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March 15th, 2008, 7:43 PM
If I stole things from people, I'm sorry. Let me know and I'll request to have this locked/deleted if it won't be. The only two RPs I browse are Lost Island and Region of Chaos, and I don't even browse them much due to testing and having so much information crammed down my throat.

So yea, I wanted a PokeMorph RP, and bored, I cooked this up. Well, with the help of the 11th Pokemon Movie, as the idea of the Realm of Chaos affecting the real world kind of got me interested.



After several years of peace (the last important events were the disappearence of Giovanni, the dethroning of Red as Pokemon Master, Team Galactic's complete seperation, and the Rayquaza Incident), a new tourney was supposed to occur. It was to compare the strengths and weaknesses of specific Pokemon based on all sorts of factors such as popularity. So over three hundred trainers all over the world were invited to a secluded area within Kanto's Sevii Islands, chosen by expert trainers which spectated street battles to select their participants. There they would be tested on their choice of Pokemon to make it through a survival course on a deadly and normally unventured mountain range called the Sevii Seven. It's main attraction were seven volcanoes which formed in a way looking like a giant seven from a bird-eye-view.

Those that did make it past were supposed to then test their battle skills. The top ten were supposed to recieve eggs of a rare legendary Pokemon called Manaphy. These eggs would hatch into weaker yet even more valuable legendaries called Phione. Plus there was a ten thousand Poke'Dollar prize. This was all that was needed to have the people come, as there was proof of the Phione eggs and one even hatched on a commercial advertising the tourney.

People eventually flew or used the S.S. Anne to get to the Sevii Islands. Afterwards, they began the trek through the Sevii Seven, located on the third isle, near Mt. Ember. The journey was treated with precaution as Team Rocket was last reported there, so there was no sabotage by any fellow tourny entree. Plus two of the seven volcanoes were currently active. If one erupted and someone was climbing it and within a trap or something of the like, he or she could die. Besides, people could care less, as they were very self-confident in their Pokemon breeding and battling skills.

Near the facility where the tournament was to be held, Team Rocket was spotted by a couple of trainers. Some thought of leaving and did, even though they would miss out on a grand prize. Others stayed, ignoring the fact that if Team Rocket thought of something, they didn't give up unless defeated. It was a pain for some, those who tried to complete the trek. After the first few days of Team Rocket's sighting, trainers were kidnapped, though the tourney went on. Finally, people got to the tournament, though around fifty out of the two hundred that remained out of the greed for a legendary were kidnapped. It was a downfall for many, as the attempt to study pokemon and trainers was lost, as well as the attempt to battle said trainers.


You are one of these kidnapped trainers. Rumor and worry spread quickly throughout the warehouse you're locked in. Some say that they heard that Team Rocket now is experimenting with genetic and mental changes. Anything could happen, from complete memory wipe, death by a disease, or insertion of Pokemon genetically based material. Specifically their DNA.

The Rockets were even testing out your powers. How though? An entire new world, where you'll be helping them make. Whether you cooperate or not, this world is a barren wasteland. So it's up to you to either submit to the Rocket's will and help them in the creation of a world they somehow gained access to, or to rebel against them. However rumor says there's a specific reason for this world, mainly the capture of several Sinnoh deities. However, no one actually has any proof for that.

[Sign-Up Sheet]

DNA: (No legendaries other than the birds)
Abilities: (What specific abilities does your morph has, based on DNA. Like how Flareon's hair cools it's body from 1600 degrees F to normal body temp).
Appearence: (Remember, your person is half-pokemon, half-human).

People can post late sign-ups, and the RP starts when I post my sign-up. If you use Vaporeon as your DNA, I will kill you.

March 29th, 2008, 9:37 AM
Name: Kylie Smith
Age: 17
Gender: female
DNA: Raichu
Abilities: Kylie can shoot electricity from her cheeks.
Appearence: On the top of her head, Kylie has a Raichu's ears. Her hair, which was once chocolatey brown, has turned into a Raichu like color, which is an orangey gold color. Her eyes, which were once bright blue, are black and round like a Raichu, and she has Raichu like cheeks. Besides the Raichu-like features listed above, along with her feet, Kylie has no other Raichu features. Around her eyes, she wears eyeliner, and on her lips, she wears pink lip stick. She also wears some pink blush in an attempt to hide her yellow cheeks. She wears a blue cami with white polkadots, and a blue denim mini skirt. She doesn't wear shoes anymore, however, because her feet are Raichu like feet.
Personality: Kylie is a nice, sweet 17 year old on the outside, but she is really a bad ass. She loves pranks, and is very michevious. Sometimes her badass-ness can escalate to much worse things, like lying, cheating, and stealing, but it's rare. Kylie is also a big girly girl, and likes things that most girly girls like- boys, makeup, and clothes. She is very vain, so when she turned into half of a Raichu, she got somewhat depressed.
History: Nothing major happened in Kylie's past. She was just an ordinary girl that was often looked over, but she still had many friends. The only big thing that happened is that she got hit by a bus at age 15 and lived.
Other: none

April 1st, 2008, 10:22 PM
Name: Jazz Addams

Age: 16

Gender: Female

DNA: Zigzagoon

Abilities: Jazz has heightened agility and reflexes. She has camouflage in forests and has
the inexplicable instinct of knowing how to swim. She can also extend claws from her fingertips, though this is a painful and bloody affair.

