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February 26th, 2008, 4:33 AM
The World Revision 2 [R:2] is an online rpg that brings people together into a world of adventure protecting major cities from monster attacks, these cities are Delta Server Root Town Mac Anu; Theta Server Root Town Dol Dona; Omega Server Root Town Lumina Cloth; and Sigma Server Root Town Breg Epoma.

The World R:2 is continuation of CC Corps The World, that was destroyed after a fire. The World is an MMORPG that was created years after there first MMO, Pluto's Kiss. After The World was destroyed in an attempt to recreate The World they combined what was left of the world w/ another game they have in development.

In the early years of The World R:2, strange data abnormalities sprang into existence, they came to be known as AIDA, and a PCs encounter with them can lead to comatose of the PCs human user.

A group of 7 PCs was formed by 3 system admins; this group became known as “Project GU.” Each member of Project GU were special PCs that possessed the ability to control a data abnormality called avatars, these PCs became known as Epitaph users, and were able to destroy the AIDA bugs in the world.

AIDA was eventually destroyed and completely wiped out, and the source as they determined “Morgana” was completely removed from The World R:2. It was with this belief that Project GU was dispersed. This removal of the project leads to Morgana being able to restore itself.

This time, unlike the goal of Morgana before, to create the perfect AI, Morgana wants to destroy The World R:2, and recreate it and all of its inhabitants based on the data it has received over the past years.

In this goal, it would lead all of the players to become comatose and never awaken again.

Morgana plans on achieving this by recreating the “Cursed Wave,” a malevolent force consisting of 8 figures that the avatars are based off of, and re-infecting The World R:2 with AIDA bugs.

This is where you come in: You are to assume the role of 1 out of 8 PCs. This PC has hidden inside them the Avatar that was abandoned so long ago by its former PC. Each PC first came across each other in a dungeon that was part of a quest they all took part in. Shortly after coming across each other they are all logged out of the game and find themselves in their e-mail box, with one unread message from an unknown sender. Also to promote more people, you can assume the role as an AIDA infected user, or a normal player who tags along on the Morgana battle, unknowing of the 8 epitaphs users abilities.

The e-mail reads:

Dear PC

1 @% 1^ &[email protected] ^33* 0f 8026 43L9, [email protected] c0%3 70: Delta Hidden Forbidden Holy ground, in the Delta Serve
Your character must have an Epitaph:

Skeith the Terror of Death- Taken
Innis the Mirage of Deceit- Taken
Magus the Propagation- Taken
Fidchell the Prophet
Gorre the Machinator
Macha the Temptress
Tarvos the Avenger- Reserved
Corbenik the Rebirth- Taken

Characters can be one of two races:

Beast [Half animal, half human]

Characters can be one of the following classes:

Macabre Dancers- A strange class, they wield fan-like weapons. They cut their enemies with the bladed tips of their fans in a battle form that resembles a dance. The inhabitants of The World consider them the "Flowers of the Battlefield". Macabre Dancers are the expert class for status effects and parameter changes, and are very balanced casters, learning both healing and attack spells.

Edge Punisher- Edge Punishers use huge, double-handed Broadswords. Edge Punishers excel in physical attacking, especially against armored foes; however, they are much slower than classes such as the Blade Brandier. Edge Punishers also have higher defense from the heavy armors they can equip.

Flick Reaper- Flick Reapers use large weapons such as Axes and Scythes to attack with. Flick Reapers are very weak to long range attacks. They're the medium range, "area attack" class. They "flick" multiple enemies and push them away before they can get close enough for melee attacks.

Harvest Cleric- The Clerics of The World R:2, they are experts in healing magic, and use staves as weapons which give bonuses to their magic and elemental stats.

Lord Partizan- Lord Partizans have good medium range attacks, but don't excel at "sweeping" attacks like Flick Reapers. Their defense and physical attack stats are very high, with magical attack being their only real weakness. They are seen wielding spear like weapons.

