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DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 8th, 2008, 3:37 PM
I'm kinda new at making RPGS...But I will try!

The Secret of the Dark

Once Upon a time....
The World of Pokemon was being finished by Arcuris and Mew.They decided to have the 3 elements of life.Life itself,Light,and Darkness,Each thing made had all inside it,but then once the darkness grew it shrouded the light of the world.

They saw the trouble that wad forming and brewing so they decided to create creatures of elements,much like themselves,to help keep piece in the world.Then became the Legends,each made in a seperate location for them.Of course some of Mew and Arcuris's Idea's were argued over and condriticed each other to a maximum point.

Most of the legends faught each other.Only a few in great power stopped and tried to conquer the fighters.As the Legends arose to a war,they created armies.These armies were of Pokemon created for Purposes.

As the war went on,the Legends that faught grew weak,most were sealed in places of the world few would go to.These places were guarded by the Legends of Powers.Arcirus grew weak after thery got sealed and gave his power to others in case of emergencies and sealed himself up until the day darkness arose came again...

The armies created were set free,but soon people got the upper hand and started to use and capture them.Most to a reasonable amount,but those with true darkness were evil,they went as far as to kill them for sport.These People were strong and had been faught,they banned together and hid in with the crowd...now they only can depend on their posterity for millemiuns to take their place....

Now years later almost all forgot about this legend besides in fantasies.Most Legends had been freed besides those that would destroy,even more Legends were created by those with the power.But one day another was created..to be the strongest...He wasn't created like the rest and wasn't suppose to be..He was made by the darkness so he was part of the evil...but was trained to the light.So the legends saw all and any could be trained into the light,but only under circumstances if that person was strong in heart and wanted to be good....

Rules and sign up sheets
Not to many rules but I gotta have some
1.No picking Legendaries as Pokemon(Under Circumstances if requested they could be-friend one but I must approve)
2.Each Pokemon may have up to 15,naturaly learned moves(Normal,Egg,and HM/TM)
3.No Flaming/Being mean
4.All PokeCommunity rules
5.Since each trainer is gonna be(must unless given prommision)aroun 10 to- 14 not to graphic romance just huggy kissy,But not past making out.
6.Maturish stuff aloud till about age 15(of course bad magazines are aloud as long as you don't say whats in them or mention them by name just say "Another Magazine" for those types and "The/A Magazine" for the regular kind
7.I did not steal this!
8.i have the right to decline anything
9.No Quoting first Post/Long ones
10.Have Fun

Now time for the Sign Ups

Appearence(Pics accepted but need atleast 2 lines of text with picture other wise about a Paragraph and a half to 3.):
Pokemon(What Pokemon(up to 3 at first[These are considered you mains]then add after these 3 are introduced for a while),Nicknames,Genders,Shiny or not Shiny(don't go overboard):
Personalities and Minor history with it's trainer/Owner(Aka You)for your main 3(extra not needed):
Any abnormaities for the Pokemon(Clothes and appearence and powers(nothing like an electric Treeko)count):
Pokemon's Moves(Just for the main 3 and Add more later):
Evil,Good,or Neutral:
RPG Expierence(Write a short story to show how good you are):
Extra(anything else):

Stuff like History and Personality should be about the same as the appearence without a picture(Except for the Pokemon)...
Now for Jasons...

Name:Jason G. Spectral
Age:12 1/4 1/4
Clothes:Jeans,Blue Jacket with sleeves up to elbows over a white shirt with a Yellow star on it and the green collar
Appearence:He has Spiky red hair,and is white,He has a tatooish Birthmarks from being the Prince of Darkness
Pjs:Just a pair of Boxers or Sweatpants with a night shirt
Pokemon:Umbreon 8(Clone)(Name:Todd Gender:Male Shiny:No) Crobat(Name:Batgirl Gender:Female Shiny:No) Quagsire(Name:Wubbster Jr. Gender:Male Shiny:No)
Personalities for your main 3:Todd He is a clone of Jason's Eevee starter,he evolved one night after finally seeing the bond they had,Jason wanted an Espeon but now loves Umbreon.This Pokemon has memories it doesn't remember having,from the past Eevee,it likes to have fun and in very inteligiant
Batgirl:Orignaly caught just to caught just to use the HM fly,it evolved into a Golbat after battling in a cave when all of Jason's other Pokemon fainted and he got lost,and Evolved with friendship in one of the biggest battles of Jason's life,Jason then saw how awesome and strong it truely was,and let it be a big member.She is smart and cunning,if in trouble she can get Jason out of it.
Wubbster Jr.:Just caught as a Whooper because that was one of the first Jason saw,he named it after another Whooper he ad recieced from a friend as a gift and gave back after he trained it.Jason taught it mainly HM's after he couldn't get home/back to his current place of residents and needed help to get back from the rock like forest.He also likes to be cute and he likes/loves to show affection by hugs and hi-fives
Any abnormaities for the Pokemon:None Except,Wubbster Jr. acts like a rapper at times
Pokemon's Moves:Todd:Pursuite,Tailwhip,Helping hand,Sand attack,Faint attack,Quick attack,Last resort,ShadowBall,Iron Tail,and Dark Pulse
Batgirl:Fly,Wing attack,Bite,Supersonic,Air Cutter,Defog,Roost,Astonish,and Confuse Ray
Wubster Jr.:Mudsport,Focus Punch,Dig,Brick Break,Surf,Strength.Rocksmash,Rain Dance,Rest,Secret Power,and Rocktomb
Hometown:Cinnabar Island(Born) Cerulean City(raised)
History:He can't really remember most of his childhood,his parents were killed as of when he was young,and he remembers men in black clothes taking him to a lab.Then he one day awoke only remembing his basics like his age and names.
Personality:He acts mental at times,but is very smart.Gets arresive if teased to much,kinda pervish,but not like rape kind.He can be tough and acts,but it's inside so he is really a scaredy cat,he is very annoying and is very guilable and has no common sense(or at least little),he also hopes to be a great trainer like his dad(which is all he remembers about his parents except they were very sweat and kind)
Extra(anything else):Jason and Misty have an off and On relation ship,but it is gonna be there for a while.Misty just gets jeasouse when Jason looks at girls in a certain way.

Also If some people would,I have a few characters I am willing to play as but I would like others to (PM me if you want to be them)
Sheen:Evil-Jason's evil twin/clone
and some may be Pokemon like Mewtwo or a legend but I will put those out when the time comes(All but Misty appear after the adventure really starts out,So you can have your own charie and one of them)
We will start when we have 5-7 Members(At least 3 guys besides me and 2 girls(at a minumun))

Cynic Kaka
May 13th, 2008, 7:07 AM
Name: Seth
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Clothes: Icy Blue Hoody with a Glaceon on it. wears no pants , his pants are flame-coated.
Appearence(Pics accepted but need atleast 2 lines of text with picture other wise about a Paragraph and a half to 3.): What?! Ok...Um...Black Hair with Blue Streaks, same size as May, white. He has a snowflake birthmark, compliments of being the Ice Prince.
Pjs: Same as Clothes.
Pokemon: Nicknames,Genders,Shiny or not Shiny(don't go overboard): Eevee, a.k.a Slash Female, Shiny. Torchic, name: Inferno Not Shiny Articuno: (rarely used in battle) Freeze, Female (:D) Shiny.
Personalities and Minor history with it's trainer/Owner(Aka You)for your main 3: His Articuno was his dad's before he died. Slash was found in a cave, cornered by Zangoose. Articuno made short work of them, and the two of them are close pals. Torchic is his starter.
Any abnormaities for the Pokemon: Torchic can Talk, Torchic wears a hat that was upgraded to be flaming. Eevee can also talk, but barely does so. Eevee wears a Top Hat, and wears an Ice Necklace. Articuno is an infant, and refuses to go in it's Pokeball. Eevee always sits on his shoulder, and Torchic sits on his head.
Pokemon's Moves: Freeze: Powder Snow, Gust, Anceint Power, and Tailwind. Slash: Shadow Ball, Dig, Ice Beam, and Iron Tail. Inferno: Tackle, Flamethrower, Peck, and Focus Energy
Evil,Good,or Neutral: Evil
Hometown: Petalburg City
History: He is the prince of Ice, and has the power to control Ice. He and May are going out, and their Torchics seem to be in love as well.
Personality: Modest, Cool, and Awesome
RPG Expierence(Write a short story to show how good you are): None :( But I can learn as I go!
Also: Coordinator Coupled with May

May 13th, 2008, 10:21 AM


Clothes:Same suit as Wes from pkmn colosseum (guy in my trainer card) just black instead of blue with Red and Goldish flames on the tail of it , Black pants with goldish red flames at the bottom, Black and Red bike glove on his left hand (meaning half finger gloves instead of full fingered), Plain Red shirt and Red and Black low cut shoes

Appearence(Pics accepted but need atleast 2 lines of text with picture other wise about a Paragraph and a half to 3.): Ezekiel is a Slim trainer, he is 5 feet 11 inchs tall he has medium length black hair with slight and piercing grey eyes that seem to stare deeply into yours when he gazes at you. He has a minor scar on his left hand down his arm in the length of a Nidokings horn, reminding him daily what his fathers betrayal has done. He covers the scar with the glove and coat he wears.

Pjs: Just boxers a shirt and basketball type shorts (same color scheme as outfit)

Pokemon(What Pokemon(up to 3 at first[These are considered you mains]then add after these 3 are introduced for a while),Nicknames,Genders,Shiny or not Shiny(don't go overboard):Tori, Ruby and Dante

Zangoose lvl. 38
Nickname Dante
Gender: Male
Shiny: only shiny he will ever have

Plusle lvl. 30
Nickname Ruby
Gender: Female
Shiny: NO

Minun lvl. 30
Nickname Tori
Gender: Female
Shiny: No

Personalities and Minor history with it's trainer/Owner(Aka You)for your main 3(extra not needed):
Dante: Dante is Ezekiels first pokemon. He received the zangoose as a gift from his father who had bred HIS personal zangoose in the attempt to make an even stronger one for his father to train. Unhappy with the color and adamant attitude of Dante, Ezekiels father threw the baby zangoose at Ezekiel and said it was his to train. Dante served as a companion to Ezekiel until he was old enough to become a trainer.
Dante has a very Adamant personality and shares emotions with Ezekiel. He HATES pokeballs and will only go inside one if it is a do or die type situation.

