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Emo Kid
March 11th, 2008, 9:50 AM
Chapter One: An Ordinary Day

Note: I had posted this story on here yesterday, but today it had dissapeared from the forum and from my list of started threads. Don't know how that happened. Oh well, hope this chapter isnt too short or anything. Reviews are appreciated.

It was just one of those days.
One of those days where you reach over to turn off the alarm clock, miss the annoying ringing machine and fall off the bed, hitting your head on the side-table in the process and finding out that the underside of your bed wasnt as clean as you thought.
Maudine Riley, a girl living out in the country with her parents and a veriaty of little pets, groaned and slowly got up, only to hit her head on the underside of the table and knock over a lamp.
Rubbing her head, she got up carefully and looked at herself in the mirror. Messed up black hair, ruffled t-shirt, bruise on her head, the usual. Well, she didnt smash her head on the bedside table every day, but she was a bit uncoordinated, so she had bruises here and there.
Rubbing her head, she got dressed and got down the stairs with... Minimal injuries.
Skitty, one of the many pets, ran right under her feet as she was walking down the stairs. Maudine jumped to try and avoid squishing the poor thing, and ended up falling headlong down the stairs.
As she lay face down at the bottom, her dad walked by with the daily newspaper tucked under his arm.

"Skitty?" He asked.

"Skitty." She answered. Her dad chuckled and walked to the kitchen as she slowly got up. Maudine brushed off her clothes and came into the kitched where her mother was making coffee and her father was reading the newspaper.

"Morning darling," Her mother said without turning to look at her. "How'd you sleep?"

"So-so," Maudine yawned and sat down. "Oh yeah, Skitty tried to kill me again."

"Haha, funny," Her mother mocked then smiled. "You better ride on into town and get some supplies. And tell Professor Rowan I said hi."

"Yeah yeah," Maudine knew where this was leading. Her mother and father always told her to stop by Professor Rowans' because they wanted her to get a start on her Pokemon Jounrey thing.

Maudine walked slowly outside to a fenced area. You see, Maudines' family lived on a farm for Rapidasha and Ponyta. Her parents raised these flame horses for show and competition, but Maudine prefered a wilder type of Pokemon.
A low rumble came from inside the small stable inside the fenced area. It sounded irritated and angry, but it didnt stay like that for long.

"Come on out," Maudine said softly. "Come on, no one else is here."

And in an instant, she was face-to-face with an enormous, shaggy, rough-looking Tauros. The Tauros was Maudine's own little pet, or not so little. Actually, she had Tauros ever since she was little, when her family just started the farm.
The Tauros had been bought by her dad. Actually, her dad had thought he had just bought a harmless, cute little Pachirisu for his daughter, who was only six years old at the time. But the people who sold it to him had cheated, and when her father released the Pokemon, the image of a cute blue and white squirrel Pokemon turned into a rageing, visious bull.
But Maudine loved the Tauros instantly, and so she insisted she would keep it. Her mother and father worried and fretted and worried some more, but she was never even scared by the Tauros.
So, while her parents raised the ever-so-gentle Rapidash and Ponyta, Maudine raised the Tauros on her own.

"Ya hungry, buddy?" She asked the Pokemon before unloading some hay from the storage barn. The bull Pokemon ate quickly before beginning to nudge her pockets with his soft nose, carefull not to puncture her with his horns.
"If you're good in the town today, you can have some," Maudine said and got onto Tauros's back, which was no easy task. Tauros werent ment to be ridden, so their backs were arched instead of slightly indented like Rapidashs.
She kicked him lightly in the sides and Taurose lurched foreward with a lazy gate, his head swinging side to side. Maudine relaxed, they werent going to arrive in the city any time soon.