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April 29th, 2008, 4:48 AM
Heh, could i PLEASE have advanced critique? So's i know if i should continue or give up ¬_¬

The Heir To Chaos
Part I

Kim sighed as she stretched. She had just woken up, the sun was blaring through her window. “Stupid thin curtains” she growled. She stomped downstairs and rummaged through the cupboards. Junk it was. She took a box of cookies, then went through the fridge. She took a bottle of milk, three yoghurts. She stomped upstairs slowly, feeling suddenly dizzy. When she finally got upstairs, she sat on her bed and poked the blue and yellow lump of fur on her bed. The lump growled and shifted. She poked it again. “Hey, get up” The lump shifted some more and revealed a head. The head belonged to her Manectric, Static. It growled at her and playfully nipped her hand, trying to get her to drop the cookies. “Nuh uh buddy. My cookies” Static attempted the puppy dog eyes look, which failed dismally. “You’re not an Electrike any more buddy” she said, patting his head. Static looked away, rather hurt. “Okay, you can have the cookies. But this is the last box you are ever having, okay?” Static nodded, a big wolfish smile on his face. “Make ‘em last. Don’t eat the rest of MY food while I’m in the shower” Static nodded, then proceeded to destroy the cookie box in an attempt to reach the delicious cookies.

As Kim stood in the shower, the hot water beating down on her head, she thought about herself. She was sixteen, and…rather short. Her eyes were pink, and her hair was pink, with some gray. Dyed gray. She had a lot of quips about that. She was slender, and was always the target of the guys. She got out of the shower and towelled herself dry. Her parents had “died” In truth, only her father had died. He had died from a freak accident while fighting Giovanni for the eighth Kanto gym badge. She was 12 then. Her mom however, had disappeared about a month after she was born. Her father told her that she had such a busy life that she never got time to visit. She didn’t care really.

She went into her room, grinning. Static had cookie crumbs all over his face and was licking the bed, trying to get the stray crumbs. She ate the food (which Static had refrained from eating) and drank the milk, giving half the bottle to Static. She grabbed her backpack, the keys to the house then stopped. She rummaged through the cupboards again and found the remains of a large cake, slightly stale. She placed it on the floor then whistled loudly. “Ghosts of this house! I’m leaving now! You can have this cake, but you’ve gotta look after this place, okay?” A Haunter, Shuppet and a Duskull floated down from the ceiling. They all nodded, then started munching on the cake.

She walked down to the café that her aunt owned. “Hey! Anyone here?!” Said Kim. a window slammed open “Yo! Kim, where you headed?” Kim shrugged “I’m just heading. Can you keep the keys until I get back?” Her aunt smiled “Sure. Just post ‘em through the letter box” Kim waved her thanks, then posted the Keys. She ran to the town entrance then looked back. This was the last she would see of her home, Littleroot. She turned her back to Littleroot and ran towards Oldale town, Static behind her.

There was a commotion in the town centre. It wasn’t Team Rocket, Team Magma or Team Aqua. It wasn’t even Team Galactic. It was a group of bikers from Kanto. “We’re just here for some…sight seeing.” Kim walked into the middle of the large group of townsfolk and bikers. “Will you all SHUT UP! Bikers, if you wanna “Sight See” Go somewhere else!” The biker’s leader, a whole two feet taller than Kim, stepped forwards. “Or what shrimp?” Static leap tin front of her, teeth bared and sparks flying. “Or else he’ll make you” Static wasn’t your usual Manectric. He was a foot taller than a normal Manectric, and wasn’t as well built. This was because his mother was a wild Manectric and his father a Jolteon. He had inherited the Manectric colours and strength, but had gained the speed (and temper) of a Jolteon. Bad combo if you’re the one facing him. The Biker stepped back. “Y-you wanna start something? Go!” He pulled out a pokeball and threw it hard, releasing a Weezing. Kim sighed. She’d taken out tougher. “Your Weezing is terribly trained!” the entire group looked around. Standing there, was a young man. About 19 years old, with a red head band. Behind him stood a Venomoth, a Scyther and an Azumarill. “Look at it!” He ran up and sketched it “the colouring is terrible, I suggest you give it Protein and Carbos. It needs rest, lots of it. Now go, go on! Go!” He pushed the bikers away, his Scyther helping.

Kim sighed. “Hey, are you okay?” Kim looked around. It was that guy again. “Yeah, thanks. I’m Kim” The young man nodded. “I’m Tracey. Tracey Sketchit” Kim gasped. “You mean…THE Tracey Sketchit?! Of “Pokemon NOW! Magazine?!” Tracey nodded “Yup, the very same” Kim was a huge fan of Tracey’s. “Uhm…Would you come with me?” Tracey thought about it “Where you headed?” Kim shrugged “Somewhere other than here” Tracey grinned. “Sure! I’ll come.” Kim punched the air “Oh yeah baby!” Tracey grabbed her collar “Hold up. I need to get to Mahogany town” Kim stopped “Why?” Tracey grinned. “I found the trainer who caught the Red Gyarados and he’s gonna let me draw it” Kim nodded. “Okay! To Mahogany town!” Static trotted along behind Kim, while Tracey returned his three Pokemon.

Many miles away, in Fuchsia city, a single person stood at a beach, skimming stones on the ocean. The salty tang of the ocean was one of the few things he loved about Kanto. He looked around to see his team. They were snoring, loudly. Charizard, Pikachu, Snorlax (‘no surprise there’ Red thought bitterly) and Espeon. Gyarados and Poliwrath were (as usual) racing.

He looked at a picture he had in his wallet. It was of him, when he started his journey with Bulbasaur. He smiled sadly, then returned the four snoozing Pokemon. “Hey! You two!” Poliwrath and Gyarados returned to the beach and gratefully retreated to their respective pokeballs.

“Yo! Red!” Red looked up and saw Lt. Surge on a large bird, a Pidgeot. “Who…is that?” The other man waved. “A new friend from Johto, Falkner. Listen, we’ve a rampaging family of Magmars. There’s also some Magmortars. Me ‘n’ Falkner tried to beat ‘em down, but they flattened us. Would you help us?” Red nodded “I’ve been bored of late. Why not?” Red mounted the Pidgeot, but Lt. Surge got off. “This is where I leave you. I gotta go talk to Koga ‘bout some stuff. Good luck kid!” He ran off towards Fuchsia. Pidgeot took off and headed towards Vermillion.