Appearence: Jazz has long, brown hair that is tied into a large, loose braid, as well as brown fur all over her body. She is a bit short (4' 8") and is a little on the heavy side. She has big feet, wears a pale blue shoulderless sweater and black jeans. her tail is short and has three rings around it and her eyes are violet and almond-shaped.

Jazz is a pessimistic flower-child, if you've ever seen one. She will try her best to make everyone around her happy, even at the cost of her own ego. she is often seen daydreaming and drawing on whatever surface she can get ahold of. She is very bad at maths but is excellent with reading, writing, and anything requiring a visual mindset, such as tactics. She is also bewildered that she knows how to swim after being turned into a Pokemorph, since she didn't before.


Jazz was born to Don and Meloni Addams, who ran a small diner in Cerulean City. At this diner the family's Pokemon, Mr. Mime, Hitmontop, and Mankey would wait tables, so Jazz was surrounded by Pokemon ever since she was a baby. At the age of six she decided to become a coordinator after seeing a local contest. She practiced with Mr. Mime for six years until she was sure she was ready for a Pokemon of her own. On her twelfth birthday she traveled to Oak's lab in Pallet to get her starter, a Squirtle named Bloo.

Together they made a healthy living off of Pokemon contest, even though it was hard going at first.

When she turned fifteen, she decided to train Bloo, who was now a Wartortle, to battle for a change of pace. But after losing her first battle in Cerulean City, she decided it wasn't really for her. Then the survival contest to receive the Phione appeared on her television and she decided to try it. Surprisingly, she almost got to the tournament. She was snuggled in her sleeping bag with Bloo when she was kidnapped in the middle of the night.

Other: Nothing, really.

April 2nd, 2008, 4:52 PM
Name: Slytherin Salazar

Age: Eighteen [18]

Gender: Male

DNA: Gengar

Abilities: Slytherin could easily phase through walls, float, and do things that regular ghost-pokemon do. Also due to the DNA, he has slightly heightened stamina, strength, speed, and ect. since he's not a normal human anymore.

Appearence: Slytherin didn't change all too much with the new DNA in his body, sure his medium length messy hair had changed dramatically in color from black to purple. And sure that two strands of hair stick out in the air like ears even if he tries to fix it back to normal.However his body structure is very much the same, he's slim but has some rather well-toned muscles proving that he's in shape. He also has the same somewhat pale skin he was born with, although if you looked at his nails, you'd notice that they are now longer and sharper. These same nails have also changed from white to the same shade of purple of his hair. Same goes for his toe nails as well. Another thing that has changed were his trademark blue eyes that have turned crimson, taking away his once angelic appearance and replacing it with a demonic one.

As for height, he's around five foot ten, which isn't freakishly huge, yet not small either. And unlike many males his age, he likes to dress rather formally since he was raised in a high-class society with his father, mother, and little sister. Most of the time he'll wear a simple button down long-sleeved white shirt with fancy cuffs. On these cuffs he'll put on various types of cufflinks of various colors, designs, and sizes. On top of his shirt he'll wear a sleeveless black vest along with a purple tie. Covering his lower body, he'll wear simple black dress pants with a black belt around his waist. A small hole was also made in all his pants to allow his small purple tail stick out since sadly the pokemon he was morphed with just had to have a tail. Along with all this he'll wear a simple pair of black dress shoes that usually are shiny and clean enough to work as a mirror if anyone wanted to look at their reflection by looking at his shoes.

Personality: On the contrary, even though Slytherin Salazar was raised in a large rich home with a wealthy family, he isn't snobby at all. Actually he is quiet humble and doesn't like to brag about his family's income. He also is extremely kind-hearted and willing to lend out a helping hand for those in need, especially women and children. Although he isn't all good and no evil. Some of his bad traits include being easily flustered and embarrassed, the tendency to not speak up for himself, and the fact that he could get rather overprotective over his close friends and family. So don't mess with his loved ones unless you want a very angry ghost/poison type half pokemon glaring at you with his crimson eyes of doom.

