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April 5th, 2008, 5:35 PM
Resident Pokénarök
[A collab RP from Chibi-Chan / Kurono / Blueberry]

In time, the sins of the world grew to be too much for the Gods. As punishment, they decided to take away what was most important to them: they're Pokémon.

A great mist overtook the plains, the mountains, the seas. The Pokémon seemingly dropped dead. Great remorse fell over the people of the world. They learned that this was the great Ragnarök being released upon the population. It was quickly discovered that the Pokémon weren't completely dead. Their bodies sudden arose and they began to walk to planet once again. Reports of attacks by these "zombie" Pokémon began to pop up and a great fear began to spread amongst the population. People began to lock themselves in their house, only leaving to gather food and other supplies necessary to survival. The planet was filled with fear and sorrow.

However, it was discovered that a select group of Pokémon had escaped the grip of Ragnarök. These Pokémon were quickly gathered for to be studied and experimented upon to see if they held the key to curing the Pokémon could be found within them.

These Pokémon were in fact rogue Valkyries who knew of the coming Ragnarök. They descended upon the planet and took form as brave, powerful Pokémon in order to protect the humans from threat that would be posed by the zombie Pokémon. The Valkyries searched out worthy humans to side with. Teaming with the humans was the only way to save the planet: without pure hearted humans, the planet was doomed.

These Pokémon were however taken away from their trainers and forced into the laboratories for experimentation. These humans group together, and are now heading to the laboratories to capture their partners once again, or they know the Gods above will make this damnation of their planet ever-permanent.

IC: Salena had only been in Saffron for a day, but the emptiness of homesickness was starting to take effect. It was hard to believe that only yesterday she had fled from her aunt to the place that they had taken her Chimecho...or should she say her Valkyrie? It had been a week ago since she was taken away from her. It was also a few days ago she received in a dream a message from Kielith. She shivered. Things weren't supposed to be happening like this, had she done something wrong? Salena sat up in her bed, her arms held tightly around her legs. No, she wasn't the one at fault, Ragnarök was coming at the end of days and she was one of the unlucky souls who happened to live during it. This was at least what Kielith had spoken to her. The purple haze over the sky, the un-dead Pokemon, the eerie silence of the city...she needed to stop thinking of these things. Things were looking up for her at least. She remembered the event exactly. She'd escaped from her aunt's house the morning after the dream, where she had been told to meet at the Saffron PokéCenter two hours before midnight on the day of the full moon. That dream still seemed so clear to her in the same voice of the psychic Pokemon that was once taken away from her.Once she'd left the town, she followed a path by herself into the misty woods...only to find herself paralyzed with fear. Luckily Salena had found a ride to Saffron in the visage of a van who was transporting food supplies to Saffron. With a white lie that she had lost her way from Saffron, the driver safely let her in the van and dropped her off at the Saffron PokéCenter an hour or two later; just in time.

Salena glanced at the clock on the opposite wall of the small room she was staying in. The blue darkness of the night along with the pale light of the full moon reflected onto her bed. It was 9:58. It was almost time for the gathering. Grabbing her stuffed bear, Salena slowly climbed out of her bed and put on her shoes. Opening the door slowly, she quietly left her room and crept down the hallway. The PokéCenter had been full recently with travelers who were now abandoned in the city due to the coming of the mist. Going down a flight of stairs into the main room, it seemed scarily empty. Nurse Joy must have retired for the night. Salena could feel her legs becoming jello. Was she the first one here? Taking a seat at one of the empty tables, Salena looked around the PokéCenter with her light red eyes, trying to ease a coming sense of claustrophobia. How many people would arrive? Would they look at her differently? She hugged her bear tightly. She'd gotten used to some stares, but it always made her feel like crying.Hopefully these people would understand her and be on the same mission she was- she'd have allies.

(For this first part, you get a dream sometime after your Valkyrie was taken saying to meet at the Saffron PokéCenter two hours before midnight on the night of the full moon. You're either in the area or in the PokéCenter at the time and meet up with Salena and whoever else is sitting at the table on the first floor. Any questions can go to the OOC thread~)

April 6th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Reeve walked lazily down the night road, his hair blowing gently in a soft passing breeze. His steps were slow and lazy, while the faint flip-flop of his sandals could be heard through the night silence. It had been approximately 10 days since he had awoken from the dream that sent him on this crazy journey and since then he had been traveling the world to get to this place.

"Meet 2 hours before midnight on the night of the next full moon...was that really Crimson talking to me? She's been gone for so long though..." He scratched his head in confusion as he walked. He questioned following the dream and its legitimacy every waking hour that he traveled, but yet he still followed it as if possessed by something. Whether or not the dream was real, it had still caused him to travel across the ocean hitch hiking and stowing away to get to where he was now. Outside of Saffron city. He walked into the dark city and there seemed to be no one even around, probably because of the recent 'zombie' pokemon attacks. Its true, it was quite dangerous to be out this late at night.

