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Pokemon: Anno Dominus

Oh, how we pine for simpler days. Years ago, the four regions didn’t even have contact with each other, each split into peaceful city states. But man is not content with peace. He must destroy, burn, pillage, rape… kill. War eclipsed the regions. That was about 876 years ago. The Kanto civilization was reminiscent of the Egyptian civilization, a nation of a fictional world. Johto was like India, Hoenn like Mesoamerica, and Sinnoh like Rome, Carthage, and Greece. Man fought with two things- weapons and their beloved Pokemon. Pokemon- the ultimate kingdom. Split into phyla, class, order, family, genus and species, Pokemon were great in battle- mounts, and weapons. About 600 years ago, Johto met Kanto. The two entered an uneasy peace, with the border set at Mt. Silver. Kanto had high aspirations, and so did Kanto. Both needed resources, and influence. After one century, wore broke out. The Kantoans had capital at Vermillion, and the Johtoans ruled at Blackthorn. Johto did the impossible- they crossed over mountains to take Viridian, Pallet, and Cinnabar. Then, their fleet took Fuschia. The Kantoans lay waste to New Bark, a small town, Cherrygrove, and nearly destroyed Cianwood. The Johtoans, by 5 years in, had taken all but Vermillion, Saffron, Celadon, and Cerulean- the Cross of Kanto. Their armies were valiant, but so were the Kantoan defenders. At the battle of the Sloped Road, the two armies fought, and the Kantoans had a resounding victory- the Johtoans could not move up, and 75% of their force was skewered by arrows. The remaining 600 moved on Celadon, and utterly destroyed the defenders of Celadon. Vermillion was in trouble. Reinforcements soon arrived, and the Battle of the Underground happened. This time, Johto won, and they took Saffron. Soon after, Cerulean fell. Vermillion, however, was like a fortress. It took Johto 15 years to capture it. Johto took Viridian, Pallet, Cinnabar, Fuschia, Vermillion, Celadon, Saffron, and the Sevii Islands. Kanto was humiliated, but their forces retreated to the great fortress city of Pewter, and waited patiently for their time to come.

The world does not solely belong to man. There is the divine, the gods, the great Pokemon that rule nature. They had rivalries, and man, the trivial beast, was the perfect outlet to settle differences. Different gods favored different countries. Kanto was favored by Celebi, Manaphy, Zapdos, Moltres, Mesprit, Latias Regirock Entei, and Suicune. Johto was favored by Kyogre, Groudon (their battle was a fabricated myth- it was really just Arceus having a bit of fun.), Raikou, Regice, Registeel, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Azelf Darkrai, Latios, and Mew. That is how the pantheons of those two countries were born.

Kanto believed that Celebi was lord regent of all the gods, and Manaphy was his wife. Their first children were Mesprit and Latias, who created Zapdos, Moltres, Entei and Suicune. Entei and Suicune created Regirock. Then, Celebi created man.

In Johto, Mew created all, and his first children were Darkrai, Kyogre, Groudon, Ho-Oh, and Lugia. Kyogre and Groudon teamed up to make Latios and Raikou, while Ho-Oh and Lugia created Regice and Registeel.

Both civilizations were fervently religious. But the other regions were not peaceful either. Although Johto and Kanto, with Johto to the west and Kanto to the east, share one continent, below that is Sevii , and Orange Islands far east. Sinnoh is to the northwest of Kanto, and not too far from Johto, and right next to (about 100 miles from one coast to the other) Hoenn, which was to the west of it. These two had a much more amicable relationship, and had a powerful alliance. They even had the same religion, the one of Sinnoh. In their myth, Arceus and Mew were friends who created the first gods- Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Regigigas, Shaymin, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. They were given the best powers. Then, all the others were created, and finally, man and Pokemon were created. Sinnoh and Hoenn were incredibly powerful- more powerful than even Johto. They were also much more curious, and they explored much better than either Kanto or Johto. Sinnoh took the Orange Islands, and Ever Grande Island, then known as Edeglor. The two, 300 years after the Kanto-Johto war, found their continent, and summarily conquered colonies for themselves. Sinnoh and Hoenn, relatively close to Kanto and Johto, had a field day. Sinnoh took most of Johto (excluding Cherrygrove and New Bark), and they took Viridian, the Kanto Cross (Cerulean, Celadon, Saffron, Vermillion) and Pewter. Hoenn took the rest of Kanto, save Lavender. Kanto and Johto, to say the least, were not pleased. Rebellion brewed.

