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February 28th, 2008, 6:49 AM
Hi there, this is mah new fanfic, I huggle it soo hard. :3 It starts off with a cliche plot, so don't expect the rest of it to be like that though. ^__~

Chapter 1;

2In the vast Pokémon world in which we live, there once was a Riolu, named Riu. Riu was said to be the son of Cairn, the Lucario. Cairn was a mystic Lucario, unlike other Lucario’s, he didn’t want attention or to look mystic and wise, he just wanted to show he was himself. Riu was also like his father, still being only a small child; Riu isn’t exactly what you call ‘wise’ or ‘smart’ for any matter. Riu was always trying to be cool, but quiet.

He’s someone you can trust; he’ll never let anyone down. His ‘calling card’ is a dark blue and dark grey splash of oozy liquid, which is from his fur. His fur is a soft, fluffy dark blue colour, and he has a racoon sort of dark grey mask around his eyes. He always wanted to be spy or something when he evolved to become a Lucario.

It was in Chalice town, a small forest like town north of Viridian City, leading into a patch of trees and bushes. Chalice town had lush green grass and trees all around, and a rainbow coloured flowers and a variety of fruits and berries growing there. There was many shops and huts and homes all around there, some being made out of thick, slimy vines and branches. While others made out of solid, cold rocks and pieces of scrap metal.

Either way, Chalice town was full of life. With the famous Keckleon Bro’s PokéMart, and Persians felicity bank, as well as some other really cool places and shops to visit. Riu was walking down a rigid cream coloured pathway, it was right next to festive town square. Where all the Pokémon had their chat time, and gossiped about things as well.

“Did you hear about the discounts at KK’s Mart?” A small, model like Pokémon said. The Smoochum had a girlish pink as around her body, and a light beige coloured part around her chest. Her lips where as pink as someone’s rosy red cheeks. Her hair was a bright blonde colour; it was combed and straightened in a popular fashion.

“Yeah, they were so good, I got myself an escape orb.” Said a small artist like grey Pokémon, it had a small artists hat on its head. Its body was a dull grey colour also.

Riu then came to the town square, all the Pokémon were in little huddles. You could hear silent laughter and constant chatting from inside them.

“Hey,” Riu said, overwhelmed by the activity at the square, “what’s going on?” He added, curious to hear an answer.

“Well, two things,” the bright faced Smoochum said with a smirk, “one, the Keckleon Bro’s are having such a good price cut,” she finished, “and two, Shen and Samuel are gone.” She added worriedly.

“Who are they?” Riu asked confusedly, wondering whom Shen and Samuel were.

“Well, I’ll explain Shen first, then Samuel.” The small Smoochum smiled joyfully.

“Shen is a Larvitar, he’s just come here from somewhere in Johto, him and Samuel were organising a rescue team or something,” she began, “they went out into the forest to get supplies, you know, to build a base, but they went last week, and they haven’t come back ever since.” Smoochum finished, with a really nervous looking face.

“Oh… that’s amazing, what about Samuel?” Riu questioned again,

“Well, you can call him ‘Sam’, but he was doing the exact same thing, looking for necessities and supplies.” Smoochum answered with confidence.

“Alright…” Riu said, there was a sudden pause within the free flowing atmosphere of town square. Everyone was looking at Riu puzzled.

“Are… you… are… you going after him?” Some Pokémon said in unison confusedly, “your going?” questioned others worriedly on unison.

“Listen, it may be a risk to take, but I’m willing to help find them.” Riu announced bravely, with a big smile of his confident looking face.

“All right, but I have something to give you,” said a small orange and yellow fluffly chick. “Here, it’s an Oran Berry,” she added happily, “you’ll need you’re strength.”

“Eh… Gee, thanks.” Riu said nervously.

“Aw, no problem, I’m Pyre.” Pyre replied joyfully.

“Oh, nice name, I’m Riu.” He stuttered, blushing at the site of Pyre’s smile.

“Golly, great name!” Pyre grunted enthusiastically.

Riu then walked slowly away from Pyre, knowing something good or bad come from their first impressions. Riu walked towards the ‘Little Woods’, it was a small place where Sam and Shen had went to look for supplies.

“I’m off to Little Woods!” He shouted happily.