History: As mentioned before, Slytherin Salazar comes from a rich family and was born in Lavender Town, or at least nearby Lavender Town. For his family wanted a nice secluded area that wasn't too much near a city and wouldn't have too many people to gawk at their home. Which is why they selected Lavender Town, for there weren't too many residents and most of them were too worried about their beloved pokemon's death and the famous Tower to really pay attention to the large home.

Since his parents were too busy handling business matters, the young Salazar male was left alone most of the time to raise his younger sibling. Thus how his gentle and caring nature blossomed. This also trained him to be patient and more careful since his sibling was quite the trouble maker. However once he was old enough and once he felt that his younger sibling, Ginger, was able to take care of herself... He left Lavender Town and took a jet to Pallet Town where he received his first pokemon, and the rest was history.

Other: The age he started his pokemon training was thirteen and he managed to get seven gym badges. Which isn't a lot, but he took tons of breaks to go and help other newbie trainers. Plus he was on his way to Viridian City before he heard the news, but when he finally took the S.S. Anne and traveled for a few days... He was captured and now he's half-Gengar. Which isn't such a bad thing, but would his family and friends back home approve of this? I think not.

-- I hope it's alright that I'm entering this roleplay with a male character, if that's awkward for anyone then I'll change my application and make my character a chick--

April 2nd, 2008, 5:14 PM
Name: Will Murrings

Age: 16

Gender: Male

DNA: Grovyle

Abilities: Will is very fast, can jump very high, and is excellent at moving through thickly vegitated areas. He's a great climber as well.

Appearence: Will is tall, 6 feet 2 to be exact, and lanky (though he still has muscle, mostly in the upper body, he's just not heavily muscular) and has long, dark green hair that resembles the leaf from the top of a Grovyle's head. The whites of his eyes are yellow and he has no irises, just slitted pupils, but they aren't too distracting. Three "leaf blades" are growing from each arm, also.

Will wears a dark green, sleeveless hooded sweatshirt over a maroon shirt and has a normal pair of jeans almost covering some worn out camo tennis shoes. His sweatshirt comes into two tails at the back like a tuxedo, or a Grovyle's two tails.

Personality: Will is more of the "Anything you can do I can do better" type. He's not overly arrogant or anything like that. He just likes to be better and therefore is very competitive. He usually isn't too sore about losing either. He's not shy but he doesn't really like to talk too much. He's also too proud to easily accept anything from anyone. Through all of this he is still very hardworking, since he was paralyzed from the waist down before his transformation.

History: Will was born just fine. A perfectly healthy little baby. But before he could even walk, he got hit pretty badly by his father's aggressive Donphan and had to be taken to the hospital. They found out that he would be just fine, with the exception of being paralyzed from the waist down. That didn't stop him from becoming a trainer and, ironically, his first Pokemon being the Donphan that paralyzed him. Still, he became a normal trainer who did one or two contests every once in a while.

The day that he saw the commercial for the contests with Phione as the prize, he decided he wanted to go. He was on his way there when he got kidnapped. He woke up not knowing where he was, and being able to walk perfectly. All for the cost of being part Grovyle.

Other: Not at all.

April 7th, 2008, 6:24 PM
Name: Fire Eagle
Age: 18
Gender: Male
DNA: Rhydon.
Abilities: He has a huge drill-like horn that is used for digging up gravel and cement, he has huge legs and huge arms to pick up things and he has very thick legs.
Appearence: On his forehead he has a huge horn, his arms are really huge, he has a really huge tail, and he has really thick thighs.
Personality: He can be very mean at times.
History: He been a contructer with the poke'mon digging site. When he was praying at night, he prayed that he can have a bigger drill to work with, and when he woke up, he was formed like Rhydon.
Other: N/A

April 7th, 2008, 7:41 PM
Name: Ash Fenix
Age: 17
Gender: male
DNA: Zangoose
Abilities: Ash has the ability to poison tip his claws to use a posion attack. Due to the thickness of his fur he is unable to be poisioned. Ash jumps a lot to use his attacks
Appearence: Much of Ash's appearance changed. His entire body eventually grew white fur and his head reshaped to that of a Zangoose. The only differences are he still retains his hands. His claws come out of the tops of his wrists. Ash still has human legs but retains Zangoose clawed feet.

Ash still wears blue jeans and his orange pokemon ranger jacket.

If you could surmise Ash in 1 word it would be: Everyman. Ash does a lot to be the center of attention in the group. He crack's metaphoric jokes every so often and tries to do it in a number of accents. Ash is smart in his own way. He reads a lot of fiction and mimic's both the protagonist and the antagonists.

