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May 21st, 2008, 1:42 PM
The Legend...

Long ago... in the time, before time. The great spirit Mata-Nui fell ill to a dark cursed sleep, inflicted upon him by his brother, the Makuta. Six, brave heros decended to the island, named Mata-Nui in honor of the Great Spirit himself, from the heavens. Together, they worked together to defeat the Makuta. But alas, the Makuta would not be defeated so easily. Several times he tried to defeat our mighty protectors, only to be stopped each time, and finally defeated for good at the hands of the Seventh Toa, the Toa of Light.

It was shortly after, however, that we were told the grave news that the Great Spirit...was dying, and only the legendary Kanohi Ignika, the mask of Life, itself could save him. And so, six matoran set out to retreve the mask and save the Great Spirit.

Along the way, the matoran were struck by lightning from the Red Star, and transformed into six mighty Toa themselves. They reached the island of Voya-Nui and helped not only to free the island, but to defeat the villans that plauged it. Unfortunatly however, the Ignika was lost to the bottom of the sea. And so, they followed. Donning new armor, weapons, and masks they battled six mighty warlords of the sea to retreve the mask.

Once retreved, they brought the slowly weakening mask to Mata-Nui, but it only had enough energy to return him to his slumber. Hope however, was found again. An energy source that could revive the mask to full strength. Taking the Ignika, the Toa Nuva brought it to the island of Karda-Nui, where, when exposed to the strange terrein of the island, it formed a body of it's own and aided the toa on their quest. The Toa Nuva and the Toa Ignika defeated the last of the newly discovered Brotherhood of Makuta, and, returning to Mata-nui, brought the Great Spirit from his slumber to save the world from it's shadow of darkness, and return our three virtues ,Unity, Duty, and Destiny to us. We owe all we have to these mighty Toa and the brave matoran who came before.

This is the legend....

Of the bionicle....

The Plot...

One Thousand years have passed since the last Toa transformed into Turaga. The great beings, those who decide the events of things to come in the Matoran world, have decided that the balance has fallen out, and that light now reigns supreme over all. While it is true, and a time of peace and prosperety has come over the world. But this cannot last for long.

New Makuta have been appearing all over the world, from the southern continent to the isle of Metru-Nui. Most however, have appeared on the island of Mata-Nui, the former resting place of the great spirit. With this new threat appearing fast, the time has come for a new generation of Toa to step up to save the world from the oncomming darkness...

There will be the toa-team, led by whoever is nominated, and the matoran team, who is led by Nokeo the Chronicler.

The Twist...

While this dose take place in the Matoran Universe, they are in no means mechanical. Everyone is human in appearance, and has a mask hanging from some part of their clothing by a small chain. Memebers of the matoran universe can activate these to make their masks full-size and wear-able. While toa and turaga masks have abilities, matoran's do not.

The Rules...

1: All PC rules apply.
2: You may have more than one character, but only 1 toa and only 1 makuta. You may control as many matoran as you are able.
3: There can only be six toa total, but any number of makuta.
4: All matoran must have one of the origional 12 masks(6 great and 6 noble, for mask listings go here: http://www.biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/Kanohi )
5: Toa may have a new Kanohi Mask, as long as it is not uber-cheap.
6: Makuta may have slightly-cheap masks, but not godly so.
7: As per the revelation of the phantoka and mystika storylines, there are shadow matoran and av-matoran(matoran of light) you may not be either of these. just thought i'd clear that up.
8: Make this as fun for others as it is for you.
9: this is a COMMITMENT people. If you sign up, make sure you are willing to be dedicated to the cause, or atleast if there is a chance of you having to leave, make a matoran instaid of a toa or makuta. If you choose the latter, inform me of how you would like them to be defeated and i'll work it into the storyline.
10: Not so much a rule as an additoinal note, but this MAY be turned into a fanfiction, and I might just draw all the toa, and possibly makuta once the RP has finished.
11: Matoran-Universe charactes have rediculously long life spans. So, yes, you can be redicuously old by our standards, but dont make it rediculous in the matoran world.
12: NO ORGANIC MASKS. these were exclusive to the inika and are otherwise impossible to obtain.
13: You may have a relationship. Noone is reffered to as 'brother' and 'sister' other than the Turaga/Toa. Also, don't take it too far with the stuff, PG13-16 please.

and now....
Characters to know.