Ruby & Tori: Ruby and Tori were Ezekiels sisters pokemon. Following the betrayal of Ezekiels father and death of his sister, Ezekiel decided to take Ruby and Tori with him that way they would not become lonely at home. They are both very playful. Ruby is the more serious one of the two, Tori tends to be the more happy go lucky kind. They share almost the same bond with Ezekiel as Dante does due to the grief of their deceased trainer. They dont like to fight when seperated and if they do one is always on the sidelines cheering for her companion

Any abnormaities for the Pokemon(Clothes and appearence and powers(nothing like an electric Treeko)count):
Dante: Can tell what Ezekiel is thinking and fights acting upon Ezekiels feelings most of time. He has a deep seated bond with Ezekiel and doesnt need to be told what attacks to use because he already knows what Ezekiel is going to tell him to use.

Ruby&Tori: Ruby has a small red flower pedal between her left ear and Tori has a tiny blue star under her right eye. Ruby knows how to say sorry in human language and tori knows how to say NO!!! very loud in human language.

Pokemon's Moves(Just for the main 3 and Add more later):
Dante: Crush Claw, Slash, X-scizzor, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Metal Claw, Night Slash, Counter, and Brick Break

Ruby&Tori: Spark, Helping Hand, Thunder, Charge
Ruby only: Wish and Last Resort
Tori only: Sing and Trump Card

Evil,Good,or Neutral: Neutral but mainly out to seek revenge. Willing to make friends but doesnt want anyone standing in the way of his goal.
Hometown: just outside LavaRidge city.
History: Ezekiels mother died when he was very young. His father was a shady man and his sister was barely ever home considering she was already 12 and on her road to becoming a pokemon trainer. Ezekiel was often left at home alone with only Dante, his zangoose, to accompany him. When Ezekiel was just about to turn 10 a tragedy happened His sister had just come back home from her journey to Sinnoh and was about to head to Johto and his father had "other things planned". 2 days before his sister left a group of 5 unknown syndicate members came looking for Ezekiels father. Ezekiel said he had no idea where his father was and in turn things became ugly. They tore apart the house, Pulverized his zangoose and his sisters little mice with their Nidokings and Rhydons. When theyre demands still werent met, They sent a Nidoking after Ezekiel and told it to use Poison sting. Ezekiels sister stepped inbetween him and the Nidoking in attempt to save him, failing. His sister dropped to the floor motionless, and he has gotten a gash from his left hand all the way up left arm. They left, leaving Ezekiel and the others for dead. Ezekiel laying on the floor then realized what his father had planned and swore from that day on to get revenge, not only for himself but for his sister as well.

Personality:Ezekiel is a quiet person and often keeps to himself, dazing off in reminisence of his past. He rarely speaks unless he needs to or unless he feels comfortable around the people he is with. The most important value to him is Companionship and loyalty. He seeks revenge on his father for the destruction of his family. He can be very Adamant and Controlling at times but its for good reason usually. When in a talkative mood he can be very social. It all depends on the company. He has kind of a twisted sense of humor and When battling is very...Dark you can say..as if he is imagining the person he is battling is his own father. He is secretly terrified of Nidokings (for obvious reasons)

RPG Expierence(Write a short story to show how good you are): this is the first rpg im trying actually^.^
Extra(anything else): Not neccessarily looking for a "relationship" with other characters in rpg but is willing to have one anything goes for me..might make the character and gameplay a little more fun who knows.

May 13th, 2008, 11:57 AM
I'd like to reserve a spot.

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 13th, 2008, 12:03 PM
You are both accepted,I am gonna say no story needed after the rest was so neatly written,and bkzasazin you can be Fifteen so you can be the one of the oldest members of the group Jason is in,Because 14 is a bit close for a leader and 16 seems to old,and Yes Narutard,you can have a reserved spot...

May 13th, 2008, 12:08 PM
You are both accepted,I am gonna say no story needed after the rest was so neatly written,and bkzasazin you can be Fifteen so you can be the one of the oldest members of the group Jason is in,Because 14 is a bit close for a leader and 16 seems to old,and Yes Narutard,you can have a reserved spot...

sweet thanks man =] how many more people are we waiting on?

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 13th, 2008, 12:11 PM
When we have about 3 guys(at least,which we do) and 2 girls,but if we don't get enough people by Friday I will start then,

May 13th, 2008, 12:17 PM
alright no problem cant wait! seems like its gonna be fun

Cynic Kaka
May 13th, 2008, 12:22 PM
Hey, gir FTW!

So wait, I'm the leader?

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 13th, 2008, 2:52 PM
Well You said your evil,so it depends on what kind If your part of Team Rocket,your gang possibley,but I will need to see other recruits first,but if just a thug then I guess of your group,So possibley Yes or No depending on where you want to be in the vil line(Questions on it go to the thread of the RPG Lounge)

Cynic Kaka
May 13th, 2008, 3:01 PM

well...I wanna start!

The Mega Champion
May 13th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Hmm... interesting. I'll post my info, but, it's honestly a little weird. Just consider it, okay? I used this for a past RP, but it cancelled, so, I took the rights back. *shrugs*

Name: Brian Yzerman

Age: 15 (I'd like to be 17 if possible, but if not, 15 is fine with me)

Gender: Male

Clothes: He has a red long-sleeved shirt on with a black vest over that. He rolls up his shirt to his elbows when he’s about to battle or fight, though. He has dark blue jeans on with black shoes on. He has a red backpack with which he carries his items. It has a Detroit Red Wings logo on the front of the backpack. He also carries a black case around with him that has a hockey stick and hockey pucks inside. He really only carried it with him in case something bad or stupid happened or he was left without his pokemon.
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes and white skin. Hair goes to his neck. Has a couple of bruises from playing hockey in some places on his body.

Pokemon: (here's the problem. You didn't say if we could or could not have fully evolved Pokemon. Here's mine, but, if you want me to make them first stages or whatever, I will)

Typhlosion (Lv. 38, Nickname: None (they don't HAVE to have a nickname, right? I'm BAD at nicknames...) Gender: Male, Shiny: No

Meganium (Lv. 35, Nickname: None, Gender: Female, Shiny: No)

Vaporeon (Lv. 32, Nickname: None, Gender: Female, Shiny: No)

Personality and Minor History:

Typhlosion: Likes Brian and supports him all the way. Is like him though, secluded. He completely trusts Brian. As I said before, he caught it as a Cyndaquil, and trained it to this point(again, I can edit this if you need me to)

Meganium: Found a Chikorita in Johto and was the first pokemon Brian caught with his Cyndaquil. Is more friendly and is always concerned about Brian whenever he decides to do something. She makes sure that Brian is alright before going anywhere else. Brian trained it to this point as well.

Vaporeon: Caught in this form in Hoenn with his Meganium. Keeps an eye on the surroundings whenever Brian rests after going through a place or whatever. Makes sure nothing is going on that will harm Brian. Makes sure that Brian stays serious when he needs to be. Always immediately informs Brian of whatever is going on around them.

Pokemon abnormalities: Brian can understand his pokemon since they're so close, but his actual pokemon don't have any (yet. He may catch some pokemon with them later, though [with your permission of course])

Pokemon Moves:

Typhlosion: Tackle, Strength, Ember, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift, Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Rollout, Double-Edge, Eruption. (I don't have to have EXACTLY 15, right? ^_^' )

Meganium: Tackle, Cut, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Synthesis, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, Body Slam, Safeguard, Solarbeam.

Vaporeon: Tackle, Water Gun, Quick Attack, Bite, Aurora Beam, Last Resort, Hydro Pump, Surf.

Evil, Good, or Neutral: Neutral (distrusts Gods and Legends; can be convinced to join either side. That's if he'll allow you to......)

Hometown: Vermilion City (born AND raised)

History: Son of the great Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings. He was brought up liking, and playing hockey. Everyone, or at least a lot of people, expected great things of him and to be just as great of a hockey player as his dad and to play for the Detroit Red Wings and maybe even help the Red Wings win another Stanley Cup Championship. Until one day he found, and caught, a Cyndaquil. Then, he had his own dream. To be a great pokemon trainer as well. But, his parents didn’t agree with him and tried to stop him. He didn’t like it, so, he rebelled and ran away. Now, he’s increased in strength as a pokemon trainer. He has no idea what’s going on, but, he’s always distrusted Gods and Legends. Simply because you just don’t know what their intentions are. This just gave him a good reason to keep his hockey stick with him at all times.

Personality: He’s somewhat secluded because everyone has expected better of him and for him to play hockey, and not be a Pokemon trainer. But, he’s nice once you get to know him, and, he’s willing to make friends. He also likes and respects his Pokemon, as well as being friends with his Pokemon.

RPG Experience: Quite a bit, but, most of them were canceled before it ended. I'm starting to think I have a jinx or something....... >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;

Extra: Has a weapon (you've already read about that by now...). I hope that's okay......

P.S.: I know it's a little odd, but, consider it, okay? One more thing. Sometimes..... I'm really busy, so, if you accept this, I may have problems actually RPing, but, I'll try my best. You may need to contact me via PM or IM (I have AIM, check my info to see what it is) if I stop RPing for some reason and remind me of it because of how busy I sometimes am. Just thought I should tell you. Once again, consider it, I know it's weird. I can edit it if you need me to. Just tell me. I hope to be accepted. Thanks. I'm out. See ya.

*leaves as I listen to cool Japanese music*

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 13th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Your accepted but if you don't ro within a Week and a half after a reminder or two,Your gonna have to get out,and Sorry but you gotta be 15 the only acceptions if it is for a good reason,Like someone wanting to be 25 to be an awesome Rocket Class A+,But I don't think I'm gonna get many of them,and Yeah those pokemon are fine except your Pokemon can't be in their 50's The highest unless for the reasons such as above about Level 36 to 38 as the highest,other than that your 100% OK!...