Ash always uses irony and logic as a way to make a bad situation make more sense. He likes to help people with their problems either by doing it for them or quoting someone who already solved a problem like it. Both ways make him very popular among his close nit of friends.
History: Ash is a pretty good trainer. He was a pokemon ranger before this happened. Ash was interested in participating due to the cash prize which could help fund his goal of creating a pokemon wild-life preserve. Which would find injured and sick pokemon in the wild and cure them. Then they would allow trainers to catch them in a safari zone-like area.

However Ash was caught right when he got there. When he awoke he found he had claws coming out of his wrists.

April 8th, 2008, 4:01 AM
Name:Slash Vorlex



DNA: Umbreon

Abilities: He uses a power like psychic but instead it damages a person's memorey. He also grew a black tail. He's got cat like reflexices (However you spell that word.).

Appearence: Slash's hair is black as Umbreon's coat. He's got golden rings (That stcik out on his tan skin.) around both ankles and wrists. He has one around his neck as also. He wears a black shirt with a 3DG on it standing for one of his favorite bands and wears short white cargo pants with many pockets. He doesn't wear a hat but his shoes are black with pokeball on the side. He's about 6' 11". His eyes' turned turned Red.

Personality:Slash is a fun loving kid. He's got a strange personality though. Since the expitrement he's learned to be more serious at times and be more cautious. He's very nice after abattle and always complements his opponent after the battle if it turned out to be a win or lose.

History: Only a major thing happened to Slash. His parents died in a car crash when he was 13. He lived in an orphanage which was more like a prison camp, but he escaped when he was 15. Since the expirement happened to him he will not have to go back to orphanage since he was running from it. He had all his pokemon so they aided his escape. Slash has been in hiding since then but after the expirment has gotten out of hiding and run aorund the world traveling.

Other: None.

April 8th, 2008, 3:55 PM
I'm very lenient with sign-ups, so pretty much everyone except SlashVorlex and TheNewFireEagle is accepted. TheNewFireEagle, you need to add more detail to your sign-up in every category, basically. SlashVorlex, we need to know what your character wears, touch up the ability (I don't recall anytime an Umbreon could read minds, though correct me if I'm mistaken. I don't watch the anime nor do I read the manga much, just a vidya game nerd), and touch up history and personality a bit.

Anyways, I'll finish these two sign-ups later.

Name: Maria Corina
Age: 17
Gender: Female
DNA: Gardevoir
Abilities: Slight telekinetic/pyrokinetic abilities, and a handful of telepathic abilities at her handful. However, she's very inexperienced at using them.

Appearance: Maria stands at five foot seven, which isn't too tall for her age. In addition, she weighs at a light 109 pounds and has a light build in addition. Her body structure stayed somewhat the same, regardless of the DNA which has made her become what some call a Pokemorph. The excessive amount of DNA inserted made her eye color change from blue to a red, and her hair turned from blond to green. Maria's hair has always been short, though it ends up to grow to curve on it's on around the neck now. She also has a slim, beautiful face.

The DNA also had ended up having her skin turn more paler than normal, even though it isn't white, it's pretty close. Her hands ended up turning slightly green, with fingernails of the same color. In addition, the dress-like portion of a Gardevoir ended up forming as well, even though there's no rational explanation for it. Nevertheless, the Rockets won't give her any other clothes other than rags and replacements of that dress, so she's fine with it for now. So as it is, Maria ends up looking more like a Gardevoir than a morph, because she was one of the early Rocket test subjects. They didn't have much experience, so they went crazy with different ideas, sadly.

Personality: Maria is somewhat calm, and it's hard to make her lose her temper. She's kind and gentle to others, and is timid in nature. As such, Maria will prefer to avoid the attention of others, even though this morphed state will cause her to gain just that. She's protective of others, and often dislikes being bossed around by others, though she will comply if there's no other option. To be honest though... The Rockets are the only distrusted ones whom she'll comply to in most situations. Mainly because they have the power and means to back up their threats in an instant, shown by various punishments done for the most meaningless things done.

History: Born in Vermilion City, Maria lived an average life for her first couple of years. Nothing truely special, even though her parents were somewhat above middle-class. However when she was six, Maria was allowed to catch one Pokemon and her parents pretty much abandoned the home for the S.S. Anne. A high-class luxury ship, it often traveled around the world. Visiting many of the well-known regions, Maria ended up finding out a lot about different habitats of Pokemon and all sorts of the 493 species currently known. By the time she was sixteen, her parents decided to allow her to go on a Pokemon journey and Maria did so. Just that when she heard about this Phione Egg competition in the Sevii Islands, she fell prey to Team Rocket fairly easily. One of the first few victims to this new experiment of the Rockets.


Edit: Slash seemed to have improved his sign-up a bit. So he's accepted for now, and let's hope he has a decent idea of the RP. Plus we're allowed to introduce another character at any time, as well.