Turaga: While old, the village leaders do not lack spirit. While each appears to be an elderly person wearing robes and carrying staffs of power, they are still as strong as ever and will not hesitate to protect the matoran from Rahi.

Turaga Tahu
Slightly short tempered, he is brave and would, and has, risked his life for the matoran of this world before. Weilding a Magma Lance staff and the Noble Kanohi Hau, the noble mask of shielding, he bravely charges into a brawl and will whack anyone who tries to stop him. An exellent storyteller however.

Turaga Gali
Calm and caring, she is one of the few who understand the logic behind Tahu's brash and bold behavier. Weilding a Sickle staff and the noble Kanohi KauKau, the noble mask of waterbreathing, she tries to seek understanding before violence, and urges the members of her village to do so. A very strong leader, although she prefers to follow.

Turaga Kopaka
Cold and usually silent, he is actually very understanding of others. Although he has a rivalry with his brother Tahu, he has set that aside for the intrest of his village. Weilding a Crystal Ice Staff, and wearing the noble Kanohi Akaku, the noble mask of x-ray vision, he watches and waits before making any kind of move, be it from a strike in battle, to a gamepiece in his favourite pastime, poi-shen.(think chess)

Turaga Lewa
Highstrung and a bit of an air-head[/bad pun], Lewa is always seeking the fun side of life, even in his old age. Having learned to speak to all the Rahi of mata-nui in their tounges has given him the advantage at many things, such as seek-hide. He weilds a axe-staff and wears the noble kanohi Miru, the noble mask of Levitation. An exelent second while in the air, he can launch a disk and hit a madu tree from four hundred kio.

Turaga Pohatu
Care-free and pessemistic to a fault, Pohatu would find any excuse to relax during his time as a turaga, exept when it is time to play kholii. Then he is up and active with no end in sight. He weilds a modified kholii-staff and a noble kanohi Kakama, a noble mask of speed. His judgements are fair, but usually nutral on bolth sides.

Turaga Onua
Calm and unmoving on his decisions, Onua is perfectly at home underground in onu-koro. Extremely agreeable, he gets along with nearly everyone, even Kopaka. He carries a claw-tipped digging staff and a noble kanohi Paraki, a noble mask of strength. He also has been known to read poetry from time to time while in public.

Matoran: (claimable, of couce)

Nokeo - ga-matoran = Chronicler, leader of Matoran Squad. (Claimed by Silvertail)

Jakko - ta-matoran = Captain of the Ta-koro Gaurd. (Claimed by ____)

Wakkai - po-matoran = Official Kholii ref for all tournament matches. (Claimed by ____)

The Signups...


Age: (no older than 800)
Color Scheme: (just the main colors that make up your clothing, hair, and eyes)
Kanohi: (one of the origional 12)
Appearance: (all of it, how tall you are and everything. Matoran cannot be more than 4 1/2 feet tall)
Occupation: (builder, fisher, mask-maker, athelete, ect.)
Weapons Proficiency: (spears, disk-launchers, kholii balls, ect)
Other: (anything else you think is important)


Name: (you will be given the title of "Toa _____ Mua")
Age: (you were a matoran before you were a toa)
Color Scheme: (main colors of outfit, hair and eyes)
Element: (fire, ice, stone, air, earth, or water)
Kanohi mask of power: (this can be a new one, but not too cheap)
Appearance: (overall, toa can be between 5 and 8 feet tall.)
Other: (Anything else you think we should know)


Name: (you will be given the title of "Makuta ______")
Age: (less than 100 years, you may put 'unknown' to sound cool though xD)
Color Scheme: (must include black, same as matoran and toa otherwise)
Element: (shadow and....)
Kanohi: (same as toa, but a little more off the cheap end.[/lame pun])
Appearance: (all of it)
Weapon: (claws, wings, staff of darkness?)
Other: (anything else you want us to know)

I dont ask for an RP sample because I should be able to see how you RP by the quality of your signup, so make it worth while!

fire- Toa Haru (silvertail


Nokeo the Chronicler(silvertail)


My Signups:

Name: Nokeo
Village: Ga-Koro
Age: 358
Color Scheme: dark, normal, and light blue, yellow, and tan.
Kanohi: Kanohi Rau - The mask of translation(turaga version)

Appearance: Nakeo stands around 4'4" and has long, flowing light-blue hair that hangs down to her shoulderblades. Her bangs are pulled back by a single hair-pin that holds her Kanohi Rau, which is light blue in color also. Her eyes are a bright yellow and shine brightly even through tough times from behind the glasses she wears. Her shirt is dark blue and designed after the reminants of the Bohrok Galok that can still be found in ga-wahi. She wears tan shorts and also has large shoes that have no heels and are also dark blue. To finish the outfit she has black gloves with silver velcro straps that have the three matoran virtues embedded onto them.