"The pokemon center... where could it be..." He said to himself inspecting the town's layout. No sooner than he had spoke, he found the center in the distance. From outside, it was visible that the lights in the main lobby were dimmed for the night and everyone inside had most likely gone to sleep.

He approached the door slowly, taking a deep breath. Would there be others joining in this journey? Who really cared though. All Reeve wanted was to have Crimson returned to him and live out his days on the beaches of Cinnabar. But that was for later, as of now, he needed help if he wanted to retrieve her from the lab. He pushed the center doors open, stepping into the lobby. He looked around and at first it seemed empty but he noticed a young girl, considerably younger than himself, sitting at a table clutching a stuffed animal. He eyed her, then checked the time. 9:58. Almost time...

"Is my help for rescuing Crimson is this little girl...? This might be tougher than I thought..."

April 6th, 2008, 12:13 PM

Ash pushed a cart filled with crates towards the ship. Only a few minutes before a dark van appeared and took the Scyther who helped him. But his prime concern currently was getting the supplies to his crew.

They rejoiced once he made it on deck. However fatigue gripped Ash and he only requested that he could have a nap.

Sleep was one of Ash's favorite hobbies. He lied down on his simple bed in his quarters and drifted. Normally Ash's dreams were about the docks themselves. But this one was much different. Ash was floating in a dark void. He looked around but all he could see was black light. Then a figure came towards him. It was the Scyther.

"My name is Reaper. I have been taken to Saffron city. I need your help." Reaper was surprisingly suggestive.

"Why?" Ash asked her. "It is not important now. Go to the pokemon center in Saffron city 2 hours before midnight. All will be explained there." The dream faded abruptly there. Adrian opened his eyes and saw it was sunset. He looked at a nearby clock which read 8:45 PM. He pondered on what to do. He could stay on a boat for the next few months doing nothing and waiting for cabin fever to set in. Or he could check this pokemon center out. Ash knew that if he went back to sleep he would regret this. Ash stood up and walked out on the deck. Jessup was standing there.

"I am going to check something out. Your in charge." Jessup looked like he was thinking of an excuse. Yet Ash was already walking on the drawbridge.

Ash walked down through the docks. The only thing he had was the crowbar he found earlier. Adrian walked through the deserted docks and through the city towards the small lake to the north of Vermillian. It took him around 1 hour to make it to Saffron city. Adrian checked his watch. It was 9:59 when he saw the pokemon center. He walked up to the door and knocked.

"Knock Knock" he said stupidly.

April 6th, 2008, 12:49 PM
There were many beds -- all uniform in design and color, lined up in a uniformed fashion. Looming above were a band of fluorescent lights -- all uniform in function, color, and placement. The wallpapers, the paint, the tiles, the curtains, the lights-- there was a spectacle of uniformity in every inch of the room. Or was there?

Beyond the uniformity of such a dull space there lay foreign objects belonging to foreign people coming from foreign places every which way. Toys, food, clothing, bodies. They all lay strewn about the room. Beaten and bloodied, dying and recovering-- people affected by the coming of the mists and the subsequent attacks by the undead monstrosities disrupted any sense of uniformity in the room. Cries of pain and loss and the stench of blood and sweat stained the walls and floors of the room.

The room was a very large room, and in one desolate corner lay a boy underneath a light that flickered on and off at a uniform interval. The air surrounding him was different from the general area. Although he, like all the others had suffered from loss and mourn for their losses, he had about him an air of dignity. Despite this, he was in a comatose slumber. He lay there, motionless, eyes closed, and pale in complexion. An IV was attached to his arm, and morphine ran through his veins.

His mind was empty, and desolate of thought. However, a sudden rush of warmth ran to his head and semi-consciousness flowed into fruition. Images of several people and locations flashed his mind as he dreamt. The more prevalent of these images was that of a young girl, white as snow. She sat in her lonesome at a table in the lobby area of the Pokemon Center. Other strange images flashed and then the boy heard a voice.

It's time to awaken Nero. You have a duty to perform. This begins with finding me.

The voice echoed off then suddenly Nero awoke and recalled all that had transpired only days before. The voice hadn't mentioned specific details, but he knew exactly what he had to do. His body was weak and tired, so he couldn't immediately get up. He removed the IV and looked around his bedside for his things. He found his clothing and his other personal items and gathered them in his backpack. He noticed his violin case was missing-- there goes his music career.

He made his way to the nearest bathroom and changed from the hospital gown into his clothing, slowly as he could so he wouldn't burden his already tired muscles. He made his way through the halls. They were empty, though well lit. The same uniformity that plagued the room before were upon the halls. At the end of the hall he saw the lobby-- and what he saw had astonished him. Sitting at a lonely table sat a lonely girl, white as snow.

"You... I saw you... in my dreams?" he said this, unable to fully comprehend the sight before him.

April 6th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Salena flinched at the sound of the door to the PokeCenter opening. For a second, she thought that it might have been a zombie, maybe even a Hitmonlee. She trembled a bit but soon noticed that it was not a Pokemon, but another human. Whoever it was, they must have had a lot of courage to tough it out outside at night during these times. With bloodthirsty un-dead Pokemon around, no street was truly safe at night. He was a lot older than herself; maybe he was an adult or something. This seemed to help her calm down a bit; maybe he knew more about this than she did.