April 9th, 2008, 6:27 PM
Thanks for rethinking it and accepting it. SO are we going to start since you posted that one?

April 9th, 2008, 7:33 PM
Are we allowed to sign up as the same Pokemorph of another person? I really wanted to RP an Umbreon Pokemorph, since the last two Roleplays I created them for never even started. But if that's too much of a problem, i'll try to think of another Pokemon before tomorrow. I'll post my application tomorrow night, btw.

Name: Elise Maritime

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Female

DNA: Umbreon

Abilities: Elise not only can use several of the attacks that Umbreon can naturally use by leveling up, but strangely enough, is highly poisonous. Elise obtained the same microscopic pores that extract venom from her body when she sweats, but unlike normal Umbreon, isn't able to control it. Team Rocket doesn't really count this as an ability, as Elise is only toxic when she gets nervous, or if she's been running for an exceptional amount of time. Elise also has an iron defense and Special Defense, but at the expense of an incredibly weak attack and Special attacks. Because of this, when needing to take out an opponent, she prefers to let them attack first and do almost no damage to her, then strike back with whatever she thinks suitable. Most preferrably Payback, which her handler managed to teach her successfully via Tm. Elise also can also use Moonlight to heal herself, Mean Look, and Dark Pulse. Since she is a dark Pokemon, she has an aura about her that naturally repels anyone or anything of the norm, and even by most Pokemon is considered a freak. Elise's ability is Synchronize, which she had perfected well to add onto her defense and special defense. While Elise's strength seems strangely to revolve around the Moon, which oddly she considers a friend and communicates with, her weakness is the Sun, and if forced to walk for long amounts of time in the Sun, is extremely weakened. It is with UV light that the Scientists manage to experiment on her without even having to restrain her.

Appearance: Though seemingly extremely delicate and fragile, Elise has an unbelievable defense, therefore her size is never really much of an issue. Her platinum hair falls in cascades of curls to her shoulders, and is accented in undertones of yellow. Before the transformation, her eyes were a startling shade of pale blue, but now are a piercing blood red. Her nails have grown increasingly sharper, as have her front canines, which now barely protrude over her lower lip. As the most significant part of Elise’s transformation were the abilities and attacks she inherited from the Umbreon DNA, it left her with few physical traits to show for. Besides the sharpened teeth and claws, and blood-red eyes, Elise gained a pair of thin, elongated ears. The ears are black in color, and obviously are ringed with fluorescent yellow rings, and are perhaps the best indicator for her current temperament. As Elise seemingly has no control over them, they move at their own free will, often betraying what emotion she is trying to hide, as they perk up when she is happy or excited, and droop down at the sides of her head when she is sad or afraid. A thin black tail extends just below her spine, and is normal in all ways of that of a normal Umbreon’s. It is most commonly erect.

History: Elise was an ambitious, upbeat girl with unlimited aspirations, determined to be the best and conquer all at everything she tried. She took on the Survival Challenge in the Sevii Islands, after she had heard of the cash prizes being awarded to the winner via her Radio. There was also the promise of a strange minor legendary Pokemon egg also being given, but Elise merely brushed that aside, figuring she could always trade it to add a new companion to her team. Though she was traveling on her journey as a simple trainer aiming to defeat the seven Gym leaders and the Pokemon league of each region, that really wasn’t her mission at all, the goal of her grand plan being to attend the new Prestigious Pokemon Ranger School set up in the Sinnoh region. To do this though, she realized she would have to become associated with the Pokemon of each region, and with the regions themselves since as a Pokemon Ranger, she would have to do a lot of traveling. She managed to beat several of the Gyms in the Kanto region, though she wasn’t originally from there. She originated from Hoenn, though strangely enough, her adventure began late in Kanto. She obtained no starter Pokemon from Professor Oak, as he had run out, and instead of waiting, just continued along with her faithful Buizel. The Buizel, nicknamed Torrent, was her best friend, and a very loving Pokemon, despite being rough around the edges. Since she was kidnapped and knocked out, all her personal possessions were ripped away from her, including all her Pokeballs, medicines, extra clothes, Pokedex, Poketch, and her beloved Torrent. She misses him sorely, and worries about him constantly as no one has slipped any information to her about where the Pokemon of the transformed go. For some reason, she doubts her trusty little friend would ever want to see her again, after what she has become. More than anything, she is deathly afraid of him rejecting her.

Finally finished! ^^’ Hopefully it was good enough, and I can open with RP tomorrow!

April 10th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Sure Umbreongirl.

Anyways your sign-up is pending, as you seem to have to finish your sign-up. However do that, people won't complain, you'll get in the RP.