The Mega Champion
May 13th, 2008, 5:08 PM
^^^Understood. Like I said before, I will try my best.

*changes information*

May 13th, 2008, 6:21 PM
Could I finish this later?

Name: Alex Fendetta

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Clothes: He normally wears rubber-bands on his wrists. He wears long jeans with holes in them around his knees and down. He wears a white shirt with signatures of different Pokemon Gym Leaders all over it. But he wears a Green, White, and Black sweatshirt that's striped. The order of it is Green, White, Green, White, Black, Green, White, Green, White, and Black. The cuffs on the end are Green. He wears three different belts. One goes through the belt loops. The other two cross in an X going form his hips to his thighs. The belt loop one is Black the one that his Pokeballs ((Which are never in use.)) are on is on his White and the other Green.

Appearence: Alex is interested in Ireland so he wears mostly green and white color. He normally wears his white hair covering his eyes and ears. He's got a fair complexion with white black eyes. He normally wears rubber-bands on his wrists. He wears long jeans with holes in them around his knees and down. He wears a white shirt with signatures of different American and Irish bands all over it. But he wears a Green, White, and Black sweatshirt that's striped. The order of it is Green, White, Green, White, Black, Green, White, Green, White, and Black. The cuffs on the end are Green. He wears three different belts. One goes through the belt loops. The other two cross in an X going form his hips to his thighs. The belt loop one is Black the one that his Beyblade is on is White and the other Green.

((Is it fine if Alex is interested in Ireland from reading books on our world?))

Pjs: Striped Green, Black, and White pants and shirt.


Umbreon: Level: 30. Nickname: No. Gender: Male. Shiny: No.

Espion: Level: 30. Nickname: No. Gender: Female. Shiny: No.

Dragonair: Level: 28. Nickname: No. Gender: Male. Shiny: No.

Any abnormaities for the Pokemon: Umbreon is able to read minds and talks through telepathic messages. Espion has the same ability but she is more affectionate to Umbreon then he is to her. Dragonair is a depressed feeling pokemon but refuses to come out of his pokeball.

Pokemon's Moves:




Evil,Good,or Neutral: Neutral

Hometown: Petalburg City



RPG Expierence: I can demonstrate as I go along with the RP. ((IF that's fine.))

Also: None

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 14th, 2008, 2:41 AM
Yeah,So far your accepted,and your and My Umbreon are alike,and Yeah he can love Ireland,cause it may exist somewhere on one of the Regions after all New York and Las Vegas are in Kanto...

Cynic Kaka
May 14th, 2008, 2:55 AM
Viva Las Vegas :D

We need more wenches females to play..

Amplified Ampharos
May 14th, 2008, 3:12 AM
Name : Tommy
Age : 4
Clothes: Blue Shirt Blue Pants And White Hat
Personality: Short Blond Hair Blue Eyes Fast Happy
Hometown : Fortree City
Pokemon : Dragonite(Strangler) Shiny No and Ninetales(Frisky) Shiny yes

May 14th, 2008, 8:58 AM
you wouldn't mind terribly if a new kid to this site joins would you? I've only roleplayed pokemon oh say... once >_> but i have a renewed love for them because of one of my friends. and may i use a human from earth/human/our world that somehow ended up in the pokemon world? At this point in his development as a char he's been in the pokemon world for a few years.

here's my bio:

Name: Jamie Lonel
Age: 15, going on 16
Gender: Male
Clothes: He wears somewhat tight, black jeans and a long sleeved black shirt.
Appearance: His hair is short and dyed blonde, brushed towards the front. He keeps forgetting to dye it, so the roots are brown. His eyes are a pale blue and he has a well toned body, though he has a couple scars.
Pjs: When he's sleeping in a house by himself, he just wears a pair of boxers, but when he's sleeping outside or in a room with other people he wears long shorts and a shirt.
Nickname: Lea
Gender: Female
Shiny: No

Nickname: Chaz
Gender: Male
Shiny: Yes

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Shiny: No
Personalities and Minor history with it's trainer/Owner(Aka You)for your main 3:
Lea is a hyper little Eevee that Jamie caught while on his way into a town to get his then Charmander healed up, she's a spunky little thing that's quick on her feet.
Chaz, although a starter pokemon, is not Jamie's starter. He found Jamie when the boy first came to the pokemon world, and stuck around as just a friend then when Jamie decided to become a trainer, Chaz became his first pokemon.(If that's alright)
When Chaz and Jamie found Vulpix, it was being attacked by a much larger Rhydon. The Rhydon's trainer kept ruthlessly ordering attacks, even though the little Vulpix didn’t even have the strength to stand. Jamie and Chaz stepped in and took the Vulpix to a pokemon hospital and they’ve been friends ever since
Any abnormaities for the Pokemon: Chaz carries around Jamie’s back pack, and likes shiny/sparkly things, and the Vulpix has a bandana around her neck
Pokemon's Moves(Just for the main 3 and Add more later):
Lea: Tackle, Sand Attack, Quick Attack
Chaz: Flamethrower, Rage, Wing Attack
Vulpix: Ember, Fire Spin, Roar
Evil,Good,or Neutral: Good
Hometown: N/A
History: He was born in a world of people and animals, but through some freak accident ended up in the pokemon world. He’s actually forgotten a lot of what his life back home was, and has adjusted pretty well to the way of the pokemon world. There are some things he misses and remembers, but loves his new life.
Personality: Usually quiet, but’ll carry on a conversation if you start one with him. He’s the type that can’t stand back and watch someone get hurt, people, pokemon or animal, and will usually throw himself in rather then remember he has pokemon and use their help. He’s got a few signs to show his stupidity, but is just a shy boy in general.
RPG Experience: (you asked for it) Salvatore sat in his dark red vette, biting his liprings. He was a 20 year old human with vampire parents, what's worse is /religious/ vampire parents. He had run away from home when he was 16, because he was afraid of how they would react to the fact he was gay. Well, they did find out only because his boyfriend made the blunder of trying to call him.
Now he was quite the successful singer, quite well funded and with many fans, but he knew his parents still hated him. Actually he couldn't say that... His mother was fine with his orientation, but his dad... He glanced towards his house again. He sighed and looked back down at the dash.
"Are you sure you wanna do this?" the soft voice of his drummer asked from the back seat.
"Yeah..." Salvatore said, though his teal eyes stayed down.
He took a deep breath and let his left hand move to the door handle. He wore leather fingerless gloves on both hands. He opened the door slowly and stepped out slowly, drawing himself to his full height of 6'5.
He was a different man from the one that had stood there four years ago... Today he wore somewhat tight black jeans and a pyramid studded belt from which hung several chains. His shirt was a dark brown button up whose sleeves had been ripped off to show his tattoos. His tattoos consisted of barbed while that looked like it went in and out of his skin all over his right arm, flames on his left arm and a dragon-winged skull on his back. He had a tribal sun tattooed around his bellybutton, and stitches tattooed above his right brow. His piercings included two rings in each eyebrow, several small rings in his left ear, his lap rings, a nose ring and the small bar in his right nipple.
This was one of the few things he was ever wary about... his parents. He glanced at the black back seat of the car and closed his eyes before looking up at the house on the other side of the road. He looked away again, then retreated back into the car.
"Man, I tho-." the drummer wisely closed his mouth as Salvatore slammed the door shut and turned the car back on. Salvatore stared at the dials on the dash again, then shifted the car into drive and raced off into the night with a screech of tires.(is that too long?)

if any of that is unacceptable i'll change/delete it

May 14th, 2008, 9:56 AM
Sorry for having you wait a day for me...I have declined the spot I have reserved...I will not be joining, sorry for any in convenience.

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 14th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Okkk..BlackOphanium,I'm sorry to say no,most trainers who are of legal age are 10,and You didn't even fill out the form currectly,Jamie(Adiko) your accepted and your great at RPs I see..and Narutard You are out if you wanna be,any Girls wanna join?...

Cynic Kaka
May 14th, 2008, 1:31 PM
lol I can fake RP for two girls

May 14th, 2008, 1:45 PM
Name: Naito Sukai
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Clothing // Appearance: Naito's clothing consists of a black long-sleeved shirt and dark-blue jeans. There is a blue pendant around his neck also. A black belt secures his pants and also holds his Pokeballs, which only two of them are used. Sneakers with white as the primary color and blue as the secondary are worn. His hair is black and reaches down to the neck. Blue, piercing eyes are visible, matching the color of the blue pendant Naito has. The boy is Caucasian, with a pale-ish skin tone. Standing at five feet eight inches inches, the boy is at a decent height for his age. Naito weighs about one-hundred fifteen pounds and manages have a relatively light build.

Pajamas: Often the same as his clothing.
Pokemon: Kirlia, Feraligatr, Riolu. Will update as needed.

Kirlia (F)
Nickname: Maria
Personality: Rather seclusive, Maria prefers to avoid commotion (especially focused on it). However the Kirlia proves it's worth in battle and outside of combat, loyal and protective of Naito. There hasn't been a time since Maria's days as a Ralts she was disobeying to Naito. In addition, the ballerina-Pokemon often gets happy around Naito, just being around him pleases her. The Kirlia often prefers to stay outside of it's Pokeball, and it doesn't matter putting the girl in the capsule. Once inside, Maria can easily break out of it, able to render it unusable in some cases.

History: Naito obtained Maria from his father as a starting Pokemon on his journey.

Pokemon's Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Teleport

Feraligatr (M)
Nickname: Rage
Personality: Rage's name can be founded just from his personality. The is very territorial, and even will threaten to challenge Naito in some instances. Ruthless in battle, Rage often shows no mercy and continues to fight until recalled back to the Pokeball. Just about anything can anger this fellow, who prefers to be the main attraction and avoid being it at the same time.

History: Obtained as a starter from Professor Birch.

Abnormalities: Once the Feraligatr gets into a rage, the only way to calm it down would be to have Maria or Rukia hurl psychic messages at it non-stop.

