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February 25th, 2008, 1:34 PM
This is created by me and by Fiver ^_^

Fifteen years had passed since the tragedy and relocation of the original Sandleford rabbits to Watership Down.Fiver, Hazel, Bigwig, Hyzenthlay, and all the other rabbits have passed on, and now only their descendants remain of the warren. For the past few seasons everything has went on like normal, like nothing ever went wrong. But one night, during an early spring, Snowflake, a daughter of Fiver, awoke to a terrible vision. There was a huge wave of water sweeping the land where they lived, the entire warren was slaughtered, and there were bodies everywhere. Hear heart racing, she ran to the leader, Oakley, a descendant of Bigwig. He calmly told her to go back to sleep, and that he would ponder what she said. Unfortunately, it seemed that history was about to repeat itself, for Oakley said she was imagining things. Terrified that everything was about to go wrong again, Snowflake told the warren what she saw, hoping someone would help her. She found ten rabbits that believed her. They gathered together, and tried to change Oakleys mind about leaving. Again he refused, and feeling threatened by the outburst, told snowflake she could either drop the subject, or be banished. Snowflake pleaded and pleaded, but Oakley was firm. She and the ten rabbits left the warren, in search of a new home.

You are one of Snowflake's followers. You must help find a new home and start a new warren.
here are the rules:
1. Please please post in third person. It allows the narrative of the story to flow better. It makes a lot more sense when you use he/she instead of I
2. Please post at least a paragraph when you post, and use complete sentences.

Here is the sign up sheet:
Age (1-5 years please)
Gender (doe or buck)
Postion (is he/she a member of the Owsla or just a member of the warren?)
History (optional)
Watership Descendant

Here is mine:
Name: Snowflake
Age: 3
Gender: doe
Appearance: white with grays spots down her back, gray ears, and gray patches around her eyes
Position: member of the warren
Personality: Snowflake is a lot like her father, Fiver. She keeps to herself and doesnt socialize much, except with Hornbeam, her best friend. She loves to daydream and wander around, but he never goes too far.
History: (will come to play in the story)
Watership Desendent: Snowflake is a daughter of Clover and Fiver

I will post my others later

For those of you who have read the book and seen the movie, I can assure you that this will not be a repeat of the storyline. Fiver and I have some really cool ideas for this rp ^_^ Have fun!!

March 2nd, 2008, 7:12 PM
Sweet, I love Watership Down. :]

Name: Redbee
Age: 4
Gender: Buck
Appearance: Dark brown with a black tail and ears.
Postion: Owsla
Personality: Generally hostile, but can open up to certain rabbits who he deems as friends.
Watership Descendant: Redbee's grandfather was Bigwig, and he is the cousin of Oakley.

March 3rd, 2008, 7:46 PM
accepted ^_^
awesome! we need just a few more rabbits, before we begin. Ill post my other rabbit as well. If after another week we dont have a sufficient amount, we can all have more then two.

Name: Copper
Age: 5
Gender: Buck
Color: red fur with white paws
Position: Owsla
Personality:Copper is a lot like his mother, in the sense that he is very quiet and observing. However, he can be a hothead as well, and can act on very rash emotions.
Descendant: Hyzenthlay and Biwig

March 11th, 2008, 4:32 PM
Ok, i really dont want there to be just three people..Im going to postpone starting this for another couple days, and even just one more person would help.
Please join!! ^__^

March 14th, 2008, 5:27 AM
This is my First Role-Play on a Forum so I don't know Squat. All I know is the Application Form which I shall now attempt to Fill-In...

Name: Foxy
Age: 5
Gender: Doe
Appearance: Light Brown with White Underbelly.
Position: Officer of the Owsla.
Personality: Likes A Laugh, but can be Serious when the Situation is Critical.
Watership Descendant: Fiver.

This is about all I know with Forum Role-Playing Games: The Application Form.

March 14th, 2008, 12:16 PM
That's alright, just ask me or PikaPal if you don't know what to do when it starts. Do you think you can change the age to 5 and vice leader of the warren to officer in a Owsla. Also you'll be the last one who can be accepted as someone in the Owsla, three should be the limit so from now on any future sign-ups will have to be a member of the warren. Chief Rabbit (Oakley), Owsla officers (Redbee, Copper, Foxy) and the warren members so far are Luna, Buckwheat, Sycamore, Snowflake and any other NPC rabbits there are because of the three owsla officers we have. PikaPal what's the word on a Captain of Owsla, are we going to have one in the story? Non-playable or otherwise.

