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March 29th, 2008, 8:01 PM
[Credit to Chibi Chan / Kurono / Blueberry / Cowrie for this trippy plot.]

In time, the sins of the world grew to be too much for the Gods. As punishment, they decided to take away what was most important to them: they're Pokémon.

A great mist overtook the plains, the mountains, the seas. The Pokémon seemingly dropped dead. Great remorse fell over the people of the world. They learned that this was the great Ragnarök being released upon the population. It was quickly discovered that the Pokémon weren't completely dead. Their bodies sudden arose and they began to walk to planet once again. Reports of attacks by these "zombie" Pokémon began to pop up and a great fear began to spread amongst the population. People began to lock themselves in their house, only leaving to gather food and other supplies necessary to survival. The planet was filled with fear and sorrow.

However, it was discovered that a select group of Pokémon had escaped the grip of Ragnarök. These Pokémon were quickly gathered for to be studied and experimented upon to see if they held the key to curing the Pokémon could be found within them.

These Pokémon were in fact rogue Valkyries who knew of the coming Ragnarök. They descended upon the planet and took form as brave, powerful Pokémon in order to protect the humans from threat that would be posed by the zombie Pokémon. The Valkyries searched out worthy humans to side with. Teaming with the humans was the only way to save the planet: without pure hearted humans, the planet was doomed.

These Pokémon were however taken away from their trainers and forced into the laboratories for experimentation. These humans group together, and are now heading to the laboratories to capture their partners once again, or they know the Gods above will make this damnation of their planet ever-permanent.


So, yeah. This plot is rather... weird. xD We know. But it's unique and something fresh in the stingy world known as Pokemon Role Play. What will you be doing in this RP. You'll be the humans chosen by the Valkyries. The RP will begin with us grouping together and preparing to break into the laboratory to save the Valkyrie.

Throughout this RP, we will encounter numerous road blocks: zombie Pokemon, crazed humans, and agents of the Gods. In the end, we will take on the Gods themselves in a hope of reaching the mythical tree Yggdrasil in hopes of finding the possible cure for this plague.

The RP will start in Saffron where the laboratory is housed. However, the RP may lead us around the world in hopes of finding the answers we need.

Sign Up:

Character's Name:

Valkyrie's Name:
Pokemon Form:


Seeing as all Pokemon are dead and zombified, these will be your only partners in the RP. So, choose wisely when picking your partner. Also, we would like to restrict to one of each species and to avoid using Starters / Legendaries.

We are also picky on who we will accept, so do your best when constructing your sign-up.

March 29th, 2008, 9:02 PM
Wow a zombie pokemon roleplay. I'm intrigued by its originality. But I have a question. Will we be able to get weapons besides our partners?

Also I have one big question. Will we be able to communicate with our "Valkyries" and will they be able to evolve? Plus how long has this "Ragnarök" been going on?

Character's Name: Ashely "Ash" Fenix
Age: 20
Hometown: Vermillian city
Occupation: Sailor

If you could surmise Ash in 1 word it would be: Everyman. Ash does a lot to be the center of attention in the group. He crack's metaphoric jokes every so often and tries to do it in a number of accents. Ash is smart in his own way. He reads a lot of fiction and mimic's both the protagonist and the antagonists. He is more of a people person and wasn't very interested in pokemon when he was younger. Ash has always been fascinated of the sea and even though he wasn't interested in pokemon he still liked viewing them swimming around the docks in Vermillian.

Ash always uses irony and logic as a way to make a bad situation make more sense. He likes to help people with their problems either by doing it for them or quoting someone who already solved a problem like it. Both ways make him very popular among his close nit of friends.


Ash was born and raised in Vermillian city. His family have always worked at the Vermillian docks. When he was a child Ash always wanted to do what his father worked in. His father worked on ships when he was a teenager and always expected that Ash would do the same. Of course he did

Since he was sixteen Ash worked as a dock hand on ships. From loading crates to even journeying with them and tending to the ship. Eventually Ash became the first mate of a ship due to his wit and ability to make decisions. The captain of said ship eventually passed away and gave the ship in his will to Ash knowing he would take care of it. Ash became the captain of the ship when he was 19 and still owns it.