Pokemon's Moves: Fire Punch, Crunch, Stone Edge, Waterfall

Riolu (F)
Nickname: Rukia
Personality: Rukia is always curious of what is around her, and does her best to investigate. This often leads to trouble, as Rukia is somewhat confident in herself no matter what the situation, and never backs down from a challenge. Rukia may be angered easily, however it is very protective of Naito, like with Maria.

History: Hatched from a Pokemon egg.

Pokemon's Moves: Endure, Force Palm, Counter, Quick-Attack

Good, Evil, Or Neutral: Neutral, mostly it depends on what Maria and Rukia can analyze, as they can sense much more than average Pokemon.
Hometown: Petalburg City

History: Born in Petalburg and currently living there, Naito lived a fairly regular type of life. At the age of twelve he left to become a Pokemon trainer, graduating from a Pokemon Academy. Since he would need a Pokemon to get to Littleroot, in order for Naito to officially register as a Pokemon trainer, his father had found a fairly strong Ralts at a breeding ranch, and bought it. Giving the Pokemon to Naito, the child safely traversed across Route 102, Oldale Town, and Route 101 (and managed to luckily avoid most of the trainer battles), and found his way to Littleroot Town in a hour or two. By this time, most other trainers would of already gotten their official starter, so Naito was stuck with one of the least preferred due to it's Pokedex entries: Totodile.

Heading throughout Hoenn, Naito attempted to conquer the Pokemon league after becoming a registered trainer. This was an easy task at first, due to the team he assembled throughout his journey easily defeating most of the Gym Leaders. Problems started to build up by the time Naito was about to challenge Winowa of Fortree City. Team Magma and Aqua sightings were increasing, and traveling from town to town was becoming much more dangerous. This has been proven multiple times throughout journeys with hostile aggressive Pokemon such as Aggron running rampant.

Losing to Winowa on several occasions, Naito pretty much almost lost hope as a Pokemon Trainer. The added fact of Team Magma being reported in Fortree didn't help, it only made the situation worse. In fact, they ended up attacking Naito and killing all except two of his Pokemon, Maria and Rage whom fought back successfully. Depressed from this, the trainer suspended his gym challenge and left for Petalburg City, trying to recuperate from this. All of his six Pokemon got killed except for Maria or Rage, and they were fatally wounded. For two years, the trainer didn't want to attempt to challenge the Hoenn League until later, and mostly helped out with field research with Birch. So far, Naito is willing to attempt the Gym League again, with Maria, Rage, and an egg he found during field research.

Personality: Naito has a loner-type exterior, and doesn't really want to socialize much with others unless needed. However if you strike up a chat with him, the boy may listen and converse. If not, the trainer won't bother. He's not exactly one to make big speeches, either. Those that can get past his exterior might find a decent friend. Naito isn't exactly one who likes seeing others being hurt, and will throw himself in the line of fire to protect a dear friend.

RPG Experience: Something from a died out RP.

Stuck in the darkness, a young morph appeared to be sitting motionlessly on a mattress. All that was visible of her were red eyes, staring at a steel door leading out of the room she was in. It was confinement, punished for nothing she had really done. But no one cared, well at least for those who somehow owned her. The morph stared, as the dim cell gained light due to the steel door opening. A person in a black outfit, consisting of a black tee with a red R on it, black pants, shoes and cap of the same color. In addition, he had several Pokeballs as well.

"Come on," the grunt said. The morph stood up, her white skirt reaching down on the floor. If she could, she would retaliate. But there was no way to do so, as those whom taken her captive have placed a collar on her neck, rendering any usage of her Pokemon abilities useless. Following the grunt, she and him proceeded throughout a system of complex halls, until reaching a door, not any different from any of the others.

"So yea, you can probably guess, but just another check-up. Sometimes though, I feel a bit sorry for you, as all you're stuck doing is waiting in that cell. However, even if you do escape, you're gonna be a reject to most of society, and even your own family, you know? Just gonna be a hermit all your life, living in a cave or something," the Rocket said to the morph, as she didn't listen. Just something to make her feel better, then he instantly made it worse, reminding her that any chance of escape wouldn't help. All she was were a lab rat.

Knocking on the door, the grunt and she had waited for several more minutes, even though there was no actual way to memorize the time, due to a lack of a clock or any grunt willing to even say a word around her in the entire facility. The steel door slid into the wall, as a scientist with a similar outfit and frameless glasses appeared into view.

"Another check-up from the boss?" the scientist asked, eying the two a bit. Of course he knew the answer. She was one of the most important morphs as she was one of the originals, and they were STILL tampering with her DNA just because things still needed to be perfected. The only thing worthwhile was to turn her completely into a Pokemon or back into a human, so at least something accepted her. It was no use to protest, as any words she would spit at the two would be ignored.

"Yep, he still won't bother letting her do anything around the base, even though every damned Pokemorph in the place has some sort of job around here, except her. They still won't even let her in that project," the grunt replied. Again about the damn project. Supposedly, the Rockets been sending morphs in so the scientists could examine the effects of an artificial world. Through some overheard conversations, the morph even found out it was so the boss could play God for a while in an alternate dimension, even ending up to catch some of the Sinnoh legendaries. Most of the important ones never did hide on Earth anyways, so this would be a chance for him to find some.

Even more annoying, was the fact that the Gardevoir morph wasn't allowed to do anything except some excerise, practicing the abilities she had gained, and to rot in the cell. Some morphs were allowed to roam freely for good behavior, though they also had their powers limited and were confined to only a portion of the base. Still, she was the only one tortured like this. Why? She was the original Pokemorphs, and to the Rockets, she was trash.

The scientist walked out of the doorway, allowing the morph and the grunt to enter. The man was found at a computer, checking up data from some of the hard drives he had inserted.

"Subject Name: Maria Corina, Subject DNA: 282 Gardevoir, yea that's done now so someone doesn't complain when they end up checking my work. Uh... Yea... Mind putting it to sleep again? I got my Pokemon taken away again for skipping that last time..." the scientist said. She was to be put to sleep or paralyzed, for obvious reasons. Blood samples and such had to be taken, and this was only to prevent any struggling. The scientists and medics had some... Inexperience with their own equipment, so it was going to sting. A lot.

"Fine..." the grunt said, disgusted with having to waste energy on calling on one of his most disliked Pokemon. A red and white sphere was tossed to the ground, as a larger sphere of purple, venomous gas appeared from it. Maria knew what was coming up next. Yet, even if she tried to move, she would be punished even more. Anything she did was at a loss, and the grunt and scientist seemed to not care if she got damaged long as it didn't interfere with the work. The Ghastly's eyes glowed a bright blue, as the ghost managed to somehow restrain her with a move called Mean Look (where just by staring at a Pokemon, the victim was trapped for several seconds). The blue eyes turned back to their original color, as the morph felt drowsy and ended up falling onto the marble floor. The Ghastly had done it's job and was called back as Maria fell asleep quickly.

Extra: Naito's time spent with Maria and Rukia allowed him to develop a currently strengthening psychic connection with his Pokemon. This way, he can start to understand their thoughts and telepathic messages better, even to the point of learning from the Pokemon themselves.


Hope you enjoy my sign-up.

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 15th, 2008, 2:42 AM
Ok,Your Accepted,and Erureido I don't think so cause I got special plans for some of the first people that joined,I'll give more detail as we begin to start it.Srsly no one girl wants to play?...

May 15th, 2008, 4:48 AM
ahh 1 more day till it starts! lol

The Mega Champion
May 15th, 2008, 12:46 PM
*relaxes and continues to listen to cool Japanese music as I wait for the RP to start*

P.S.: What? Surprised I'm here? I said I was busy sometimes, not all the time, sheesh....... >_>;;;;;;;;;;;

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 17th, 2008, 1:40 PM
I know that we were suppose to start friday but I had just been inforemed I had other arrangments before Realising today I had this,I will be starting it later tonight....

May 17th, 2008, 6:21 PM
Name: Lucas
Age: 17, if I can't, then I'll be 14.
Gender: M
Clothes: Wears a Long sleeved black slim jacket usually with an up collar. Under his coat he has a green shirt, and his pants are a bluish black color. His shoes are black and have green outlined on various places on them.
Appearance: He has two flat bangs on both sides of his head. His head is a bluish-black color and the back of his hair is usually spiked. He is slim and it around 5'9". He has fair skin and haunting yet charming green eyes.
Pjs: The top is a white button-up shirt with a light blue pokeball on the abdomen and the bottoms are light mixes of blue and white.

Umbreon Lv. 38
No nickname,
Double Team
Baton Pass
Last Resort

Staraptor Lv. 36
No nickname
Brave Bird
Giga Impact
Close Combat

Pupitar Lv. 32
No nickname
Rock Slide
Double Edge

Umbreon is Lucas's first pokemon, being shiny, the infant Eevee became excluded from its fellow species. It wandered off into town where it met Lucas, when he was a caring 5 year old child. He kept it as a kind of refugee and as Lucas became pessimistic and dark, the Eevee changed as well. On a night stroll, Eevee battled a Golbat and evolved to win.

Staraptor is the Starly that Lucas caught when he went out in search of a flying pokemon in order to help him search for more pokemon from above. Using Umbreon, Lucas easily caught the Starly. Staraptor loves to fight and protect Lucas and his allies. The Starly was obviously lost as usual Starly weren't found in the Johto region.

Pupitar is Larvitar that hatched from an egg when the day care man needed to dispose of an egg. Pupitar is very calm and very selfish, making it unreliable due to continuous disobedience. Lucas keeps it in hopes that it will someday obey him.

Evil - I'll be one of the bad guys if I can. But not a lacky or anything. If I am, can I be 17?

Town of Origin: Olivine City

History: As a young child, Lucas lost his father in an uncontrolled Tauros accident. Tormented by his loss, he often loss days of sleep and fell asleep for days. After receiving his Eevee and evolving it into Umbreon and catching Starly, he challanged Jasmine and almost won if not for her Steelix. Shortly after, Lucas's mother became ill and died. Lucas blamed bad luck and vowed to leave town and become a pokemon trainer in order to forget his past. He traveled to his aunt's and uncle's house in order to live out his teenage life.