It was then that she noticed someone else approaching. ""You... I saw you... in my dreams?" He looked about the same age as the other person who was coming her way. Salena soon began to wonder how many people had actually been contacted by Valkyries. The center area lacked much light to fully see the newcomers. The once large windows were now sealed and boarded with wooden and steel planks and bars with only pieces of light shining through. Well, these new people were her allies and she might as well make friends. Still hugging her bear, she started off in what seemed like a whisper. "Um...h-hello. Yeah, I...got one of those...dreams. I guess you all had...pokemon...taken away from you too..."

April 6th, 2008, 2:15 PM
Verona stalked around the roof of the Poke Center, her scythe set firmly in her ghostly pale hands. Her eyes were set on the roof's windows, which the owners of the Poke Center had failed to board up. Verona had thought of shattering the window and sicking Isis, her pet zombie Houndoom on the people who called the center their home. 'That would teach them to leave holes in their fortress. Zombies are more intelligent and nimble then people give them credit,' she had thought. Instead, she had spent the last day watching the people. She could read the fear on their faces, the tension wreaking havoc on their nerves. Every day and night set forth the possibility of an attack. It had been about six months since Ragnarok and the attacks had slowed down recently. People had begun to be more lenient in ensuring their safety. Verona knew however that people were at their most vulnerable.

"Time to rain on their parades. Ready Iris?" Verona asked, the deviousness dripping from her words. She raised the hilt of her scythe above her head and brought it down on the glass. The window shattered, and a rain of glass fell down below. Verona leaped into the now opened window. As she landed on the floor below, her cloak flew off and landed on the dusty young man next to her. She smirked and said, "Would you mind taking a woman's coat?" Iris leaped down after Verona and released a deathly snarl at the other's. A large chunk of flesh was missing from her side, revealing a deathly yellow rib cage and a rotting liver. Verona meanwhile surveyed the other's, sizing them up accordingly. One was a young, decrepit young girl grasping to a teddy bear. Her eyes were full of fear and despair. Pitiful. The other was the dusty, willow-y young man who had caught her cloak. The third man in the room was standing a few feet from her. Verona slowly strode over to him and drew her face closer to his. She lined her baby blue eyes with his. Then, with a simple giggle she turned from him and faced the group as a whole.

First, she addressed the weak looking man holding her cloak and said, "If you get my cloak dirty, I will personally rip you apart before the zombies get the chance to," Verona snarled as she shot him a venomous glance. She slowly placed the scythe on her back and cracked her neck. Then, she addressed them as a whole, "So, you all think it's safe enough to travel these streets alone. The dead care not if you're alone or in a group. They have no sense of a fair fight. They will quickly grab you by the throat and feast on your flesh before you can scream 'no fair!' I highly advise you never, EVER travel alone or leave an open spot in your defenses," she said, pointing up to the now shattered window. Her blond bangs fell slightly, covering her blue eyes. "And I don't mind Iris. She won't murder unless I tell her to. The dead do love me after all..."

April 6th, 2008, 2:42 PM
Before he could muster up a response towards his newly made acquaintances, Nero heard a loud crashing noise from above and was blinded by a large cloth-like substance.

"What villainy befalls me?!"

He quickly removed it as he'd heard the voice of a woman. She was a blond and blue-eyed seductress accompanied by an undead houndoom. The sight of a tamed undead monster awed him, yet the unlikely combination of beauty and beast awed him even more.

He acknowledged the other guy in the lobby before fixing his gaze at the woman who stood before them.

"I'll say, that was a mighty fine entrance. Breaking glass and potentially waking up everyone in the entire facility. Seriously, would it have hurt to use the door like the other fellow here?"

Nero eyed the girl, clearly disgusted by her choice of apparel. He hesitated to comment on it considering how dangerous she appeared to be and instead decided to introduce himself.

"I'm Nero; who might you be, Miss?" directing his question towards the blond girl whilst taking a step closer to her.

April 6th, 2008, 5:23 PM
After the dream, Saya had forced herself to get up, despite her tiredness. Quickly she'd dressed, pulling on some jeans, a plain t-shirt, and the her ever-present shawl. Pulled on her socks and slipped on her shoes, and her bicycle gloves, finally. She scrawled a simple note before leaving. "Please don't worry about me--there's something I have to do." She hesitated, considering adding her location, but worried that her parents might follow--and endanger themselves as well--she left it out. Frowning, she gathered as much as would fit in her backpack, as well as a large pocket knife to stuff in her pocket--just in case. It was the only weapon they had, and she had hoped she wouldn't have to use it on her journey. She grabbed the handle-bars of her bike, leaning against the wall, always brought inside since Ragnarok began. She sighed as she walked to the door, pulling along the bike at her side, unsure of herself suddenly. She could be killed, or worse, badly injured and left to die. Yes, she had packed what practical first aid supplies she had, but no one save a doctor would reasonably have something to treat serious wounds like those some of the stronger zombie pokemon might inflict. However, she had a duty, to Draugr, if no one else, to make it there. Quietly she had left, shutting the door slowly as she walked out. Of course she was scared--she rarely went so far with her parents, much less alone. She sighed, lining up the bike with the road and jumping on, pedaling fast away from her home, not knowing when--or even if--she would return.