Around the time that the mist took shape and began killing the pokemon Ash barracated himself and the rest of the sailors in his ship knowing the only thing they had to worry about would be a zombified Gyrados.

Since their supplies were running low Ash became the voice of reason to the rest of them. He was the one who proposed to go and get supplies to the rest of them. As Ash went through Vermillian he was almost killed by a pack of zombie pokemon but was saved by a Scyther. The Scyther helped him break into a nearby store to get supplies. Ash was still scared by the ordeal but he thanked the bug pokemon. The Scyther followed Ash back to the ship with the rest of the supplies but shortly after the Scyther was taken away by strangely dressed humans. Ash intuition told him that the pokemon wasn't like any others. So he decided on setting out to try and save it somehow.


Ash has a straight forward face. It is gaunt and gets five oclock shadow if he doesn't shave within 3 days. Ash's hair color is jet black and it makes him look like a ghost on his pale Caucasian skin complexion. His eye color is cerulean and is practically the only color in his face.

Ash has a slim body shape. He wears a navy blue captains jacket. (Which is just a simple suit-like jacket just blue in color. He wears a dark grey turtleneck underneath this jacket. His jacket has a inside pocket which he keeps various nicknack's inside. Ash's pants are simple brown pants. He has a long black belt with a gold buckle which belonged to his family for generations. Ash's shoes are black sneakers because he doesn't want to wear boots or expensive shoes. Ash doesn't really care what he wears just that people can see that he is the captain of a ship.

Valkyrie's Name: Reaper

Pokemon Form: Scyther

Personality/History: Reaper is a very calm Valkyre. She only responds to conversations when asked and only will obey Ash. Reaper takes every chance she has to clean his scythes of dirt and other grime. Reaper grooms herself to the best of his ability and attempts to take pride in her appearance.

Reaper chose Ash for a few reasons. She recognised Ash's ability to make difficult decisions which would be very useful in retrospect. She also recognised Ash's faith in humanity and his intelligence. Reaper knew that out of the billions of humans that Ash was someone who wouldn't back down due to fear.

March 29th, 2008, 9:14 PM
Yes, you can communicate with your Valkyrie partner. And my character is going to carry around a scythe, so weapons are allowed. And the Ragnarok has been occurring for five to six months at the start of the RP. And can I ask for an RP sample out of you.


March 29th, 2008, 9:35 PM
Very well. Here's a little back story on how he meets his Valkyre. I also changed the gender slightly of Reaper

Ash walked bellow to the heart of the Strawberry. It wasn't that big a ship and his crew was only around 4 men. He used to have ten but they all jumped ship.

Thankfully they were supposed to unload their stock in Viridian his home town. It was mostly food and water which discouraged going outside. All five of them witnessed a zombie pokemon kill a civilian at the beginning of the carnage. Ash was pretty good with a calculator and rationed the food slowly throughout the five of them

Ash walked towards the other four. There was Jessup the first mate from Pallet. Foley from New Bark, Friday from Goldenrod and Randinger from Lavender. Most of them excluding Friday were a few years older them him.

"Supplies are running low Captian." Randiger said to Ash noticing him. Ash knew it as well. Most of the supplies were freeze dried. However during six months much of it began to deplete. They were down to one crate. It was filled with cans of corn.

"I know. I was down here earlier. We probably only have around 5 days left."

"Crap" Foley said. Foley was the panicky type. "We gonna die!" He screamed out.

"Look. We can't stay here and wait for help. I am going out there to get some more supplies." He said to them. Ash was more or less the voice of reason to them. Jessup stood up. (I noticed the rhyme). "But you'l get killed. Like Jackson." Jackson was a cocky punk who was part of the crew. Around 6 months before Jackson jumped ship after Ash proposed to wait it out and wait for rescue. They watched from on board how he was killed by a Yanmega after he made it on land. That scared the rest of them and discouraged more travels to land.