Personality: Lucas is, if anything, a dark character. He constantly travels, trying to forget and trying to not allow anyone close to him. On a usual day, he usually remains in his room, silent, until night where he wanders to enjoy the night. He loves his pokemon to death as they are his companions and are always showing potential. Other trainers on the other hand are almost always excluded.

RP Attempt:

Umbreon sat next to Lucas on the bench in the cold of the night. Umbreon's blue rings glowed as the dark's cold winds blew the trees from around. The night was blue, and the light from a nearby lantern was beginning to fade. The branches of trees began to rustle and leaves slowly began to detach and move around Lucas. His eyes tightened then opened wide as he pushed himself up.
"Umbreon..." Lucas said as Umbreon hopped from his seat and ran in front of his trainer. "guard."
A blue beam rushed at the two from afar. It glowed and a buzzing noise accompanied it. Umbreon leaped in front of the attack to protect Lucas, but was struck down. Lucas picked up his pokemon and called it back, wispering to the ball his appreciations in a cold voice. Another beam quickly hit the ground in front of him as he jumped to avoid it. Slowly the attacker appeared, creating a fog in its arrival. Startled, Lucas sped away into the woods to hide.
It must've been ten minutes, but the sound departed, and as soon as Lucas was sure of his safety, he popped his head from behind a tree to ensure his safety. When the coast was clear the trainer got up and walked slowly in the direction of the park.

The Mega Champion
May 17th, 2008, 6:39 PM
Okay, Gir. Well... I'll be ready to start whenever everyone else is. I hope... as long as I'm not busy...... ^_^'

May 17th, 2008, 6:46 PM
Totally ready.

So is everybody else gonna need to commit to this? I just need that Gir guy to confirm my character right? Or am I automatically in?

The Mega Champion
May 18th, 2008, 8:33 AM
^^^You need to be accepted by Gir himself, whenever he shows up, before you can get to excited. But, if you are accepted by Gir, then yeah, you'll be able to join. ^_^'

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 18th, 2008, 11:27 AM
OCC:Chrono017 you are accepted,and Yeah since you are Evil you can,You can be part of Team Rocket,and work with Sheen if I find someone to RP for him anyway here we begin!....
"Ugh,Come on Guy were gonna be late!'",said Jason,a red headed boy nudging his Pokemon where they slept,"We can't be late for the torniment,now can we?"

"Cro..Bat..",his purple bat pokemon moaned slowly getting up.
His Quagsire just lie there,an d his Umbreon yawned and arose.

"Guys,We need to prepare,first we're going the Pokemon center to get some of the others for the tournement!',he said before seeing WubsterJr.,"Ugh..Return you lazy bones",he said recalling his Quagsire,"Ok!All set,let's go!",he said exiting his room with his Pokemon running into the city with the sun rising.

OCC:Also so we don't get to get stronger than anyone,we don't have to tell other's what our other 3 okemon are but If I will try to be keeping track of all the moves the use so you don't go over limit,and each time you go to the Pokemon Center to switch Pokemon,currently you may have 6 but after that you have to switch there or at a lab or something :D

The Mega Champion
May 18th, 2008, 4:01 PM
*OOC: Not much here. Just thought I should do this to sort of "introduce" my character. Heh. Sorry about the length...... I went all out I guess..... I actually typed this Friday. ^_^'*

Brian was sitting on the ground in an open, empty, grass field in the middle of the route between Slateport City and Fortree City in Hoenn. Vaporeon was several feet in front of Brian, watching the surroundings like always. Meganium was to Brian's left, sleeping calmly in the grass and curled up. Typhlosion was leaning against the tree as well to Brian's left, keeping Brian company.

After awhile, Brian stood up and walked a couple more feet past Vaporeon and started practicing to fight with his hockey stick, just in case. You never know. After awhile longer, Brian and Vaporeon seemed to sense something simultaneously. Brian turned his head a bit to the left to try to see the tree behind the tree that Typhlosion was leaning against with the corner of his left eye. Then, Brian moved his head back forward and closed his eyes.

"What do you want George?" asked Brian

"Geez... just as good as always I see..." remarked an unknown voice.

Out from the tree behind the one Typhlosion was leaning against came out a boy the same age as Brian. His name was George Sakic. George Sakic had black hair, brown eyes, and white skin. He wore a white T-shirt, had a white and gray backpack with him. He wore blue jeans and black shoes. He had his hockey stick with him, but not in a case like Brian did. He was also the son of the great Colorado Avalanche player, Joe Sakic.

George approached Brian. When George walked past Brian's Typhlosion, Typhlosion glared at George.

"Well? What do you want?" asked Brian

"Heh... what do you think?" asked George as he rubbed the back of his head with his right hand

"Tch. My dad sent you to come get me?" asked Brian

"Bingo. The Yzerman family told me to get you by any means necessary." informed George

"I see. But why you?" asked Brian

"Good question. I asked myself that. I'd say it's to enrage you and you'd go back home of your own free will and go back to playing hockey" answered George

"It would work... for a normal person anyway. But for me? Nope, I won't allow it." announced Brian

"Oh... I see..." remarked George

"Do you even care? With me gone, you're on top, right?" asked Brian

"That's true, and since you've been gone, I've enjoyed being in the spotlight" replied George

"Right. Can't you just leave it be and leave me alone?" asked Brian

"Afraid not. But, I'm not going to listen to them. I'm going to make sure you never play hockey ever again!!" declared George

Brian said nothing and got serious. He jumped backward and now was several feet away from George. Vaporeon and Typhlosion stood up and made their way toward Brian and stood behind him. Meganium remained asleep.

"Shouldn't you wake your Meganium up?" asked George

"No. That's okay. These two will be enough." replied Brian

"It's three on two then!!!!!" shouted George

"It won't matter" remarked Brian

Que: "Battle! Rival" (Pokemon D/P)

George sent out a Raticate. Brian's Typhlosion stepped forward.

"Raticate, use Hyper Fang!!" shouted George

Raticate dashed toward Typhlosion, but, Typhlosion easily sidestepped. Without an order, Typhlosion used Flamethrower, scorching Raticate. Raticate fell to the ground, unconscious.

"What?! But Brian didn't even give it a command......." thought George.

George recalled Raticate, and then sent out a Dugtrio.

"Cut" spoke Brian

"Wha?!" gasped George, it was too late. Typhlosion appeared behind Dugtrio. Dugtrio's eyes widened. It fell unconscious.

George recalled Dugtrio and sent out a Dewgong. George smirked.

"You're screwed" stated George

"Hmph" grunted Brian

"That's it!!!!!!! You're mine!!!!!!!!" yelled George as he came after Brian with his hockey stick.

Meganium woke up just in time, as it kicked Brian's case toward him. Brian easily caught it.

Switch to: "Vim and Vigor" (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Brian quickly opened his case, took out his hockey stick and quickly raised his hockey stick over him horizontally to block George's slashes. Vaporeon quickly smacked Brian's case away with its tail. With the case out of his way, Brian was free to get serious.

George tried to slash Brian vertically in a north to south slash, but, Brian jumped backward and counterattacked with a quickly forward dash strike and attacked George with a good ground slashing combo, eventually ending with a horizontal left to right slash that forced George backward a couple feet.

"Typhlosion..." started Brian, but, without another word, Typhlosion nodded in agreement.

Typhlosion threw Brian toward Dewgong as Typhlosion hit George with a Quick Attack. Brian came at Dewgong to fast for it to react, so, it was struck with an aerial slashing combo ending with a vertical north to south slash that forced Dewgong backward a bit. Then... Typhlosion seemed to come out of nowhere as it struck Dewgong with another Quick Attack. This, combined with Brian's assault, made Dewgong fall to the ground, unconscious.

End Music

"You lose. Get over it." started Brian, since George said nothing, Brian continued "Do me a favor and give my dad a message. Tell him that I’m going to be a trainer, and there’s nothing he can do about it. But, also tell him that just because I’m a trainer, doesn’t mean I still won’t play hockey. After my journey, I'll go back to playing hockey." announced Brian

"Heh. Alright, I'll tell him. You're pretty good. Honestly, you're just as good at pokemon as you are at hockey, which is pretty amazing." complimented George

Brian smiled. Despite them being rivals, George and Brian were good friends. Brian knew George would give his dad his message.

"By the way... I've heard an odd rumor, and I just thought you should know it." informed George

"Hm? What is it?" asked Brian

"Well... there's a weird rumor going around that the legendary pokemon are weakened or are in trouble or something. I'm not sure. When I overheard it, the person talking about didn't seem to know what they were talking about themselves." answered George

"I see. Whatever. I don't care..." remarked Brian

"Oh. That's right... you don't trust legends, or Gods do you?" asked George

"That's right. You just don't know what they're true intentions are..." replied Brian

"That's true. Well... I'd best be going and give your dad your message. See ya." remarked George

"Alright. Thanks again." replied Brian as he waved goodbye to George.

Brian wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but, he then started to practice fighting with his hockey stick again. Brian couldn't shake this bad feeling he had. He wasn't sure what it was or what the feeling was trying to tell him, but, he would be prepared for the worst.

*OOC: Sorry about that. It's just an introduction to my character and George is minor. This is the ONLY time he'll show up okay? Besides... I sort of wanted to show Brian's skills as a pokemon battler......... ^_^' *

May 18th, 2008, 6:38 PM
OOC: i know its not long but its just the start..sorry next time it will be longer"

The brisk night breeze whisked through the air chilling but relaxing at the same time, but also giving the air of upcomming conflict.

"Not yet" mummbled the young teen standing at the edge of a steep hill.
"Zang-" replied the blue creature crouched in the grass a few feet away from the kid.

The breeze blew again and a faint slithering sound filled the air, sounding almost like the leaves on a tree rattling. A few bushes rattled periodically slightly and the blue weasel's ears perked out as it stood on its hind legs. The boy nodded and the Zangoose suddenly lunged into the air and slashed at the bushes. Out came a Seviper and the Zangoose and Seviper started to fight.

