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March 31st, 2008, 3:50 AM
“Sir I have found the children of the trainers from twenty years ago” said a female agent in an silver and black shirt and mini skirt. “Good agent Shelly” said a man in a all silver suit looking out of a window of an almost completle dark room with only a glare from the open window to be called light? . “Sir what do you want me to do the lab that there all going to it’s … it’s Kams lab and he helped stop your plans before with the others” she said hesitatively. “I know and that’s what makes it so perfect after the kids leave I can get the information that we need all from him you see today the get registered to become real trainers I will get everything from age to gender to history of them” he said. “Alright sir what about Marcus” Shelly said. “As long as he understands his orders I have no doubt that my son wont fail me if I read Kam right he will tell all the children to travel together because he knows are plans due to someone mistake” he said glancing in the corner of a shadowy figure. Its almost twelve Shelly send my son to the lab now you must not fail Shelly and tell my son the same it all depends on you!

“Professor all the Pokémon are ten weeks old and are old enough to have trainers or be on there own” said Aid Carrie who wore a the formal lab dress at the desk of pokeballs sitting on the table. . “Okay Jerry read off the kids who are coming in today” said Professor Kam. A man who was about 5'8 stood tall and looked at the list he wore the formal clothes of and aid and said. “The Son Of Nick Orton, and Alex Dark, and Alex and his wife Kate’s twins, and Maxis child, and you and Carries son. Oh and some child name Marcus is coming and I think two more put it is unconfirmed” said Jerry.
“Alright perfect its 11:45 and everything’s ready We got the Pokémon the poke balls and the pokedex correct?” Kam asked. “Oh no we forgot to update and color coordinate the dexs” said Carrie faintly. “Hurry get to updating and painting at once as all the commotion inside had them distracted.

We go to a scene where a boy about 5’7 is walking into the kitchen of a house he rubs his fingers on the chestnut painted shelves and counters he then walks up to the refrigerator looks in it and pulls out a health bar he than slams his hand on the stainless steel refrigerator. This sucks I have to eat healthy because of my stupid family and the health issues its not like I’m going to get diabetes” he said with a look of depression on his face. He then walks up to a full body viewing mirror and looks at himself in his reflection he sees a boy with brown shades on an orange t-shirt, and white and orange hoodie that zip up from the bottom and can zip up over his face, he sees black baggy jeans with white streaks running down in them that say SKM a name brand pair of jeans. “urg maybe we can get some real food once we go to the lab” he said to the classy cat pokemon Meowth. “meowth” it said its name while licking its nose. “Alright lets go” he said. As he and the cat walked out the door he made sure that he locked the door back and grabbed his backpack from off the porch that had everything he needed inside other then some good food. As he walked down the street he hears the sound of cars moving pass, children asking there mothers to buy them things, friends talking to each other, and people hollering at the ice cream truck to stop. “You remember when we used to do that meowth” Kam said gleefully. He walked down until he passed a sign that said “You are now entering Sandgama Town. As he made his way he noticed Christy and Sady they were wearing matches outfits but of different clours both jump suit with the letters AB on the bottem The also Had purses with there names airburushed on them. He saw them knocking on the door to the professors lab. “Oh oh the better get the police because we got two buggerlugs trying to break into Professor Kam’s lab” They turned around to see there best friend Kamten teasing them. “Omg shut up we thought you were for real” said Sady. “Where’s your brother Sady” said Kam. “I don’t know I told him to get up last time I saw him he said he was getting in the shower” she said. “So you came with Christy instead huh” He said with a smile then he’s phone started ringing. “That might be him now” I said. I looked at the phone the caller ID Shaun “Hello” he said. “Yeah tell the professor to hold on to charmander for me I’m almost there” he said. “We haven’t even got in yet but if we do and your not here I’ll tell him and your sister said hi and now she’s laughing” Kam said. “Alright man see you when I get there” he said. As he hung up the phone two hands were around his eyes covering them up “guess who” said the mystery person. “Matt” said Christy. “I was talking to Kamten” he said. “Oh I thought it was open discussion” she said with a smirk. “Why do you always do that” Kam asked. “oh Cause I got two hands that God gave me” he said. “Here you go again” the all said in unison and laughed. “W/e dudes where’s Shaun” he said. “On his way” said Kam. “Alright cool” as they waited for Shaun to come and the doors to open. Agent Shelly and Marcus were flying in an helicopter to the lab from an unidentified base.