"But look if we stay here we are going to die out. The water's also running low. So I am going to bring something." Ash began walking up on the deck. The deck was his favorite place besides his quarters. It gave him a good view of the sea.

"Okay chances are that I can make it to some place like a mart or something. I'll bring back some food and we can stay out some more." Ash walked over to the wheel and rotated it. He motioned to the rest of them.

The ship slowly sailed its way back to the dock. Ash brought the drawbridge down. Noticing that there were no undead anywhere nearby.

"I'll bring back help. If I'm not back in a few hours leave." he motioned to Jessup. "Your in charge now." Jessup threw Ash a crowbar. It was the only thing that resembled a weapon on board. Ash took the crowbar and began walking. The entire dock was deserted which was something that he never thought he would see before. Ash slowly sprinted his way towards the middle of the city. He winsed as the smell of dried blood and flesh filled his nostrels. Ash noticed the nearby mart and began walking towards it.

Ash slowly opened the door. However he heard something and did not notice a large clawed hand come close to him. Ash fell to the ground and stared at a tall Sandslash. He felt a small wound at the back of his head. The Sandslash was bloodied and had rotten flesh all over its torso. Ash noticed his Crowbar was several feet away. The Sandslash began moving towards him with a bloodied claw.

Suddenly the Sandslash roared out its cry. Almost immediately he heard squealing as he saw a Prime Ape and a Hitmonlee running towards the Sandslash. The Primeape looked like a large chunk of its head was missing and the Hitmonlee was missing both arms. The Sandslash moved closer towards Ash. Coming in for the kill

"*SWIPE*" Ash heard. He looked down on himself but saw no wound. The Sandslash's face looked very surprised. Ash saw a Scyther behind it. One of its scythes impaling its torso. The Sandslash fell to the ground in a slump. The Scyther drew its scythe out and cut the Hitmonlee's legs directly off with one slash. Then jumped ontop of the Primeape.

Ash got up and dusted himself off. He reached for the crowbar hoping that the Scyther wasn't going to try and kill him next.

March 29th, 2008, 11:21 PM
Character's Name: Saya Adler

Age: 16

Hometown: Lavender Town

Occupation: She spends most of her free time at the Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House, and it is the closest thing she has to a 'job' at the moment.

Personality: A hyperactive young girl with a one-track mind. She's a bit of a klutz at times and very scatter-brained and spacy. When she gets an idea into her mind, she'll go after it, even if it means dropping whatever she's doing. She often does this without warning, as well. However, she's a good friend, loyal to the end, and reliable (usually). She always wanted to become a trainer, but was faced with her overprotective parents who didn't want to allow her to go out on her own. She's easily excited, and sometimes, overly optimistic. She also has a huge love of the occult. She's also... very cheap. Very, very cheap. Even to the point that when given a choice between a cheap hotel and the side of the road--as long as the side of the road doesn't look TOO unsafe, it's just fine.

History: Her family moved to Lavender Town when she was very young, and so, she was raised there. She always had a tendency to wander off, without warning anyone before doing so, much to the dismay of her already worried parents. Despite the fact that she usually returned unharmed, it only made her parents worry more about her. Mostly because twice her little escapades did lead to problems--she once broke her arm falling out of a tree, and she has a nasty scar on her back from being attacked by a wild Meowth when she was eleven. It didn't teach her much of a lesson--but it did give her a slight fear of cats. In any case, unable to become a Pokemon trainer, Saya made due with helping out at the Volunteer Pokemon House. She had a 'pet' Gastly, that occasionally follows her around, but she can't actually adopt it because her parents would not approve.