When they arrived in Vermillion, the heat was tremendous. The rampaging fire Pokemon had turned the town into a pile of charred rubble. Only the Pokemon centre (Guarded by a very angry Blastoise) and the Gym (Being guarded by Lt. Surge’s most trusted Pokemon, Raichu) were still standing. Red sighed, then released Gyarados and Poliwrath. “You two round up the fire Pokemon and douse them. Launch them outta here if you have to, okay?” The Pokemon nodded, then set off to beat the fire Pokemon into submission. Red sighed, then collapsed to the floor. The heat wasn’t good for him. He looked up at a face. Falkner had grabbed him, but he couldn’t see Falkner’s face. His world started spinning. He lost consciousness, and his Pokemon froze instantly. Red had fallen, these Pokemon were to blame. Gyarados lowered his head and Poliwrath leapt onto it. Together, they unleashed Hydro pump, blowing the fire Pokemon back to whatever land they had come from.

Kim, Tracey and Static were setting up camp when the bushes rustled. They ignored it, and got in their tents. The bush rustled again. Static poked his head out of the tent and barked at the bush.

April 30th, 2008, 9:42 AM
ya looking good, just some things:

its falkner, not faulkner

i cant understand the dialogues, its hard to say who is talking. heres a tip
try doing like that:
"Hey! Anyone here?!" said Kim. A window slammed open. "Yo! Kim, where you headed?" her aunt said.
in my opinion its easier to understand this way.

May 1st, 2008, 4:35 AM
ya looking good, just some things:

its falkner, not faulkner

i cant understand the dialogues, its hard to say who is talking. heres a tip
try doing like that:
"Hey! Anyone here?!" said Kim. A window slammed open. "Yo! Kim, where you headed?" her aunt said.
in my opinion its easier to understand this way.

^__^; Heh heh....oops, my bad ¬__¬

I'll go sort hat out now

and thanks for the help with the Gym Leader =D

May 16th, 2008, 12:44 AM
The Heir To Chaos
Part II

Kim was woken by the wet feeling in her tent. She raised her hand to check the tent and discovered she had no tent. She sat up sharply and looked around. Static was snoring, loudly and Tracey’s Scyther was standing guard out side his tent, his wings fluttering lightly. The bush that Static barked at a few hours earlier rustled again, and static leapt up, teeth bared. It rustled again and Static snapped. He charged the bush and started tearing the leaves from it. The surprise Pokemon was uncovered. A rather hungry looking Larvitar, which started crying loudly when Static removed its bushy cover. “Static!” Static looked back at Kim, a look that plainly said ‘my bad…I’ll just be other there’ Static trotted over to a nearby tree and sat under it.

Tracey was asleep. Heavily asleep. Complete with snoring, drooling and the occasional word.

Kim went back to her plastic floor covering (the only thing that had survived the Larvitar) and got her bag. She pulled out (Much too Static’s horror) a box of biscuits and tried to lure the Larvitar out. It was cold, raining hard. The Larvitar was shivering so badly that it was having trouble moving. Kim scooped it up in her arms, then went to Tracey’s tent. Scyther stepped aside to let Kim in. Static stayed under the tree, he’d just found some berries. Tracey was still asleep, so Kim (very quickly) took off her top, poked it under Scyther’s scythe and wringed it. It was only slightly damp when she had finished, so she put it on before Tracey woke up. She gave the Larvitar a biscuit, which it accepted and quickly devoured. Within five minutes, Kim had no biscuits left and the Larvitar was happily asleep curled up in her lap.

Scyther and Static were having a quiet talk together. Mainly about berries, which Static had decided to share after finding them.

Tracey finally woke up after Kim had sat there poking him for half an hour. “Whazzat?” He asked groggily. Kim giggled “Can you draw this for me?” Tracey looked at her lap and saw the Larvitar “Yeah sure!” He replied in a whisper. He rummaged around his tent for his lamp, pencil and paper. Once he’d found them, he set to work.

Frank James walked through the boggy marshland. This Pokemon finding stuff was a lot harder in the gloop he’d accidentally stepped in. He stopped and sunk a little bit more. He sighed heavily, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He pulled out a pokeball threw it. From the pokeball burst a Grotle “Grotle, use Vine whip!” The Grotle lazily extended a couple of vines and fished Frank out of the marsh. “Come on! Perk up dammit!” Grotle sighed and put on a cheesy smile. Frank stood and stared as the marsh water soaked into his trousers. “I give up, lets go” He returned Grotle then made for the entrance.

Tracey finished the drawing and showed it to Kim, who then promptly plucked it from the notebook. “Thanks” Tracey smiled, then attended to his second favourite activity, Sleep. Kim smiled, then settled herself so she could get a little bit of shut eye herself. The Larvitar shifted in its sleep, making Kim uncomfortable all over again. She realised this was going to be harder than she first thought. She picked up the Larvitar with great difficulty and set it on the floor, where it quite happily slept. She reckoned it was only a baby, so it would need training. ‘First lesson: the art of not eating my tent’ she thought to herself grimly. Lucky that the tent was only cheap. She poked her head out of the tent and was met with a washed face. “Thanks Static” she grumbled. “Hey! It’s morning!” She set about waking Tracey (Again) by tickling him. He woke up instantly. “What was that for?!” Kim pointed to the tent flap. “Morning muggins” She said, giggling slightly. Tracey grinned “Awesome! Lets get going!” Kim shook her head. “I am NOT walking around in my pyjamas. All my clothes are wet thanks to the little tyke in the corner” She pointed to the Larvitar and told Tracey about it eating her tent. Tracey fell on the floor and laughed loudly, waking up the Larvitar, Which bit his foot. Tracey would have called it “gummed”, not bitten. It had no teeth, so it had sucked Kim’s tent up like spaghetti.

Tracey had been given the task of buying Kim some clothes. He quickly walked into a clothes shop and picked out the right sizes (quickly) and ran up to the till to pay. He then quickly ran OUT of the shop back to Kim, who was wet again. “More rain?” Tracey asked. Kim nodded grimly “It rained while you were gone. Bloomin’ Typical” Tracey whipped around while Kim got changed. “So, where you actually going?” Kim (who was only half dressed) threw a berry at Tracey. “Eyes at the front mister!!” Tracey quickly whipped his head back to the tree he was staring at. He hadn’t meant to move his head at all. “I’m looking for the Mauville kid” Tracey laughed and turned around. He was instantly served a dose of lightning for his trouble, and he ran back to his tree, the seat of his shorts smouldering slightly. “That’s the problem Kim. You’re trying to find someone who doesn’t like being found” Tracey said, Blushing furiously and shaking. Kim giggled “I’m decent now. And I WILL find him. I doubt he remembers, but I’ve met him once already. I never forget a face” Tracey shrugged. “Fair enough. Shall we?” Kim poked the back of his head. “I really am decent” she whispered in his ear. He twitched his head slightly to look. She was telling the truth, so he turned around. “Did you have to zap me so hard?” Static grinned wolfishly.