Name: Buckwheat
Age: 4
Gender: Buck
Colour: Light brown with dark brown ears and muzzle.
Position: a member of the warren
Personality: Like his father, he is able to understand complicated concepts such as boats and latches, that the other rabbits cannot begin to fathom. Often comes off as optimistic in his view of events or conditions. He likes to socialize with his few friends as well as his brother.
Watership Descendant: Buckwheat is a son of Blackberry.
History: Buckwheat was one of the rabbits among the third litter of kittens to be born on Watership Down, since then he and his brother Sycamore helped with finding and bringing back any flayrah they found back to their warren. Also since his good thinking wasn’t needed so much, Buckwheat often sat at the entrance of his run at fu-inle keeping an eye out for any elil or enemies of rabbits until it wasn’t necessary as told by his chief as they hardly ever came.

March 15th, 2008, 3:36 PM
That's alright, just ask me or PikaPal if you don't know what to do when it starts. Do you think you can change the age to 5 and vice leader of the warren to officer in a Owsla. Also you'll be the last one who can be accepted as someone in the Owsla, three should be the limit so from now on any future sign-ups will have to be a member of the warren. Chief Rabbit (Oakley), Owsla officers (Redbee, Copper, Foxy) and the warren members so far are Luna, Buckwheat, Sycamore, Snowflake and any other NPC rabbits there are because of the three owsla officers we have. PikaPal what's the word on a Captain of Owsla, are we going to have one in the story? Non-playable or otherwise.

Name: Buckwheat
Age: 4
Gender: Buck
Colour: Light brown with dark brown ears and muzzle.
Position: a member of the warren
Personality: Like his father, he is able to understand complicated concepts such as boats and latches, that the other rabbits cannot begin to fathom. Often comes off as optimistic in his view of events or conditions. He likes to socialize with his few friends as well as his brother.
Watership Descendant: Buckwheat is a son of Blackberry.
History: Buckwheat was one of the rabbits among the third litter of kittens to be born on Watership Down, since then he and his brother Sycamore helped with finding and bringing back any flayrah they found back to their warren. Also since his good thinking wasn’t needed so much, Buckwheat often sat at the entrance of his run at fu-inle keeping an eye out for any elil or enemies of rabbits until it wasn’t necessary as told by his chief as they hardly ever came.

No Problem Fiver.


There we go! Foxy is now 5 (Time Paradox) and has being engaged in a Transfer to that of an Officer in the Owsla (Previous Rank re-engaged thanks to Time Paradox).

March 17th, 2008, 7:14 PM
Ok, well I guess its time to begin! Im sorry i wasnt around much lately, ive been going through some rough times...anyways, are we ready to begin?

Oh! one more thing, if anyone doesnt really know about the language of watership down, heres a link to the glossary. http://www.geocities.com/bunnylvr72001/Lapine_Glossary.html

Im going to use one othr rabbit in this RP:

Name: Max
Age: 1yr
Gender: Buck
Appearance: redish orange fur with white spots, brown eyes
Position: member of the warren
Personality: Max is fun loving and very naive
Watership descendent: Pipkin

Im going to start:

The day began just like any other day in Summer. Frith was high in the sky early, and began warming the earth with a heat like no other season. The rabbits of Watership Down were all at silflay; some were eating clover, others were sunbathing in the summer warmth. Everything looked perfectly peaceful, the perfect summer morning.

Somewhere a little further away, two rabbits were wandering In searching for flay rah. One, an orange and white spotted buck, was going a little too far for his companion’s liking. She was a white doe, with gray spots. “Max, please, not so far.” she pleaded. “Aw, c’mon Snowflake, live a little! There’s no way any Hombil are out in this heat. Besides its such a pretty day!” Max hopped in the air in delight and jumped around in a zig zag pattern. Snowflake sighed. Max was always so full of energy and life, and yet he did the most foolish things at times like this. She hopped a little ways away and began eating some dandelions.

Snowflake was Max’s favorite companion. While she found him annoying at times, and over confident most of the time, he thought her wiser then any other rabbit in the warren. As she ate her clover that afternoon, Max hopped up and down in joy, loving life and the thrill of being alive. What neither one knew, was that things in their lives were about to change, drastically.

March 18th, 2008, 5:05 AM
Name: Doggy
Age (1-5 years please): 5 years old
Gender (doe or buck): Boe
Appearance: Yellow fur and black eyes.
Postion (is he/she a member of the Owsla or just a member of the warren?): Member of the warren
Personality: Just like Foxglove, he is fun loving.
Watership Descendant: Red

~Rene~ :t025:

March 18th, 2008, 6:00 AM
From a distance, was a relaxing Doe, the name of this Doe was Foxy. She was watching the group. With both Caution and enjoyment. It seemed fun to just sit there and watch them all play around. On her left sat Luna, eyes closed, just relaxing, and on her Right, sat Copper. He was also watching the Young Rabbits play.
"I wonder what they're talking about," Copper whispered to Foxy, careful not to wake Luna up.