When Ragnarok began, she was frightened, and, needless to say, forced to leave her work at the Volunteer Pokemon House. Full of sorrow, fear, and feeling sorry for all those unfortunate Pokemon, she went into a brief depression. However, one night soon after it began, while she was laying on her bed, she heard a knocking at her window. Outside waited the Gastly that had followed her around before. It seemed to be calling to her, pushing things against the window and letting out its creepy, but at this point, comforting cry. She let the Gastly in, quickly closing the window before any zombie Pokemon could make it inside. The Gastly became like a partner to her, revealing her true nature, and helping her get around safely with the new zombie-Pokemon threat.

However, when her new friend and guardian was taken away to the lab, as usual, she started on one of her arguably foolish journeys, joining the others to get back her valkyrie, only further inspired and excited by the gravity of the situation.

Appearance: Saya is a short, petite girl. She has shoulder-length purple hair, and big green eyes. Her hair is straight, though her bangs poof out a bit, and she has one thin braid coming down by the right side of her face in front of her ear. She usually has a black shawl over whatever she is wearing, but otherwise dresses very plainly, though usually in shades of blue, almost always with jeans. She wears bicycle gloves most of the time, as her bike is her main mode of transportation, and simple sneakers for the same reason. Her sneakers stand out, however, as they are pink. A gift from her mother, and although it doesn't match her outfit, they were free.

Valkyrie's Name: Draugr

Pokemon Form: Gastly

Personality/History: She formed a deep bond with Saya while Saya was volunteering at the Pokemon House, knowing that despite her many flaws, Saya had a pure heart and could stand up to a challenge.

She's a little mischievous, and playful, but is far more capable of being serious than Saya is, often having to find creative ways to remind Saya to be serious. She doesn't appreciate being underestimated, and doesn't take kindly to any sort of insult to her, Saya, or any of Saya's friends.

March 30th, 2008, 10:13 AM
Character's Name: Verona "Death Whisperer" Hernandez
Age: 19
Hometown: Ecruteak, Johto
Occupation: Necromancer
Personality: A woman with no feeling or emotion. Easily annoyed by the human population as a whole. She only speaks to few people and even then, her words are coated with venom and anger. Normally, she's aloof and hardly pays attention to what people say. If she hears something she considers moronic, Verona will jump on the opportunity and demean that person in every way possible. Verona is a pessimist at heart and hardly has anything encouraging to say. She is deathly afraid of machinery, technology, and electricity. Verona's phobia is so great she refuses to ride in anything not pulled by animals, preferring to walk wherever she goes. She's also cocky and boastful due to the abilities granted to her upon her birth. Thus, she feels she is superior compared to normal humans and that her power rivals that of the Gods themselves. She has never felt compelled to be religious as she is surrounded by death every day. Thus, when she was confronted by a Valkyrie asking to be her partner, Verona flat out refused to take any part in it. Valkyries were nothing but figures found in picture books.
History: Her memory only extends back a few years, so her childhood is a blur. For as long as she can remember, she's been a Necromancer. Verona doesn't feel compelled to learn of who she once was. What matters now is becoming the perfect Necromancer, make considerable amounts of money, and to become the Mistress of Death. She makes money by working for people who wish to speak to their loved ones once again or to find out where the person had left a particular object.

Valkyrie's Name: Gwynth
Pokemon Form: Persian
Personality/History: Incredibly aloof and intelligent. Angry that her human partner refuses to accept her help. Greatly detests the Gods that brought her into existence. Feels she is the leader of the Valkyrie resistance. She refuses to discuss her time in Valhalla.

March 30th, 2008, 4:25 PM
Character's Name: Salena Morroc
Age: 12
Hometown: Vermilion City, Kanto
Occupation: None

Personality: Salena is a bit in tune with the far side. She's not very secure with herself and believes truly that everyone else knows better than herself. She's always afraid of going out of her comfort zone which is small enough to only contain her Teddiursa named Tael and her aunt. When put in a situation she doesn't understand she's the one to break down mentally. From this point, she'll blindly follow whatever she can cling to. After the death of her mother, she's been prone to hysteria and hallucinations of the undead. When she's around someone she trusts, she's pretty much the normal twelve year old girl who likes to smile and talk. She's pretty naive and isn't exactly the most understanding child; Ragnarök is something that she'd never understand.