Presently, it had been awhile since she set out. She was thankful that Saffron was not too far of a trek away, especially by bike--but with all of the zombie pokemon about, it was certainly a dangerous one. She checked her watch as she walked into the Pokemon Center. Not too late, she thought to herself, smiling just a bit as she walked inside, pulling the bike in with her, certainly not wanting to risk chaining it up outside. She leaned it up against the wall by the door, observing those who were already there.

"He... hello," she said shyly; she wasn't usually so shy, but at a time like this, as frightened as she was, it was hard not to be. Verona, in particular, almost worried her. Her pale skin reminded Saya of a ghost, the scythe reminded her that this woman had the potential to be quite dangerous. Verona struck her as a person not to be angered. The undead pokemon with her simply frightened her more. Tame though it seemed, it was certainly a frightening sight to a sheltered young girl.

Her gaze lead her to Salena next--she was shocked to see a girl younger than her for some reason. It shouldn't have surprised her, she realized; she was virtually the only girl in Lavender Town (or so it had felt) that hadn't set off with a pokemon when she was ten.

She noted the others next, playfully thinking of what she could ask Ash about faraway places--he was a sailor, after all, by his looks. But then she realized now was not at all time to be having fun. She noted that Nero and Reeve seemed near her age, and this comforted her just slightly--however from their looks, the two had more life experience than her by far.

"Am... I late...?" Yes, yes she was, though only by a few minutes.

April 6th, 2008, 7:48 PM
Verona smirked. So maybe someone in this happy family has some backbone after all. She slowly turned her body towards Nero and cracked her neck again. Then, without warning, she whipped her scythe off her back and had the blade pressed against his throat. As he breathed, she could feel the rhythm of his breathing through her blade.

"So, you think I'm someone to mess with? Someone you can use to impress the others with your masculinity with? I think not little boy," she said, pressing the blade with more force, pushing it to the point where it could sear his throat clear open. "One swift move and you won't survive this night. However, unlike the zombies that stalk these lands, I can control who's throat I slash. So consider yourself luc--"

At that point, a young woman entered the door. Verona pulled the blade from Nero's throat and drew it to her side. Her blue eyes quickly analyzed the girl: another weakling.

"Get inside. Quickly. Unless you want to feed us all to the zombies," Verona said. She paused and took a quick whiff of the air. "I smell rotting flesh. There are zombies nearby. I suggest we double check this building for weak spots. And one more thing: no matter what screams you hear outside, no matter what sounds, no one should leave this place. Especially on your own."

Verona stopped for a second and smirked, "Unless you wish to be the midnight special."

April 6th, 2008, 8:11 PM
Reeve watched calmly as the group began to assemble slowly. His skepticism remained at the trustworthiness of the group, especially when it came to saving Crimson. Sudden from seemingly no where, a woman smashed from the ceiling. Glass rained from above as she landed draping a cloak over the guy who had walked in behind him. She was revealed to have a large scythe which seemed completely un necessary.

"What is this... an anime?" He thought to himself calmly as the girl proceeded to make snappy short tempered words with the boy. She then approached Reeve... his face still showed complete indifference to the situation but she leaned in close to his own, staring into his eyes. The moment was a bit awkward but she quickly turned away, back towards the cloaked boy. She snapped at him some more, quickly turning the scythe to his throat.

typical overactive women...

Reeve was finally sick of waiting. This girl had taken charge of everything so quickly but had not addressed the reason they were there. Reeve wasn't here to make friends, he was here to save his own. He finally spoke in his calm, mellowed tone.

"So you've made it clear that you've got a big weapon. But what are we doing here. I came here to save my friend and go back to Cinnabar... not to be pushed around by a stranger. And as far as checking for building weak spots... um hi. you just smashed through the ceiling. We'd be better off finding another place to stay..." He said as he slowly strolled over next to the girl, patting her on the shoulder as he walked by and went to a far wall, leaning against and eying her with a look in his eyes that seemed to say 'If you're so tough, whats the plan'

April 6th, 2008, 8:47 PM
Ash stumbled into the pokemon center after stupidly knocking. Looking around the darkened pokemon center. He slowly walked around until he found the Lobby.

"well hello there." A few more people stumbled in after him. One of them crashed through the roof wielding a Scythe. The girl with the scythe slowly took over. She spoke grim and very deathly things that made Ash's bones chill

"I smell rotting flesh. There are zombies nearby. I suggest we double check this building for weak spots. And one more thing: no matter what screams you hear outside, no matter what sounds, no one should leave this place. Especially on your own." She said. Ash shivered slightly. He had a very bad feeling

"So you've made it clear that you've got a big weapon. But what are we doing here. I came here to save my friend and go back to Cinnabar... not to be pushed around by a stranger. And as far as checking for building weak spots... um hi. you just smashed through the ceiling. We'd be better off finding another place to stay..."