Frank was drying his trousers in the Pokemon centre, grumbling. His team wasn’t helping (as per usual) His team consisted of a Grotle, a Charmander (which he got in a trade for a Staravia) and a Mudkip (which he had found injured) his team was quite lazy, and he suspected it was his fault. His last team member was on the roof soaking up the sun. His most hard working Pokemon, a Ninjask. This was named Ninja. Corny, he knew it, but still. Quite fitting. Ninjask and him shared an odd sixth sense. They both knew when trouble was brewing. They both looked up, and in the same direction. “Hoenn” Frank whispered to himself. They were right. Trouble was most definitely brewing.

Kim was sprinting quickly. She was rather clumsy, but kicking an Eevee (even if it was an accident) was stupid. Now she had a family of multi-element Pokemon chasing her. And Tracey. And Static. And her newest partner, Chomp. The little Larvitar had grown quickly, it had teeth and a nasty temper. Which he used. It wriggled out of Kim’s arms and landed with a thud on the floor. It bared it’s teeth and growled. The multi-element family stopped and stared. They were about to trample Chomp when he started stamping his feet. Orange energy started gathering at its mouth. The multi-element family instantly turned tail and ran the way they had come, very very quickly. Chomp stopped charging the energy, the orange glow fading. Then, he giggled and toddled over to Kim, where he then stuck his arms up. Kim grinned and picked up the little trouble maker (with some difficulty) “Right then, where to?” Tracey pointed to a house. “Mr.Briney lives there. We can ask if he’ll give us a lift to Slateport, where can get a ferry to Olivine city.” Kim nodded. “Okay! Let’s GO!”

(sorry if you've been waiting! Chapter III coming up soon!)

May 21st, 2008, 4:44 AM
Kim knocked on the door of the house next to the beach. There was a sign stuck in the ground that said “Mr. Briney” Kim looked behind her at Tracey “something tells me this is the place” The door opened quickly and an old man, his forehead sweaty, answered the door. “Can I help you lass?” Kim giggled as she saw the Wingull on a wardrobe, giggling to itself. “Hi, my name’s Kim and this is my friend Tracey. We were wondering if you could give us a lift on your boat to slateport city.” Mr. Briney’s face lit up. “Really?” Kim nodded “Alrighty then! Peeko! We’re setting sail!” Mr. Briney strode out of his house, His Wingull floating behind him, and boarded his boat. “All aboard!” he shouted out. Kim and Tracey leapt onto the boat and sat down. “We’ll be in slateport in no time flat!” The boats engine roared into life. It backed out of the port and turned 180 degrees. “To Slateport City!” The boat lurched forwards, the engine working its hardest.

Frank James was lying in his tent, looking up at the material roof above him. He couldn’t shake the feeling of trouble. He couldn’t close his eyes because the feeling threatened to overwhelm him. Ninja, his ever faithful Ninjask, was restless as well. He kept twitching his wings, and his eyes kept flicking in the direction of Hoenn. Ninja turned and fixed Frank with a piercing stare. Frank understood immediately. They had to go to Hoenn. They had no choice. Frank smiled at Ninja and stroked his wings carefully. Ninja let out a quiet sigh and fell asleep. Frank however, was kept awake. ‘I hate being nocturnal’ Frank thought bitterly. He managed to fall asleep, but it was not a peaceful sleep.

There was a commotion at Dewford, which Kim and Tracey only saw a minor flicker of as they sped past. It had only been a few hours and they were half way there. “Mr.Briney!” Kim shouted “How long?” Mr. Briney poked his head out of the window “About two hours now!” Kim nodded and looked over at Tracey, who was tending to his team. His Scyther looked very old, its scythes were dull. His Azumarill and Venomoth were quite quiet and reserved. She thought about her own team. Static was in his pokeball. He got sea sick, so he stayed in there. Chomp was in his pokeball as well. Asleep, no doubt. She got herself comfortable and fell asleep. This sea business was tiring.

“Kim, move it!” Tracey poked the sleeping girl with his foot. “KIM!” Kim jerked awake “Whazzat?!” She looked around and noticed they weren’t moving. “We’re at Slateport now sleepy head” Tracey said, grinning. Kim got up, brushed the creases off her clothes and got off the boat, Tracey following behind. “Static, we’ve landed!” She threw his pokeball hard. It hit the floor and burst open, releasing the large wolf like lightning Pokemon. He grinned and ran in a circle, obviously happy. She thought about releasing Chomp, but decided it was safer not to. She looked around at the surroundings. She had never been to Slateport, so everything she was seeing was new. Except the young man walking towards a hut. She recognised him instantly. He was Kiyu Lancer, the reigning Kanto champion for three years running. She ran up to him (not wanting to cause a scene) and poked him in the back. He whipped around instantly. “Hunh? Uhm…are you a fan girl?” he asked nervously. Kim shook her head “Oh, tha’s okay then!” Kim smiled “So you are Kiyu then? Kiyu Lancer of Kanto?” Kiyu nodded “Yup, tha’s me. Soda?” The question was asked so randomly that it knocked Kim’s mental balance off. This guy really was odd! The papers hadn’t been lying after all. “Uhm…yeah, sure. Okay” She accepted the soda gratefully and drank deeply. Kiyu was busy watching Static playing in the sand.

Frank woke up again and swore quietly. “Nope, I’m giving up! I no longer wish to be nocturnal!” He got up, dressed to suit the weather and packed up. Ninja was obviously happy that Frank had decided to give up his odd nocturnal habit and was flying in circles above his head. “Hey you calm down” Frank said, smiling. “Right then!” He pointed in the direction of Hoenn “To Hoenn! But first I need a bird Pokemon…” Frank took to the bushes to find a suitable flying Pokemon.

Kim and Kiyu had got on well. Kind of like a shed and a blazing fire. While they discussed whether shiny Pokemon or normal Pokemon were better, a blast of sand interrupted them. From the ground burst a Steelix. Following it was an Onix and a Sandslash. Kim grabbed Tracey, who would have been in big trouble if he had attempted to draw them. “We’re looking for Lancer.” Kiyu stood up. “Stay there Kim. I’ll show you that which made me champion!” A three on one battle didn’t seem fair, but it wouldn’t really bother this Pokemon. Kiyu pulled out an Ultra ball and threw it hard. From the ball burst a Weavile. Kim stared at the Weavile, having never seen one. “Snitch! Let’s show them some fun!” The Weavile grinned and nodded, then sprinted forwards. In a flash, the Sandslash was face down in the sand, twenty metres away from its starting point. Next was the Onix, which got a face full of frosty fist. The Onix hit the ground heavily, its mouth frozen shut. The Steelix proved to be a hard nut to crack, taking three Ice punches. However, it too hit the floor. The battle had been started and won. All in three minutes. Three minutes was all it took to take down three nasty looking ground Pokemon. Kiyu grinned as his Weavile, Snitch, did a little victory break dance. “Never mess with Kiyu Lancer!” Kiyu shouted out to the team Magma goons, who returned their Pokemon and ran for all they were worth. “Snitch, come on back” Snitch stood up, bowed low, then let Kiyu return him to his pokeball. “See that Kim?” Kim’s eyes were all sparkly. “Whoa, Kim. Don’t you be going all fan girl on me” Kim grabbed the Ultra ball that contained Snitch and stared at it. “How did you get that?!” She asked loudly. Kiyu laughed “Oh, okay. Get a Sneasel and train it hard. Here.” He gave Kim a sharp claw, which she gingerly touched “Make the Sneasel hold that. If you’re training at night and the Sneasel truly trusts you, it’ll evolve.” Kim nodded, still playing with the claw “Okeedokee”