Hornbeam and Sycamore were talking about the Future.
"I hope we get to involve Snowflake sometime," Hornbeam was saying.
"Yeah, I sure would like to see how she does in Bobstones" Sycamore replied.
Back with Foxy and Copper, Foxy assured him that they are probably wanting to involve Max in a game. In which she closed her eyes and relaxed. It was too nice the Weather to get concerned.

March 18th, 2008, 12:18 PM
Name: Foxglove
Age: 2 yr
Gender: Doe
Colour: Light grey, brownish-red eyes
Position: member of the warren
Personality: Just like Max, Foxglove is also fun loving. It is because of this trait they get on well with each other.
Watership Descendant: Silver

Buckwheat was already outside of the burrow for early silflay, which was a while before ni-Frith. Noticing three rabbits, one of which was light brown in colour that he recognised as his brother when Buckwheat slowly hopped over to where they were resting. "Do you want to play bobstones after silflay?" he asked, waiting for an answer before eating the clover which was a little ways beyond the beech hanger where he was known to hang out. Seeing a young reddish orange rabbit run around, Sycamore replied “Maybe later, yeah? Let’s just enjoy the morning first.” as Hornbeam nodded in agreement.

Finding a spot where they could relax, Buckwheat and Sycamore both rested in the warmth followed by a young doe called Foxglove who started to play with Max copying his zig zag pattern while Luna nibbled on some leafy shoots and grass.

<Anyone reply>

OOC: @ Marksman I'll let you off those two lines you said for Hornbeam and Sycamore, but try not do it in future ok? Also I am stopping the roles of some of my rabbits to focus on Buckwheat and his brother. Luna will be at the warren with a little dialogue until I can get used to playing a rabbit. Then I might bring them back, either that or someone else can play her. @ Pikapal so what's going to happen with Oakley, I mean the chief rabbit is going to be appearing yes?

March 18th, 2008, 8:41 PM
OOC: accepted Rene ^_^ welcome to the RP! @Fiver, im posting with Oakley next, and we do need a captian of owsla. Ill let you handle that ;) @Marksman, you can only control your own characters, just so you know. good post otherwise! :)

IC: Snowflake watched as Max and Foxglove played together. Seeing that her young friend was occupied and safe, she wandered over to where Buckwheat and Hornbeam were eating. "Morning," she said, "enjoying silflay?"

Copper sat on a hill that overlooked where the rabbits were silflaying. He was thinking about how beautiful the day was, and how beautiful the area was. How lucky that my parents fought so hard to stay here, so many years ago, he thought. He sighed in content and wandered back down to the warren. He entered the passageway where Oakley-rah was. As he sat in front of the head rabbit, he cleared his throat. "Oakley-rah, you sent for me?" The old yellowish brown rabbit opened his eyes and looked at the young buck in front of him. Copper was Oakley's younger half brother, and the two of them had nothing in common except for their fathers strength and stubborness. "Yes," he said in his deep voice, "I need for you to assemble the Owsla at ni-Frith. There are rumors about a bunch of lendril around, and I need to speak to you all." Copper nodded. "Yes sir," he said, and as the chief rabbit nodded at him to leave, he turned and left the burrow.

March 19th, 2008, 5:39 AM
OOC: Because of Spring break, I'm going to be MIA except for Saturdays when I can hopefully extend a Link-up. See, I don't have the Internet at Home. Now back to the Role-Play:

IC: Back outside, Buckwheat and Hornbeam were still eating. Foxy started to re-awake again. Luna had long left (without Foxy knowing), leaving her in peace. Foxy decided to eat a little Grass herself. She hopped slowly down to where the others were and set herself a couple of inches away from the others. She wasn't a Shy doe, but she was just too relaxed to join in any Conversations. She started on a Clover that had fell from the Tree. As she ate, she thought about Fiver, her Descendant. 'Nothing's wrong anymore' she thought. 'The others secured this place long ago and there hasn't been any Problems since'.

She Finished the Clover and had a little Grass before resting again. 'With the Warren and Owsla always active' she thought, 'Nothing will go wrong'.

