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April 1st, 2008, 11:26 AM

Snowball's flying through the air,
People playing without a care.
Hiding, ducking and playing with joy,
Getting new presents from friends like a toy.

Jumping, running having such fun,
Having snowfights, glad you've won.
Glad that Winters just begun,
Hoping soon it wont be done.

Skating along the ice so fast,
Playing with friends is such a blast.
Then the night daws, its time to go,
Staring once more, at the white soft snow.

Falling asleep after a day,
Full of happiness and of play.
Staying up late and really long,
Knowing tommorow, the snow will be gone...

Squirtle with his water blast,
Pikachu goes really fast.
Snorlax sleeps for really long,
Zapdos is there then its gone.

Chicorita, so cute and so kind,
Larvitar, a pokemon which is hard to find.
Magby so fiery and so small,
Elekid, like a bolt of lightning and so cool.

Milotic is a pokemon which is beautiful,
Compared to slaking who looks so dull.
Poochyena can bite and then stick,
Blaziken kicking with his fiery kick.

Piplup a penguin which is cute,
Lucario which some consider to be a brute.
Some like Dialga are quite tall,
However Arceus is the god of all.

There are many pokemon, old and new,
However some are still good, an example is Mew.
Pokemon will end, hopefull forever,
For it'll be good for ever and ever.


Midori Chi
April 2nd, 2008, 1:20 PM
Both were very cute! They're quite positive and happy. I like that in a poem. : 3

Your rhyming and rhythm could use a little improvement, and there's a few spelling/grammar problems, but overall it's well done! I can't wait to read more!