Frank had finally found a decent flying Pokemon. A Skarmory. It was moody, didn’t like berries and would only listen to Frank if he had food in his hand, but that could be sorted out. He had taught it the fly command via HM02 and told it where he needed to go. The Skarmory nodded and Frank mounted it. The Skarmory took off and then fell to the floor. This would take some time…and lots of training.

Kim, Tracey and Kiyu (who had decided to follow) were sitting in the Pokemon centre watching the news. “The World news. In Johto, a purse snatcher was stopped by a Haunter. The trickster simulated a bomb, which was fake. The result led to the thief’s capture” As the video of the Haunter’s antics played out, Kim was busy on the floor laughing. Tracey and Kiyu were busy staring at Kim. After Kim had finished her laughing fit, Kiyu poked her and showed her a small envelope. “I got the tickets to Johto” Kiyu whispered to her. Kim smiled and proceeded to hug Kiyu, who blushed heavily. “When’s the boat leaving?” Kim asked him. Kiyu checked the time and cried out. “We’ve got five minutes to get there!” Kim swore loudly, picked up her backpack and sprinted out of the Pokemon centre. A foghorn sounded, signalling the boats leaving. “Gah! Snitch! Go stop that boat!” Kiyu released his Weavile. It bowed quickly, then sprinted off towards the port, where it then froze the water in front of the boat to stop it from moving. As the captain strode off the boat swearing, Snitch pointed to Kim, Tracey and Kiyu, who were running as fast as they could. The captain tapped his watch as Kiyu handed him the three tickets. “I’ll let you off. Get on. But first, remove the ice!” Kiyu nodded as Snitch flinched. “Snitch, Return. Go, Voltage!” A shiny Electrode burst from the great ball and span on the spot, floating slightly. “Voltage, use Sonic boom on the ice!” Voltage grinned widely, then rolled over to the ice, where he decided he wouldn’t use Sonic boom. He decided to explode, which worked marvellously. “O-kaaaay. Not what I asked, but fine. Voltage, return.” Voltage, who still had the manical grin on his face, returned to his pokeball. Kim, Tracey and Kiyu boarded the boat and found some seats. They sat down and as the boat started forwards and Kiyu left the group to find the nearest bathroom, looking rather green. “This’ll take forever” Kim sighed. Tracey smiled at her. “Hey, think of it like this. You’re one step closer to finding the Mauville kid. And I’m one step closer to finding that Red Gyarados” Kim nodded slowly. Logical, truthful…worked. She got comfortable and got out her walkman. She stuck the headphones in her ears, turned on the Walkman and prepared herself for the most boring part of her trip so far.

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well, i wasnt waiting for that... so she wants to meet Mauville Kid, huh? Thats going to be interesting, really interesting...

Ageless Irony
May 21st, 2008, 8:11 PM
Not bad, but heres a quick tip to make it easier to read your story.
Put spaces between each dialogue so like...

“Kim, move it!” Tracey poked the sleeping girl with his foot. “KIM!” Kim jerked awake “Whazzat?!” She looked around and noticed they weren’t moving. “We’re at Slateport now sleepy head” Tracey said, grinning.


"Kim, Move it!" Tracey poked the sleeping girl with his foot. "KIM!"

Kim jerked awake, "Whazzat!?" she looked around and noticed they weren't moving.

"We're at Slateport now, spleepy head!" Tracey said, grinning.

Theres a couple other grammar problems here and there, but I'm in a bit of a hurry right now, keep writing!

May 28th, 2008, 12:37 AM
The Heir To Chaos, Part IV

Kim yawned loudly. They had been on the boat for a whole five hours. They still had another five to go. Kiyu was STILL in the bathroom, and Tracey had disappeared to the Restaurant. She sighed and looked around. She caught the eye of a trainer, who instantly leapt back and pulled out a pokeball.

“Hey girly, Rules be rules!” Kim smiled and stood up.

“Sure, but you’re for it now. No one call me Girly.”

“Whatever” Was the answer she received. “Go! Sirius!”

The challenger’s Pokemon was a Mightyena. Kim was in a Sticky situation. Static despised the Mightyena species. She had only one other Pokemon in reserve. She pulled out the pokeball that contained her newest Pokemon.

“Chomp, Let’s do this!”

Her Larvitar burst from the pokeball, a big grin on his face.

“Chomp! Use…” Before she could finish calling the attack, Chomp had ran forwards as fast as his legs would carry him and proceeded to head butt the Mightyena. His head connected with a clang of metal. Kim stood in disbelief.

‘How did he know what I wanted him to do?! Or maybe that is all he knows’ She thought

“Sirius! Use Crunch attack!” The Mightyena managed to stand up. But walking was beyond it, and it collapsed with a thud.

“What?! Sirius! Return!”

Kim smiled. Chomp was quite useful.

“Chomp, return!” Chomp returned to his pokeball without any trouble.

“Hey, trainer! I believe you owe me something”

Her opponent walked up to her and emptied half of his wallet into her hand. He scowled at her, then turned tail and ran.

“That Mightyena didn’t stand a chance” Kim leapt a foot in the air. Tracey had crept up behind her.

“Git! Pillock!” She shouted at him as she hit him


Frank sighed heavily. He finally had a usable flying Pokemon. His Skarmory was finally strong enough to carry him. Ninja was restless, this time looking at Johto.

“Will you make up your mind?!” Frank said to him harshly. “Hoenn or Johto?” Ninja decided on Johto. Frank sighed again. “Joy…that’s where my brother lives…Well, this’ll be a fun reunion”

Frank’s younger brother was Jesse James. It was a little known fact, even between their closest friends, that they didn’t get on very well. They always played the innocent act when it was something important, but in general, they treated each other with a cold silence. Jesse had always tried to be better than Frank, and every failure made him even bitterer. Frank reckoned that Jesse was at last stronger than him, because Jesse had kept his team the same since the start. It would obviously be a stronger team than his.