March 19th, 2008, 12:25 PM
IC: Scratching his ear with his paw, Buckwheat made his way back to the shelter of warren when he was able to clearly read several names that were of the original Watership rabbits all of which were at the base of the tree trunk just above his head. Hazel was there, as was Fiver which was connected vertically to his brother’s name using the letter ‘E’ in place of Fiver’s own.

Bigwig too could be seen or rather “Thlayli” also written vertically in capital letters which was his nickname, basically meaning “Fur-head” having been joined with Pipkin, ending with the second ‘I’ from Pipkin along with his doe Hyzenthlay which was written across from the second letter on Thlayli along with the rest of the rabbits who came to live at the warren fifteen years ago, which left the effect of all their names to be connected as one which had been mysteriously placed by Frith himself during one spring morning, similar to the one when the former Chief Rabbit, Hazel had passed on which was to be seen as a memory to the warren’s founders as well as having the shape of a rabbit at the entrance some rabbit storytellers believe.

Everyone agreed it was a good reminder of who they descended from and how they lived as well as everything that came before. Who knows, maybe in another fifteen years the rabbits living at Watership Down today will have their names carved into the beech hanger, for as long as it continues to stand strong.

Buckwheat then made one last hop inside of the burrow, only to return again to the outside with a piece of lettuce leaf firmly held between his teeth. Placing it on the ground below his brother and the other doe’s nose they both nibbled on it, eating what they could before hopping away to where the grass was good leaving Buckwheat to finish off what the other two rabbits had left of the lettuce.

OOC: Good post don't you think, Pikapal? ^_^

March 19th, 2008, 10:12 PM
OOC: that was amazing Fiver! I never noticed their names could entertwine like that. Thats perfect! ^_^ and no worries Marksman, we wont let you fall behind! ^^

IC: Snowflake hopped over to the tree that Buckwheat had just returned from, and saw the names carved in the trunk. As her gaze rested on her father's name, she began to feel very strange. She felt as if the earth was spinning, and even though Frith's rays were warming the earth, she felt very cold. Suddenly, her vision turned blue. She saw a huge wave of water flood over the land where they lived, and carried bodies of rabbits away with it. Then, quick as a flash, her vision turned blood red. She could see bodies of rabbits everywhere, and they were all slaughtered. Suddenly, she heard her father's voice. "You know what you have to do, my daughter..." Then, quickly as it came, the world was no longer spinning. Snowflake could feel Frith's warmth on her body again. Shaking, she looked over at her fellow rabbits, enjoying the summer day. Look at them...so happy...how can this happen?" Even though she didnt want to believe it, she knew what she had to do. Terrified of going to Oakley alone, Snowflake went to her best friend. She franticaly searched for Buckwheat.
Snowflake spotted her friend eating flayrah with Sycamore. She didnt want to alarm everyone, but she could hardly contain her fear. "Buckwheat," she said, "I have to talk to you. Its urgent!" She simply nodded to Sycamore her greeting.

Copper hopped over to where Foxy was eating. "Foxy, Oakley has just informed me that we have to meet with him. Apparently there have been rumors of Lendril around here." He whispered the last part, not wanting to scare anyone nearby. "We should find RedBee and meet with Oakley as soon as possible."

March 20th, 2008, 6:42 AM
IC: "Urgent, how?" Buckwheat asked his friend, turning his head to where Snowflake was standing, looking rather worried. "Try to keep your voice down, we shouldn't alarm the other rabbits until we know what to do." Buckwheat said after he and Sycamore had listened to what Snowflake was telling them. Some moments later, Luna returned from the long grass as she asked "What's going on?" One of the rabbits replied "I think Snowflake had a vision, look she is still somewhat shaking." all the while Buckwheat standing next to Snowflake listening to what she had to say.

OOC: I know it's a bit short but that was all I could think of right now. The post when the meeting starts will be far longer and interesting at the same time. ^^

March 20th, 2008, 6:36 PM
OOC: that was really good Fiver, no worries!

IC: Snowflake tried to calmly tell the others what she saw, but she just couldn't. She hurriedly told what she saw, shaking as she spoke. "We have to tell Oakley!" She said, a little too loudly. Max, a little ways away, stopped his frolicking and stood up, his ears perked. "Hey Foxglove, c'mere!" he half-whispered. He strained to hear his friend's voice.

Copper caught a little bit of what Snowflake was saying. Being the Captian of Owsla, he always needed to know what was going on in the warren. He hopped over to where Snowflake, Buckwheat and Luna were. "Whats going on?" he asked. Even though he was high in authority, he had a gentle voice like his mother did. Snowflake was so shaky and frightened, she couldnt really talk. "Warren...water...death...bodies..." was all she could say. Copper, knowing from all the stories of Fiver and his adventures from his father and mother, knew they needed to speak to the Chief Rabbit. The authority figure inside him took over. It was almost as if Bigwig was speaking. "Quickly then, come along, were going to see Oakley-rah about this."

