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Gardevoir and Gallade
March 25th, 2008, 6:43 PM
“So, a Gallade had come to try to defeat me this time?” The unseen presence spoke.
“I won’t let you terrorize this world any more Darkrai!” A strike of lighting falls in the area, revealing Darkrai and Gallade standing off in a desert covered in darkness, making it impossible to see. As the lightning fades Gallade gets ready to defend.
As Gallade thought, Darkrai used shadow ball to start things out. By listening for it, Gallade was able to counter it and send it right back at Darkrai. Sadly, that was exactly what Darkrai was expecting from a fighting type and was ready with a hyper beam. It was a direct hit from very close and Gallade was sent flying. He smashed into what he believes was a wall. The impact was so powerful Gallade was about to pass out. Darkrai, starting his shadow punch, charged it Gallade to finish him off.
With Gallade’s last burst of strength, he swung his blade-like hands at Darkrai, striking a necklace around Darkrai’s neck, and scattering tags on it all over the world before Gallade was finished.
The darkness started to clear up, revealing the sun.
“Oh well.” Darkrai said, starting to vanish. “The full moon will arise in a few days. I’ll just wait till then and get the tags back. And if any other pokemon obtain any of the crests, I’ll just destroy them like I did this Gallade and the 37 others they have sent so far.”
With that, the sun raised and Darkrai was gone.
This is just a start. Tell me how it is so far and I will continue it. I know it isn’t the best but this is my first fic.