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March 23rd, 2008, 5:40 PM
Well, this is my fist fan fiction story that I wrote here on PC. My first work was just a quick two Chapter story of a boy's adventures in Johto that never really took off.

I say PG... sort of because it only has a few things that might offend people in a very minute way, so it is there for safety's sake. Anyway, here it is..

Protector of the Skies: Rayquaza


A distant blast pierced the quiet night, as a cloud of ash and debris filled up the sky, awakening the peaceful valley. A family of Skarmory awoke to the loud sound, surprised of the instant crash. Both parents instinctively rounded up their young and carried them off to a safe haven far away from the commotion, in hopes of getting a good night’s rest.


Another blast from the same direction came, louder and more powerful it seemed. More ash and debris poured out of the laboratory that lay a few miles from Pyrite Town. It was an experiment-gone haywire.


A final deafening explosion came from the lab, but this time accompanied with shrieks of terror from the scientists that worked there. A few dark bodies could be seen scurrying away from all of the chaos. Most of the others had already killed by the explosion. It seemed as though no one could stop what was about to unfurl…

Two Titans of the Earth and Sea came roaring out of the smoke with powerful attacks that no one had ever seen. Their minds, brainwashed by the shadow Pokemon process, were only focused on killing the other. Each move they made was filled with mind-numbing rage than that of the previous one.

A Hyper Beam from the Ground Titan and an Ice Beam from the Water omitted a blinding light that was visible from Sinnoh to Kanto. Almost all residents across the world could hear the noise that these two were making. No one was safe from the force of the explosion.

The ground shook the defenseless town of Pyrite and buildings collapsed over people that came outside to witness the battle. Even the great Colosseum fell to the ground with a huge BANG. Women and children screamed Mercy and the Men all shouted out curses. Everyone was helpless on this night…

The Titans clashed a few more times for good measure, the sky started to turn a shade of dark Indigo, and it seemed that they would never stop. On and on they went with no end in sight. No person or Pokemon dared to interfere, with fears of death surging through their minds. Every being in the entire Universe, it appeared, was looking on this battle with pure Horror. Even the Gods were afraid.

But suddenly, a cry of a small child in the massacred town of Pyrite screamed out “Look up there, in the sky!”

All residents reluctantly turned their attention away from the conflict and toward the sky, what they saw was the most magnificent thing anyone could hope for at a time like that. It was the legendary Rayquaza soaring above the town. It had come from its resting place on top of the majestic Sky Pillar and had flown down to settle the dispute between the clashing Beasts.

The Pokemon sped towards the Titans at a blinding speed, and within seconds, had stopped the fighting. With a Hyper Beam that was the size of a Wailord, Rayquaza shot at the center of the battle, forcing both pokemon to stop and look up.

Rayquaza circled overhead a few times and then came to a halt in the middle of the scene.
“Daddy, look. He is saying something to stop the fighting”, said the little child who had announced Rayquaza’s arrival, “he is going to save us!”
But all the child’s father did was look on in dismay, praying that some miracle would surely happen.

And it did…

The Titans had stopped fighting and had started to retreat their separate ways. Rayquaza looked on with a face of satisfaction, making sure they didn’t try it again.

The townspeople, and the whole world cheered on as they saw the conflict end. The sun rose in the East, thus ending this terrible night. No one would ever forget what had happened that dreadful night, for they knew that they had a protector in the skies watching over them as if they were its own children… a protector known as, Rayquaza.
Hope you enjoyed reading this, feel free to comment on any mistakes or leave any criticism. I'll take anything at this point if I want to get better at these :D.

March 26th, 2008, 12:39 PM
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