March 22nd, 2008, 5:21 AM
(Flashback to the morning before)
Followed by the group of three that had been chosen for what lay ahead, an officer from a distant Owsla was given the task of bringing them to Frith Copse which wasn't far from Watership Down, meaning that they could rest until 'after night' had passed, eventually coming to a large shrub of Lavender which would cover them sight and smell until they saw Frith. It had now been a long while since the sun had set when they first entered the shrub and now were finally sleeping through the night.

Back at the down however, morning had come with the dark red and yellow-orange colours when many of the warren rabbits took the opportunity to pass droppings, in the early morning light while the hill was still dark before the entire warren was up and about giving the Owsla time to find flayrah once again for the morning silflay, placing everything they found in one of the smaller empty burrows which had always been perfect to store food. After which they returned to the burrow they awoke from.

But what didn’t they know was that three other rabbits were half way up the slope, when the buck who was dark brown in colour hopped silently to a run, going inside to find either an empty burrow or one that only had warren members sleeping in. Having found such a burrow, he returned to where he left his companions showing them where they would be resting, hoping that none of them would be recognised or noticed. After all they weren't among the descendants of Watership Down.

(Back to the present time)
Hopping out from the run that lead to the burrow that he slept in, the larger rabbit needed to see the chief of this warren while the pale brown buck went down to rest in the summer warmth, with the smaller rabbit eating grass and a lone clover than hadn’t been touched yet.

Turning to one rabbit at random, the darker brown rabbit spoke. "Who is your Captain of Owsla here?" he asked. "I must see your chief on an urgent matter."

"You too, huh?" said Hornbeam. "You’re the second who wanted to see my chief." he added. "Who was the first?" the dark brown rabbit asked. "Oh, a white-grey doe, Snowflake is her name – has these visions you know. In any case, Copper is Captain of Owsla." Hornbeam said hopping back toward the beech hanger.

"Alright Max, I’m coming." Foxglove half-whispered back, straining to hear where the voice was coming from.

March 22nd, 2008, 2:12 PM
OOC: Managed to establish temporary Link-up (Often at Night-times around this time).

IC: Foxy appeared on the Scene, looking for Hornbeam.
"Hornbeam, have you seen Redbee anywhere?" asked the Doe in which the Answer was Negative. Foxy headed away from the Group and checked around for 10 Minutes until she saw Redbee eating some Dandelions. Foxy hopped over to Redbee who looked up.
"Redbee, we've got to meet with Oakley later. Copper told me. Something about Lendril rumours in the area. Keep a lid on it though. Don't want to scare anyone else. Okay?" Foxy told him. Before Redbee could reply, Foxy had left the Buck and was heading back to the Burrow. On the way, she met Cooper.
"It's alright, I've told Redbee everything you told me," Foxy assured him and hopped off to the Burrow, leaving Copper to just watch her hop away.

March 24th, 2008, 12:51 PM
OOC: Has anyone got any rabbit names I can use? I can no longer think of a single one.

March 24th, 2008, 6:54 PM
OOC: omg Fiver, im so sorry about yesterday! my net dropped for the rest of the day, and my laptop died on me. I got it all fixed though, but im still soooo sorry! Stupid technology -.-
as for names, you can use names of precious stones, like emerald, ruby, sapphire...they could reflect the color of the rabbits eyes. Or you could use the seasons: Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring...

Also, theres a rabbit in this post who i didnt sign up with. Hes just going to be in here for a few times, he isnt part of the group. His name is Starlight. Hes white with black spots all over.

IC: Snowflake and the others followed Copper to the borrow of Oakley, Max and Foxglove close behind. Snowflake looked over at her young friend.
Max,this isnt something a young buck like yourself shouldnt be hearing...Ill tell you whats happening after we speak to Oakleyrah, ok?" Max tried to argue, but Snowflake wasnt going to let him go. Disappointed, he went over to a patch of clover and began to eat, famished after playing so much.
As Snowflake and the others approached the burrow of their chief, they saw three strange rabbits nearby. "Wait here," Copper said, as he approached the rabbits. "Excuse me, not to be rude, but who exactly are you three? And what do you want?" He motioned for Snowflake and he others to go ahead inside to see Oakley. He knew he would get in trouble without asking permission to see Oakley, but Starlight should be down there watching who came in. As copper dealt with the strangers, Snowflake, Buckwheat, Sycamore, and Luna went into the burrow. They saw Starlight in the entryway to Oakley's burrow. "Who goes there?" Starlight asked. "C-copper sent us in to s-see Oakleyrah," Snowflake said, stuttering a little, still shaky from what she saw. "DId he?" Starlight said. "Starlight! Who is it?" Oakley called out. "Snowflake, Buckwheat, Sycamore and Luna," Starlight called back, "they say they need to see you, and that Copper gave the ok." "Hmmm...thats far too many rabbits....two may come here," Oakley called back. "Whos it gonna be then?" Starlight asked, turning to he four. Snowflake looked at Buckwheat. "I cant do it without you..." She said, looking down at he ground.

