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Yubii Chan
May 26th, 2008, 5:48 PM
I've come up with an idea for a fanfic. this should take at least 50 or so years ahead of Ash and crew's current adventures. coming up with the future's technology and customs will be especialley rough, so i've decided to come here. i also need advice on wether or not it's worth typing up.

The Future setting's only significant fact is that.. *Gasp* Pokemon are extinct. the story is about the revival of Arceus and Lugia, and the quest to bring back the Pokemon.

It starts out when a group of teenagers stumble upon an anceint artifact, with strange, un-human writing that is speculated to be dipicting the story of Arceus, thanks to the drawing of his shadow above the old text. one of the children shows it to a School professer, who is secretly a part of the new generation of the Villanious Space themed teams. you know what i mean, Team Galaxy, Team Rocket... i have yet to make a name for this. i was thinking Team Venus.
Anyways, as the children continue to predict what the point of the artifact, a Tablet, is, where it came from, and etc, the professer contacts more Team V. members and they come in to steal the artifact from them. since Team V. arrived in a Floating machine, the teens easily tag along to find out what they are up to. The artifact was studied by V. scientists, but the only info that can be found from it is where it came from. so they set out to a region of ancient ruins, with the Teens sneaking around onboard their ship.
So they continue inside, with the kids following behind a bit later than the V. members. however they might run into eachother occasionalley.

Pokemon will be re-introduced in a new style a soon as some as they venture into the ruins. i plan to put them in Tablets similar to the artifact, but smaller like little cards. just mentalley connect yourself with the card, awaken the pokemon inside, and toss out the card for a pokemon to appear.

So how does that sound?

Scarlet Weather
May 26th, 2008, 6:24 PM
Eh, I almost think that this would work better as an original fiction. Come up with your own cute little monsters to be inside the tablets, and switch Arceus and Lugia to other mythological deities. Plot stays the same, but you just switch Pokemon for monsters of your own creation and say that they used to roam the world.

It's an interesting concept, but it really seems more suitable for original fiction (or doujinshi, for that matter) than it does for the Pokemon fanon.

Yubii Chan
May 26th, 2008, 6:29 PM
Thanks for the suggestion, but you really didnt speicify your point about how it's suitable for original fiction.
Why do you think so?