The boy chuckled to himself knowingly enough the outcome of the battle. The Seviper hit the ground, and hard. The Zangoose stood grinning and the moonlight shined off its claws, the Seviper got up, breathing heavily and attempted to lung towards the Zangoose.

"Dante....now....CRUSH CLAW" said the boy maniacally.

The Zangoose grinned and its claws glew white, it slammed onto the snakes back and the snake no longer moved.

"Took you alot longer then i thought it would..i actually had to say something this time.." said the boy unimpressed with how his companion took out the foe. The Zangoose looked at the ground and mummbled as they continued down the hill.

May 19th, 2008, 4:34 PM
A flash of light appeared within an alleyway at the edge of Petalburg City. If anyone peered inside there, if there was anyone there, they would see something no one actually normally would expect. Holding a Pokeball in one hand, a dazed Feraligatr on the floor, the trainer tapped the blue creature's head with the sphere. The Pokemon turned into red energy, which traced itself back to the red-and-white Pokeball, eventually, the sphere swallowing the energy whole. The trainer then calmly put his Pokeball on his belt, and proceeded out of the alleyway as if nothing happened.

"Ugh... I really want Rage to stop getting like this every time..." the trainer muttered, a creature resembling a ballerina with green hair as pigtails separated by red-horn-like shards following. On the trainer's shoulders was a tiny humanoid black and blue Pokemon, with black fur surrounding it's garnet eyes, forming a sort of mask.

"Kir..." the ballerina-pokemon said. It followed, ignoring any of the people who stared at her. Most trainers apparently left their Pokemon in their Pokeballs regardless of if they wanted to or not. The Kirlia pointed forward, eying a trainer whom locked eyes with Naito, the trainer that owned that Feraligatr from before.

"The Pokemon League Rules state that when two trainers meet they must battle... Am I right or am I wrong?" the trainer said. Blonde hair hidden by a blue baseball cap and beige shorts, along with a white tee. A Pokeball was already extended in his hand, as he threw it at the floor. The instant the ball connected with the hard concrete, it opened up, as a purple-ish pile of goo came out. It reeked of sludge from the sewers, and oozed the stuff as well. Large eyes appearing, it muttered a single word.


"Eh... That's a serious stench... I wonder how people can deal with Grimers and Muks in their party all the time..." Naito thought, as the Kirlia jumped forward automatically. It didn't have to be ordered, since the ballerina-Pokemon knew just as well as anyone else as Psychics were super-effective against Poison-types. And just how lucky was Naito that he still had Maria, the Kirlia with him.

"You know what to do, Maria," Naito told her, as she simply nodded. The Grimer and the Kirlia stared at each other for a couple of seconds, each other analyzing their abilities, until the youngster let out the first command.

"Sludge, use Toxic!" the youngster yelled. The Grimer's slime spread all over, covering the battlefield. It took in all the slime, and spat it back out at the Kirlia, who gracefully dodged the poison.

"Maria, end this quick performance with Psychic." Naito thought. He had developed a psychic-link with his Riolu and his Kirlia, successfully allowing them to read each other's thoughts if needed. In battle, this was Naito's tactic, since screaming out attacks would reveal your strategy to your opponent if they were fast enough. It worked perfectly, most of the time, unless the opponent had a few tricks up his sleeve as well.

The Kirlia's eyes glowed a light blue, near azure. Raising a hand, the Grimer was encased in a blue aura, and was stiffened instantly. Enraged, it's master shot out commands after commands, scolding the creature due to the fact he didn't realize how to disrupt a Psychic's concentration. Doomed, the Grimer knew it's fate and closed it's eyes, preparing for whatever it was going to connect with. The Kirlia thrust her hand forward, signifying the end of round one. The Grimer was thrust forward by the psychic-energy as well, hitting a lamppost and splitting it in half. Colliding with a brick building, the Pokemon slowly slid down the wall, leaving traces of slime. Reforming at the bottom, a dazed look appeared on it's face, as Sludge was quickly recalled back to it's Pokeball.

"You're not going to take your buddy getting hurt, huh Leafre?" the youngster whispered to the Pokeball, before tossing it. Instead of the purple sludge from before, a green bipedal gecko came out, a twig in it's mouth. A red belly, and standing in a T-position, it glared angrily at Maria.

"Tree... Cko! Tree, tree!"

"Huh... Round two already?" Naito said, not impressed by the Treecko at all. He seen many, even owned one and raised it up into a Sceptile. But, the Petalburg youngster apparently didn't want to give up when messing with a more experienced trainer. The Kirlia jumped around in glee from the quick victory, and seemed blissfully unaware of the gecko. Dashing forward, it vanished completely, re-materializing in front of the Kirlia. The Treecko grinned, as green energy formed around it's wrists, creating a blade of some sorts.

"Ok Leafre, show that stupid ballerina your Fury Cutter!"


((OOC: Ooh, a cliffhanger, isn't it? Oh well. My introduction post, a battle in Petalburg City.))

May 21st, 2008, 1:09 PM
Hey, sorry its late, but I want to join. I tried to post my description a couple of days ago, but it didnt seem to go through so I'll repost it later (when im back at mums).
This is basically what it says (but in more detail)
Name: Spencer Hydra
Age: 15 coming up 16
Pokemon: Eevee at the moment, but I've said pokemon that I will be recieving later...
I can be Good or Evil, but prefferably Good ^-^

Like I said, I'll post the real one later, when I get back to my mums house

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 21st, 2008, 1:40 PM
Jason ran out of the building,with his Umbreon barely behind him,They were on there way to the New Ceruleon Battle Center for it's opening Tournament,6 Pokemon with barely any rules besides ones for protection and clothing.

"Alright Guys,We're almost there so we all know the strategie right?",Jason asked with the wind in his face.

They both nodded together and continued forward,they ran through the City until the finally made it,and Jason read the sign...

"Pokemon Tournament,June 23!",it said in colorful lettering.

"UGH!!!They changed the dat to next month!!!",he shouted angrilly",Why would they do that?",he asked himself not realising the boy in the shadows.

"It's alright Jason!",he said Cunningly with Jason looking up to see who was talking,"Let me Ease your Pain!!",he said evily as a Pokemon shot leaves at him from the Shadows.

May 21st, 2008, 8:46 PM
Ezekiel and Dante continued to walk over the hill they were positioned on. Ezekiel stopped for a minute, glanced at his Zangoose Dante, and hurriedly sped down the hill.

"We are losing time Dante speed up. I dont know whats wrong with you lately, you've been slacking off..you need to fix your attitude" said Ezekiel disdainfully to the blue zangoose walking on all fours to the side of him.

"Zann!!! Zangoose..." replied Dante obviously offended by his partners ridicule.
"I really dont want to hear any excuses Dante, we've been through this all before.. the tournament is really important and if you keep worrying about the possiblity of us losing its surely going to happen" said Ezekiel with mixture of annoyance and aggravation but also understanding in his voice.

The two continued down the hill until they saw New Cerulean city.

"Finally its about time..alright you can take a rest if you want Dante..im gonna keep walking if anything ill meet you infront of the tournament building okay?" stated Ezekiel hurridly as he kept walking. As they approached the building they saw a younger looking boy with Red spikey hair, jeans and a blue jacket on. Standing next to the boy was an Umbreon.

"Hmm that Umbreon doesnt seem like it will be much of an issue for Dante but the way he is looking lately..i just dont know how much more Dante can take before he snaps and decides to give up" thought Ezekiel as he surveyed the building and the adolescent standing infront of it.

The boy seemed angered and shouted "UGH!!!They changed the date to next month!!!" and he mumbled something else to himself.

"Well atleast i didnt have to walk all the way over there to go see the sign for myself..loud mouthed kids these days..tch" thought Ezekiel arrogantly.

After the unnecessary shouting of the boy, Ezekiel heard another voice..sounding as if it came with the winds that had just started to gust by. At that moment leaves shot out from the shadows near the building, appearently aimed at the boy.

"You know what this means Dante...lets be careful and survey the situation..if anything we will go help the little kid" said Ezekiel in a more calmer, controlled manner. Dante nodded and stealthed himself within the bushes in a tree near by waiting to strike as Ezekiel walked over to the boy and his assailant slowly.

May 22nd, 2008, 12:21 AM
Got my profile.. now to update appropriately for this RP:
DESCRIPTION - STILL UNFINISHED - Working on images for the character still, and updating profile to fit standards.
Name: Spencer Hydra
Age: 15
Physical Description: quite tall (I dont know an appropriate height), caucasian, longish brownish blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly pale face, not overly outstanding appearance. occasionally wears glasses when in a battle, but they are not completely neccessary. Wears casual clothes, or the SHIELD uniform on certain missions. (i will post the picture when i am finished)
Personality: Kind, noisy, quite annoying, intelligent but immature.
Region: Hoenn
History:He is just starting as a pokemon trainer, but has had battle experience from trainers school with his eevee. His mother and father are both experienced trainers on their own adventures. He lives in a small village in Hoenn, named Nadrato Town (mixed between Naruto and Hydramon ^-^). Used to go to a trainers school in this town when he was younger. He went travelling around the Hoenn Region. Has won All the Hoenn Gym badges. When he was younger, he didn't see very much of his parents, as they were always away battling trainers. Because of this, he was alone alot of the time, and this has caused him to have trouble trusting people. However, he will do anything and everything he can for the people he can trust, often causing him to run into things without thinking about it properly before-hand. He has a very annoying habit of procrastinating and putting off things, which can lead to him getting in trouble with people around him.