March 28th, 2008, 6:27 AM
OOC: If only we were further along to the part when the actual warren departure is happening, when Snowflake actually talks to her Chief I would have then posted my last as it would have been a good time to re-introduce Hazel, Fiver, Dandelion or Bigwig with the backstory I had for it being possible for him to be there, you'd find it hard to say no. ^^

But what to say for the purpose of them being at Watership Down when they haven't left yet. -_- The three had been sent by way of Frith as far as the copse I wrote them to be at after which they'd be on the journey up to the first river or until they were safe, if Lendril being around were rumours or not, they'd be fine with the strangers there who once knew the down well unlike how some unknown rabbit could who wasn't a resident at all and had no clue. ^^

And it would help if you spaced your posts out a bit, seperate them. Also we should skip to the warren's departure, due to there being so few here. Which is why I asked PikaPal what would be best - a rabbit who could run and fight or a rabbit who is good at being a storyteller? with Hazel and Fiver as a part of the group, because I can't make this work while we're all talking to Oakley.

IC: Buckwheat turned his head to face Snowflake who was looking at the ground. She then said "I cant do it without you...".

"Well then, we'd better go inside so we can tell Oakleyrah what you saw." Buckwheat replied, re-assuring Snowflake as he entered the burrow where Oakley was sitting, with her back to the burrow's entrance.

March 28th, 2008, 9:54 PM
IC: Snowflake launched into details about her dream to Oakley. She told him everything she had seen. Oakley's facial expression did not change at all. He was staring at her as if she was no more then a simple paranoid doe, a rabbit version of Chicken Little so to speak. He looked at her with an unchanging expression. "So you want us to leave the warren?" he asked simply. "Yes! we must!" She cried, just like her father before her. "No," Oakley said, "we will not. We are happy here, and our ancestors have made this place for us to be forever. Frith made this place for us to live,and we will NOT leave. If you choose to leave the warren, you may go, but do not try and convince anyone else to go with you, or I shall have you charged with treason." Oakley looked away, no emotion in his face at all.

Snowflake was terrified. Oakley knew her father had been right, so why didnt he belive her? Angry and confused, she ran out of the burrow. 'We must get the others and get out of here!" She said to her companions. "Get as many rabbits as you can. Meet me at the old wood fence by the creek at midnight." And with that, Snowflake skampered away.

March 29th, 2008, 8:42 AM
IC: Feeling dejected after Oakley refused what was asked by Snowflake, Buckwheat too ran out of the burrow. Returning to where he was before the meeting took place, the young buck then laid down in the grass with Foxglove next to him, a new-born doe who was his cousin.

Seeing them both resting near the brow of the hill, Snowflake hopped over. "We're leaving the warren, bring all you can to the old wood fence at midnight." she said. "Foxglove will be coming too." "I will tell them what we plan to do." Buckwheat said to Snowflake. With everything sorted for now, Buckwheat started to scamper away.

March 29th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Foxy had settled herself down by a nice patch of Grass and was relaxing calmly. Ever since Copper had told her of the Meeting, she had not heard from Copper or Redbee. She still hadn't gotten wind of what was going down. She relaxed and Stretched. No-one bothered her for ages. Nothing was concerning her...Until she saw Snowflake pass by. She seemed to be in quite a Panic too. Foxy tried to set off but Snowflake was already out of sight. 'Someone else will probably help her' she thought, and relaxed some more.

April 2nd, 2008, 12:43 PM
OOC: @ Pikapal, When you ever restart the club again, I can ask Jason22 for a banner if you like or have a go of your own.

April 2nd, 2008, 9:00 PM
OOC: so sorry ive been gone, i was working all weekend. Im so tired! xD
I love the banner you have Fiver, its beautiful! you can ask him to make one for the club if you want to. i dont have one made or anything.