IC: Stuck in the darkness, a young morph appeared to be sitting motionlessly on a mattress. All that was visible of her were red eyes, staring at a steel door leading out of the room she was in. It was confinement, punished for nothing she had really done. But no one cared, well at least for those who somehow owned her. The morph stared, as the dim cell gained light due to the steel door opening. A person in a black outfit, consisting of a black tee with a red R on it, black pants, shoes and cap of the same color. In addition, he had several Pokeballs as well.

"Come on," the grunt said. The morph stood up, her white skirt reaching down on the floor. If she could, she would retaliate. But there was no way to do so, as those whom taken her captive have placed a collar on her neck, rendering any usage of her Pokemon abilities useless. Following the grunt, she and him proceeded throughout a system of complex halls, until reaching a door, not any different from any of the others.

"So yea, you can probably guess, but just another check-up. Sometimes though, I feel a bit sorry for you, as all you're stuck doing is waiting in that cell. However, even if you do escape, you're gonna be a reject to most of society, and even your own family, you know? Just gonna be a hermit all your life, living in a cave or something," the Rocket said to the morph, as she didn't listen. Just something to make her feel better, then he instantly made it worse, reminding her that any chance of escape wouldn't help. All she was were a lab rat.

Knocking on the door, the grunt and she had waited for several more minutes, even though there was no actual way to memorize the time, due to a lack of a clock or any grunt willing to even say a word around her in the entire facility. The steel door slid into the wall, as a scientist with a similar outfit and frameless glasses appeared into view.

"Another check-up from the boss?" the scientist asked, eying the two a bit. Of course he knew the answer. She was one of the most important morphs as she was one of the originals, and they were STILL tampering with her DNA just because things still needed to be perfected. The only thing worthwhile was to turn her completely into a Pokemon or back into a human, so at least something accepted her. It was no use to protest, as any words she would spit at the two would be ignored.

"Yep, he still won't bother letting her do anything around the base, even though every damned Pokemorph in the place has some sort of job around here, except her. They still won't even let her in that project," the grunt replied. Again about the damn project. Supposedly, the Rockets been sending morphs in so the scientists could examine the effects of an artificial world. Through some overheard conversations, the morph even found out it was so the boss could play God for a while in an alternate dimension, even ending up to catch some of the Sinnoh legendaries. Most of the important ones never did hide on Earth anyways, so this would be a chance for him to find some.

Even more annoying, was the fact that the Gardevoir morph wasn't allowed to do anything except some excerise, practicing the abilities she had gained, and to rot in the cell. Some morphs were allowed to roam freely for good behavior, though they also had their powers limited and were confined to only a portion of the base. Still, she was the only one tortured like this. Why? She was the original Pokemorphs, and to the Rockets, she was trash.

The scientist walked out of the doorway, allowing the morph and the grunt to enter. The man was found at a computer, checking up data from some of the hard drives he had inserted.

"Subject Name: Maria Corina, Subject DNA: 282 Gardevoir, yea that's done now so someone doesn't complain when they end up checking my work. Uh... Yea... Mind putting it to sleep again? I got my Pokemon taken away again for skipping that last time..." the scientist said. She was to be put to sleep or paralyzed, for obvious reasons. Blood samples and such had to be taken, and this was only to prevent any struggling. The scientists and medics had some... Inexperience with their own equipment, so it was going to sting. A lot.

"Fine..." the grunt said, disgusted with having to waste energy on calling on one of his most disliked Pokemon. A red and white sphere was tossed to the ground, as a larger sphere of purple, venomous gas appeared from it. Maria knew what was coming up next. Yet, even if she tried to move, she would be punished even more. Anything she did was at a loss, and the grunt and scientist seemed to not care if she got damaged long as it didn't interfere with the work. The Ghastly's eyes glowed a bright blue, as the ghost managed to somehow restrain her with a move called Mean Look (where just by staring at a Pokemon, the victim was trapped for several seconds). The blue eyes turned back to their original color, as the morph felt drowsy and ended up falling onto the marble floor. The Ghastly had done it's job and was called back as Maria fell asleep quickly.


OOC: Now of course, I'll let you start off how you want... Don't be afraid to try something else. I just had Maria one of the more... Neglected morphs. You could experiment a bit... Having your character having a small job or busy in an examination of his or her skills already. Also I'm thinking of changing some small details in the plot, so I'll tell you if there's anything new in the plot.

