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July 23rd, 2004, 3:18 PM
Save My Soul

Don't you dare drag me away from here,
Let me stay,
Where the wind can whisper in my ear,
And I can make sure the animals are okay.
I'm still grieving, my heart still weeps,
Forever will my sould remain in the sky,
Forever my heart will your hands keep.
My dreams linger on the stars,
My feelings in every raindrop,
I can see you, there you stand,
On the misty mountain top.
I'll always know your blue eyes,
I'll always remember your smile,
I'll see you in a little while,
Only your gentle touch can make me rise.
I used to scream your name, in my sleep,
I'd arise to see you weren't there,
I'd cry softly,
My soul would weep.
Now here we are,
Together at last,
You brought me back, but I didn't go far,
Take me away and take me fast.

[July 8, 2004] "****"

Catch me, I'm falling down-into ****,
But what is ****? Is what they ask,
**** is a place with fires-****,
Burning desires straight from your heart.
Desires that cannot be fulfilled-desires..
So many pictures painted of ****--called "art"
All of the painters are liars.
**** is a place where I am-you're not,
Not just with fires burning hot.
You're on one side, I'm on another,
An invisible glass keeping us from each other.
The pain that fills me-and the need that drives me,
Is all that keeps me from going crazy.
Each day we grow, further apart,
Leaving us both sick at heart.
I can't lose you-but I can't touch you,
I can't reach you-only see you.
I can hear your cries at night,
When I sleep I imagine your embrace so tight.
I imagine your soft kiss on my lips,
Your hands gently on my hips.
Your fingers intwined with mine,
Giving me delicious wine.
This is what **** is;
Me without your touch, you without mine,
A place where fire is out wine.
Where it's impossible for us to be
Happily ever-after, happily free.

Just a few poems I decided to post..I have a whole webpage full you can check out if you like these..

July 29th, 2004, 8:52 PM
Nice... i like itish very good...goody-good-good :)

August 6th, 2004, 2:11 PM
good job Sqruitle Ketchum 12, heh. :D