It is now our timeline (1000 years before the anime). Kanto and Johto want their lands back, but Sinnoh and Hoenn want their lands. The gods are not pleased with war anymore- it got boring. They have chosen certain people. These warriors will not know it, but when they die in battle, they will lead new forces to conquer the old regions, and build new civilizations.


Sinnoh Cities:

Articopolis (Snowpoint)
Qarthanno (Sunyshore)
Registicum (Veilstone)
Mogadunum (Canalave)
Gibraltas (Orange Islands)
Romonova (Blackthorn)
Portas (Olivine)
Uticaa (Ecruteak)
Urveanus (Goldenrod)
Safu (Saffron)
Troiraea (Vermillion)
Zenolean (Cerulean)
Xibraka (Celadon)
Vesudrius (Pewter)


Llabenurda (Lavender)


Kjieriguro (Cherrygrove)


Lilitlan (Lilycove)
Tenokislan (Mossdeep)
Kratal (Sootopolis)
Muranikalan (Slateport)
Viliktitlan (Mauville)
Sinakal (Cinnabar)
Phyuktal (Fuschia)

Insurgent Civs (For when someone dies) Note: Your people leave the lands they leave, save the Islagoths, and Seviruks.

Orange Islands Barbarians (Islagoths- Me)
Western Orre (Vandaggolths)
Eastern Orre (Bushuns)
Fiore (Rannjans)
Sevii (Seviruks)
Western Hoenn (Ennegols)
Whirl Islands (Sotorgoths)

Gods Favor:
Rayquaza (Makes one type of the Pokemon Dragon, give Pokemon mach speed, no negative effects from weather. Instead, the effects of the other help your Pokemon. For example, opponent uses Sandstorm. Instead, they are hurt by Sandstorm. Opponent uses Rain Dance- Solarbeam needs no charge, Fire attacks boosted)- Me

Lugia (Ability to speak human, telekinesis, +50% power on non super effective moves)-

Ho-Oh (Ability to fly, no matter what, -50% damage per no super effective attack)-

Celebi (ability to freeze time for one minute, make time portals 25% of the time to stop attacks)-

Jirachi (ability to heal through wish 25% of the time, guarded 25% of the time, harder to hit 25% of the time)-

Mew (Can learn moves it wouldn’t normally learn- I will decide whether or not new move is approved)-

Darkrai-(Immune to sleep, Hypnosis is more effective, causes hallucinations in opponents 10% of the time)

Cresselia- (Healed in moonlight, plus 50% better dodging)-

Regigigas- (50% dodging of special moves, 75% more power on physical moves)

You are a person in one of the empires, and are about to engage in the world war. When you die, you will be revived as the leader of a group of people.


All PC RPG Rules
Be reasonable when conquering, but remember, land isn’t limited to cities.
Be civil
No flaming
No godmodding
No overexcessive powerplaying (We are favored by gods, but not by a super special awesome god of super special awesomeness.)
Obey rules.
Only seven people, so two for every civ except Sinnoh.
Women can’t fight in Kantoan or Hoennese culture. You must either get a disguise or assassinate your way to power.
Post often enough to be reasonably active
Do Not Be A Royal of one of the preexistent civs.
Have Fun!

Sign Ups:
Weapons- do not go overboard, nothing past bows, spears, and swords.
Civ: Choose one, genius.
Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Choose from above.

Pokemon: One only, please.
God Power: Duh.

My Sign-Up: Finished Later.

Name: Hannibal Scipio Leonids
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Weapons- Two ring blades, and a arm-mounted crossbow
Civ: Sinnoh
Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Islagoths

Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
God Power: Rayquaza

Kung Fu Ferret
June 2nd, 2008, 12:57 PM
Name: Eric Julius Rokusho
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: He seems to be a merciless battler with a bad temper and lack of patience. He wants Hoenn to conquer all the other regions. He also secretly desires to rule the world.
Description: The male protagonist in Ruby/Sapphire.
Weapons- A large samurai sword.
History: He was a former slave, but two years ago, he murdered his master, and fled to his homeland of Hoenn from Sinnoh. The very sword he uses he stole from his master's friend, killing anyone who dared to get in his way.
Civ: Hoenn
Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Bushuns

Species: Rhyperior
Description: an average Rhyperior
Personality: Very ruthless, slow, and dumb.
History: Eric stole it from his master prior to Eric killing his master.
Gender: Male
God Power: Regigigas

June 2nd, 2008, 1:43 PM
One Winged Angel, that sign up was epic fail. Here is why that will not be accepted.