History: Salena is originally from Goldenrod City, Johto. She lived with her mother and father in a standard house; though she barely went outside. Her father was a research doctor and her mother was a breeder of Houndours. After Ragnarök occurred, the city was devistated with violet tremors, causing many high-rise buildings to collapse. Worst of all was the appearance of the mist, bringing in undead Pokemon with them. During this time, her father dedicated his life along with others to produce a vaccine for this deadly virus. While he was away one day, Salena and her mother were at home one day taking care of their Houndours and Houndooms. It was that day, that the Pokemon began to act strangely, almost rabid. They started to attack Salena's mother, and in a desperate attempt to save her daughter, she quickly told her to hide in the nearest closet. The following hours were hell as the twelve year old girl heard nothing but snarling, tearing, and constant scratchings at the closet door. During the time, fear made her pass out, so she wasn't sure what became of her mother or the Pokemon, but that her father had taken her from the closet and told her that she was going to be taken by boat to her aunt in Vermilion City. There, she had meet Kielith who appeared by her windowsill one day. Her aunt noticed the Pokemon as uninfected and also not typically found in the region. She reported her find to the Saffron scientists and within minutes the Chimecho was taken.

Appearance: Salena has the average short build of a twelve year old girl; though she's a bit on the frail side. The only peculiar thing about her is that she's an albino. Her hair is straight and down to her waist as a pure white color with bangs in the front that almost cover her eyes. Her skin is the same snow white, which greatly contrasts her magenta eyes. When it comes to apparel, she wears a thin long sleeved white lace shirt over a white tanktop. Salena wears a skirt that reaches just above her knee and is a dark olive in color. Her shoes are dark brown and look somewhat like a cross between mountain boots and tennis shoes with laces.

Valkyrie's Name: Kielith
Pokemon Form: Chimecho
Personality/History: Kielith is a strong supporter that there is strength and goodwill inside of every human being. She truly believes that humanity can overcome any obstacle that comes its way. She's honest and true to every word she says. Keilith wishes to see Salena break away from her comfort zone and unlock the confidence she has in herself.

March 30th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Character's Name: His real name'll be revealed later-- for now we just call him Nero.
Age: 15
Hometown: Celadon City?
Occupation: Traveling Entertainer/Student/Philosopher/Drifter
Personality: Nero is normally kind and reserved, but can show fierceness on par with that of a cold-blooded murderer if the right buttons are pushed. He isn't shy to sarcasm and is a quick-witted fellow. He enjoys conversation, but prefers the company of a good book or his prized violin. Nero is a fan of the arts (especially literature and drama) and loves to quote his favorite works.
History: Born to a wealthy family, Nero had everything he could possibly need--except his independence. Everyday was the same for him--schooling, studying, completely scheduled days. He grew weary of the same thing, over and over. So, as could be predicted, he left. Dyed his hair, changed his clothing, and took on a new name. Leaving at the tender age of thirteen may have been a mistake for him--but he'd learned to deal with the wild and learned many things of the world that he would not have known whilst in the confines of his home. Many months of traveling had hardened him physically and mentally and he feels he is prepared for anything that may come. He earned the respect of his Valkyrie, Lenneth, when he proved himself capable in battle and morally sound when he took on a group of thugs attempting to rape an innocent young girl. One day, whilst entering Saffron City, guards questioned his and Lenneth's unzombified state and decided Lenneth could be put to use. Lenneth was confiscated for experimentation by mysterious scientists and Nero was beaten unconscious and left for dead when he tried to intervene. When Nero came to, he was left with a rough idea of where he was heading and a desire for righteous vengeance in his heart.

Appearance: Here (http://i31.tinypic.com/2i21jdj.jpg)
We'll use this for now.
other details:
Nero is of average height.

Valkyrie's Name: Lenneth
Pokemon Form: Dragonair
Personality: Lenneth is a stolid Valkyrie who has a strong sense of justice and obligation.