Shadow Warlock- They focus only on attack magic’s, and use grimoires as wepons which like the Harvest Clerics give bonuses to their magic and elemental stats. Slightly stronger then their healing brothers, the Harvest Cleric.

Steam Gunner- Steam Gunners use steam-powered bayonets [Gun blades] developed by humans to attack. Steam Gunners are the physical equivalent of Shadow Warlocks. Their shots are skills that operate the exact same way spells do, but deal physical damage instead. Steam Gunners' shots have greater range than any other physical hit, and their physical attack stat has the fastest progression of any class.

Tribal Grappler- Tribal Grapplers use their fist as weapons, usually equipped w/ a gauntlet. They have high attack speed, w/ high hp, but they have a low defense value due to their lack of a heavy armor from class restriction. Their move pool is also very limited.

Twin Blade- Twin Blades are the most balanced class in The World. They are noted for their superior traveling speed and hit rate. Twin Blades are the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none" due to the fact that while they have decent attack stat growths and have decent magical stats, they are unable to equip the strongest armors, have lower attack growths than the other classes, and do not have access to stronger magic skills. Their greatest strength lies with their multi-hit skills. Each skill has several elemental versions, and as a result are capable of dealing massive damage to enemies weak against those elements.

Blade Brandier- A Blade Brandier's damage and hit rate are somewhere in between Twin Blade and Edge Punisher, making it an average class in terms of strength. In regards to speed, the Blade Brandier is not as fast as a Twin Blade or Tribal Grappler; however, they are much faster than heavily armored classes, such as Lord Partizan. Blade Brandier's wield medium-sized, one-handed, or katana-like swords in battle.

Adept Rogue- Unlike other classes, its users do not specialize in a single weapon, or form of combat. Instead of practicing in the use of a particular type of weapon, an Adept Rogue acquires several forms through Job Extend, each of which allows him or her to use a different weapon type. Can be a combination of 2 to 3 classes.

To decide what two or three classes you use it depends on the following system:
You are given 4 points to make up your character each class has a set amount of points. So when choosing an Adept Rogue specify which class you want and the total must be 4 pts if adding the classes pts together. You start off w/ one base class of your choice and then through a job exension, which i will pm you after a certain point to do, will you get the second class.

Blade Brandier 1 Pt
Edge Punisher 1 Pt
Twin Blade 1 Pt
Flick Reaper 2 Pt
Lord Partizan 2 Pts
Tribal Grappler 2 Pts
Macabre Dancer 3 Pts
Harvest Cleric 3 Pts
Shadow Warlock 3 Pts
Steam Gunner 3 Pts

Character Bios must follow the following criteria for me to consider looking at it.

Race: [If beast specify what animal you are]
Epitaph: [If you want you can be AIDA infected or normal character]
RP sample:


Rules are the normal everyday rules:
No God modding
No assuming relations w/out getting an ok from the player
Keep active, at least post once a day.
Follow forums rules also


Name: Marcus the Crimson
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Steam Gunner
Epitaph: Corbenik the Rebirth
Apperance: He stands at 6' with a J-rocker hair style, the hair style looks like this http://tokyo.cool.ne.jp/deadpopstars/pics/aki_008.jpg, with a neon green color on the top and black on the bottom. His eyes are two different color, one being crimson and one being grey. He has a athletic build, that is shown on in his armor. The armor he wears is a crimson color, the gloves he wears have an eye on each of them. The armor has no helmet and has a hostler for his Bayonett. The armor goes all the way up to last part of his kneck at the bottom of his hair line, it is very flexible, and made of a light metal alloy, proving some protective coverage.
Personality: He can be quite, at least when he first meets someone, then he lets him trueself shine. He is a smart ass in everyway, and also has to get a word or 10 in. Even though he is a smart ass, he is very kind and likes the company of others.