Name; Rokusho is not Romanesque. Neither is Eric, a VIKING name.
Personality: Megalomania will not do. No megalomania. If so, than he would have been executed/locked up for insanity ages ago. I need detail- how does he act around others, etc. That whole section failed.
Description: You have to be fricking kidding me. What the hell... IT IS ANCIENT TIMES!!! The protagonist from RSE would not be gallivanting around! Two, get some fricking creativity! It's like "Yeah, my guy is a stereotypical hero from the Pokemon videogames." That is pathetic.
History: Cliche mania. Hello Spartacus. Be creative- this is pseudo plagiarism here.

Pokemon. Don't even get me started. Stereotypical description, crap for personality... no history before is was stolen, no explanation of why it decided to obey Eric...

That made me want my blood to turn to acid and eat my body away from the inside out. No redo's, man. That is how much your first signup sucked.... ugh...

June 2nd, 2008, 2:25 PM
O.o this sounds amazing! can i reserve a spot?

June 2nd, 2008, 2:29 PM
No need... this will start at the end of July if it does. So you got time. Make it good though- my standards ain't easy. Hopefully I won't have to go postal...

June 2nd, 2008, 6:05 PM
(Please inform me if my history is incorrect, I assumed Kanto would invade Hoenn in order to get their lands back. If this is any other misinterpretation, inform me and I’ll edit my sign up in no time flat (: )

Name: Catela Brigita Camelia (Tavian Dragos)
Age: 20
Gender: Female


On the outer surface, Catela (or Tavian, as she has been known as for the past few years) is a strong-willed, hard hearted individual with a reputation of being merciless to any enemy who has the misfortune to cross ‘his’ path on the battlefield. Hardened by the blood and deaths ‘he’ has witnessed during the war, the ‘young man’ is incredibly protective of the ones ‘he’ loves as well as ‘himself’. However, underneath Tavian’s façade, the true nature of the buried Catela is that of an uncertain individual who has regretted joining the war. To this very day, the images of bloody bodies and once treasured comrades dying in the fray haunt her dreams, twisting and shaping them into hideous nightmares. With every enemy slain and fallen companion, the fear of her own death etches deeper into her mindset. A person who is scared of the very aspect of death, Catela finds her movements stiffening and slowing when an enemy draws far too near her with a blade in tow. She keeps her distance from the opponents by using her trusty bow and arrows. With a good eye for accuracy, Tavian has been known as an asset in the army as the one who kills unknowingly and silently from afar.

Deeply a solemn and easily worried girl who finds herself reluctantly holding onto the bow that has taken many lives, she feels it tiresome to constantly carry a brave front. The only thing Tavian and Catela share in common other than their goal is their self-centered attitudes. Neither will sacrifice their lives for anyone but themselves in the battlefield. Catela hates the smell of sweat when war isn’t concerned and complains about the quality of meals served in the war if caught in an annoyed mood. Most of the other men in the army do not question the slight difference in the youth’s personality between the battlefield and base. She secretly enjoys her fair share of sowing tapestry like other females, but is at a loss in the current state she is in; she has not touched unwoven silk for nearly half a decade.

She has let her guard down once or twice, causing suspicions to rise among certain soldiers as to whether Tavian was really all the man he seemed to be. Though no one has yet to dig up evidence on the matter, Catela is determined not to get sent back or killed before she finds the troops who attacked her family.


The girl holds an average height for most females in her age group, unfortunately, because of this, she is considered a tad short compared to the other men in the army. With skinny limbs and a pale pigement, Tavian was usually made fun of when he first came into the army. A thin, frail looking boy and his shy Kirlia obviously did not fit into the picture as well as the other burly looking men with their large, menacing Rhydon and Tyranitar.

