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Romance Hero
March 21st, 2008, 12:08 PM
This is a remake of my old poetry thread. I may post something other than love poems from time to time, but for now, I'll stick to my favorite subject. :)

A little explanation of how I write: I love originality, and I hate plagiarism. I have a bit of an obsession with the medieval times with the knights and heroes and all that. I was especially interested in the Period of Romanticism. After I researched it, I wanted that period to return, where creativity was unbound, and people strived to find peace in one another. Love poems are my way of secretly telling how I feel, but it's also expressing my state of mind. When I write, I write on the spot, and whatever comes out, it whatever I display, regardless of how rigid or perfect it is.

Here's one I've written a few days ago.

I've kissed, honey lips
Felt fire from, your fingertips.
Power, strength, dying cause.
In rising chaos, one peaceful pause.
In coming wars, we've seen who has lost.
Never knowing who's left to face off.
So let me feel, your love again.
Multiply it by a gazillion times ten.
Never leave me, always be there.
Let be your presence like breatheable air.
How simple, each of my kindergarten rhymes.
But it roars like otherworldly forces combined.
And just like that, you can take it away.
Compel by night, and covet by day.
Sturdy shield and shining sword.
I am the hero of your soul's stronghold.
But truth be told, I am but a man.
In so little ways could you understand.
How simple love is, and how complicated I am.
The choice is yours: Do I wither or stand?

These are from the old thread. I've picked out only a few, not all.

What can I say to move your heart?

Must I go out to battle, and defeat a thousand men?

I live by secrecy and cannot confess,

there is no other man to be in your life.

Perhaps the gentians bloom early when you will realize my love,

And late Autumn is found to be its season.

O rival of the rose, you make me a havoc of my own conscience.

Why I cannot finally say, is reason known to all mine alike,

and how I view you is compared to that of stars dancing on the horizon.

But one day it shall happen.

I will tell you, my love. The day that arrives to bring us together,

you will realize that I, am not who I appear to be as you peer at me today.

I sing the sonata of our forthcoming.

To count the stars, so simple as we lay

I count the times in my head you replay

And upon you my love I bestow

In the place of blue nights, I see your glow

Three places where I wish to be

One between you and me

One back where I couldn't see, last lost with you out at sea

Let me be your hero, riding out into war

And bring back the hearts of thine enemies before.

And let me die before you, devote and in debt

So that I may look after you rebirth or death

Defy my conscience and lone of the world

And leave no trail in the fiery unfold.


Anger flows through his wretched veins,
and temper heated he cannot tame,

for the black knight is caged within,
the Hellsland territory for all his sins.

but he had one love who's words so strong,
he turns against his kingdom cursed with her song,

O corrupted knight, damn you to hell,
whom is such a woman your sword is to sell?

she blinds your light and brings forth your bane,
with her poisonous kisses she has driven you insane.

He who does not understand love is you,
to have such wicked desires her affection be not true.

How strong is love to affect us in such a way?
to take us from our journey and lead us astray?

where would you seek to have glory unbound?
if corpses are all that completlely surround?


My Eyes Ask Me 'Why'

Speaking from the boy:

How it concerns me how our disabilities destroy

the compatablity of our longing like a death-march envoy.

Can I say, how my eyes speak your tongue,

As it shouts your affections seeping breathe from your lungs?

Oh, how I long for the arrival of fortune,

So you can not only feel my emotion.

But hear my voice, and agree with my choice,

Know that I care, and call me anywhere,

Tell you my feelings, and how much I am waiting,

To have this curse lifted, God's worthy debating.

And forever keep you in which I endear,

But, all I can do now is ... watch you from here.

Speaking from the Girl

Careful what you think, or I may be able to hear,

Every focus and thought in which you are to share

I peer at the grand, unable to express, the deepest love while I regress

I think it ridicule that you believe we are not blessed.

Don't you enjoy? Our fairy tale? As far told as the sky entails?

Reason to believe we are together, not to fail,

but to see why our functions weaken, but prevail?

These I keep in mind for faith in our eyes,

If all else had failed, I'd not look to myself,

I'd ask you, to be my voice, ears and heart.

If we be not together, I would surely fall apart.