March 30th, 2008, 9:32 PM
and the award for most original RP goes to......

*place holder*
ign Up:

Character's Name: Reeve Cleidsman
Age: 17
Hometown: Cinnabar Island
Occupation: Beach Comber

Personality: Reeve is actually somewhat of a reclusive guy. Due to being raised with the natural boundary of being surrounded by water, it has somewhat molded his perception of life. He has always been quite content with solitude, making a few very good friends but he's not known to reach out and attempt to make friends. This being said, its quite obvious that Reeve is a very carefree person. Even though Cinnabar is a tourist hot spot for trainers everywhere, he didn't follow the trade of the rest of the island and go into business which focused on tourism and making money off them. He quite prefers staying on the far side of the island where he lives in a small makeshift shack. He spends his days napping and pondering the purpose of life. Because of this constant thought he is also quite intellectual, not to say that he's super intelligent. He just loves to think about the deeper meaning of everything. At an academic stand point, Reeve is considered mediocre at best...

History: Reeve had definitely enjoyed pokemon as one of the greater mysteries of the planet. He always wondered how they got there, what their purpose was, and just the sheer mechanics of how they exist. The skills they possessed simply defied all logic and that made Reeve all the more interested.

Reeve soon came in contact with many pokemon and grew to love them until that faithful day when the mist covered the continent and extinguished the pokemon. Soon after, reports came in of the pokemon in the mansion attacking wildly, reported as "zombies". Reeve considered this all nonsense, for he had found a wonderful partner, a fire type Ponyta who remained with him at all times. Once the Cinnabar laboratories caught wind that a tame pokemon was left in the world, they immediately came to his shack, stealing his beloved Ponyta from him.

Appearance: Reeve is an average built boy, standing roughly 5'7 and weighing in at a lanky 135 pounds. He has Caucasian skin which is slightly tanned from over exposure to the hot beach sun. He flaunts beautiful shoulder length brown hair which tends to have more of a rugged look of needing to be combed. He has soft narrow blue eyes which always appear lost in thought. Wrapping tightly around his chest is a two tone black and gray baseball tee-shirt with sleeves that extend to his elbows. The shirt stops just at his waist, leaving an exposed waist line with a black belt which holds up a dark pair of tightly fitted jeans which are slightly faded on the thighs. He never wears shoes, but instead wears a pair of black flip flops... only when he has to. He much prefers to be barefoot whenever at all possible.

Valkyrie's Name: Crimson
Pokemon Form: Ponyta
Personality/History: Crimson is a very rash and reckless Pokemon and it is definitely reflected every time she is seen in action. She takes great pride in her speed and loves to over do... everything. She had found Reeve's shack on the other side of the island while journeying through the sands of the beach and taken refuge inside of it while he was out. Upon his return later that night, the two met. Reeve immediately assured her he had no intention of catching her and allowed her to sleep inside while he slept outside in the sand. The next morning it was like they had been friends their whole lives. Crimson does tend to persuade Reeve to do very daring and stupid things from time to time.

DONE! love it plz :(

March 31st, 2008, 7:02 PM
Blueberry when do you plan on starting this rp?

April 1st, 2008, 8:23 AM
Within a day or so. I'm finishing my sign up when I get back from lunch.

April 3rd, 2008, 4:04 PM
Hopefully by the weekend when Blueberry and Kansas finish.

April 4th, 2008, 3:55 PM
My profile is done and Kansas told me he was busy, but he'd try to finish by tonight. We should be starting soon.

April 4th, 2008, 9:11 PM
Blueberry i'm done m'love. Tell me if theres anything you don't like/ needs to be editted

April 5th, 2008, 12:13 PM
Character's Name:Slash Vorlex



Occupation: Pokemon Trainer based on Stradegy moves.

Personality:Slash is a smart person. One of the smartest people in the world. He's not a very big people person. He doesn't have many friends becuase he's usually training with his Pokemon. He's about 6' 4".

History:Slash has lived alone since he was 10. His parents died in a car crash when he was 9. His starter Pokemon was an Eevee. He's been searching for a moonstone so he could evolve it.