Catela owns emerald orbs for eyes, they used to be clear and captivating, however the war has changed them, now, a green flame of determination burns within them. The girl’s previous raven black, waist-length hair has been cut to shoulder length to give off a more boyish look. Tavian s usually seen sporting a neat ponytail in battle, while a messy tuft of black dons ‘his’ head in early dawn and late night.

To hide her obvious female characteristics, Catela ties bandages around her chest and claims to others that she was malnourished in her younger days, thus leading to her skinny figure.

In battles, Tavian is usually seen clad in grey, lightweight armour. Though this isn’t as thick and protective has the ones most other men wear, the decreased amount of metal causes the protective gear to be less heavy and allows Tavian to move swiftly and with agility, ‘he’ makes up for his lack of brawn with his speed. In addition, ‘he’ also wears a helmet, a chest plate and sturdy looking boots. ‘The young man’ does not have a sheath for a sword and instead, carries a quiver and bow.

Weapons –

A sturdy wooden bow with the letter ‘T’ carved out on one side. The bowstring is made of Tauros hair, one of the most firm materials found in Kanto.(the Bow itself came from Kanto, when Hoenn attacked Kanto and stole their resources) The arrows she uses possess sharp, metallic arrowheads that can easily pierce through flesh if aimed at the correct place. A brown quiver is usually slung on one of her shoulders.


Previously, before the war had begun, the young lady had only one identity, that of Catela, the quiet but talented assistant to the owner of the tiny silk store in Lilitlan. As Kanto planted her devil-like clutches into Hoenn land, a new persona was born. The alarming news broke out across the region like wildfire.
Kanto was fighting back.

Catela chose not to concern herself with the war, feeling that the city of Lilitlan would be well protected with the number of troops at their disposal. However, she did not take into account that her family had been off visiting kin in a neighbouring city located in the treetops of a harsh jungle. The girl did not take into account that said city did not have enough reinforcements to fend off invading troops from Kanto, neither did she think that the grand Leaders of Hoenn neglected to dispatch more men to aid the damaged city, they were too busy defending Kratal, one of the cities that preserved the region’s sacred heritage. The female, unknown to all of this, took to lamenting the Kirlia her parents had left in her care. The Camelias did not want to risk bringing their treasured family Pokemon on a possibly dangerous trip.

When the conflict in Kratal finally ended with a celebratory victory on Hoenn’s part, the troops hurried to the treetop city as the cavalry, only to find a burning field of nothingness spread out in front of their eyes. The enemy set fire to the trees of the city and burned all the inhabitants alive. Barren wasteland was the product of their actions, ashes and bodies that had been burnt to a crisp, none of them could be identified.

Catela heard of the dreadful news a few days after, upon questioning a fleet of soldiers passing through Lilitlan if they had gone through the Treetop City. The middle-aged man shook his head and hung it low, taking off his helmet and holding it to his chest.

“Aye’, m’lady. T’was not the sight we expected to behold.”

The girl’s emerald eyes widened at his statement, “R-Repeat that, kind sir. What exactly do you mean?”

“Tis’ sad, m’lady. Everyone was burned t’death.”

Tavian enlisted in the army one week later, a tenacious young lad who wanted to obtain the sweet taste of revenge upon Kanto for taking his family away from him, a Kirlia at his side. With no relatives left, ‘he’ had no choice but to bring the Kirlia along with him to war, receiving insulting laughter and comments from fellow enlistees. However, as time passed and battles were won, both Tavian and Gardevoir climbed the staircase of reputation. Both of them currently hold a well-known and respected position within the platoon of Hoenn.

Civ: Hoenn

Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Vandaggolths


Species: Gardevoir [Algannda/Noble Warrior]


Like most others of her kind, Algannda has short, neat green hair atop her head and a pair of captivating, ruby red eyes. Her skin is pale, and from her chest, a plate of red protrudes. The protruding piece of scarlet tends to be more pointed than usual, probably because it has endured through the hardships that war brings. Her skirt has grown dark with dirt and blood along the edge. A crystal blue cloth is tied to her left arm, the last remaining essence of the family who loved her.