IC: Snowflake hurried away to find whoever she could, to leave the warren. She found Max and Foxglove, eating clover nearby. "Max, Foxglove, i need to speak with you." She said. Max looked up at her, suddenly scared. "Were leaving the warren tonight...something bad is going to happen, and we need to get out of here." Max looked at her with scared eyes, but ne nodded. Snowflake was th wisest rabbit he knew. If she said it was time to go, it was time to go. "We leave at fu inle." Snowflake said.

Copper hopped over to Foxy. "Foxy," he said, "the meeting starts in ten minutes. But, we will be leaving the warren tonight." copper then went into detail about what happened with Snowflake. "We cant tell oakley were leaving, got it?" He added afterwards.

April 3rd, 2008, 4:44 AM
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IC: Foxy was Confused.
"Why can't Oakley know?" She asked, "I thought he watched over us all!"
Copper expalined why and Foxy took heed.
"All right, I'll go look for Redbee" she told him and hopped off quickly before Copper said a word.
If they were going to evacuate, they'd need as many rabbits as they could get. So Foxy hopped off looking for Redbee. But no matter where she looked, she just couldn't find the Buck anywhere. She had already told Copper she'd look for him so she couldn't call the Quits now. After 25 Minutes of Painstaking Searching, she finally found him relaxing in a spot well away from where anyone else could anticipate. Redbee looked up again at the approaching Doe.
"Redbee. Although you know about the Meeting that starts in 10 Minutes, there's something else I'm passing on from Copper: We're leaving the Warren at fu inle. Whatever you do, DON'T go blabbing off about it with Oakley in Earshot. Especially to anyone who may be unreliable and report it to him. Try and get as many as you can to rally us. If Oakley finds out, the whole plan is screwed. We're leaving because Snowflake had a vision and she and Copper tried to report it to Oakley who wouldn't listen. He said if Snowflake tried to get anyone else to leave the Warren, it would be classed as Treason. Well that's what Copper told me. Go now. The More we can get to leave with us, the Easier it'd be for us!" Foxy told him. With that she watched him hop away in one Direction. She Grimaced. 'Also, the more we take with us, the more likely Oakley is to notice!' she thought. With that, she hopped in another direction.

April 3rd, 2008, 8:52 PM
OOC: So what is Oakley's description or appearance then? Also I am changing the appearance somewhat of Luna, by taking away the shape on her leg and adding in white to her black ears which her body will be from now on rather than charcoal grey as before which would look horrible if there was a picture. Also I'm stopping with the character Sycamore, Hornbeam and the other rabbits I made for this RP except for Foxglove. ^^

IC: "Yes that is difficult to do without Oakley noticing." Buckwheat said. "If we do manage to get away, where will we go to?" Foxglove thought who had been standing next to Hornbeam, as Buckwheat ate the clover after she had been told the time to leave the warren was tonight. "But maybe we could have three or four go at a time to wherever Snowflake says, which I will be repeating to her when the meeting starts." Buckwheat added as Foxglove took in every word, finishing up on the clover.

April 8th, 2008, 6:17 PM
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IC: Snowflake watched the rest of the warren for the rest of the day. She was shaky, and layed down beneath a shady bush all afternoon. How could this be happening? she thought, Frith made this place for my ancestors..how could he have it destroyed? She was very upset about the whole thought. As Frith set and Inle rose, she was still laying down under the bush, lost in thought. As the night wore on, she thought about her vision. Water...blood...death...what did it all mean?

Copper met with the other Owsla for the meeting with Oakley. They had a small owsla, since their warren was small. It consisted of five officers; Copper, Redbee, Foxy, Starlight, and a buck by the name of Caper. They all stood lined up in front of Oakley, as he spoke about the Lendril. "We must be on the lookout every single day for them...Ive heard rumors that they are multiplying in numbers, and that a great number of them are in the woods just a hundred feet away from where we are right now. Tommorow, you five are going to head out in groups, find anything and everything you can about this." "Yes sir" they all said, and with that, they were dismissed.

Copper walked a few feet away from Starlight and Caper, and spoke to Foxy and RedBee.
"Are you two meeting with Snowflake tonight?" He asked. After they nodded, he said "good, I will see you tonight then," and he hopped away.

Max was sitting near Foxglove, thinking about what snowflake had said. "Are you going to go Foxglove?" he asked, concerned. "I dont really want to leave," he said before she could answer, "I like it here..but if Snowflake is going, then so am I"

Fu Inle had arrived sooner then Snowflake had anicipated. She had been paralyzed in fear under the bush all night, and now emerged with a small bit of courage. She arrived at the spot she had told them to meet, and waited there for everyone else. Max emerged a few moments later. "S-snowflake?" He said, scared, "are we really leaving?" "Hush Max, we cant have any wandering ears hear you," she said, "come closer, my little friend." Max came closer, and Snowflake did her best to calm the young rabbit down.

