View Full Version : Pokemon Ranger Hajime fanclub

March 13th, 2008, 10:45 PM
Here is a new thread to the New Pokemon Ranger Hajime who is one of the main characters in the pokemon Ranger Battonage. He will make an apearance with Pokemon Ranger Solana in the anime on March 20th. His english name is not yet known. Here you can post pictures of him in the anime or Manga and talk about him or the other Pokemon Rangers Solana, Lunick, Jack Walker, the new female pokemon ranger who is with Hajime in the game as well. To make things fun you can post pictures and add funny captions.

I must add some rules
No Hajime Haters or pokemon ranger haters.
Do not get in heated debates
No hentai there is nothing like that on Hajime yet in any case do not post any of that.

And Finally enjoy yourselfs