Appearance: Slash has Jet Black hair that covers his left eye. His eyes are naturally jet black. No one ever knew why though.

April 5th, 2008, 5:58 PM
Slash, that's not we're looking for. Sorry. Chibi just posted the new topic so when it's approved, we'll begin. Anyone else can sign up within a week of the posting of the Thread.

April 5th, 2008, 8:41 PM
Neverarine told me to sign up, *smiles* sounds like a good way to stretch my RPing muscles again.

Character's Name: Abby Heart
Age: 18
Hometown: (me hopes that you don't mind but) Hearthome City, Shinoh
Occupation: Pokemon Breeder
Personality: A sweat girl at heart, she loves raising pokemon, raising anything really. Most of the time however she is in a depressed state although she hides it well behind a fake smile. He words are always kind even if yours are not, she would never dream of hurting any living thing, (she won't even use pesticides in her garden), She dreams small so that she doesn't have to be disappointed, and when someone does provide her with a complement, she shrugs it off as though it were nothing.
History: Abby has lived in Shinoh her entire life, she grew up the daughter of a very successful Pokemon Coordinator pair. Her mother and father wanted her to become a Pokemon Coordinator like them but she enjoyed taking care of and raising pokemon more then making them battle. She felt as though she had disappointed her parents so she left Shinoh atop her loyal Staraptor, which was the first pokemon she had raised. Staraptor got her all the way to Kanto, where Abby looked for a small house and with the help of her Pokemon made a home. She lives in a small cottage just south of Saffron where she had more then thirty pokemon eggs waiting to hatch.... that is before...
Appearance: Abby (http://montyoum.deviantart.com/art/DFX-Radiant-Princess-81678921) wears jeans and t-shirts mostly. she is also inclined to wear a bandanna on her head when the sun is out, her skin is fair and her hair is red. her eyes are the deepest green you have ever seen. Her lips are soft and look as though they were made from the flower of a Maganium. A kind smile never leaves her smooth face and her long fingers accent her slender arms. She wears Converse over any other footwear, red ones mostly.

Valkyrie's Name: Carla
Pokemon Form: Chatot (http://behindtg.deviantart.com/art/Chatot-55056934)
Personality/History: Carla is as sweat as her song, she loves to sing and can make suicide sound like sweat release. She was raised by humans so she is very comfortable around anyone, her heart sings as much as she does and she is able to make even the most bad tempered person happy. There isn't much to her life, she's been chased by many people because she wouldn't stop singing but other then that, her life has been uneventful, until of course she met Abby.


April 6th, 2008, 11:07 AM
Now that the RP has started Blueberry. Is there a restriction on what kind of weapons we are allowed?

April 6th, 2008, 2:52 PM
JBCBlank: I'm not so sure you're what we need here, sorry.

April 6th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Weapon-wise, no guns and no mythical weapons. My character's an exemption because she doesn't have a Valkyrie to aid her.

April 6th, 2008, 7:09 PM
so a quick question arises before i respond. Is Reeve the 'weak looking man' that you're referring to? =(

April 6th, 2008, 7:23 PM
No, you aren't. I'm speaking to Kurono's character. You're the character I get in the face of.

April 7th, 2008, 4:12 AM
Character's Name: Dave Mirra
Age: 18
Hometown: Celadon city
Occupation: Engineer

Personality: Dave Mirra grew up with the impression that life was about making it yourself, full of trials and errors that all had consequences. This built him into the carful, cautious and very determined person he is, also in addition to this belief, his unique stubbornness has quite helped him in building a self motive. He is capable of resolving his problems independently, and so, he thinks in a way that involves abstaining from others. However, he still has a good sense of friendship and a quite social side.