“You ready Marcus” she said with a smile at him. He looked at her in a way that she understood that he hated it so much you could feel the pressure. "Okay maybe we should listen to some radio or something" she said as she put the plane on auto pilot so that she could change the station she turned to the station and it was an techno beat playing she then turned and smooth jazz was playing she left it alone and regained control of the plane. “Don’t the people look like ants down there” she said trying to break the mood. Marcus remained quite. She then said “Look Marcus I know you don’t want to do this but its apart of your fathers legacy and you know if he succeeds he could make the world a much better place and he makes very convincing point” she said trying to explain to Marcus how his father meant well. “Yeah what ever you say” he said then he said “was the sex good" he said. “What did you say dear” she said. He looked up she obvious was ignoring him or was really deaf he was about to say it again but then the copter voice said. “We are now in Sandgama Town and proceed for landing: said a female voice of the computer. “Okay Marcus your going to rock it” she said as she was lowing the plane and making sure people were out of the way.

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April 1st, 2008, 5:56 PM
“Whose that” said Christy in awe. “Did Shaun say he was coming say he was coming in a helicopter?” said Sady. “No I didn’t and I’m right here” said Shaun which made Sady jump. “O my god you scared me” she said. “Sure what ever whose the new kid?” he said. “I don’t know maybe we should go find out” said Kamten. “Hey guys the pokemon are ready” said aid Carrie. “That’ll have to wait lets get our pokemon first” said Matt as they walked in the lab. When they walked in the lab looked as if it had been recently cleaned the smell of fresh pine lingered threw the air the square covered tile on the floor shined unusually. As they walked across the floor to the table it had poke balls and the picture of the pokemon beside it. “OMG this one is sooooo cute” Sady said picking up the picture of a Squrtile. “That one maybe cute but its not cuter than this one” said Christy holding up a picture of Chikorita. “You two are helpless” said Kamten. Then Shaun grabbed the picture of Charmander “exactly what I wanted now I will become the best trainer you’ve ever known guess take picture now cause I’m going to be famous soon” Shaun said proudly. “Sure you will” said Matt picking up the poke ball and picture of Bulbasaur he then noticed that the boy from the helicopter was inside the lab by the door and wasn’t saying anything he ignored and keep looking at his pokemon. “You guys its okay if you let them out of there poke balls I’m sure they’ll be glad to meet you” said Aid Carrie. I then grabbed the poke ball with the Pipulp picture next to it. I then released it from its poke ball and it looked at me for a second and then grabbed my leg. “Awww that’s so cute” said Sady. As she motioned for her Squrtile to try to do the same. It looked at here and made sort of a face that looked like it was about to bust out laughing any minute it then looked at her and turned it nose up at her. “You Ungrateful little runt” She said about to strangle him to death but was stopped by Christy who grabbed Sady under the arms and pulled back on her as Sady almost had her hands around the little aquatic pokemon. “Now that’s a pokemon I can live with” said Shaun as he started laughing.

“Don’t you want to interact with the kids over there it may be vital that you become friends with this group for studies” Shelly said. “No, maybe you should just go over there and get me a pokemon it wasn’t apart of the mission for me to get my own and I want a fire type” Marcus said with his arms folded and back on the wall looking coolly. “you know what I’m tired of his attitude I’ll get him a pokemon alright” Shelly said in her mind. As she walked over to the table her hair got into her face she quickly fixed it so that it could become to giant yellow ponytails. As she looked at the pictures of fire pokemon there were only two left Cyndaquil and Torchic she grabbed the ball belonging to Torchic and shoved it into Marcus hands. “Have fun with it” she said as she went out side to smoke. “She’s such a *****” Marcus said out loud but low enough so no one else in the room heard it.

“Hey dude come on over we don’t bite” Said Kamten with a smile. Marcus just looked at him blankly and walked over to the table then put his elbow to the back of it as he leaned on the table. “So like what’s your name I’m Kamten this is Sady, that’s Christy, Shaun, and Matt” said Kamten with his hand out awaiting a shake. Marcus just looked at him shook his hand then but his hand back in his pockets. “So where you from” asked Christy. “Hoenn” he replied swiftly as she asked. “Well” Shaun was about to say before Professor Kam came and made his noticeable by putting his hand to make a fist and cough loudly. “Hey dad” said Kamten. “hello everyone I will now explain the rules of being a handling a pokemon and for those of you who are hard of hearing here is a guide I made short and simple” Prof Kam said. As he handed out five page brochure to everyone the he started to speak. “Pokemon are creatures that co-exist in this world we call earth, Some use the to fight, Other use them as pet ,Some even show them off in contest, But most people use pokemon to become pokemon the pokemon league and become pokemon champions, ether way it goes having a pokemon isn’t a walk in the park you’ll many responsibilities, you’ll have to clean them feed them take them out for air sometimes even train them, but it may seem or sound hard but if you spend enough time together you and your pokemon will have a special bond that could never be broken” and with that the professor handed them all there own color coordinated pokedexs the aid jerry came over and gave them poke balls and last but not least aid Carrie gave them all drawstring backpacks if they didn’t have anything to put all of there stuff. “Now I think it be a good idea if you all traveled together for strength in numbers” said but you don’t have to just make sure you all keep in contact with each other” Prof said as he walked back to his computer “Now you guys go have fun and start your on pokemon adventures. With that Prof Kam got in to some e-mails on the computer as the children walked towards the door. “hey you guys I know lets have a triple battle Me Kam and Matt vs. you two and the new guy” Shaun suggested. Sady and Christy look at each other and shook there head in agreement “so Marcus are you up for it” Christy asked. “Sure” Marcus said “As Long as I can go last” he continued.

