View Full Version : Rate my Psychic Fighting Deck

May 11th, 2008, 10:34 AM
I am new at this and I was wondering how I could improve this deck. I don't play in tournaments. B=Base, MT=Mysterious Treasures, NR=Neo Revelation, F=Fossil,
GE = Great Encounters, R = Team Rocket, NG = Neo Genesis,

1 x Geodude NR
2 x Geodude MT
2 x Graveler MT
2 x Machop B
1 x Hitmonlee F
3 x Cranidos MT
2 x Ramparados MT
3 x Drowzee GE
1 x Hypno GE
2 x Abra R
1 x Kadabra B
1 x Mewtwo Promo from first movie

3 x Skull Fossil MT
1 x Imposter Oak's Revenge R
1 x Potion B
1 x Professor Elm NG
1 x Gust of Wind B
1 x Computer Search B
1 x Dusk Ball MT
2 x Fossil Excavator MT
2 x Bebe's Search MT
1 x Switch B
1 x Bill B
1 x Bill's Teleporter NG

13 x Fighting Energies
10 x Psychic Energies