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April 8th, 2008, 3:02 PM
Alright, a few words before I start this up. The story itself follows mechanics from the manga, they battles are held, the way Pokemon return, etc, etc

I'm open to criticism, but I will ignore any and all flames.

Lets roll!


It was quiet. But it knew it wasn’t going to last long. The powerful beast checked its surroundings, making sure it was alone. It was a tremendous Pokemon, standing 17 feet in height. Dark cobalt blue was most of its body; a stripe of pure diamond ran down as a stripe. A large fan made of pure metal stood on its back. Powerful steel ran down its body as well, also protecting the core item in its chest. A large Diamond stood, surrounded by a steel crest. It was the source of Dialga’s power. It gave it dominion over time.


A cloud of thick, misty air surrounded Dialga. It shifted its large narrow head to get a better look around itself. Then it saw its other. It was there.

Palkia, a beast nearly as tall as Dialga in height. As well as Dialga, gems striped around its draconic body. It stood upright, unlike Dialga, who was on all fours. Palkias dark pink colour made it stand out against the dark surrounding. It lifted both its arms. On each shoulder, a large circle held a pure, glittering pearl.

Palkia gave a large roar, before swinging its arms down; a wave of water came crashing with it. It was heading straight towards the Diamond behemoth; it quickly shot a glimmering silver beam through the waves, dissipating it instantly. It spoke with a low, ancient voice.

“Palkia. You challenge me to battle in my own realm. You should not be here. You should in your realm; space.” rumbled Dialga, glaring at the space traveler.

The dragon merely stared at Dialga, before flexing its wings and whipping it large tail back and forth. It glared at the diamond pokemon, before charging. Its claw glowed with a combination of blue and black; the attack Spatial rend. Palkia swiped fiercely at Dialga. The steel giant tried dodging, but was too slow; his penalty being a large gash on the back of his neck. It looked up. He gaped when he saw one of Palkia’s pearls, as it lashed out again and again at its back. There, in the center, was a large, glowing red spike.

Dialga knew of only Pokemon that could corrupt like that. Giratina. He knew who it was. Dialga quickly summoned an earth power attack, the large spike shot out the ground, separating Dialga and Palkia. The time pokemon grimaced. He knew he had to get the spike out of Palkia’s pearl, but it had to be done without impairing Palkia’s spatial powers. It knew what it had to do. Dialga roared.

It shot out a large blast of flame; he knew it wouldn’t do much; but would work as a distraction. Palkia grimaced and withdrew its long neck, moving to the side. Its corrupted pearl shone there, shining a combination of red and pink. Dialga would only have one chance. He shut his blood red eyes, focusing his single most powerful dragon-attack at the pearl. Palkia opened one of its eyes. The flames had stopped. It looked around, but then it saw what was coming for it; its eyes shot open in horror. A large, blue meteor was speeding towards the pearl dragon. Before it could react; it happened.
The meteor, containing so much of Dialgas immense strength, struck the pearl.

Palkia gave a terrified roar. The pearl on its shoulder cracked. A large chunk of it fell out. Dialga watched fall through the door of the dimensional ground; only it and Palkia could stand on it, along with their attacks. The two dragons watched the chunk flew down to earth, landing on a large landmass. Dialga knew it as Sinnoh, it had gone their often during its time travel. Palkia however, stopped staring at its broken pearl chunk fly to the earth.

It glared at Dialga. Not fiercely as Dialga would have though, but weakly. The diamond beast looked to Palkias shoulder. The red spike had fallen out, but was also falling to earth. It too, was going to Sinnoh. Palkia looked weakly at its other half, grateful for being freed of Giratina’s control. But then, its red eyes shot open in shock. Dialga stared at what Palkia was staring out, and then let out a roar of terror. Its powerful diamond, which one of the hardest substances ever created, was cracked. A small shard of red was sticking out of Dialga’s diamond. Darkness was slowly spreading through it. Palkia wasted no time. Using what little energy it had left, it ran forward; its claw glowing with a blue flame, slashed at the spike. It came out, to Palkias relief, but to both the dragons horror, a chunk of the diamond came out too. It, like the others was falling to Sinnoh.

Palkia noticed the spike was falling too. It would not let more corruption happen. The water dragon swiftly shot out a flurry of snow and wind, a blizzard attack. It struck the gemmed spike, freezing it almost instantly. It was Dialga’s turn this time. It shot out a bolt of electricity at the now frozen spike, shattering it to nothing.

The dragons sighed in relief. They looked at each other. Palkia was the first to speak.

“What happens if one of the humans finds one of the three gems?” it questioned Dialga in its low, spacey voice. Dialga gave a large sigh.

“The gems have special properties. They will find and come too whomever they seem fit to carry them until we retrieve them,” Dialga grimaced.