Personality: Nokeo is a bit of a bookworm, and this is partially the reason she was called to be chronicler. She could tell you any fact from the Matoran wall of history, along with when it happened, if you asked her that is. Very shy and reserved at a first glance, she is actually very bold and reminds most of her villagers of more of a Ta- or Po-matoran than a Ga-matoran. Although she hates fighting, she will defend herself and others from any stray Rahi that has been infected.

Occupation: Chronicler
Weapons Proficiency: Chronicler's Staff (blade on one end, carving stone on other)
Other: Nokeo has only been chornicler for a short time, since the re-appearance of the Makuta. She is also very good frinds with Haru trom Ta-koro....untill he went missing that is.

Name: Toa Haru Mua
Village: Ta-Koro
Age: 365
Color Scheme: red, black, and gold.
Element: Fire
Kanohi mask of power: Kanohi Rugau, The Great mask of Luck - allows the wearer to have subtle control over luck in the imedate area.

Appearance: Haru stands about 5'8 and has spikey dark red hair, that hangs down over his gold eyes. He wears an armored Shirt with black plating and red material, along with golden circles on his shoulderpads. He has black wrist gaurds with red designs along the back, and wears red, fingerless gloves. A black chain hangs from his waist like a belt, and infact, holds up his black pants, which have red pockets and cuffs. His shoes are black with red soles and gold straps. His Kanohi Rugau hangs from a small chain connected to his belt, as dose his Volcano blade.

Personality: Haru is a very caring and laid back toa, despite being that of fire. He often can be found lounging about somewhere in the lava fields or the charred forest. This is because of his recient inability to play kholi since his tranformation into toa, meaning his old partner Jaller needed a new partner, again. He wasn't one for responcebility before, and still isn't now..but still stands up for what is right, and hopes to defeat the makuta and return the island to the way it was before.

Weapon: Volcano Blade - a large, saw-like black blade that has two handles, a normal one, and one jutting off so the sword can be held like a spear of sorts. The hilt of the blade represents a volcano erupting.
Other: Was good friends with Nokeo the chronicler, but dosn't want her to see him like this.

Name: Makuta Motorax
Age: 66
Color Scheme: Black and Orange
Element: Shadow and Electricity
Kanohi: Kanohi Ouka, The dark mask of Corruption - allows the user to temporarily corrupt the minds of whoever they want, causing the corrupted one(s) to do things they would not do normally.

Appearance: Motorax stands 6'9" and wears his kanohi constantly, so nobody knows what he looks like underneith, aside from his glowing orange eyes. His orange hair dose however, hang down from behind the mask to his neck. He wears spiked shoulderpads and has a blackvest, over an orange undershirt. He wears black pants that have orange armor plates on them and black boots with orange buckles. His biker gloves are also black and he has a dark bolth launcher strapped to his back(it looks like a large crossbow) Electricity can be seen running between the spikes on his shoulder plates when he's angered, or it could if there were any survivors.

Personality: Dark and merciless, he hasn't left any matoran standing on his rampage of the island. Rather than trying to convert the matoran though, he 'collects' their masks., leaving them close to death, or dead if they arent found in time. Usually silent aside from the yells of anger, battle, or triumph, and the occasional grunt when in the company of other makuta. He actually preffers to work alone, rather than having a partner like most new makuta. He believes that there is weakness in numbers, and that will be the toa's downfall. Calculating and cold, he never misses his mark when he sets his sights on it.

Weapon: Dark Bolt Launcher and a Thunder blade.
Other: Motorax, as his name might suggest, drives a motorcycle equipped with two dark bolt launchers, and has another place for his on the handlebars, along with the sheath for his thunder blade near the back.