April 10th, 2008, 9:38 PM
"Subject Code: 254. Name: Will Murrings. DNA: Grovyle. Note that this one is a special case. He was paralyzed before the change." A scientist said to another. They were standing on a balcony in a big, dark room.
Double-doors opened, and in came Will, illuminated by the light from outside coming through the open doors. After they shut, the tendrils of the darkness crept over him completely.
"Will, you're here to test your new abilities mostly involving your legs. You should know by now that you have an object strapped around your chest, which limits your new powers to what we want them to be.
"Now, Will, we're going to ask you some questions."
"Go for it," A voice sifted through the darkness and pierced the condescending tone used by the scientist.
"Could you walk before this happened?"
"I was in a wheelchair, and not just for fun."
"Can you walk now?"
"There were footsteps when I came in, weren't there?"
"That's all we need. Now, when the lights turn on, we're going to have another test for you. You have to reach a flag all the way at the ceiling, 100 feet straight up, and we're going to time you. Of course, there will be obstacles. You know the drill by now."
"That line," Will's voice sighed, "Is getting redundant."

He received no answer, instead the lights turned on. In the tall, cylindrical room, there were many Starmie laying horizontally, spinning, hovering in a spiral up to a tiny yellow flag up on the top of the celing.
"Easy. They're making a staircase."
A bell rang, signaling the start. Will used his new and very appreciated ability, and he showed it. He couldn't even believe he was in a wheelchair before when he saw 10 feet of the ground soar below him, soon being replaced by a Starmie. The next was only about 2 more feet up.
Will leaped toward the next, but all the sudden it shot away with great speed. Will stuck out his legs, kicking against the wall and being able to grab onto the end of a point in the Starmie. He was being spun around like he was holding onto a fan's blade. He kicked his legs forward and swung straight up, able to make up for the time he lost by landing on another that was very high up. It was going in very fast circles, scraping the wall.
"Good thinking." Will told himself as the thought popped into his head. He had seen people run a couple steps on walls before, he should be able to pull of more, right? Using the momentum of the Starmie, he planted a foot on the wall and pushed off, leaning toward the surface he was pushing off of. There was almost no pause at all when the next foot came. He was angled just right so when he continued, he went up in a spiral. Now the Starmies were purple blurs, flying everywhere.
"Almost, almost!" Will now ran straight up, Starmies barely missing him in their rampage. He took one last, long, vertical leap, and grabbed the flag, letting himself fall. A few Starmies were the ones who broke it.

"Well, we know you can think on your feet in a simple situation. But you weren't really thinking, Mr. Murrings, you were just hoping they didn't hit you. You should be glad they didn't attack. I was thinking about ordering them to." The scientist near the top shook his head as he wrote down a few notes.
"Come down here and do this yourself, then." Will grunted. He was just waiting until the order for him to be taken back to his cell and given food.

"Not too bad. I think that's potatoes." Will was talking to himself after he had tried the soup he was given.
"So guys, when you gonna let me out? Just give all cripples Grovyle DNA and stop testing me. That sound good? Now lemme out." Will called out to Rocket Grunts as they toddled along. This continued until he finally decided to lean his head, covered in long green hair, against the wall and shut his now distorted eyes. It was only a matter of time until another test.

April 10th, 2008, 9:56 PM
"Subject Code: 335. Name: Ash Fenix DNA: Zangoose. Apparently a pokemon ranger."

"So does that mean he loves all pokemon? Well we will see if that is so." One scientist said. They were peering down at a large test area. The double doors opened and Ash walked through them. Ash looked around at his surroundings.

"Good evening Ash. How was your sleep." Ash had been sleeping for the last few hours. It felt very relaxing. "Very good." Ash responded. He felt very relaxed and sedated.

"Good. We will be testing your various abilities. More specifically your insticts towards a Zangoose's mortal enemy. Seviper." Across the room there was another set of double doors. A Seviper slithered through them.

Ash never thought he would feel all the fur on his body prick up at exactly the same time. But it did. All focus, all anger was directed towards the Seviper. Ash lunged at the snake pokemon catching it by surprise. The Seviper attempted to poison him however Ash's fur blocked out the posion attack.

Ash was pulled off the Seviper after that. Ash was huffing and puffing yet still wanted more.

"Note that subject has increased anger due to Seviper being present."

Ash looked towards the scientists at the top of the test chamber. "Oh why are you torturing me like this." He called up to them. One of the scientists wrote something on a clip board.

"Okay increase sedatives and isolate the gene that triggers the aggression when faced with a Seviper." A pokeball was thrown into the test chamber. It contained a Butterfree. It slowly used sleep powder. Ash felt very drowsy as he fell to the ground and fell asleep.

"Take him back and isolate the gene. Find out if it can be used with other pokemon..." The scientist said as Ash was carried away.

April 11th, 2008, 1:47 AM
Subject Code: 322. Name: Slytherin Salazar DNA: Gengar.
His life changed drastically, one minute he was a regular eighteen year old guy who was a pokemon trainer with quite a few shiny badges from having a seven gym battles. However the next second was turned into this, something that would be rejected by society due to the simple that the he wasn't normal anymore. Although admittedly, he was the easy end of the deal since many others had changes more drastic than his and looked more like the actual pokemon instead of partly like a pokemon.