RP Sample: "So, you think you can get away with cheating on me?" he says smiling deviously as he pulls his pocket knife out of his pocket and undoing the blade. His smile gets wider as he sees the fear in his ex-lovers face develope, "Now, now, now don't you know who I am?" he then says grabbing her hands that have been tied to a bed post. He gets ontop of her holding her legs down with his own, "Now, this isn't goin to hurt, much, well at least for me," he says pulling the gag out of her mouth. She screams and he gets a little excited, "Sad to say that scream is A LOT hotter then the scream i get while we're in bed."

His ex-lover screams again and he brings his blade to her throat, being careful not to cut her yet, "Hush little baby don't say a word, daddys gonna buy you a big black bird!" he sings slitting her at the last word. "Told you it wasn't goin to hurt me, that much" he says getting off of her. He walks out of the room and walks into his bathroom where he procceds to clean off his pocket knife and hands. Suddenly sirens go off, and he hears yelling from outside, "Damn, looks like its time i take my oil," he says reaching under his sink and pulling out a little revolver. He smiles, "You see, Jimmy boy, it has finally reached that point," he says to his reflection. Bangs on the door are starting to be heard, and he just starts to cry. "I am rather displaced now, either I kill myself or let them take me in," he says to his reflection again. "**** it, I'm not lettin those pigs get me!" he yells putting the gun into his mouth and pulling the trigger blowing apart his skull.

February 26th, 2008, 2:50 PM
Race: Human
Class:Adept Rogue(Steam Gunner then Edge Punisher)
Epitaph: Magus the Propogation
Appearance: He has black spikey hair with two long locks coming down by his cheecks, white skin with sky blue markings on his eyes in the shape of lighning bolts. He has an athletic build and is not super muscular. His armor is white and sky blue, with a sleevelees jacket that comes up by his neck and goes down to his knees. He wears somewhat tight, somewhat baggy sky blue pants with whie leather boots. On each of his arms is the same lightning bolt mark that is on his eyes. His eyes are light blue, but not as light as on his clothes.
Personality: Cade is friendly, always trying to help players who are about to get PKed. He also helps out new players get adjusted to the game. This has earned him a good reputation with many of the players but he is often targeted by the PKs he has defeated. Never giving up' he will try to help someone or finish a quest at all costs, but he will never harm a helpless player.
RP sample: Hearing the commotion from afar, Cade rushes over to see what's going on. He was in a dark, gloomy dungeon, the perfect hideout for PKers. Looking around the corner, he could see two PKs beating on a helpless Harvest Cleric. The cleric had a beginner staff, so she had probably just started playing. Pulling out his steam gun, he fired two shots at the cowardly PKs, picking on a new player. They went down instantly, and as the cleric looked up to see her savior, he walked into the room. "Welcome to The World" he said, "do you want me to show you the ropes?" The Cleric nodded, and with that, they both teleported out of the area.

February 27th, 2008, 4:04 AM
DarkKnight15 Accepted.

Avatar List:
Skeith the Terror of Death
Innis the Mirage of Deceit
Magus the Propagation - Taken
Fidchell the Prophet
Gorre the Machinator
Macha the Temptress
Tarvos the Avenger
Corbenik the Rebirth - Taken

We will be starting as soon as the up to 5 avatars have been taken. Any questions post them here or PM me

March 12th, 2008, 6:50 AM
I kinda just wanna make a new chara and start now... i'm getting quite tired of waiting... well actually two characters...

March 12th, 2008, 11:05 AM
I'll make another character 2, and i might be able to get some other ppl.

March 12th, 2008, 1:25 PM
Alright... this is gonna be the OOC thread... i'm gonna open a IC thread once we get at least one more person in. Also i have one thing to say, when this rp ends, whenever it does, i want to make it into a FanFic, so i would like to know if you do not want your character to show up, or any of your posts used in the FanFic. These are my new charas;

Name: Jack the Sinister
Gender: male
Race: Human
Class: Adept Rogue [Flick Reaper, and Lord Partizan]
Epitaph: AIDA infect PC [PKer]
Appearance: He stands at 5' 6", and is usually seen wearing nothing but a cloak over a black w/ gold trim armor. The armor is a very basic armor and has nothing special to it. He has a very Dante [from devil may cry] hair style.

