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May 13th, 2008, 7:07 PM
Hello one and all and fellow legendary lovers =)


Yep, I love those all powerful Pokes^^ I mean, who wouldn't love a destructive kitten, namely Mew, who can learn ALL Tms and Hms in a heartbeat? A water dragon that can cause a storm with a flap of its wings? A time travel Pokemon? And even one who created all Pokes?

So, I'll say it again, THEY'RE AWESOME!

And so I dedicate this thread to these amazing Pokemon and their abilities!

These are their genders in my perspective-

Articuno- Female
Zapdos- Male
Moltres- Female
Mew- Female / Male (0_o)
Mewtwo- Male
Suicune- Female
Raikou- Male
Entei- Male
Lugia- Female
Ho-Oh- Male
Celebi- Female
Registeel- Female
Regice- Male
Regirock- male
Kyogre- Female
Groudon- Male
Rayquaza- Male
Latias- Female
Latios- Male
Jirachi- Male
Deoxys- Female
Azelf- Female
Uxie- Male
Mesprit- Female
Dialga- Female
Palkia- Female
Manaphy- Male
Heatran- ... is this even a legendary? If so... -shudders- any ugly female?
Regigigas- Male
Cresslia- female
Giratina- Male
Darkria- Male
Shaymin- Female
Arceus- Female




P.S- I'm also wondering, what do you people think of them? What their genders are? What's their personalities like? How do they treat each other?

Cynic Kaka
May 14th, 2008, 4:44 PM
I'll join

Genders for each?

Articuno = Female/Male
Zapdos= Male
Moltres= Female
Mewtwo = Male
Mew = Female
Suicune= Female
Raikou = Female/Male
Entei= Male
Lugia = Female
Ho-oh= Male
Celebi = Male
Regi's= Males
Kyogre = Female
Groudon = Male
Rayquaza = Male
Jirachi= Female
Deoxys = Male
Azelf= Male
Uxie = God knows what
Mesprit = Female
Dialga = male
Palkia = Female
Manaphy= Male/ Female
Giratina= Male
Cresselia= Female
Heatran= Both
Darkrai= Male
Shaymin= Female
Arceus= Sucks Both

May 14th, 2008, 5:00 PM
Whoo! I've added you^^

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