A shy being who dislikes loud voices and is easily frightened by the littlest of things, though she may seem shaky on the battlefield, Alda is fiercely loyal to the last Camelia and would give up her life for the sake of the young lady. Like most Gardevoir, she can sense the emotions of any individual she chooses, and telepathically relays this to Catela. This is their usual strategy in war, for Alda to pinpoint those of weak heart and for Tavian to eliminate them with a swift arrow. She minds it intriguing to read minds and enjoys this aspect of her ability, to the point where she sometimes abuses it to get the information she wants. Though she acts like a weak and frail character, Alda is not one who can be easily pushed around and underestimated.


A Ralts hatched from an egg that had been given to the Camelia family by a close friend. Alda has always been pampered and loved by the people surrounding her. She had grown especially fond of Catela and her marvellous skills with weaving silk, and decided to spend most of her time by the girl’s side, much to the young female’s annoyance. As the Camelias prepared to visit their relatives, Catela had to stay in Lilitlan on her boss’ orders, to man the store and continue producing exceptional tapestry. The Psychic type didn’t have a hard time deciding that she would stay by the girl’s side to accompany her while the rest ventured to the neighbouring city.

When the news reached them, Alda was just as devasted as her one and only remaining owner. Both of them shed painful tears in the store the moment it was confirmed that no one had survived the fire, truly connecting for the first time since they had met so many long years ago. The Kirlia stood loyal by Catela’s side when they enlisted, ignoring the rude comments aimed at them.

In battle, she, like her companion, does not charge blatently into the fray and instead prefers to utilize her psychic prowess to confuse and wound the enemy with frightful illusions. After taking down so many opponents and gaining enough experience, she evolved into a Gardevoir.

Gender: Female

God Power: Jirachi

June 2nd, 2008, 10:57 PM
this will be edited it's just 1 in the morning so im tired

Name: Titus Didius Lupas
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Bobby is know to be the kind of guy who is laid back about life. Prefering to let others lead, Bobby is very carefree. Always laughing and smiling he uplifts everyone around him. However when he gets alone, he thinks about everything in life. Constantly doubting himself, Bobby is always thinking he will never be good enough. He lets others lead because he thinks he would ruin everything and manage to get everyone dead, when in fact he would make an excellent leader, he just dosen't have the confidence. Cool underpressure and an excellent stratigest, Bobby has the makings of a great general.
Weapons- 2 swords that look like rapter claws, can combine into a two sided spear
Civ: Sinnoh
Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Sevii (this can change if the islands arn't a part of Sinnoh)

Species: Flygon
Gender: Male
God Power: Lugia

June 3rd, 2008, 3:06 AM
Ibuberu, the invasion of Hoenn would not happen. You see, Kanto is a one city nation. There is not a feasible way for them to amass a force to invade Kanto. You should change that. Otherwise, your's is fine. ACCEPTED/PENDING

Zimvee, please change it. I see all the similarities to your sign up for Dark Cloud. Bobby? That isn't your characters name. Please redo your whole sign-up... reusing without revamping is bad. Two, the one spot for Sinnoh is mine. Please change it. Sevii belongs to... Hoenn, and the horde from there is the Seviruks.

June 3rd, 2008, 4:55 AM
Name: Marcus Aemilius Staephanos
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Civ: Jotho
Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Sotorgoths

Species: Snorlax
Gender: Female
God Power: Regigigas

Placeholder. I'm doing this right now, but it could take a bit of time, so...

June 3rd, 2008, 11:37 AM
As one not in Sinnoh, you would not have a Latinesque name. As a Johtoan, you would have an Indian sounding same.

Same with you and Hoenn, Zimvee,. Gert an Aztec sounding name. Same with you, Ibuberu.

June 3rd, 2008, 12:09 PM
As one not in Sinnoh, you would not have a Latinesque name. As a Johtoan, you would have an Indian sounding same.

Same with you and Hoenn, Zimvee,. Gert an Aztec sounding name. Same with you, Ibuberu.

Be faithful, Brad. I've an answer for everything...just, I've not written it yet P=

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 3rd, 2008, 12:23 PM
Name: Sutekh Un-Nefer
Age: 34
Gender: male
Weapons: A Composite bow, a Khepesh (ancient egyptian scimitar) and a medium sized wooden and leather tower shield.
Civ: Kantoen
Reincarnated Barbarian Horde: Bushen

Pokemon: Zuka (means grave)
Species: Marowak
Gender: Male
God Power: Lugia

Placeholder. Ive got exams, and I dont have the time. Revision and all. And coursework. I'll update later.