Personality: His name says it all, he loves to fight and destroy helpless PC weaker then him, and sometimes stronger. He is the very definition of insanity, the only reason he exist in "The World R:2" is to destroy the hopes and dreams of PCs

Name: Grimm the Terror of Plagues
Gender: Male
Race: Beast [Half Jackal]
Class: Macabre Dancer
Epitaph: Innis the Mirage of Deceit
Appearance: Tall, standing at 7' 3". he has the shape of a human, and resembles the jackal, the wild dog of the desert, dark skinned and his ears stand straight up with a narrow medium length snout. He wears golden armor over his shoulders, and has white leather pants on. His chest is exposed and is at an athletic build.

Personality: Very out there with his methods and loves to watch his enemies fall under his status inflicting spells. He specifies in dark magics, and status ailments, poison, and seal are his favorites. He can be very selfish at times, putting his health before everyone else's, and at times he doesn't care, and rushes into battle putting himself and sometimes his allies into danger.

March 15th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Name: Thunder.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human.

Class: Twin Blade.

Epitaph: Tarvos the Avenger.

Appearance: Thunder is a tall and slim fellow, standing at 6'0 with a thin build. He has a light complexion, blue eyes, and long white hair that hangs shoulder length. He wears a black headband, a white shirt, dark blue pants, black boots, and of course, his twin blades around his wrist. Armor wise, he wears a light black chest plate that fits to his body perfectly, and light black shin guards.


RP sample:

OOC: I'll finish it later....

March 17th, 2008, 5:40 AM
citrus boy: Finish and you will be accepted...

March 17th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Finally getting some new people

March 18th, 2008, 3:08 AM
yeah, i guess patience is the key...

March 28th, 2008, 6:43 AM
When should we open the IC thread? Thunder dont seem to be coming back at all... rather annoyin don't ya think?

March 30th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Mind holding a spot for me, havn't been on this site in a million years and now find myself bored so this would be a good way for me to keep entertained. anyway I'll fill out the form after my shower


Name: Kay

Gender: Male

Race: Beast (Half Wolf)

Class: Blade Brandier

Epitaph: Skeith the Terror of Death

Appearance: Kay has black hair with red streaks which medium length hair that is somewhat spiked in the back and long bangs in the front. He is tanish and stands at about 6'0. He has a black tail and wolf like ears along with a black collar wrapped around his neck. He wields a medium length katana which has a wolf engraving in the hilt. He wears dark red and black armor with black boots.he also wears a small bracelet with a wolf emblem on his right wrist he attained during an event. General look of my character (http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n54/Kaloray/anime%20guys/supposedly%20normal%20people/anime.jpg)

Personality: Kay is a very well tempered guy. Always looking for a good time he groups with anyone he gets the chance to. This makes him quite popular giving him access to some information about most influential players in the game. Another distinct feature about this player is he is always determined to finish anything he sets out to do. Even if it entails him taking time off from his life outside of the game.

RP sample: The sky was full blue with the clouds slowly rolling by. Kay lay on his back watching these marvelous things as a battle raged on behind him. He and two others had made it to the boss of a field level and they advised he sit the battle out. He could hear the cries of his comrades as the giant machine they battles struck the ground. Curious as to how the battle was going he peeked over the hill to give a look. He could see that one of them was knocked out and the other near death himself. Kay jump down pulling his blade out from his sheath. "Looked liked you need a hand Zen" said Kay landing in front of the pale twin blade. "Here take these heal yourself and resurrect Tori while i finish this guy." With that Kay raised his blade toward the steam driven giant. Kay then jumped into the air landing on its head and drove his sword straight through finishing the mechanized beast.

April 1st, 2008, 11:23 PM
Kay accepted

ic thread will open soon! HURRAY!