant, and still heavily laden with the grogginess of sleep.

"Leon? I'm sorry to awaken you so late at night..." came a sweet female voice from the silver plastic phone.

Mary. Sam's granddaughter. Leon glanced over to an alarm clock on a nearby nightstand. "Mary, it's three in the goddamned morning. Why are you calling so late?"

"Early," Mary corrected him. Was she trying to piss him off and make him hang up with her pretentious quip?
He shook it off. "Whatever. Why are you calling me so early then?"
"Obviously you aren't a morning person."
"Stop toying with me." Leon's contempt steadily worsened.
"Alright, alright. Grandpa told me to call you. It's about that Team Rocket experiment you've been researching."

Leon about hung up as his nerves played a frosty jazz piano with his spine. The Mewtwo incident. He huffed angrily at the fact that the source of his nightmares was once again uprooted. Why not at least wait until the morni--never mind. It was morning, and Mary would most certainly correct him there. He decided to stay neutral on this one.

Mary continued, obviously oblivious to Leon's silent brooding. "Grandpa's been researching the incidents, too, and he wants to collaborate with you at the Casino."

Leon blinked, aghast.
"The Casino? What, does he wanna discuss this over a game of blackjack?" He joked, though he knew full well why Samuel wanted to meet there.
Mary knew this. "Very funny, Leon. You know why."
"Alright, alright, ma'am. Anything else while I'm at it? Coffee?"

A click and a dial tone was heard. Leon cursed to himself, hung up, and went to get a shower and get dressed.

* * *

Minutes later, he left his apartment building and walked the brightly-lit streets of the city of Celadon. It rained this night, as the streets smelled wet of gasoline and concrete. Slowly, he made his way toward the High Roller's Casino & Hotel, still mulling over the horrific past that haunted him.

* * *

A bony shadow stood over Leon, flexing its clawed hands as it approached. Its long, slender tail swished gently as if trying to uphold some slight form of grace in its otherwise terrifying stature, and it eyes glowed a bright teal as it glared down at the weakened lad and his debilitated Pikachu.

"Why pursue me, boy? Would you have me suffer the same fate as those that created me had in store? Would you damn me to a life of servitude and a meaningless existence as a slave to human beings?"

He grasped a large handful of Leon's sweatshirt in his claw and lifted him up with no effort, to glare at him in the eye.

"Would you have me die for you, while you cower behind me?"

* * *

Leon crossed a busy street, cursing at a taxi cab driver who nearly mowed him over. Thousands of lights flashed and buzzed, creating an artificial warmth radiating from underneath the overhanging display, welcoming him to the Casino, Kanto's biggest damned eyesore. He spotted his friend and employer, Samuel Oak, wearing a long black coat, standing just outside the sliding glass doors, smoking a smoldering cigarette. Sam obviously did not see Leon, as his back was turned. Treading lightly, he made his approach.

"That stuff'll kill you, Sam." Leon said as he straightened himself next to the older man.
Oak cursed as he dropped the cigarette and burned his hand. Whirling around, he glared at Leon.
"Goddamn, boy, you can't sneak up on someone like that! Give me a heart attack, won't you?"
Leon chuckled bitterly. "Again, I don't think I'd be the heart attack's cause." His features quickly hardened, and his tone sharpened with it. "Why did you have your eccentric granddaughter call me at three in the morning?"

Oak thrust his hands into the pockets of his coat. "As Mary might have told you, all research regarding Mewtwo led back here, to Team Rocket's larger lab. I didn't understand it--I never guessed that Team Rocket had anything to do with its creation."

Leon shuddered. The thought did not at all surprise him. Team Rocket was only formed to combat certain capture embargos on protected Pokémon, but when their exploits expanded toward racketeering, theft, kidnapping, terrorist attacks, and even murder...well, it seemed that there was little that the Rockets weren't involved in.

Oak motioned to Leon, and then to the revolving doors into the building. "Shall we?"

Sighing heavily, Leon shook off the unnerving feeling that his nightmares left behind, and stepped into the spinning doors.