“Okay then. Skarmory! To Johto!” His Skarmory, which had finally decided he was a nice enough person, cried out happily. Frank returned Ninja, and mounted his Skarmory, which took off without a problem.


Kiyu had finally gotten over his sea sickness. He still looked a little green, but that was the worst of it. He stumbled out of the toilets and slowly walked outside. He saw Kim’s battle with the trainer and was mildly surprised. He then had a quiet chuckle over Kim beating Tracey. When Kim had finished attacking Tracey (who had returned to the diner) Kiyu walked over and sat next to her. “Kim…do you know who that trainer who whipped was?” Kim shook her head
“Nope. Never seen him” Kiyu laughed

“He used to be the Kanto champion. Then I came along. Guess it still affects him” Kim thought about it for a while.

“Lancer! You’re MINE!”

Kiyu looked around. The trainer that Kim had defeated was back, and not looking to happy. Kiyu laughed loudly.

“I’m gonna whip you. Again. Jus’ Give up, alright?”

The trainer shook his head. “Hell no! Go, Ryukaijin!”

Kiyu grimaced. Ryukaijin was his opponents toughest Pokemon. It would end up destroying the boat if left to rampage

The master ball burst open and released Ryukaijin. Ryukaijin turned out to be a Mamoswine. A big Mamoswine. Instead of being 8`02”, this one was 10`05. The very boat had sunk a little bit, due to its immense weight. Kim stood and stared in awe. So there were Pokemon in the world that exceeded general expectations.

“Ready to lose?! We’ve been training for three whole years!”

Kiyu pulled out a pokeball. This was generally a forbidden Pokemon, as it had a tendency to take a battle to far. But he had no choice.

“Eldarain…It’s time!” He threw a fast ball. It hit the ground and burst open, releasing Eldarain. Eldarain was a Kabutops. Kim could see why Kiyu had forbidden it from being used unless in emergency. It had red eyes, instead of the usual black. It was heavily scarred, and had an odd tick in its right arm.

“Kim! If you thought Snitch was fast…watch this. Eldarain! X-Scissor attack!”

“Ryukaijin! Counter with Stone Edge!”

Ryukaijin stood still. Eldarain had his face close up to the Ex-champions face, so close he could see the trainer’s eyes twitch. Ryukaijin merely toppled over, a large X carved into its face. Eldarain had moved, attacked and stopped within the blink of an eye.

“Are you gonna drop this now?” he asked the trainer “This is sad and pathetic. You cain’t beat me.” The trainer nodded, stepped back and bowed to Eldarain, who was having trouble staying still. He returned his Mamoswine, then walked off.

Kim watched a Kiyu returned Eldarain. “That Kabutops is a monster!! How can you keep such a thing?!”

Kiyu turned to Kim. “I don’t expect you to understand. Releasing this Pokemon into the wild would be worse than my keeping it. This Pokemon would rampage, killing anything and everything.”

“Then get it put in some sort of zoo, I don’t know! Do something!”

“No. Eldarain was the first Pokemon I ever caught. We will finish together, whether it is through old age or death, we will end together.”

Kim looked at Kiyu with a puzzled expression. “You really do care, don’t you?”

Kiyu nodded. He looked over his shoulder and saw the captain walking up to them.

“Yes captain?” Kiyu asked politely

“I would say get off this boat now. But we’re close to Johto now, so there is no point. But, if you’re ever on this boat with me again, I never want to see that again.” The captain said, his face slightly red.

Kiyu nodded “My apologies. He was…an old friend who had turned bitter”

The captain sighed, turning away and starting back to the diner where his meal was getting cold.


Frank marvelled at his Skarmory’s power. They had been going for nearly five hours straight and it still kept going at the same steady pace. “Land here!” He shouted “I know its Hoenn, but you need rest!” The Skarmory nodded gratefully and started its descent. When they landed, Frank pulled out a package, wrapped in brown paper. “I figured…seeing as you didn’t like berries…I’d buy you a steak” He managed to heft the large steak out of his bag and place it on the floor. He removed the brown paper wrapping and motioned towards it. “Help yourself. You deserve it” The Skarmory Crowed with happiness and started on the steak, While Ninja, Grotle, Charmander and Mudkip went on a berry hunt. Frank pulled out a small plastic box which held the food he had bought from the safari zone. It was only a cheese sandwich, but it was better than nothing. He started on his meal while his Pokemon started on the berry bushes.


Kim gasped as she looked out on Olivine city. They had finally reached Johto and Kim couldn’t wait to get off the boat. She wanted to snoop around for some Pokemon. “Kiyu!! You been her before?!” Kiyu nodded

“Sure have. Why?”

Kim grabbed his shirt by the collar. “’Cause I need Pokemon! Where is the best grassy place here?!”

Kiyu laughed. “I’ll take you to one as soon as you let go of my shirt. And we dock, of course”

“Yay!” Kim shouted out happily, flinging Kiyu away like a rag doll.

Tracey walked up to Kim and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t forget why we’re actually here! I need to find a person called Silver. He just sent me a message. He’s waiting at Lake of Rage, so that’ll be our next stop. After the bushes and Pokemon centre and what-not.”

Kim smiled. The salty air made her nose sting slightly. This would be fun.

June 9th, 2008, 3:25 PM
kabutops from the hell, eh? lol thats a pokemon i would like to see..

here is a tip to help improving the fic:

more description on battles, like instead of:

"[pokemon] used [attack] and the enemy fell on the ground"
"[pokemon] got behind the enemy, and while it was turning back, [pokemon] used [attack], hitting enemy's chest and taking it to the ground"

that help the readers to imagine the situation ;]

June 16th, 2008, 4:07 AM
kabutops from the hell, eh? lol thats a pokemon i would like to see..

here is a tip to help improving the fic:

more description on battles, like instead of:

"[pokemon] used [attack] and the enemy fell on the ground"
"[pokemon] got behind the enemy, and while it was turning back, [pokemon] used [attack], hitting enemy's chest and taking it to the ground"

that help the readers to imagine the situation ;]

ah, arigato

next update...soonish XD

June 22nd, 2008, 11:52 PM
The Heir To Chaos Chap V

(sorry i'm late readers DX college took up a lot of my time)

Kim stormed off the boat as soon as they docked. She sprinted out of Olivine city to go find some grass. A Young man with a cowboy hat strode past her, a Luxray tagging along behind him. Kim stopped suddenly and whipped around, but the young man was gone, leaving no hint that he had been there. “I know that was you” She whispered to herself “I WILL find you…”

“KIM!! Where are you?!”

Tracey and Kiyu had finally caught up with Kim.

“Kim, you sure know how to give a guy a scare, eh? Cain’t stay still…”

Kim nodded. “Let’s go”

Tracey nodded, then gasped. “What?!”