History: Dave mirra's whole life has been spent in the peaceful metropolis of celadon, a life full of pleasures and dependence on hardwork in which if you were without, you were in for a pauper's legacy. Struggling hard in his hometown, he grew up liking bulbs, screws, tools and working on spare parts; this shaped him into the engineer he is now. Knowing fully the importance of his job, he always took it seriously, and it was more succesful with the help of his pokemon (valkyrie); sparkly, a young pikachu. Pokemon to him had always seemed to be another aspect of life, and so, he never dwelt on sourcing out its existence.
For some reason unknown to him, there were mass attacks in his peaceful hometown, and they were caused by pokemon, zombies as they were called, but yet, sharing a resemblance to other pokemon, there was chaos, and when it was discovered that his pokemon was not affected by the plague, she was taken for further tests...the results are unknown, and his sparkly is still unreturned, he must do his best to retrieve her, as she might be experiencing a world of torture.

Appearance: Dave is a citizen of celadon with a height of about 6 feet and a few inches. He wears his official uniform; a pale yellow jacket untop of yellow trousers, and two red gloves...all of which are made of rubber, aside that, he wears a pair of translucent tinted recommmeded corrective glasse. Rubber boots, also should not be evade.He always carries a dark brown back pack that looks similar to a parachute, inside it contains his common working tools, I.D card, and some wires.

Valkyrie's Name: Sparkly
Pokemon Form: Pikachu
Personality/History: Sparkly is a well behaved pikachu, a nice partner and friend, her motives and actions are of the most graceful, and it would be indeed a suprise to find anyone who would want to torture her. Before encountering Dave, she was a wild pokemon living in the powerplant until one day, a faithful engineer working on spareparts in attacked, and she saves him.

Dave walked slowly down the cold dark factory, his torch light firmly gripped by inside his left glove. He knew as much as anyone that it was unsafe to enter the place at dark, escpecially when the lights had been damaged, which happened almost every week due to grudges between the pokemon that lived there. He had a just reason to be there; he had unfortunately left his "Electric box" as he called it, the day before, and he could not hope to lose it forever as it contained his ammeter, galvanometer and resistors.
Suddenly, he heard the sound of an electric surge, as if a pokemon had just damaged something, he withdrew himself and began retreating backwards, determined to use an alternate root to get to his destination, it even seemed funny to him that he himself, actually remembered the exact place where he had left it.
In a matter of minutes he had reached his destination, and on his face, he wore a broad smile. He bent down and reached out for a brown pouch which lay on the floor "...Ahh, we meet again my dear friend" he said as if he was actually talking to himself. Instinctly he looked over his left shoulder backwards while putting the pouch into his bag.

April 7th, 2008, 1:17 PM
N-XIGE, could you give us an RP sample?

April 8th, 2008, 10:00 AM
I've put an RP sample, I didn't realise at first.

April 9th, 2008, 1:09 PM
Narutard, this won't do. Sorry, you're denied.

April 12th, 2008, 8:49 PM
Anyway, everyone, it's time to go go go to the laboratory. I won't be posting for a while, seeing as Verona has little to do with the main group except to serve as a deus ex machina. It's up to you guys for now.

April 18th, 2008, 5:08 PM
what the hell you guys ;0;

get back heeeere

April 18th, 2008, 5:15 PM
Ive been very busy lately. Ive had other commitments and I can't motivate myself to write in this rp. I will soon when I get motivated to do so

April 18th, 2008, 8:15 PM
i'm waiting for the group to actually get moving.... i don't have the time or patience to try and keep up with tiny posts that barely go anywhere. So until something actually happens to trigger me needing to post... i'll be waiting

April 23rd, 2008, 8:14 AM
Hey guys, dunno if the RP is gonna get any more active, but with my luck it will, so here's a heads-up.

Sunday I leave for Illinois, going to a concert, and will be VERY busy preparing for Acen (16-18) so I might not get in many posts, but I'll try, and at least I'll be running on US time-zone. @[email protected] However May 20th I go to Japan, and I'm going to go VERY inactive forum- and IRC-wise judging from last year's trip. I'll check in as often as I can, likely during the evening (Japan-time) but I make no guarantees... so I'm really sorry if I slow things down.