View Full Version : I really want a March 14 Saikyou Salamence

April 23rd, 2008, 5:02 PM
well, I'm offering
Feb. 16 Saikyou Salamence
UT ranger manaphy
EVed modest deoxys (birth island) 29 IVs special attack
UT Hadou mew gentle natured
lv. 100 batoruyama ho-oh

lv. 45 groudon
lv. 52 kyogre(Japanese)

dragon dance and outrage charmander

Please, I'm really looking for the March 14 Saikyou Salamence.
I can offer 2 events and all of the other 3 below. - trading a potential of 5 pokemon just for March 14 Saikyou Salamence.

I can add liechi, salac, or ganlon berries on them.
btw, I don't clone, hack, or scam.
I do not want a hack, but I'll accept a clone.
PM if you like.