Kim nodded again. “You heard me. You wanna draw that Red Gyarados?”

Tracey nodded and Kim smiled “Then let’s go boys!”

Frank was in the skies again. They had been flying steadily and had reached Johto. Unfortunately, they had flown over Jesse, who noticed the Ninjask following. “FRANK!!”

Frank looked down and cringed “What?!”

“Get down here!”

Frank grinned “You can’t make me! Skarmory, let’s skedaddle!”

“HEY!! GET BACK HERE!!” Jesse attempted to chase after the Skarmory, but decided it was useless. He turned on his heel and stomped back to the Lake of Rage to finish up his training.

Frank sighed heavily. ‘That was close’ he thought ‘I don’t need a confrontation with Jesse JUST yet…’

As Kim, Kiyu and Tracey passed through Ecruteak City, Kim had an odd feeling in her chest. It was an ominous feeling…trouble. She rested her hand on Chomp’s pokeball, just in case whatever happened was too much for Static. Static coughed. He coughed again, this time coughing up odd, black soot. Kim stared at the soot. It was warm to the touch. ‘What the hell?’ she looked at Static. Then screamed. The ominous feeling had gone, to be replaced by a large grass Pokemon. It had grabbed her with its vines and was now shaking her about like a rag doll. Tracey shouted out. If the Pokemon kept shaking Kim, she could be seriously hurt. “Static! Go help Kim!”

Static nodded at Tracey and leapt forwards. He was about to use Shock wave when he collapsed to the floor, coughing up more black soot. Tracey nodded, a small smile. The legend was true. Static had a small, wolfish grin. He stood up, wobbled over to the grass Pokemon and coughed. This time, the results were spectacular. A quick burst of fire shot out of his mouth, setting the grass Pokemons foot on fire. The Pokemon cried out in pain and lashed out at Static with a Power whip attack. The attack connected, sending Static flying through the air. Kiyu became the landing zone for Static, who had been knocked out by the ferocious attack. Tracey growled. This was a bad time for it. “Go! Venomoth!” Tracey’s Venomoth burst from its pokeball and hovered, waiting for a command.

“Venomoth! Bug Buzz attack!”

The Venomoth unleashed the sound based attack at the opponent, knocking it over and releasing Kim.

“Kim!” Kiyu rushed forwards and grabbed Kim, dragging her to safety. Kiyu emptied his water bottle on her face and she spluttered.

“What the hell?!” Kim shouted loudly, trying to get the water out of her eyes

“Sorry Kim, best thing I could do” Kim turned around and hugged Kiyu quickly, then pulled out an Ultra ball.

“Static! Up ‘n’ at ‘em buddy!” Static stumbled up, slightly disorientated. “Static! Flamethrower!” Static grinned, his teeth glinting, slight black stains visible from the soot he had regurgitated. He took a deep breath and made sparks inside himself, igniting the breath. He emptied his lungs of the air, aiming to hit the Grass Pokemon. The grass Pokemon was hit dead centre and was engulfed by fire. “Now!” Kim threw the Ultra ball at the tangle of charred vines. The ball opened, drew the Pokemon in, then hit the floor. “Nudge…Nudge-Nudge…Click” The Ultra ball sealed itself. Kim pulled out her Pokedex and released the grass Pokemon. Battered, singed and in pain, the Pokemon slumped helplessly to the ground. She turned her Pokedex onto the Pokemon and checked the screen: “Tangrowth, Vine Pokemon, Grass-type, It ensnares prey by extending arms made of vines. Losing arms to predators does not trouble it.”

“Tangrowth?” Kim looked at the pile of blue vines with a face of confusion.

Tracey walked up to Kim and looked at the Pokedex. “I’m surprised you can get a reading on this Pokemon. That’s a Hoenn dex. Where did you get this?”

Kim looked at Tracey, a small smile on her face. “It was my father’s. He did a lot of travelling. He went to a place called Sinnoh.”

Tracey gasped. “Of course! Professor Rowan must have upgraded it for him.”

Kim gaped at Tracey “Who?”

“Professor Rowan is the Sinnoh region Pokemon expert.”

Kim sighed and nodded. “Well, we’d better visit the Pokemon centre.” Kim returned her new addition and walked over to the Pokemon centre.

Kiyu and Tracey waited outside. They soon attracted a crowd of people. “Did your friend catch that nasty Pokemon?” Kiyu nodded and the crowd cried out happily. They asked for Kim’s autograph, but Kiyu was having none of it and sent them on their way.

Inside the Pokemon centre, Kim and Nurse Joy were discussing the Tangrowth. “Yes, this Tangrowth has been attacking quite a lot recently. We think it got lost and freaked out a bit.”

“A BIT?!” Kim said in disbelief “It shook me about and tried to kill me!”

“Well…that would be classed as “Freaked out” wouldn’t it?”

Kim nodded, thanked Nurse Joy for healing her team and left the Pokemon centre. Kiyu and Tracey were waiting outside. She walked over to them and smiled. “So, to Mahogany Town?” Tracey and Kiyu nodded.

Frank had finally landed in the place that Ninja had flown off to. Whirl Islands. “Say…isn’t this where Lugia is said to be? I don’t think this is the place” Ninja proceeded to batter him with numerous tackle attacks “Okay! Okay! We’re going in!”

He quickly returned Skarmory, then ran in the cave. He instantly felt calm, as if he were in a place of great peace. Ninja quivered, visibly shaking. He flew off into the darkness, cried out, then came back.

“Dark?” Ninja nodded “Right then…Lucky I brought torches” He turned on a torch and half blinded himself momentarily.

“That was clever” he grumbled bitterly. He started his mini-adventure through Whirl Islands. The deeper he went, the more peaceful he felt and the more Ninja shook. He was uncomfortable in this place. Frank felt a draft of cold air and looked around. He stepped forwards…and Ninja attacked him.

“Hey! That hurt!” Ninja started going into frenzy. Frank shone the torch on the floor and saw what Ninja meant. There was a huge hole in the floor. Huge didn’t do it justice. Massive was a bit better. He looked down the hole and a pair of eyes looked back. They were blue with psychic energy. Frank looked down and saw that he was walking on a platform of psychic energy. Ninja had just noticed and stopped him. “Thank you!” He called down to the Lugia. He turned around and ran back the way he came.

“Skarmory!” The bird burst out of its pokeball and crowed happily. “To Goldenrod City! I need a place to stay” Skarmory took off and headed for Goldenrod City

Kim, Kiyu and Tracey were walking out of Ecruteak city and towards Mahogany town when a large explosion caught there attention. “Where was that?” Kim asked Kiyu

“Uhm…me thinks Blackthorn City”

Kim nodded slowly. “Wanna go for a look see when we’re done in Mahogany?”

