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February 28th, 2008, 7:05 PM
"Lulu, will you relax. We'll get there shortly! OW!" the man yelled as the old woman's cane smacked him in the back of the head. He grimaced and gripped the spot where the cane had struck him. "I really wish you wouldn't do that. It really hurts!"

"Oh Edwin. Quit being such a baby. If you can't handle a cane to the head every once in a while, how do you expect to stand up to the Regis," Lulu said as she stuttered forward on her lame leg. Her grey, tangled hair was tied up into a messy bun. She cared little for her appearance as was evident by the rags she called "clothing." Lulu wore no shoes which resulted in her feet being dirty and discolored. Her once proud blue eyes were no faded into a ghastly grey color and her skin was marked by numerous liver spots. Her back was slightly crooked and her left leg was crippled. However she spoke with such energy and fervor it would be hard to tell she was eighty six years old if you only heard her voice.

Edwin sneered and reached into left front pocket. He pulled out a small book and a pen. Opening the book, he began to scribble down fervently. Lulu turned, which forced Edwin to turn away from her so she wouldn't read what he was writing. Lulu snorted and turned away, mumbling something nasty under her breath.

"Purr..." A blue and white cat bounded out of the nearby brush and leaped onto Edwin's shoulders. Edwin grunted as the heavy cat made it's home on his shoulders.

"Hi Purugly. How was your hunt?" Lulu asked as she smiled at her Pokemon. The cat purred happily in response and then licked Edwin on the face.

Edwin groaned. "You know, for a female Pokemon, you're quite uncivilized, you know that Purugly," Edwin sneered. Purugly growled and dug her claws into his shoulder in response. Edwin flinched, which caused Purugly to bound off his shoulder and slink next to Lulu.

"Just because she isn't prissy like your 'princesses' there, doesn't mean she's not refined. Purugly's different," Lulu said as she bent over to pet the cat.

"They are not prissy. They're just not used to this whole traveling thing," Edwin said as he patted the PokeBalls on his belt. "Aren't these PokeBalls amazing. It makes traveling so much easier."

"Pokemon aren't meant to be coope-- Edwin, do you sense that?" Lulu said as she stopped herself mid sentence. Edwin turned to her and shot her a worried look. "I don't think they're here, but they were recently. It must mean we're near that settlement that got destroyed."

Edwin slipped the notebook back into his pocket and grabbed one of the PokeBall off his belt. Releasing the Pokemon from the sphere in a burst of emerald energy. A female figure wearing a red dress appeared and shouted what sounded like human language. "Jynx, be prepared. Apparently this settlement has attracted a lot of bounty hunters, collectors, and the military. So we have to be prepared for everything."

"Who knows who could be here," Lulu said, straightening her back slightly.

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