This was considered a problem to many of the Team Rocket Members, for they expected the change for the male named Slytherin Salazar to be much bigger. However mostly only his nails, hair, and eyes were affected by the DNA. And also he gained a tail. He also was allowed to roam around the building quite a bit since he was a well-behaved pokemorph, not arguing back when spoken to and always speaking and treating others in a polite manner. Yup, this was Slytherin Salazar for you. Even in the worst of all situations he could still give his usual polite smile and speak to others with his soft and gentle voice.

"Subject 322, you are to go to Lab 24 in twenty minutes so you could get a check up." This was said by a female grunt and the pokemorph nodded,"Thank you miss, and don't worry I'll make sure to be there on time. Like always." His lips curved into a simple smile, making the knees of the grunt go weak for a few moments, but then she quickly shook her head and walked away. He then began to head towards the location he was told to report to, he knew why the Scientists wanted to check him out. For few abilities of the typical Gengar were gained after the experiment, floating, going through walls, and all that junk. But he knew no attacks like Shadow Ball, or even Hypnosis or Dream Eater.

'They'll probably figure out a way to at least teach me Hypnosis.' He thought since many of the scientists needed pokemon or even pokemorphs that could use hypnosis to make the experiments fall asleep. So he had a strong feeling that if he had to gain something else, it'd be the ability to make others fall asleep. It was a necessary technique and it would give him something useful to do in the laboratory to help out the scientists. But hey what could he do about it? All he could do is go with the flow and obey what the Team Rocket members asked of him so he could keep and perhaps even gain some more special privileges.

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April 11th, 2008, 6:58 PM
With a throbbing pain in the back of her head, Maria opened her eyes. She had recovered from the Hypnosis, and hopefully the Rockets didn't place her in a cell again. Sitting up, she looked at her surroundings, seeing that no one had bothered to transport her back to the cell.

"Yea, everything is going like how we planned. Now Maria, enter that room over there..." the scientist said, pointing towards a room to the right of all the machinery. It was hidden before, covered by all sorts of stuff that seemed to just be a mess. But now it was visible, and the scientist apparently assumes that the Gardevoir morph will be able to focus all her energy instantly.

Regardless of this, she would have to comply. Psychic-types were normally more powerful than some of the other Pokemon due to their enhanced mental powers, and this was shown by Team Rocket's last serious experiment, Mewtwo. So it was to be expected to be pushed to new limits because of this.

"Now, you probably realize the psychic powers are restrained to just mind-reading due to that collar around your neck. Even though it's for safety measures, I think it's time I can weaken that and see how this stuff been working. It's way past due for this testing, anyways," the scientist said, as the sliding doors leading to the testing room opened. Maria felt the collar's restraints being lifted slightly. Walking into the testing room, it was even larger than before, designed to be a giant arena.

"Hmph, haven't been here in a while since you closed it up... Looks exactly the same... Except for the dust," the grunt from before mentioned as he entered the room, and eyed the two. It was only reasonable to have him come into the room, as his Pokemon could easily overpower the morph and he was assigned to take her back to the cell if she didn't follow any commands.

"Ok then... We're gonna test out how well your extrasensory powers are now... Attack this target, if you will."

A hovering object in the shape of a Staryu came from the side. This was child play for Maria. In her first few days locked up in that damned cell, she had attempted to use any form of attack to escape, and through trial-and-error, learned how to amplify her thoughts into a means of attack. However, that also ended up being the reason the collar was put to nearly disable all her new abilities, and might account for why she was neglected when it came to all the morphs.

The Gardevoir morph's eyes glowing a bright blue, changing from their now normal red color, the fake Staryu was encased in an aura of a similar color. It was sent flying into a wall, and it turned into it's original form, a Ditto.

"Ok... Dittos aren't the strongest Pokemon in the world... But there's a rise in power compared to what she was fused with..." the scientist murmured, jotting down notes in a small notebook. Finished, he raised his head and faced the Rocket grunt.

"You can take her back now." He said, obviously content with this examination of the morphing effects. Walking back to the laboratory, the grunt ordered the morph to follow, and she did so. The scientist did so, and walked back to one of the several computers he had running, and quickly typed something on the PC.

"Yea... It's safe to take her back to the cell now," the scientist told the grunt, notioning that Maria's powers were limited once again. The Rocket Grunt and his "pet" walked back to the damned cell the Gardevoir morph was left to rot in. The cell door opened, and she was shoved in there, as it closed and she was left in the darkness once again.


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