Kiyu and Tracey nodded

“Sure” was their answer

Kim sighed. They didn’t seem to optimistic. Maybe it was the sudden approach of a group of goons. They didn’t seem to be from the area and were dressed like space men. “We are looking for the Trainer known as Kiyu Lancer” Kiyu flinched. He recognised the group. He stepped forward and took the offensive

“So, what’re team Galactic doing in Johto?”

A grunt stepped forward, a long scar running down the centre of his face

“We are here looking for Deoxys! We must find this Pokemon!”

Kiyu sighed

“Deoxys? Wrong region boys. And girl. Deoxys hasn’t been seen for a good number of months. Now get out of our way.”

The Galactic grunts stepped aside while Kim, Kiyu and Tracey continued to Mahogany town.

Kim, Kiyu and Tracey walked past the Gym and past a police officer. Kim’s eyes shone momentarily. She saw through that terrible disguise. Haunter had “trained” her. Her companions all stopped. “What’s up?” Kim asked Kiyu

“There’s a Gym here. I wanna go take a look-in. I heard Mahogany’s Gym leader is more skilled than Claire of Blackthorn.”

Kim sighed. “We can’t afford anymore delays!”

“You guys go ahead then. I’ll probably be here still. If not, I’ll be in the Pokemon centre.”

Kim nodded and dragged Tracey towards lake of rage. Kiyu walked towards the Gym and opened the door. A wave of heat pushed him back as he watched a blistering battle between a Quilava and a Ninetails. He nodded as he saw the Ninetails Fire spin attack and quickly noted three different ways to escape that the Quilava could have used. The Quilava used none of them, digging its way out of the attack. Kiyu smiled as he sat down In a shadowy corner and waited for the battle to end.

July 22nd, 2008, 12:54 AM
(Please dont forget, to read this properly, you have to read "A Guilt Conscience" as well =D thanx)
Kim and Tracey were sprinting hard towards the Ice Cave. Kim swore loudly as a Rapidash flew over head via Bounce. “Kiyu’s up there! Static, can you carry us both?!” Static stopped ahead of them and howled loudly, signaling his readiness. “Tracey! On Static’s back! NOW!!” Kim leapt onto Static’s back while Tracey pulled out an Ultra ball.

“Don’t worry Kim. Got my own! Go, Arcanine!” The Pokémon burst gracefully from its pokeball and crouched down. Tracey leapt onto its back and turned to Kim “Where to?!”

Kim pointed in the direction of Blackthorn City “Up ‘n’ over!!” Static howled loudly, as did Arcanine. Static took the lead, leaping up the rock face with little trouble, while Arcanine used extreme speed to run up the almost vertical cliff wall.

Kiyu swore. Johnny had disappeared from his view and all the running people looked the same. This was becoming a mess. He had to find Johnny. Unfortunately, none of his Pokémon were good for finding. Destroying, no problem at all. Eldarain, Voltage, Snitch. All three of them, useless for finding.
“Hey!! LEMME GO!!”
That sounded like Johnny and Kiyu was right. Someone from team Galactic had grabbed him by the collar. “Where is Lancer?!” The Goon shouted at him. Kiyu grinned, he recognized this goon as Alicia, his Ex-girlfriend of three years.

“Still picking on kids younger than you I see” Kiyu said; a large grin on his face.

Alicia turned around and threw a pokeball at Kiyu. “That’s yours, I believe.”

Kiyu recognized the pokeball as his search and rescue Pokémon, Forever. Forever was a rather large and nearly always grumpy Aerodactyl. Although he had a grumpy streak (taking Kiyu’s left thumb off, breaking his arm, chewing on his head when trying to think) he had brilliant eyes. Plus, he could smell good wagashi from a mile away. “Thanks Ali…cia?”
He had a quick look around for Alicia, but she had disappeared. ‘Hmhm…still a troublesome girl…’ Kiyu thought to himself. Then he remembered he was meant to be looking after Johnny “Forever!! Time to do what you do best!!”

Forever burst from his pokeball and started gnawing on Kiyu’s head. “Not that!! Gerrof ME!! Start flying dum-dum!!” Leaping on Forever’s back, Kiyu started looking for Johnny, who was holding onto Forever’s tail. “Oh, Johnny! There you are! Up you come!” Kiyu grabbed Johnny’s hand and yanked him up onto Forever’s back.

Static was exhausted. He lay on the floor, panting heavily, the climb had half killed him. “Static, in you go” Static returned to his pokeball as Kim sat on the rocky ground. Tracey’s Arcanine was worn out as well. They were stuck on top of the Ice cave and couldn’t get down. “Aw…this sucks!” Kim felt tears come to her eyes. She really was useless. She couldn’t help her father’s friend, Claire. She couldn’t find the Mauville Kid and she couldn’t even help herself. “Sniff…sniff…HELP!!” Kim screamed as loud as she could. Maybe Kiyu or the Mauville kid would hear her and come help. But she doubted it. A loud screech came from above and Kim looked up at the Pokémon. “No way…” the flying Pokémon landed next to her and gave a quiet squawk of happiness. It was her fathers flying Pokémon, known to her as Twinkie. Its real name was a mystery, as it only understood German, her father’s first language. Twinkie was a Fearow, a plain, boring Fearow with no special abilities, no super powers and no real cares in the world. But it understood German, which Kim thought was cool. And it always knew what Kim was on about. Twinkie had escaped his great ball when her father had been killed in the gym battle with Giovanni and took to the air, searching for her father’s “Heir” and lo-and-behold, he had found her. “Twinkie! Come back to me!” Twinkie squawked quietly and allowed the red light to take him into an ultra ball. She then threw the Ultra ball and released Twinkie. “Twinkie! Take me” She pointed to herself “And my friend” She pointed to Tracey “To That city!” She pointed to Blackthorn. Twinkie Screamed loudly and Kim got on his back. Twinkie took off, but hovered at shoulder height. He floated over to Tracey and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Tracey! Run off the cliff!” Kim shouted at him.
“Arcanine, return!” Tracey returned his Arcanine, then ran for the cliff edge. Twinkie flapped his wings hard and managed to take off, but it was a bit sloppy. Twinkie opened his wings to there widest and proceeded to glide down to Blackthorn.
All the citizens of Blackthorn had escaped the carnage of team rocket, so Kiyu told Forever to take them to the dragon’s den. He wanted to check on Jake.