Palkia glanced at Dialga, before staring down at Sinnoh below them.

“I hope your right.”

Chapter One:
Gems from the sky!

It was night. Three large objects flew towards Sinnoh. They headed in different directions. One was a glowing, lustrous pearl; it had rounded itself in its flight towards the earth. The other was a pure, sparkling diamond. It too had rounded itself on its way to earth.

But there was a final gem falling; a dark, glowing red spike. Unlike the other two gems it had not rounded. It had grown sharper, and was falling towards the ground with tremendous speed. The three gems shot different ways, each heading to a source of power; three different lakes. In the center of these lakes was a cave, each holding a pokemon of amazing abilities. The three Gems each flew to them. The diamond to Lake Valor, the pearl to Lake Acuity, and the spike, to Lake Verity. Little did the three little sprite pokemon within the caves know, they were about to experience a great power.

A boy, no older than 13, woke with a start. He flew to his window, and saw it. A large, pink-colored glowing object flew right over his house in Sandgem town; he saw it fly to Lake Acuity. He sighed, before running his hand through his chestnut-brown hair. It was too curly for him to straighten. He slowly got back into bed, careful not to trip over the cat pokemon Glameow on his way there.

The next day…

The blue cat yawned. It licked its small paw, before wiping it over its large ears, on its crescent shaped head. Its spring-like tail swayed behind it. It looked up to the boy’s bed. The Glameow mewed softly, before walking out of his room to find some food.

A little while later…

“Theo! Get up! Come eat your breakfast!” called a female voice up the stairs. She sighed as she returned to the kitchen of the house.

I don’t know how that boy can sleep in so late.” She sighed, before returning to her cooking. A teenage girl at the table laughed. She too, like both her brother and her mother, had chestnut brown hair. It, like her mothers was long, but hers was in a ponytail.

A boy, looking to be about a year younger than his 17 year old sister, grinned. Unlike his other family members, he had dark green hair like his father.
He smiled as he spoke to his mother, “Mom, let me get him. I’ll have Zubat go wake him up,” His mother smiled at him.

“Ok Travis, but make sure it doesn’t try sucking the blood out of him,” she said to the boy, before returning to her cooking.

The boy grinned again, before taking out a red-and-white sphere. His eyes peeked through its roof to the pokemon inside. It had a black line running down its middle, with a button on the front. He pressed the button, and the ball opened immediately. The Pokemon inside burst out with a bright light.

A bat hovered there, its dark blue body shone brightly against the sun from the window. It opened its mouth, which revealed four tiny; but sharp fangs, and let loose a low echo. The most notable feature about Zubat were it’s lack of eyes. Its large ears twitched, before hovering over to its trainer. The boy held out his arm; the bat pokemon had no feet, so instead it hung from his arm.
“Go get Theo, Shadow, and wake him up gently, and then come back down,” he said softly to the bat. It gave a small nod, before hovering off, using its sonar to guide the way.

The Glameow hissed as the bat flew over it. Shadow the Zubat stopped right over it, before turning and if it had eyes, would be staring at it. It opened its mouth, before a low, reverberating sound left its maw. The supersonic hit the Glameow square in the face, it stuttered for a few seconds, before falling to the ground, too dizzy and confused to get up.

The Zubat continued to Theo’s room, using objects to guide the way. When it got to the doorway, it encountered a problem. There was some large hanging from the doorway. The creature looked at the Zubat, before snapping its claws at it. Shadow took off as fast as he could down the stairs, while the hanging creature stuck its tongue out at him.

“There’s no need to try and kill him, Gar,” Said a voice from behind the hanging Pokemon. Theo grinned at his Gligar as he went downstairs. The Gligar flew over him, careful not to mess up his red shirt or baggy pants.

“Look who finally decided to show up,” his older sister laughed. Theo grinned as she handed him his plate of toast. Theo was happy for his sister; today was the day she was testing to become a gym leader.

“You know you didn’t have to scare Shadow with Gar,” his brother pouted. He turned to the bat, which hung from the doorway.

“Return, Shadow,” he called to the bat. It shivered, before a popping sound, and the ball flew back to Theo’s brother. He looked through the roof of the Pokeball to make sure the bat Pokemon was ok.

“Whatever. I’m gonna be busy today anyways. Professor Rowan said some new types of Pokemon have been appearing around here recently, and wants me to catch them for studying” Theo said simply. His mother smiled.

“Alright Theo, but be back by four, ok? We don’t wanna miss Marisa’s gym leader test,” His mother instructed him. Theo nodded and grinned at his sister.

“Return, Gar. Let’s roll,” He said. The Gligar shuddered, then there was a large pop and the ball flew back to Theo. He grabbed his backpack, which was stuffed with Pokeballs, and headed out to catch some Pokemon.

Theo was known in Sandgem as a capture specialist, after all.