Name/Nickname: Veevee
Description and Personality: Acts alot like Spencer, often sharing opinions and feelings. Spencer has had VeeVee since he was a young boy (it was a gift from his parents), hense the name VeeVee, and their bond has grown greatly over the years. Has had battle experience and training whilst travelling with Spencer. Has has helped win many gym battles. Wears a headband.
Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Secret Power

Name/Nickname: Metagross (No Nickname At the moment)
Description and Personality: Spencer caught this as a Beldum whilst on his travels. Not much is known about it, but he has used it in his gym battles and is a competent battler. Has a rivalry with Lucario and is always trying to out-do him.
Moves: Meteor Mash, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Psychic

Description and Personality: Hatched from a Riolu Egg given to him from a Pokemon Ranger, and evolved in a battle against a Gym Leader. Has a rivalry with Spencer's Metagross, and both are always trying to out-do eachother. Lucario, unlike most of his species, is kind of timid, but when it comes to fighting, he will give it his all.
Moves: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Blaze Kick

Name/Nickname: Sakura
Species: Ninjask
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Caught as a Nincada, Spencer Trained this pokemon so it would evolve into this Ninja Pokemon. Spencer Originally found her on a Cherry Blossom Tree, hense the name Sakura.
Moves: Bug Buzz, Aerial Ace, Giga Drain, Double Team.

Name/Nickname: Drake
Species: Salamence
Description and Personality: Caught as a Bagon. Fierce and Hard to Control. Mainly Spencer's Flyer, Drake is a fiece battler, but Spencer doesnt use him too often as he often goes overboard and ends up damaging more than just his opponent. Occasionally Completely loses control, and only calms down after all its energy is spent. Drake is extremely dangerous when he is on one of these rampages. Strangely knows the move Outrage, even though his species isnt supposed to be able to.
Moves: Fly, Outrage, Flame Thrower, Steel Wing.

Name/Nickname: Hikari
Species: Gardevoir Shiny
Description and Personality: Hikari was the first pokemon Spencer ever caught. He immediately took a liking to her and has travelled with her for a long time. Hikari does not like to fight, but like all Gardevoirs, will do anything to protect her trainer. She has a crush on Lucario, of which he is totally oblivious to.
Moves: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Double Team, Teleport

Name/Nickname: No Name yet
Species: Gyarados Shiny
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Found this shiny gyarados destroying a town and caught it. hasnt seen much action since.
Moves: ?,?,?,?

P.S. I'll post images of Spencer and Veevee later. When i Figure out how...

The Mega Champion
May 22nd, 2008, 1:07 PM
*OOC: Time for RP post #2 already?! Alright... but... it's not much............*

*Brian packed up his things, recalled his pokemon, and left the open, empty grass field he was in after he defeated George. Brian started to make his way back toward Slateport City.*

*It took Brian 15 minutes to walk back to Slateport. There, he boarded a ship bound for the Sinnoh region. He wasn't sure why, but, something just told him that he should head to the Sinnoh region.*

*One hour later.........*

*Brian arrived in Twinleaf Town and started making his way toward Sandgem Town. He wasn't sure what was going to happen to him in Sinnoh, but, like always, he was prepared for the worst. But, for once, Brian was in a good mood. He was smiling!!*

Que: "My Pace" (Bleach Ending 6)

*OOC: That's all I've got, believe it or not........ >_>;;;;;;;;;;;; I'm sorry. I guess......... ^_^' *

May 24th, 2008, 2:35 AM
So am I accepted? My images for this are in my Picture Folder thingy on my profile if you want to look at them.

Cynic Kaka
May 24th, 2008, 5:09 PM
First RP post ever!!

"Faster," Seth said. Slash wasn't dying on him yet! He had an encounter with something resembling a giant blue and silver dragon. Freeze's wing had been shot by a Aura Sphere from it, so the Articuno wasn't going as fast as it normally would.

Just then, the dragon roared, and a beam hit Articuno. Down, down, Seth went. Surely falling 40,000 feet from the sky would mean certain death.

How would he get out of this one?

May 24th, 2008, 6:42 PM
((OOC: Best you keep the RP posts at least a paragraph long...))


"Ok Leafre, show that stupid ballerina your Fury Cutter!"

The gecko, whom instantly appeared in front of Maria, was about to slam the green wrist-blades on Maria. Holding up her hands, the Kirlia attempted to block the attack that was much too fast for her to create a barrier. So, the dancing Pokemon was forced to take multiple slashes and stabs from the Treecko's Fury Cutter, each one more powerful than the last. It wasn't looking good. Each blow was producing more cuts and such on the Kirlia, and there's the fact that Bug-type moves were naturally super-effective to Psychic-type Pokemon. Combined with that Treecko's Pursuit which gave a boost in speed, Maria had a slim chance of winning if this thing kept up it's assault well enough.

"Leafre, that's good enough! Now let's see how that Kirlia likes your Agility!"

Leafre stopped, and leaped back. A good two to three feet away from the Kirlia, it closed it's eyes, as afterimages of the Treecko surrounded Maria. They all acted in unison, as Agility boosted the Treecko's speed just enough to do that. Cries of "Treecko!" burst out from each one, and there was no way to tell just which afterimage was the real Treecko. The Kirlia spun around, keeping an eye on all of them. Despite her damages, the Psychic still had the ability to maneuver almost as well as before...

"Leafre, finish this off with Crush Claw!"

In an instant, the afterimages charged, two at a time. When they reached Maria, their target, the two attempted to swipe at the dancer, before fading away into nothingness. More use of Pursuit. It was a combination of Agility, Pursuit, and Crush Claw, providing excellent speed and power. Kirlia was about to teleport out of the circle, although there was a distraction. It eyed the sky for a split second, sensing something above in the heavens.

"No!" Naito called out, knowing that would be a mistake Maria would regret. The real Treecko came out, as all the other copies faded. It slashed at the Kirlia, tiny spikes in it's fingers tearing at the flesh of her. Sent flying near it's owner, the Kirlia closed it's eyes from the pain and cringed. Attempting to get up to fight more, it collapsed, unable to do so.

"It's ok Maria... Eh... This won't be too good, will it?" Naito said as the Riolu on his shoulder hopped off, and attempted to carry Maria over to it's owner's side, using the immense strength natural to fighting-types, within the Riolu's body. Done with the job, the Riolu watched the battle from the ground, much shorter than anyone else. Naito took out a Pokeball, the same one from when he was in the alleyway. Tossing it, a large blue bipedal reptilian Pokemon emerged from the light, bruised all over.


May 24th, 2008, 11:12 PM
OOC: Well seeing as no-one has said if I'm in or not... I'll think of a post and just post it. hmm...

The sun was high above Nadrato town, profiding heat and light for the small village. In the middle of the town was a large park, and in the center of that, people were gathering around to watch some event happening. There was two teenagers facing eachother from opposite sides of the gap in the middle of the gathering. One 15 year old boy, and a girl of the same age.

All i can think of at the moment, but will work on it and make it better later. Dinners nearly ready so i have 2 go

Cynic Kaka
May 26th, 2008, 3:29 PM
Second post ever (BTW, what's OOC?)

As Seth fell, closer to the ground, he realized, this would be the end. How did this happen, anyway?! All he could remember was that a water dragon summoned a black portal, and he got sucked in. Then, a Dialga landed in front of him. Was he in the future...?

Just then, out of nowhere, something dark and blurry appeared, and Seth blacked out.

Two hours later, he was at a hospital, and there was an Azelf next to him, looking at him.

"What's going on here? Who is this?" Seth said, pointing to the floating Azure Elf.

"This Pokemon saved your life. Dialga almost killed you." said a distant voice.

What was going on here?

May 26th, 2008, 5:27 PM
OOC: Sorry for being late and all, comp stuff.

It was once again dusk when Lucas gathered his party and left for a nearby lake. Apparantly, he had heard from someone that there was to be a pokemon tournament, and the thought of battling tickled his spine. Since he wanted to join so badly, he increased the training his pokemon would receive and at the coldest and darkests of nights.

"Oh, I can't wait to crush them..." Wispered Lucas as he threw two pokeballs in the air. They immediately popped open and two flashes of light emereged from them and as the hit the ground the lights took shape into Umbreon and Pupitar.

The location was set; a city street would be perfect as it was perfectly flat, stone cold, and the buildings were aligned in a parallel form, making this area appear as that of an arena.

"Umbreon, Pupitar... You know what to do!"

*Pokemon battle music"

Pupitar dashed at Umbreon, creating a streak of light in its wake. Umbreon watched as its foe drew closer and closer. Before the two collided, Umbreon created an illusory copy as it leaped into the air, forcing Pupitar to strike a fake. Umbreon fell from the sky pouncing on Pupitar who then fell on its back as Umbreon ran back in front of its trainer.

"Enough." Lucas said. He had seen what he needed for today, and therefor knew that he had to come up with some strategy. A dark plot stirred within the boy's head as a thirst for battling began to arise. He didn't know what was begiining to happen to him, but he needed a trainer. Someone to demolish...

OOC: So, anyone wanna battle?

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May 27th, 2008, 2:39 PM
*OOC: Had an idea. Brian honestly ONLY has three pokemon, so, this made since, IMO. Hmm... should I really do this? Oh well. BTW... Erureido... OOC=Out of Character*

*Brian continued making his way toward Sandgem Town. Until......*

"Ralts!!! Ralts!!!" shouted a voice

*Brian looked ahead of him. There was a Ralts about ten feet in front of him, throwing fists against the air. Brian sweatdropped.*

"Okay... didn't think Ralts did this, but, whatever" thought Brian

*Brian approached the Ralts. The Ralts seemed to sense Brian coming as it stopped and became tense as it slowly looked toward Brian. But, once it saw Brian, it relaxed and calmed down and smiled happily and continued throwing punches against the air*

"Well... you're enthusiastic aren't you?" asked Brian

"Ralts!!!" shouted the Ralts

"It must be male. I'm pretty lucky then, I've heard it's rare to find a male Ralts" thought Brian

*The Ralts continued to throw punches into the air. Until Brian heard something rustling to his left. Out came an apparently enraged Seviper, baring its fangs. Ralts became tense and couldn't move. Brian quickly turned to his left, opened his case, took out his hockey stick, and blocked Seviper's fangs from sinking into Brian as Brian held out his hockey stick in front of him horizontally with the stick facing left.*

"Geez!!! What's this Seviper's deal?! Did we trespass on its territory or something?!" thought Brian

*But, this distracted Brian, and the Seviper let go of Brian's hockey stick turning its back toward the ground slashing Brian with its tail horizontally, right to left. It didn't completely hit Brian, but, it made a small scratch across Brian's stomach, forcing Brian to slide backward. He tried to get up, but fell back down. Brian coughed up a bit of blood.*

"RALTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried the Ralts, but then, the Ralts just stood there, motionless.