April 10th, 2008, 3:22 PM
IC: It had been a few minutes since Fu Inle arrived. "The fence?" "Why leave the safety of the down at all? What if Snowflake is wrong?" Luna said to Buckwheat as he made his way to the place followed by his younger brother Hornbeam, where they were told to wait for the eventual departure of the few rabbits that were to be leaving. Once Buckwheat arrived at the spot, he noticed many rabbits at the fence - Foxglove and Max to name a few.

"Is this all that has come?" Buckwheat asked as he came to a stop near the gap in the fence which was just about big enough for a rabbit to jump through. After passing droppings right where he stood Buckwheat asked "When are we going?" to Snowflake who was now just emerging from the bush she had been under.

OOC: I have made Hornbeam to be Buckwheat's brother just to let you know, Sycamore wasn't really working as a name so it's just Luna, Foxglove, Buckwheat and Hornbeam that I will be using from now on.

April 11th, 2008, 2:18 AM
Another Rabbit apporached the Fence: Foxy who wasn't intent on being told a time and get left there.
"Is everyone here?" She asked as if she was the Head of the Plan.
She looked around. The other Owsla Officers still hadn't arrived yet.
"Time is of the essence, and we're running out of it!" She said to herself. "I hope Copper and Redbee arrive before we leave"...
If someone loyal to Oakley caught them all hanging around by the fence, the Plan would surely be finished...And so would they.
It was now half an hour past fu inle. And Copper and Redbee still hadn't turned up yet.

April 17th, 2008, 7:41 PM
Copper was walking past the warren, on his way to the meeting. It was fu Inle, and he knew he was a bit behind. As he walked away from near Oakley's burrow, he heard a voice. "Mutiny? No, more like treason. When did you hear they were meeting?" It was a hushed voice, nearly a whisper. Copper, having his senses highly tuned to his surroundings, heard it and stopped. "Shhh someones coming." "Whos there?" Copper demanded. "Oh, its Copper!" Starlight and Caper came out of the darkness. "Did you hear? theres going to be a mutiny tonight!" Starlight said. "Oakley said to arrest whoevers invloved, and we were just looking for you!" Copper looked at the two with pity. "Do you know what was involved in this? What happened to cause it?" He asked. "Snowflake flaked and had some vision," Caper chuckled, laughing to himself at his play on words, "and shes flyin the coop tonight. Apprently she talked nearly half the warren into going with her." "You two are damned fools. Fiver was right fifteen years ago, and his daughter is right today. No ones being arrested. If you try and stop us, you will be killed. Join us, if youre smart, or youll be killed either way." Copper glared at the two, madder then a rabid hare. He hopped as fast as he could to the fence where they were all waiting. "We gotta go, now! Oakley knows!"

Snowflake sprung into action and led the way, threw the fence and into the wodded area just outside the fenceline. "We have to stick together!" She said, making sure little Max was close by.

May 13th, 2008, 2:17 AM
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IC: Foxy still wasn't comfortable about leaving behind the other Owsla Members. She wanted to buy as much time as she could...And ended up with 5 Minutes. A Minute later, Redbee appeared. But Copper hadn't shown yet. Until 5 Minutes after the Timelimit. When Foxy just wouldn't leave. Copper showed up along with Starlight and Caper. Foxy nearly laughed aloud at their eventual appearance.
"I just would not let the group move without you!" Foxy told them. "Sure took your time. However, it's nearly 1 O'Clock. We'd better move. I've brought maybe too much time."

She may, or may not have been right as well...


May 13th, 2008, 11:58 AM
OOC: That's fine. Also I wish I hadn't messed around on the account of my rabbit character's name, going from one to another etc. If the plot wasn't fifteen years since Hazel brought Fiver, Bigwig and the others to Watership Down, I would have definitely chosen to roleplay as Bigwig, acting out his part which would have been alot more fun with an established character, and that you know where he or she is coming from rather than an original character. :D And I think you Marksman, would have easily been able to roleplay as Hazel in my opinion I think.

IC: Running to the fence where Snowflake told everyone who were willing to leave the warren there, Buckwheat noticed Copper, Snowflake and a number of bucks and does - all of which were spread randomly in and around the area surrounding the white fence. "Is it time to go yet?" Buckwheat said, his question reaching the ears of a buck in his fourth year since his birth who was the second kitten of Hazel's daughter, who had a similar appearance to that of his grand-father.