“Ok I’ll go first lets go brother you’ve been talking mess since you got up this morning” Sady said. “Alright hey buddy are you up for this” he said while looking at his fire breathing pokemon. “Char char” it said “Okay then Bubbly use tackle on his charmander” Sady said. “Charmander try to doge it and the when it flies passed you use scratch” he said. As bubbly the Squrtile flies towards Charmander with medium speed but just as Shaun asked his pokemon to do Charmander dogged the attacked and scratched bubbly on the head. “Great now scratch again” he said. “Bubbly look out use withdraw” Sady said. As Charmander came in for another scratch but Bubbly withdrew into its shell in time. “Now rapid spin Bubbly and we got this one in the bag” Sady said with sparks in her eyes. But as soon as Bubbly started to spin something went wrong. When it spin it had fire surrounded it outer shell as it screamed in pain it stopped spinning he fell to the ground defeated with one eye open and the other closed with minor scratches and bruises on it. ‘SHAUN what did you do to him” Sady yelled as she went over to check her pokemon taking an revive out of her purse then sprayed it on her beloved pokemon who regained consciousness and was standing on to feet as Sady was hugging her pokemon her breast with smoothing its face with them as he just sat there smiling and nodding he was fine. “Are you ok little one Christy your next take the boys out” Sady said with a determined look on her face.

Christy walked over all right Kamten its me and you. “Chika you will be just fine” she said reassuring her nature loving pokemon. “Alright Pipulp come on out now use pound for starters” Kamten said. “Arg haven’t you heard of ladies first Chika doge him and use vine whip to grab him then throw him to the ground where he belongs” said Christy with one finger pulling down the left part of her eye out and her other holding her tongue. “its alright Pimp now use bubble and then when they hit there mark come in for a head but “ Kamten insisted to the little marine pokemon. As it ran towards the grass pokemon it shot off some bubbles and then waited for the pokemon to get direct hits charged in for a head but. “Oh no use synthesize” said Christy. “Pimp don’t give it the chance use Drill peck before it fully heals” Kamten screamed. As Chikorita stood there it started to glow a very high white indicating the healing process has started but then Pipulp came in with a Drill Peck that stopped everything and put the Chikorita into submission. “WHOOOO two down one to go now Matt its all up to you” Kamten boosted. “Alright dude you ready” matt said as he motioned for his grass dinosaur pokemon to get ready for battle. As Marcus stepped forward he looked at the ball in his hand he then clicked the button in the middle which made the ball two times larger in size he then kinda threw the ball to the ground releasing his pokemon Torchic. “Torchic use Focus energy then use slash to cut the smirk of his pokemon face” sad the trainer viciously. Torchic looked at its trainer as if it didn’t want to battle or anything it just wanted to stay by its trainer Marcus glared at the pokemon who then looked at Bulbasaur and did what it trainer directed and took its sadness out on it. Bulbasaur felt the pain and the trainer then told it will be okay then asked it to use razor leaf on the chicken pokemon as it whipped up some leaves that head straight for the fire chic pokemon Marcus only reply was “Flamethrower” Matt looked shocked as the young bird pokemon actually had enough to summon the power for the attack Matt then wanting to cause now further harm to the pokemon recalled his pokemon and told the trainer to call off the attack. Marcus just looked at his pokemon “ stop” he said as Torchic stop before the flames were out of her system. “I think he was really trying to hurt my pokemon I don’t even think he thought of it as training” matt said to himself. “That means we won one YEAH” the two girls said as they danced around Marcus in Victory. “Matt what was up with that you could have use sleep powder or something” asked Kamten. Matt looked one more time at Marcus and said “I just wasn’t with it today” he said. “Come on guys lets go to Jubalife city” Matt said as he turned his towards the end of the route and started walking towards the new city.