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Cynic Kaka
February 27th, 2008, 10:05 AM
Disclaimer: Pokemon doesn't belong to me in anyway.

This is the story of a young boy, Ephraim, living in the region of Seripho, who is orphaned at the age of 6...since then, he has had to work for Team Rocket. Now, he is 14, and is being put to the test. Will he be a Grunt, or just dead? Only time can tell.

Chapter One: The Truth

Here I am, sitting here, quietly, waiting for my name to be called. When it is called, I must take a survival test. I just needed to talk to my dad to make sure I had to do this...I was about to open his door, but then I heard voices.

"Giovanni, sir. Your adopted son...do you have any clue why he became an orphan?"

"You fool! You know damn well why! Don't you remember? He holds the key to the Kresshawl's tomb! We had to burn the house down! His parents never would've handed him over! Besides, he looks up to me!" my 'dad' said.

"No, I don't. So you've been using me this whole time, just to get the pokemon of Light? You're the one who killed my parents? You forced me to kill others? Forget it. You just lost your son, *****." My eyes spotted the base self-destruct button. "Have fun." BEEP!

"Self destruct in 20 seconds."

I grabbed the Pokeball on the table, and ran for it. I grabbed the skyline from the base, and flew down to the island. "Let's see," I said, whilst my black hair with blue streaks flew through the air wildly, checking the map I jacked. The best escape route would be....this way...but it's all ocean from here! Wait, what's in the pokeball I wondered...? "Go, Pokeball!" Out came a white streak of light, and after it cleared up, I saw a sea turtle with a greyish saddle on it's back. "Lapras!" It said happily.

With 10 seconds left, will he escape in time? Find out, in the next installation of Ephraim: Trial To Glory!

(The answer's yes, duh!)

February 28th, 2008, 1:48 AM
you call THAT a chapter?

could be more descriptive...

Cynic Kaka
February 28th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Lol...it seemed bigger on my typing box XD Sorry..

February 28th, 2008, 3:37 PM
even in the typing box, it'd be pretty short X<