"What the?! What's wrong?! Get out of here!!! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Brian

*Then, the Ralts exploded with green energy. This energy radiated from the Ralts, like power. The Seviper came at the Ralts, bearing its fangs again. But, it was useless, as the Ralts easily blew away the Seviper with an invisible force, forcing the Seviper into a nearby tree to the left. The impact was so great, the tree collapsed onto the Seviper, killing it instantly. Brian became tense*

"Whoa!!! This pokemon has some unbelievable power!!!" thought Brian

*Another wave of energy passed by Brian, but, not a bad one. It healed Brian's wound. Brian stood up, but then, got his Typhlosion's pokeball ready.*

"I don't think this Ralts is normal. I have to test it. Besides, I've sort of always wanted a psychic type for my party" thought Brian as he sent out Typhlosion.

*Ralts' powered ceased and calmed down, but then, became tense as it saw the Typhlosion*

"Typhlosion, be careful. I don't think this is a normal pokemon. I may want to catch it as well. We may have to get serious for this one." informed Brian

*After that, Typhlosion became serious.*

Que: "Battle! Legendary Pokemon (Pokemon D/P; used it because of the intensity of this battle, and because this Ralts is special)

"Typhlosion, I want you to use Flame Wheel, but spin clockwise as well. Then, go toward the Ralts" ordered Brian

*Typhlosion obeyed, as it became a pillar of fire and headed toward Ralts. Ralts didn't move again, as its power activated again*

"Okay. Will Typhlosion's attack still go through?" thought Brian

*Typhlosion collided with the Ralts, but, it was still a foot in front of it!! Brian became tense again.*

"As I suspected, this is no normal Ralts" thought Brian

*Typhlosion was blown away. It landed in front of Brian.*

"Again" ordered Brian, Typhlosion became tense, Brian continued "Trust me" assured Brian

*Typhlosion nodded in agreement. After Typhlosion was blown away again, Brian was gone!! Ralts ceased its power. Brian appeared right in front of the Ralts.*

"Got you" remarked Brian, Ralts became tense

*Brian wailed on the Ralts' stomach with a punch from his left hand. The Ralts was stunned. As soon as Brian took away his fist, the Ralts fell to the ground unconscious. Brian simply dropped a pokeball on it. The ball shook a little, but eventually stopped. Brian picked up the ball and spoke to it as if he was speaking to his newly acquired Ralts.*

End Music

"You see... I figured out your special powers weakness. I only saw it twice, but, once you use it, you have to stop it, then, recharge it. Not only that, after you beat my Typhlosion, you assumed that was it, it was over. I took advantage of these two factors, and then attacked you directly, capturing you. Don't worry, though, we'll train together and become stronger together. I'll train you to use your power better, and teach you never to assume a battle is over. We'll make a good team" smiled Brian

*Brian recalled his Typhlosion into its pokeball. He would have to recover his pokemon at a pokemon center as soon as possible. But then, Brian got an odd feeling. Something told Brian to go back to Twinleaf. Unfortunately, his pokemon were still hurt. It took Brian 15 minutes to get to Sandgem Town. He healed his pokemon at the pokemon center there and started going back to Twinleaf Town on his weird feeling alone. But, he wasn’t hurrying. He was taking his time. He wasn’t sure what was going on in Twinleaf, but, did he miss something when he was there? Who knows, but, Brian was about to find out, as he made his way back toward Twinleaf Town.*

*About half an hour later………*

*Brian arrived back at Twinleaf Town. That’s when he realized something.*

“Wait a minute… no one’s here!! There’s no one around!!” thought Brian

*That’s when Brian remembered something. On his way through Twinleaf Town, there wasn’t anyone around. For some reason, though, Brian didn’t think anything of it. He should of. Brian looked slowly toward the sky. That’s when he saw… a silver and purple pokemon with pink pearls on its shoulder. Brian became tense. He quickly hid behind a nearby building*

“No way!! What is Palkia doing here?! What’s going on?!” thought Brian, then, he realized something else

“Of course!! It makes sense now!! Palkia made itself invisible when I first arrived, so, I couldn’t see it. It didn’t bother me when I went through here… but… it kept an eye on me.” thought Brian

*Brian started to become angry, as his fists and teeth started clenching together*

“Its power has unbelievable range. Ralts and I weren’t trespassing on that Seviper’s territory. That damn Palkia took control of that Seviper’s mind!!” thought Brian

*Brian came out from behind the building and walked into the middle of Twinleaf Town. Palkia glaring at Brian, and Brian glaring at Palkia the entire time. Brian quickly turned to the right, opened his case, took out his hockey stick and got in his fighting stance.*

“You ass!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! You tried to kill me and that innocent Ralts!!!!!!!!” shouted Brian

*Palkia just smirked evilly. Brian snapped. He closed his eyes, then opened them again with the most serious and angriest look in his eyes ever.*

“You’re going down” growled Brian

*Brian’s pokemon instantly came out of their balls and saw the situation. Brian’s new Ralts was standing on his right shoulder. Brian spoke to it.*

“This isn’t the first battle I had in mind, but, oh well.” informed Brian

*Brian’s pokemon were tense, but determined. Even Brian’s Ralts was tense for a moment, but was determined. Palkia landed with a thud on the ground in front of Brian and his pokemon, creating a small and short tremor. Brian became tense as well, but, wouldn’t go down without a fight. Was there any way Brian and his pokemon could defeat Palkia?*

*OOC: …………………………… *

May 27th, 2008, 8:08 PM
OOC: I'm adding to it now.
The sun was high above Nadrato town, profiding heat and light for the small village. In the middle of the town was a large park, and in the center of that, people were gathering around to watch some event happening. There was two teenagers facing eachother from opposite sides of the gap in the middle of the gathering. One 15 year old boy, and a girl of the same age.

The tension in the air was great. Whoever won this battle would be the strongest trainer in Nadrato Town. The boy, his dark-blonde hair shining in the light, withdrew a Pokeball from his belt. The girl did too. Then, it started.
"Go Veevee!" the boy said calmly, and an Eevee burst out of the thrown pokeball.
"GO Precious!" the girl cried, and a Skitty appeared infront of her trainer.
"Are you ready Veevee? Then GO!" The boy shouted to his pokemon, and the Eevee instantly started attacking.
"No!!! Precious look out!" the girl exclaimed, but it was too late. Precious was hit head on by an Iron Tail. This Eevee knows how to fight,the girl thought, That boy doesnt even need to command it at all! Me and Precious cant counter that "Precious, Take Down" the girl retorted, seeing that the Eevee was in a vunerable position.
"Veevee... show no mercy..." The boy spoke, and instantly the Eevee turned around, eyes burning with fury. First Veevee shot a Shadowball right at the Skitty's face, disrupting the attack. Before the feline pokemon could recover, Veevee was already jumping at it, his tail glowing white, preparing for a Iron Tail, the final strike that would win the battle. That was far too easy...The teenaged boy thought, looking at his opponent.

May 28th, 2008, 7:04 AM
I would like to reserve a spot, and in the rp, can I befriend rayquaza?

May 28th, 2008, 10:05 AM
Is it ok if I join?

Name: Justin

Age: 13
Gender: Male

Clothes: Wears a black tank top with a pokeball insignia on it under a large red coat, black pants, and red shoes and gloves. Has a pair of square goggles around his neck.

Appearence: Has black spikey hair, and pale blue eyes. He is pale, slim, and well muscled. He is about 5'6".

Pjs: Just his tank top and his boxers.


Riolu lvl. 35
Nickname Bandit
Gender: Male
Shiny: No

Murkrow lvl. 32
Nickname Banshee
Gender: Female
Shiny: No

Steelix lvl. 35
Nickname Cannon
Gender: Male
Shiny: No

Personalities and Minor history with it's trainer/Owner:
Bandit: This is Justin's newest recruit, but is by far his strongest. He found this small Pokemon washed up on the shores of his hometown's beach after visiting home. He took care of the Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and eventually asked it to join him. He tends to sit on Justin's shoulder like a parrot. He is quiet, but loves to fight.

Banshee: Justin caught this bird pokemon to save the other pidgeoy and hootoot from its wrath. It was attacking other bird pokemon to claim its territory. Justin's Steelix brought it down, and then he caught it. Eventually, Banshee grew to like its new master, and now obeys him. She is loyal and bold.

Cannon: This is Justin's first Pokemon. He recieved it from a Proffesor who stopped by their city. Justin pursued him until he was given a Pokemon as an Onix. It eventually evolved into a Steelix after trading it to his friend to train it while he was on vacation with his family. He is Hearty and Kind.

Any abnormaities for the Pokemon:
Bandit: Justin found out that he knew Focus Blast.
Cannon: He is kind, which is uncommon in Steelix nature.

Pokemon's Moves:
Bandit: Focus Blast, Double Team, Quick Attack, Endure, Counter, Brick Break, Copycat.

Banshee: Fly, Shadow Ball, Roost, Double Team, Aerial Ace, Mean Look, Peck.

Cannon: Dig, Giga Impact, Rock Polish, Sandstorm, Rock Tomb, Flash Cannon, Screech.

Evil,Good,or Neutral: Good

Hometown: Near the beach in Sunnyshore City.

History: When Justin first received his Onix, he knew his life was going to be different. He told his parents about what had happened, and left on his journey. He had many experiences and fought many Trainers. He once thought he saw a Mew watching him from above one morning.

Personality: Justin is carefull, but sometimes can be rash and arrogant if he's facing a rival.

RPG Expierence: This is one of my first ones.

Extra(anything else): I wouldn't mind developing this character more for another RP and might make a relationship for this character.

Yame Legend
May 28th, 2008, 3:33 PM
*Sigh* oh dang, so i missed my chance to join this wonderful rp huh? Or can i still join?