Oh god. One thing Ash learned on the docks was not to piss off someone who is likely to kill you. Since the girl with the Scythe did just threaten to kill someone Ash felt that she would continue.

"I vote on boarding this place up. We can easily fortify ourselves here and create a long term plan when our lives aren't at stake." Ash was still holding the crowbar in his hand. Knowing it might become more useful now.

April 6th, 2008, 10:56 PM
Saya shivered just a bit, Verona's cold words seeming to have literally chilled her, "Right!" She followed the woman's order quickly. She sat down, leaning on the table with a heavy sigh. Verona was, though, admittedly the voice of reason here. Saya couldn't deny that. She listened, watching the woman.

"Unless you wish to be the midnight special." The final words chilled her even more. She realized her luck had been amazing during her journey--and that such luck would not likely continue to follow her.

She'd grown up with the reminder of death and mortality all around her--and yet, when faced with the possibility of it, ironically she couldn't help but be terrified.

April 8th, 2008, 2:15 PM
It was all very sudden; the crash from the ceiling and the coming of this cloaked figure. She had already been tense just a few seconds ago; this new event brought all of the fear back. As the lady descended, following behind her...was the smell of rotting flesh. Her heartbeat quickened. Beside her was a...-this was another dream. This Houndoom. She'd. Seen. This. Before. Backing out of the chair she started to back away, her legs trembling and eyes filled with fear. She placed her hand over her mouth; the smell and the re-occurrence of past memories made her feel nauseous.

"That's...that's..." She could barely form a sentence with her emotions choking up in her throat. Zombie or not, she could recognize that Pokemon anywhere. She had grown up with it. It had killed her mother. It was her Houndoom. How had she...? Had this girl been stalking her? Was she going to let this Houndoom kill her as well? Kielith...Kielith hadn't said anything about...about...
The things around her started to sway and the smell of rotten flesh was becoming suffocating. Things....were spinning...

Salena began to waver and with a soft thump, landed on the floor unconscious.

April 8th, 2008, 5:33 PM
...Unless you wish to be the midnight special...

Was that the best she could come up with?!

Nero slowly shook his head in discontent before his eyes wandered across the lobby. He glanced at the group of people (who were not too distant in age from himself) and then wondered whether he should try introducing himself to them.

...perhaps this isn't the best ti-

His thoughts trailed off as he watched Salena drift off into unconsciousness and collapse on the cold floor below. He rushed to her side, suddenly confused by what he should do in this kind of situation. Suddenly, it occurred to him that he should check if she's still alive. Nero hovered his hand over her mouth to check if she was breathing. She breathed steadily -- though she took hollow breaths. Nero then checked her pulse, which was beating furiously against his finger tips. The girl was clearly in state of shock; one would wonder what hell she went through before getting here. He moved his hand to his side and began to observe the sleeping girl. She was absurdly cute, so much so that Nero felt his knees tremble slightly. She had seemed so innocent, so fragile. Welling up inside Nero was the insatiable desire to touch her-- tenderly. Anything more could possibly collapse her tender frame. He'd wondered whether he should or not. She was out cold, certainly she wouldn't mind... right? Of course, there was also the concern of the others who could potentially be watching. But this was the opportunity of a lifetime! He looked at her again, admiring her beautiful skin -- a star is nothing but dullness in comparison to such brilliance radiated by her bright flesh.

Go for it. You know you want to.

The dilemma was killing him. He knew he would never get such an opportunity again. Strange images flashed his mind and tempted him further. It was now or never...

He decided against it.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Nero removed his scarf and set it under Salena's head to act as a sort of a cushion. He stood.

"She'll be fine when she wakes up." He spoke softly, not caring whether anyone heard him or not.

Nero moved towards the table where he'd initially seen Salena and took a seat. He was half-tempted to blow up on Verona, who was the cause for all the unnecessary excitement, but let it go upon realizing that squabbling with her would solve nothing.

April 10th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Verona's back arched when the man addressed her in a sarcastic tone. Her body tensed and she prepared to lash out at the insolent man. Did he not know who she was? What she had seen? If they only knew... This was a facade... Then, out of the blue, the young girl who was seated at the table gave in to her fear and collapsed to the floor. Iris tensed up and began to bark loudly & snarling at the girl. Verona tapped the zombie on the head with the hilt of her scythe which caused the Houndoom to cease barking.

"Such weakness cannot be tolerated," Verona muttered as Nero gave the girl his scarf to rest on. "Out of the way. This is no time to be comfortable!" Verona pushed the man out of the way and pulled the girl up by her arm. She touched her nose to the girl's, causing them to both be at eye level.

"Wake up girl! WAKE UP!" Verona screamed, tugging the girl by her arm. "I swear, if you act like this every time you grow afraid, you won't survive. Don't forget: the zombies have no compass--"

Suddenly, Verona let go of the girl, and stood straight. Her eyes peered out the nearby window. She could hear footsteps right outside the center. "Zombies..."

