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February 29th, 2008, 4:35 PM

The world had fallen. Swallowed up by hate, lies, poverty, anger. The world had collapsed in war, its mighty civilizations all but destroyed. The continents broken apart and refused into new land masses. The survivors nearly dead, broken, sad and despondent. The world needed… a Rebirth.

Then, a group of people founded a new society, in the landmass on the equator, where South America and Central America, including Mexico once stood. Made of the former Balkans (excluding Greece), Siberia, Mongolia, West China, the Middle East (Excluding Israel, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia), and Sudan, the new continent was desert, wasteland, and in the south, a frozen tundra. It had almost now resources, and the continent was highly mountainous with bad soil. The north and central parts of the continent were tropical swamps, infested with disease. The continent started wide at the top, having a downward curving peninsula to the west. Then, it narrowed into a tiny isthmus, and split in 3 peninsulas- one big one in the center, and one on either side of it. The group was called Gaia Nova, a group that strove to rebuild Earth under one large utopia. People would see black and white, and would have no memories of the past. They would be given jobs at a certain age, and would be indoctrinated to love helping the new community. They got a lot of converts, and grew over the century after 2012, when the world fell.

Another landmass, where Indonesia, Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam), Oceanic Islands and the Phillipines once existed had a different group. The land, made of Africa (minus Sudan and Egypt), Canada, and the former Soviet Republics (except Poland), have religious armies- The Knights of Christ is the first, and weakest, one. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Another is Allah’s Avengers. The other groups are not armies- just settlements of Buddhists, Confucianists, Taoists, Shintoist’s, Satanists, and Hindu’s. As well as Sikh’s. This continent is not too united, but all there hate Gaia Nova- they have a “different” religion- the worship of their founder, Jon James. It is known as Jism.

The third landmass, made of the rest of the world (Sans Antarctica, Arctic and Greenland. They still remain in the same places.), has the final group. This group has most of the technology and culture, and is basically a ring. The old islands of the world, sans a few, make an archipelago a tad bit south of the mainland. This group is making a new civilization, and wants to stop Gaia Nova in order to remain free. However, they aren’t allied with the Knights Of Christ, or Allah’s Avengers. They are known as The Angels.

You are from either group, and are either fighting to expand your organizatiopn (KOC/AA, Gaia Nova), or stop the others and rebuild ( Angels). If in Gaia Nova or KOC/AA, you will have modern technology- tanks, AK-47’s, Uzi’s, nukes, etc. Angels have better tech due to my character (see first post. I will not have a sign-up until after that. )

Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Duh
Age: Duh
Side: Angels, KOC/AA, or Gaia Nova
Description: Physical description of body structure and clothes. 6 lines minimum- this also applies to Personality and History.
Personality- How you act, and how you react in certain situations. Also includes general disposition
History- Duh.
Weapons- What you use as weapons.

Y All Pokecommunity or SPPF rules apply (Depends on which forum)
Y Be detailed in posts- no one liners.
Y Don’t be rude- don’t ask when it starts, and don’t whine if you aren’t accepted.
Y You get two chances- use them wisely.
Y No Flaming.
Y No Bunnying.
Y Use proper grammar- you should be literate to join.
Y Have Fun!
Y Just because you are in Gaia Nova doesn’t mean you are evil- they actually believe doing the new world a favor.