Jake had been backed into a corner by Mercury. He had been wrong about Mercury and was starting to regret starting this fight. Mercury had lethal aim and liked to attack pressure points. Jake couldn’t feel his right arm or his right leg. His Pokémon were busy taking on the dragons, so he couldn’t get a cheap shot in. “Mauville kid, you are such an annoyance. I can’t believe that I, Mercury, get to put you out of your misery. You can join your parents!!” He knew of his father, but of his mother he knew very little. But he could do nothing about it. He was staring into the face of death. He hoped Kiyu would reach him. Or those mystery people. He didn’t care who right now.

May 22nd, 2009, 12:08 AM
Morning, Evening, Afternoon, Whatever =D Sorry for the HUGE gap guys!!

The Heir To Chaos, Chapter Seven

Kim and Tracey landed with heavy thuds. Blackthorn was a mess, the pokemart and pokecenter were half wrecked, most of the houses were little more than piles of charred wood and rock. They made a bee-line for dragon cave, where Claire would most definitely be. But no sign of the Mauville kid. Or “That guy”. Kim sighed heavily, it seemed like she would never meet him again. She got to the Gym (which had a big hole) and saw the entrance to dragons cave. Or what was left of it

“Aw nuts…Twinkie, return”
“Kim, is that dragons den?”
“Yeah…it’s just a lil bit…broke…”

She got to the large pond that separated the cave from blackthorn and quivered in fear. She hadn’t really noticed on the boat, but the water really was scary. Kim couldn’t swim an inch. She was afraid of paddling, because she knew you could drown in ankle high water. She shivered and Tracey noticed her obvious fear.

“Lapras, Come out!”

Tracey’s Lapras, a gift from a friend, appeared in the water and happily slapped her flippers together.

“Kim, come on.”

Tracey jumped on to his Lapras then held out his hand for Kim. She reluctantly took the hand, her fear of water trying desperately to hold her back. She sat down behind Tracey and held on tight.

The swim took less than a few seconds, but Kim was more than happy to get off of the Lapras. She rushed inside the dragon’s den while telling Tracey to stay put. She slid down the ladder and entered the main cave. A quick look around told her things were worse than usual. Claire was tied up, some weird guy in a Team Rocket outfit was beating up (or trying to beat up) a teenager and…wait…what?
Kim gave it another look. There, clear as day, on the Rocket members back, was the boy her and her father had helped those years ago! It had to be him, She recognised the hair colour and, although it was hard to see with all his movement, the scar on his left shoulder, a sort of trophy to his survival.

“Static, Let’s Party!! Chomp, Dinner time!!” Static and Chomp burst from their pokeballs and landed in front of Kim happily.
“That kid needs us boys!! Let’s do this!” Static sprinted round the lake meet the dragon Pokémon while chomp started eating the cave.


Suddenly, Chomp started to gleam a violent white. He was evolving! Chomp roared happily as a large, stone grey cocoon formed around his body, shielding him and helping him prepare for his next evolution.

“PUPITAR!” Chomp roared. He hopped around the lake to aid Static and the Mauville Kids Pokémon.

“Static! Point blank Zap Cannon!! Chomp! Use Crunch attack!”

Static shot two dragons down with Zap Cannon, but was knocked away by a third. Chomp was gnawing on a fourth dragon’s tail when it flicked him off and into the cave wall. The cave shook violently and Kim staggered slightly, losing her balance. The Rocket saw this as his chance and threw off Jake, who managed to get a foot in his face.

“Take another step and the girl gets it!!”

He shouted as he held a knife to Kim’s throat, blood streaming from his nose. Kim screamed in fear and began to cry. This guy was serious! She felt the cold steel bite into her throat and instantly shut up, just in case.
Kiyu sighed heavily as he, Forever and Johnny attempted to get to dragons den. Unfortunately, a large number of Skarmorys had decided to block them.

“Y’know, I REALLY don’t have time for this rubbish…”

The Skarmorys crowed angrily at Forever, who was busy sniffing the air.

“Forever, Flamethrower!”

Forever screeched loudly and took a deep breath. He exhaled with a roar and dark flames were shot at the Skarmorys. The Skarmorys scattered, the heat of the attack to much for them.

“Lancer! We need to find Jake!”
“I know. Where would he be?”
“He said something about dragons den…”
“Forever, Dragons den, if you please”

Forever screeched unhappily, but did as he was told. He soared over to the gym (Johnny covered his face) and landed them at the dens entrance.

“Forever, come back”

Forever gave an odd, but happy squeak and returned to his pokeball.

“Let’s move on Johnny.”

Johnny nodded, his face pale and sweaty

“Are you alright?”
“Don’t…think so…”

Johnny slumped to his knees and vomited


Kiyu recognised the symptoms. Pale, sweaty face, green vomit and the inability to speak properly. This was one of the many Venomoth poisons. But there hadn’t been a Venomoth anywhere in Blackthorn…then he noticed the dart in Johnny’s calf muscle. He punished himself mentally, Jake would be most displeased…

“Forever, we have an emergency.”

Forever burst out of his ball and chewed on Kiyu’s head angrily

“Forever!! This is serious!! STOP IT!!!!”

Forever stopped and took a couple of steps back.

“Take Johnny to the Goldenrod Pokecenter. When nurse Joy sees you, she’ll know who sent you, ‘kay?”
Forever nodded

“Good.” Kiyu helped Johnny onto Forever’s back. “Fast, but careful. If he starts slipping, grab him. Talons or teeth, I don’t care, jus’ be careful. Now GO!!!”

Forever leapt into the air and beat his wings heavily. He was faster than most Pidgeots, he wasn’t going to fail now!!


Kiyu slid down the ladder and entered the main cave

“Hello, Kanto Champ!!”

Kiyu looked around and saw Kim with a knife to her throat.

“Or should I say…Rocket member Pluto?”

Jake and Kim looked at Kiyu, horror etched into their faces.

“That was a long time ago, Mercury. My dearest friend, Eldarain, snapped me out of it a long time ago. Pluto is no more. Release the girl and I won’t release Eldarain.”
“Sorry Pluto, but I can’t do that”
“Then you leave me no choice. Eldarain, let’s go”

Eldarain burst out of its pokeball and gave a fierce battle cry, his eyes as mad as ever, his right arm twitching uncontrollably as usual.

“Last chance, mercury”
“Dammit…Hope your friend can swim, Pluto!!”

Mercury threw Kim into the lake and laughed loudly.


Kiyu tried to dive in after her, but Eldarain blocked his path, a bladed arm preventing him from moving any further. Mercury had a gun in his hand, pointed at Kiyu.

“Grr…You coward, Mercury…”
“Save her then die, or let her die and live. Or join us again and save her. Your choice.”

Kiyu stared at the ripples left by Kim. He only had one choice, really.

“First option”

He tried to dive in, but was shot before he got a chance to move. The first shot was at his left knee and he collapsed with a roar of anger.

“Try it again, and it’ll be your face.”
“Grraaah!!! KIM!!!”