She turned to the rest of the group, her voice growing both angry and frantic, "Listen. Everyone to the second floor. There's a concealed window up there that not even a zombie could spot. Right outside of it is a step ladder. Escape the center and do whatever you all came to Saffron City to do. You all may not trust me, but in your current states, you couldn't handle a living Pokemon. Quickly!" Verona nodded at Iris and sprinted to the front door.

As she reached the door, she turned and said, "Hurry! A woman here named Joy. She was murdered by her own Chansey. I may not care if you all live or die in the end. But I can't stand to have this place sullied with more blood. Go!" With that, Verona darted out of the door, Iris following closely.

April 10th, 2008, 6:46 PM
"She'll be fine when she wakes up." Hearing this, Saya sighed in relief. Having been a little shocked by the girl's fainting, she was even more tense than before--and she had already been quite tense.

Saya frowned at Verona, almost defiantly, though she didn't dare speak up. This woman made her uncomfortable--her air of almost superiority... Made possibly more annoying by her apparent superiority considering the situation.

Upon hearing the order, she ran to grab her bike, not caring if Verona approved. It was coming with her. She glanced back at Verona on her way, narrowing her eyes at the woman, about to speak, about to chastise her for being so harsh. But... she thought about it a moment. Verona had good reason to be harsh. Very good. Turning away from Verona, she ran for the second floor now, easily picking up the bike to carry it up the stairs--it was built for speed, with a light frame and small tires. Light enough for even a small girl like herself to carry it out.

She'd seen in her home and on her way to Saffron the damage, the pain that the Ragnarok had brought. One had to be strong...

Turning away from the woman, she ran for the second floor. She didn't care if she seemed foolish; the bike could very well save her later, she thought, considering that it would make her much faster.

April 10th, 2008, 6:54 PM
Ash's heart almost froze when he heard footsteps outside the pokemon center. Ash knew just from hearing them that it was going to be a long night

"Listen. Everyone to the second floor. There's a concealed window up there that not even a zombie could spot. Right outside of it is a step ladder. Escape the center and do whatever you all came to Saffron City to do. You all may not trust me, but in your current states, you couldn't handle a living Pokemon. Quickly!"

Ash felt the only thing he could really do is obey her. Ash ran to the second floor following the girl with the bike. He still had the crowbar in his hand

Ash ran to the window. Outside it was a fire-escape which took the form of a step ladder.

"Alright lets go." Ash wondered what to do after going down the step ladder. Even if they could escape there was still the looming possibility of a zombie hearing them. Ash shook his head and ran to the window.

April 10th, 2008, 7:34 PM
The whole group was an utter shamble of social rejects and aimless conversation it seemed. The whole thing was quickly frustrating Reeve beyond all recognition. There was no sense of organization, despite being a team assembled by a dream. The young girl fainted... everyone rushed to her side, then there was the crazy girl with a giant weapon... whatever her purpose was, the whole thing was just irritating. Reeve let out audible sighs of frustration as he watched the events in front of him. He could probably do this better by himself, after all he lived by himself anyway. It was then that the girl with the scythe warned of zombies outside which seemed to greatly disturb the entire room. Reeve gave out a sigh of frustration at the gullible group and decided to follow without resistance.

He headed upstairs to the window, quietly. Sliding it open, he peered his head out into the brisk night air. She was right, no sign of anyone or anything knowing of the window. He peered down, somewhat of a long jump but he'd manage. Leaping out the window he landed on the ground with a thud, gracefully regaining his composure. He looked at the window to see the guy who had reached the area before him, the sailor looking guy.

"Hey...guy. Tell the crazy chick i'm flyin solo on this one. I don't need some woman tryin to tell me how to get my buddy back." He called up to the window. Not waiting for a reply he turned and casually walked into the dark city.

April 10th, 2008, 9:13 PM
ooc: 'cause Chibi's still out cold. >:O

Sweet damnation!

Nero stood and watched as the others made their ways up the stairs without so much as giving a second thought to the unconscious girl who still lay on the floor, further bruised by that wretch of a woman named Verona. She disappeared with that horrid demon dog of hers into the night, presumably for some late night zombie ass-kicking.

We probably won't be seeing her any time soon.

However, Nero wasn't as relieved about that revelation as he would have expected to be. Though she seemed cruel and abrasive, he felt that it was all an act to hide a possible side of her that involved smiles and cakes. Perhaps she was really a good girl at heart who's just been very unlucky in life? Perhaps Nero ought to really sit down and talk with the girl about her troubles. ...Not yet, I guess. Although I do wonder, what is she planning?

Nero turned his attention to Salena, who lay motionless where Verona left her. He stared for a moment.

Well, I just can't leave her there.

He lifted her onto his back, carrying the girl off up the stairs after having made sure he hadn't forgotten anything else in the area. She was ridiculously light; not surprising considering her small body. He followed behind the others as he slowly headed towards the not-so-secret secret window.

"Is there anyone else even here?" Nero uttered to no one in particular, wondering about the apparent inactivity of the entire center despite all the odd happenings that occurred recently.

April 10th, 2008, 9:27 PM
She made it to the window after the others, considering her delay. She sighed, looking down out of it, hoping the bike would make it in one piece if she threw it out first. She couldn't jump with it, not from this height.

She started to push it out, back wheel first, slowly, until she was holding it by the handlebars. However, she didn't have quite the strength to hold it like this for long, and soon dropped it, hearing a rather unpleasant crash that made her cringe.

With little hesitation, she jumped down, running to the bike, pulling it up. She pushed the pedal to check the chain, and finding it satisfactory (although making a strange noise now), she brought her attention to the others who had made it here before her.

"...what exactly is going on?" she asked, her dream having been quite vague in regards to that detail.

April 10th, 2008, 9:37 PM
"Will do". Adrian called down to him. Though thinking that she would probably get herself killed. Adrian soon lightly walked down the ladder to the street bellow.

Adrian felt a rush of cold air as he held the crowbar in both of his hands. The cool metal felt like frostbite on his skin. Yet he didn't dare let go of his only weapon. He recalled the Sandslash and how Reaper was the only reason he survived.

Adrian walked out of the alley. "So where are we supposed to go now?" Adrian wanted to help Reaper. She saved his life yet he didn't know where in Saffron she was.

"...what exactly is going on?" A girl he noticed from the pokemon center riding the bike asked. "I don't know. I think there are some zombies here and miss Scythe asked us to run while she dispatches all of them." Adrian said from his perspective. He hoped she wasn't to full of herself. Or she would get herself killed.

April 12th, 2008, 8:09 AM
"Now where the hell are those footsteps coming from? Iris, sniff them out. I can smell the rotting flesh, but I can't tell from where," Verona ordered her Houndoom. The dog however didn't move. Frustrated, she smacked the hilt of the scythe on her butt in attempt to make her move. "What the hell is wrong with you? You're acting like you're afraid or something..." Then, she heard what she thought was a human's voice. However, it was garbled and very eerie sounding.

"Is that why... why you're afraid Iris?" Verona asked. Iris shook her head violently in response. "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. You've died once already. It won't happen again." Of any creature on this planet, Iris was the only one who Verona cared deeply for. Iris was the only creature, zombie or human, she didn't have the desire to drive a scythe through the back of their head.

Soon, the source of the eerie voice emerged from the purple mist that encased Saffron. On top of it's head was moldy blond hair. One eye socket was empty and the other eye was bloodshot and full of rage. Her lips were a pale pink and the red dress she wore was torn & tattered. The figure's large, clown-like hands were clenched together and her luscious, rotting figure swayed back and forth.

"A Jynx... I haven't seen one of these before. Iris, man up! If there's one zombie, you know there's more right behind them!" Verona pulled off her scythe and charged the Jynx. The Jynx quickly countered, and fired a powerful Ice Beam at Verona. Verona halted her assault and ducked to the right, dodging the Jynx's Ice Beam. Verona then began to sprint towards the Jynx once more, who had little time to recover from firing the Ice Beam. Verona reached the Jynx and quickly jammed the scythe's blade into the skull of the Jynx. The humanshape Pokemon let out a devastating call before collapsing to the ground.

Verona turned to Iris, who still hadn't moved. Frustrated, Verona barked, "What are you still doing here? I'll be fine. Go! Unless you want to be the cause of death for another group of people!" Iris recoiled at the comment, and turned to run to the group. She turned once more, looking at her master. Verona shot another GO! expression before Iris sprinted off.

"Well, now that she is gone, I just have to worry about myself. I wonder why she froze up when that Jynx appea--URGHHHH!" A fist smashed her in the back of the head, causing her to fall to the ground. "What the hell?" Standing a few feet from her was a fuming, angry, zombie Primeape. Flesh was missing from part of its face and its left leg consisted entirely of exposed bone. Blood was dripping from its mouth, meaning it had fed recently. If these zombies have already had their fill tonight, why are they descending upon the city and attacking. The Primeape then let out a bellowing call and began to charge Verona. With her scythe knocked a few feet away from her, Verona quickly searched the ground for a weapon. Her hand brushed against a sharp piece of glass from a nearby shattered window. Reacting quickly, Verona stabbed the leaping Primeape in the eye, causing it to recoil in pain and fall away from Verona.

"I guess this is my chance," Verona said. She held her hand up and began to whisper an archaic chant. A red aura began to seep from her palm, which slowly wafted towards the flailing Primeape. A red chain of sorts materialized around the ape's wrists and ankles. Then, they tightened, causing the Primeape's entire body to become encased in the red aura. The Pokemon stopped flailing and stood erect. All anger and hunger for flesh seemed to dissipate from it's body. "Now, with Iris gone, you're going to help me." The Primeape nodded accordingly. Verona walked over to her scythe and picked it up. She wiped off the dirt and sighed.

Hisssssssssssssss.... Verona's back arched. Emerging from the shadows was a large Arbok zombie. Both of its eyes were missing and the pattern on it's chest was exposed and raw. Acid dripped from its jowls and its long tongue flicked rapidly.

"Screw this..." Verona turned to the Primeape and said, "Hey you! Take care of this!" The Primeape nodded and suddenly returning to it's primal form, leaped at the Arbok. The two began to tussle, with the Primeape ripping away at the flesh of the Arbok and the snake's acid ripping away at the Primeape's body. Verona cracked a slight smile watching the two zombies tear away at each other. However, her brief moment of happiness was torn away by the stronger scent of rotting flesh and blood growing closer. The two zombies were now motionless. As a precaution, Verona pulled out the shard of glass from the Primeape's head and proceeded to stab the two clearly through the skull, ensuring they wouldn't be waking up again anytime soon.

In the distance, she could see hordes of zombies fast approaching. "I hope these idiots at the center move quickly. I'm in for a long night. On top of it all, that damn Primeape gave me a massive headache. These zombies are in for a long night."

April 12th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Nero set the girl down on the floor by the window, and took a look outside. Right by the window there stood a ladder leading to the street. He wondered how he was going to get himself and the young albino girl down that ladder safely, but that thought went out the window when he found her eyes gazing upon him. He let out a breath of relief and began speaking to her.
"Awesome, you're awake! We can't talk much now, we've gotta get out of here. Follow me through the window, okay?" Nero stepped through the window onto the ladder and made his way down into the abysmal street down below.

April 12th, 2008, 12:26 PM
Saya looked up at the two at the window, watching as Nero started down the ladder. She knew she was supposed to be waiting, but didn't it make sense to wait for the others? Safety in numbers, right?

She took the moment to again examine the bike, wondering if it was really in full working order... Well, they'd have to run away when the others got down there anyway. She jumped onto the bike--the frame wasn't broken, obviously, standing strong under her. One foot into the stirrup, standing, she pushed herself forward, and put the other foot in the other. The bike shook slightly, something loosened during the fall, possibly the wheel. The chain still made the strange noise she'd observed before. However... it did work. More or less.

She circled, stopping and holding herself up with one foot, watching the two at the window again.

April 12th, 2008, 6:16 PM
Still feeling a bit woozy, Salena had woken up. Things were a bit swirly, but she was following the voice or the closest person she'd met tonight. Who was climbing down a window. Soon it hit her. The zombies, the Houndoom, everything...she began to shiver but soon controlled herself as best she could.

"T-the window? I-I can't p-p-possibly...!" Salena shook as she came near the window. Behind her, she could hear the snarling and barking or other zombie Pokemon. Salena gave a small whine. It was all or nothing. Nearing the window, she closed her eyes and jumped out. Coming down, she hit something hard. It seemed to give a groan as it padded her landing on the way down. Did she just fall on a person?! Salena quickly got up and brushed her olive skirt down, embarrassed. "I'm really sorry about that...it was my fault..." she murmured.

April 12th, 2008, 8:28 PM
Christ... why does my body ache so much? Ugh, I guess one shouldn't be this active after being blackened and bruised and given a concussion by a gang of loonies bent on world domination... Can it get any wo-- suddenly Nero was suddenly taken down and he'd become acquainted with concrete. He'd realized the force that knocked him down was Salena, who'd preferred to take the more dangerous route and jump down rather than take the ladder.

A sudden rush of pain jolted through his body as he stood up. Better it hurting now than in the morning, eh? He looked at Salena, who's eyes were comparable to blooming azaleas on a sweet spring day. She spoke softly, but her innocent little eyes and voice made his skin flush and caused butterflies to flutter in his gut.

W-well, it's pretty warm out here, right? Aa-and I must be hungry! That should explain this! I mean, she's a little girl for chrissake! I can't possibly see how I'd feel this way for such a young girl! I bet she's a succubus. With those alluring jewels one dare call eyes... and that perfect little bod--OH, DAMN IT! CONTROL YOURSELF, GUY. Okay, seriously, this is not the time nor place! Regain yourself! Remember: You are Nero.

Nero smiled at the girl and patted her on the head.
"Why, it's no problem! As long you're alright, all is forgiven. Now, before I forget..." Nero handed Salena her teddy bear he'd stuffed in his backpack after Verona began shouting commands at the group to leave immediately.

He turned his attention to the others who'd seemed to have waited patiently for himself and the young girl, unlike the other guy who seemed to have just stormed off on his own. Pansy.

"Well then, I suppose we ought to figure out what to do from here. Naturally, it's best to get to safety as soon as is conveniently possible. So how about it?"

April 12th, 2008, 9:57 PM
"Sounds like a plan to me," Saya said simply, resting against her bike, carefully balanced.

Everyone who'd shown up was so... strange, almost. She wondered what would become of their little group.

"But where is 'safety'?" she asked with a frown, looking around. Things really didn't look too good nearby--surely there was a safe place somewhere, but a look around didn't yield very promising results.